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Utopia version 0.1 Upgrade Warranted!

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posted on Sep, 25 2013 @ 04:04 PM
Have You ever noticed how No one talks about Utopia, like it really could happen within our lifetimes, well I believe that is wrong thought processes that we need not believe. Utopia in the Best Sense is Possible, but would you work for it?- I think the real problem is our own inability to ''let go, compromise and come to a consensus on anything, much less world wide issues. What if a movement came along that wanted to foster the Best in Humanity. Co-operative Learning to speed our Evolution up a notch or two and boost us Out of our Primitive Mindsets of territory, lack, and fear.
It would have to be an Educational Movement. I propose an old Idea of mine:

The Citizens of Planet Earth Academy

Welcome to One of the first classes. The sole purpose being to learn to get along, communicate, co-operate and foster a place to Boost Humanity to Star Trek level of the Federation of Government. Along the lines of what
Gerry Davis has proposed long ago with the World Passport and his ideas of a Federation of Governments. Gerry died in July,, we need minds that think like him more now than ever.

Now that we are a mile or so away from Dec 21, 2012,
and the Metaphysical Dust appears to have settled down, maybe we can seriously talk about a few things.

Like the Disappointment we all have, that we are not in the throes of Transformation by now, maybe surviving Nuclear war, alien invasions, polar tilts and what not. Most of us had at least enough food to get to the point we are now,, end of September.
Or enough bullets to 'do what had to be done' to survive.

We were ready to be Phoenix rising from the ashes of a dying social system
A system that is sucking the life blood of the planet.

Most Everyone Wanted Something to Happen, but it didn't and the let down was immense for many. The energy never had a good grounding, so we have limped along through this year, ignoring many things as if they were not related to the overall 'vibe', such as the meteor over Russia, Fukashima and the global economy crumbling before our very eyes.

We all for the most part recognize the FACT that the Biggest problem we have is with our debt to Multinational Banks,, or the Illuminati if you prefer.
A good portion of the planet, feels, and live their lives like they KNOW that they are OWNED, just modern day slaves to a system,, that they KNOW IS BROKE.

The Politicians.

Do i really need to say anything?

Corruption abounds.

Yet since a BIG Explosive solution to the Problems Humanity Faces didn't Happen,,,
(back on Dec 21, 2012)
we just trudge along as if there is nothing to be done anymore.
Let's settle into our Newly Modernized Serfdom to the State.
LET THE MEDIA STATE Think for you,
the FEDERAL FAMILY take care of you,,

and well,, that leaves you with Lots of time to watch Twerps Twerking, video games,
and America's got talent on TV.
Then go to Sleep,,,, (Hypnotized by the BoobTube TV),,,
wake up in the morning and go make some more Money for
the Bankrupt Corrupt Corporate State you bow down to each day.

There has to be another way. There is,, but we must work for it, educate ourselves by the willingness to learn and compromise with solutions. Be willing to defer our own Religious, sometimes moral beliefs to push Humanity towards a brighter future. Utopia is Not just for a few, it is for us all, so Religious issues will be at the heart of discussions. We must agree to Disagree about Heaven,, while we AGREE on the ways to fix ourselves here on EARTH.

I do not propose to know the way,,, but there are some good ideas out there fostered by better minds than mine, and I would like to see a group effort towards getting NEAR a Better Society trying something New.
Not any Religious oriented styles,,, we would have to agree on a Religious Friendly Humanist type start,,, remember this will only be UTOPIA 0.1,, and is not meant to be the final answer.

We have all seen the movies.

War War III happens,, destroys most of humanity. A small band of unlikely hero's restart the planet under Utopian ideals of scientific advancement,, and NO MORE WAR,, and of course, it looks good in an LOGANS RUN type way on the inside,,, but from the Outside looking in it is DISTOPIAN Nightmares.

So we would have to agree that this is a preliminary phase that is taking us somewhere Other than Where we are,, and is NOT the Final answer.

Or we will do one of those Bad B Movie Mad Max outcomes.

So,, that this doesn't get thrown into the Rant section..

I do believe that what is happening (or Not Happening ) Now is because of What Did NOT happen on Dec 21st 2012.

The EVENT is of a Larger Bandwidth/Wavelength,, so we are not seeing it happen. Those short fires of Arab Spring,, etc. they are just glimpses of the LIGHT that can Shine through if Humanity comes together on a few things.

