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Meet the Press: Liberals Hate Jesus

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posted on Nov, 14 2004 @ 02:33 PM
It's all just repugnical trickle down bull-"dung".
*Wheres the moral in people that say this stuff and won't lift a finger to help people.
*Love the fetus, hate the child - wheres the health care for the child before and after birth. Preventive medicine and education is a hell of a lot cheaper than ER visits from disease and bullet wounds.
*Love thy neighbor, yea right! A day does'nt go by when I don't hear f'ing liberarls, some don't use the F-word but they mean it.
*Using "Jesus" to win an election is the most hypocritic thing a person can do.

Bad news the Kerry-Edwards team is not going to the white house, the good thing is we still have a strong dem in the senate and a lawyer loose to go after the corporate greed. The house of bush will crumble, it was not built on stone but instead on BS. The Dems will move back in to clean it, but ir is going to cost the US and foriegn interest a FORTUNE.

posted on Nov, 14 2004 @ 03:09 PM
Are you thinking freedom, or are you thinking salvation?

Freedom. In the Christian paradigm "Law" is relative; in the atheist paradigm, Law is absolute. A Christian chooses whether to obey Law or obey God. An atheist has no such choice available to him.

How is being ruled by a religious dogma and controlling a nation based on it free in any way whatsoever?

I didn't say anything like that. The so-called "Christian Dominionists" who want to rule the nation with Christian norms and values are not followers of Jesus; they are followers of Paul--Calvinists who want to force "being all in unity of belief." They repudiate the Christ with every word. He was politically neutral. He only dealt with people one-on-one.

It's not just Christinaity, any ruling of people based on religious belief is baffling to me.

Correct. Ruling on the basis of belief is Insanity-gone-to-Law. The only way to rule by Law is to rule by Effects; the only way to live by Christianity is to adopt one-on-one behaviors that produce Fairness and Justice. Christianity that is TOP-DOWN is not Christianity; it is hyper-religiosity which is another name for Satanism. [Satan was famous for straining at gnats and swallowing camels.]

Politics, government, law, truth.

Correct; but don't forget, cause-and-effect. Good Law deals with creating good outcomes, not merely establishing neutral processes dealing with people indiscriminately, indifferently or neutrally.

Religion, god, dogma, belief.

No, this is simplistic. God is a telepathic ET whom we can detect, perceive and hear. He is not a myth. Those of us who follow his Holy Laws (which bring about Good Effects) achieve a relationship with Him that is quite extraordinary--not like what Atheists believe is going on--which is to say, nothing real. But, that's not something we can legislate. A relationship with YHVH is a very personal and intimate experience.

There's a difference.

You bet your bippy, there is!

posted on Nov, 14 2004 @ 03:53 PM
by the way, "bet your bippy" is my new favorite phrase!

But ok, enough of small talk, lets get down to religo-business!

Freedom. In the Christian paradigm "Law" is relative; in the atheist paradigm, Law is absolute. A Christian chooses whether to obey Law or obey God. An atheist has no such choice available to him.

You can switch that around. To an athiest, a Christian is bound by the law of their God, restricting their freedom just as much as the Christians believe an atheist is bound. And based strictly on your Christian paradigm- you say you have choice, but your only choice is of which tyrant you will be oppressed by.

And if you say a Christian chooses either God or Law, then why do you say they go hand in hand? That seems pretty seperate to me.

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