At ground zero would have to be a World Wide TRUCE towards one another. Complete NON AGGRESSIVE PASSIVITY. This does not mean you would not be able to protect yourself,, because the Rest of the World would be with you.


1) Realize we are in TROUBLE.
2) Understand No ONE PERSON/IDEOLOGY has the answer.
3) Everyone will have to compromise, hold tongues, build understanding by Listening to one another, and then by consensus come to a compromise that builds unity towards human survival and prosperity.
4)Set a short term date to reach and have some sort of housing and food/water supplies to everyone.
5)Get Ready for the Banks, Elite and Military to come to the defense of the Miltary-Industrial-Corporate Complex, unfortunately this will be a Class 'War" to a big extent.
6) Any suggestions??

Utopia 0.1 will only rise after we reach the point were we WANT TO and Actively Start to throw off the Chains we are bound by.

We can start with Banks. IMHO. I personally have started chipping away at my Chains that BIND, will you help your fellow Citizen of Planet Earth to remove his/her own too?

I again will say,, I don't believe that 2012 was a bust after all,,, it was just bigger than we all could see at that time,,,,


posted on Sep, 25 2013 @ 04:47 PM
reply to post by EarthCitizen23

One thing I have always found strange, is that the idea of "utopia" was planted into my mind while I was in primary school.
We were asked if utopia was a possibility, and to draw and describe what it would be.
Now remember I was in primary school, aged about 10yrs old.
It always struck me odd that such a complicated principle as "utopia" was planted into my mind at such a young age. Strikes me a little of "social engineering", always has done.

Utopia is a dream for the elite, built on the backs of the false dreams of everybody else.

The end of the world 2012 was a psyop, so was/is Planet X, the celebrity worship cult and material chasing false dreams is a psyop, we are being mentally conditioned, and its really successful, because its self perpetuating.
I think MOST of the UFO phenomenon is a psyop.

Its all lies. Some are more successful lies than others, but they are lies none the less.

Most of us are slaves to our emotions, they are the strings that guide us and that is why Utopia is just a dream. Because for a real utopia to become a reality then it means a nightmare for those that dont get a pass. Because one thing is for certain, utopia only has limited space.

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posted on Sep, 25 2013 @ 05:06 PM
reply to post by EarthCitizen23

Well written follow citizen of Earth. It seems to me that there needs to be a worldwide (every nation) agreement in terms of trade. At the moment any single nation that makes an economic change, pays the price of higher cost of trade goods. Their unbalanced trade leads to national debt and poverty.

To faze out oil, for cleaner transportation, a national government will lose a highly taxed commodity when the transition is made. Of course (given the cars run on batteries) electricity will be the next highly taxed item. None the less these big changes will remove the funds that national governments run on, which leads to higher taxes.

Again a worldwide agreement is required, I'm not saying this is impossible because truly we, the people of Earth, have everything that we need. The system that has evolved is what is now holding us back from a more humane world.

A thread like this could help - because we need to formulate what such an agreement would entail, make some noise and get support from political parties that would agree to ratify this given most other counties sign up.

Or put together a well thought out suggestion to the United Nations, the need is obvious, and why should this need exist as we are living on this completely abundant Earth.

posted on Sep, 25 2013 @ 05:07 PM
reply to post by OneManArmy

I agree OneManArmy, we have been lied to, over and over, and socially engineered also. But I believe we can recognize our problem and work through it by admitting it,, much as an Addict or Alcoholic does when they hit rock bottom and seek help.

A PsyOp? I also agree that our governments have played us, and now that we are at a point where a critical mass of Individuals can see our BlindSpot so to speak, and have voiced it,, we know we must move forward Now or forever be held in bondage to the ever present Powers That Be (TPTB).

I also was told about Utopia as a Child, and have thought similarly to you in regards to the social engineering aspects of this, but was fortunate to have had wonderful Teachers, and remember being explained how Moore used a pun in the Word itself, UTOPIA,,, meaning NO WHERE. An Unreachable goal,, even in the creation of itself as a Meme / Tulpa. It is a Creation of Mind that we KNOW IS Unreachable, because we KNOW our HUMAN Condition and how you can't '''remove the spots of a leopard"" and make us play nice with each other. A Paradox of our Natures. Thus we can only safeguard ourselves by learning WHAT WE ALREADY KNOW!!!

If we can't reach the Place,, Lets make the Journey a Nice Ride for Everyone,, not just a FEW. That Is something that we Can Accomplish if we would ONLY agree to work till that is completed,,, then we can argue God/Heaven/ etc etc. Once more I insist that we can get out of the Jalopy we Have Been Sold, and GET a NEW Car with a few more luxuries for the Mass of Humanity, even if it means taking away a few Rolls Royce in the Process of those who Enslave Us. Sound Social (ist?) ? That is OK,,, part of the Ride,,not the final destination,, take it in stride,,
Like the Teapot Museum Aunt Flo wants to see on the ride to the real Vacation destination, it will only be for a short time transitioning towards getting humanity moving in a direction of self healing and transformation of everyone's lives.

I don't know about Utopia only being for a few,, but I agree,, we are held in sway by Emotions,
mainly Fear.

posted on Sep, 25 2013 @ 05:32 PM
reply to post by Peter Brake

Thank you Peter Brake for the kind words of encouragement, it is well appreciated and hope to build upon such thinking as your own with this matter.

Approaching the UN seems to be sort of a thorn issue that would have to be dealt with itself, upfront and in detail, as it at the moment it is an unfair representation of Earths inhabitants, even if it does Represent the present Governments in "Charge".

So here we stand.
We have to deal directly with the PTB, using courts and functions of state they have rigged to their own favor. An Alternate once lay dreaming in the Internet, a Free place of thought and action! What is the answer, I again admit I do not know, but think a ground up/grassroots type phenomenon must accompany some of this creation of a "new way" / Utopia construction.

But, yes you are correct, something must be drawn up,, I am sure it is already out there,, buried in the internet. Some 'Manifesto" by some "Nut Job" "Conspiracy Loon",,, might just hold the key to Humanities Future. I say we FORCE THE NSA to Find it!!!

Your Job,, Mr. Head of the NSA is to find the document on the Web that will destroy your control Over Knowledge and Information.

Our battle is Up Hill all the Way!

Just getting people seriously considering an option that could lead to a more Utopian society for ALL,, is hard enough,, but I think if we present things a tad differently it can be done.

Somehow it will have to be done either with Religious Institutions blessing and help,, or they will fall away as dead philosophies for NOT WORKING HARDER TO BRING PEACE TO EARTH.

So we must confront (Nice like and with the motive to uplift and build with) religious thought that Says Peace Peace Peace,,, but only with words,, not actions (Unless negative, suicide bombing, head lopping and all.) We must not let Humanity Defeat itself with self repeating actions that show our psychological immaturity as evolutionary Primitives!

We do live on an Abundant Planet, and ALL could benefit MORE than we do presently. Buckminster Fuller wrote about a way we could change the world back in the seventies, it has always been my favorite view of accomplishing what I am talking about.
It was Called CRITICAL PATH, because he knew we were on a road that could Dead End with our self destruction, if we do not heed, his and others words about our collective fate.
It still can be done I believe,,, at least today on this Optimistic feeling day for myself,,, tommorow??? I will work hard to keep the dream alive,,, because I feel it is important,,, like the last thing in Pandora's Box.


She has so been trampled upon lately, can we save her?

posted on Sep, 26 2013 @ 04:40 PM
reply to post by EarthCitizen23

Sup EarthCitizen23 its been awhile, how have you been? Well, all the 2012 was just the beginning, of the end. The world was never going to or suppose to end on that day. It was all just over hyped, used to distract, almost a boy cries wolf type of thing. If its being pushed in the Mainstream then you can almost always guarantee something isn't right. It did its job for TPTB, most people now won't believe anything because the infamous 12-21-12 prophecy "failed" when it didn't. It was designed to do that, if you look at it 2012 it had multiple real prophecies thrown and mashed together, some truth mixed with lies, to help deceive. (but thats a topic for another thread)

Anyways regarding about the utopia, it is possible to achieve a perfect world, but that will only come when Truth, Justice, Freedom, Peace and Equality for all is the most important ideals and driving factors of the world. Right now TPTB control, manipulate and brain wash the masses so much, for so long corruption is the core ideal and driving factor of this world. Even the emoticons have been poisoned


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