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Knock-Out, awww, it's just a game.

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posted on Sep, 26 2013 @ 10:30 PM
reply to post by DeadSeraph

Not nearly as "comical" as the false perception of Zimmerman being a good example of concealed carry and it's benefit to self and society and the belief that he was of sound mind and acted within the parameters necessary and the outcome was in fact the desirable end result.

I have nothing against people conceal carrying as long as they are equipped to handle the responsibility that comes with it. Few reasonable people would consider Zimmerman to be someone of that caliber, based upon what he has shown in the past and present. It is of no benefit to tie the Zimmerman/Martin case to any future occurrence where deadly force may be used by someone who's carrying, in a situation where such a response was necessary. If I conceal-carried I would want to distance myself from people like Zimmerman who really have no place having such a permit. Not everyone who wants a gun should be able to have one, let alone run around everywhere with it empowered through a warped idea of justice.

For the topic, as others have stated obviously, participants of this "game" are cowards and psychopaths in training. I know if I saw something like this in person I would be slamming someone on their head and effectively putting a stop to the attack whether I have a weapon on me or not. In a fight there is bit of a gray area, and when I see one I usually mind my own business and let them have at it or in some cases try to break it up, whichever course of action is instinctively engaged. In an unprovoked assault there aren't really any questions and something needs to be done and quickly, especially when the victim is defenseless and at the mercy of something that has decided to shed its human traits for the temporary adrenaline rush that accompanies brutalizing and causing pain and damage to another being. Do what you've got to do.

posted on Sep, 27 2013 @ 03:45 PM

Only a matter of time until someone does actually shoot one of these punks and then the media props it up as a "hate crime" and plays the race card. We'll have the zimmerman trial 2.0 if people don't get a fricken grip soon.

I really have to wonder at people who are so messed up in the head that they think brutally assaulting a random, helpless, innocent person is somehow fun. What sort of parents do these kids have? What sort of role models? Is the "thug life" crap being propagated by the music industry and hip hop artists ever going to stop? When is the african american community going to demand better from their peers and their children? When is the caucasian community going to demand better from the old white rich record executives who promote this garbage?

Disgusting. The worst part about it, is that these young people are only destroying their own futures by destroying others.

It happened in the past - in New York in 1984 with Bernhard Goetz. At the time, New York was infamous for muggings and attacks everywhere, outside subways stations, on subway trains. To the point that it was the inspiration for the movie "The Equalizer".

More recently it also happened to DeAndre Felton who decided to pick on the wrong guy:

posted on Sep, 29 2013 @ 11:56 PM

I've noticed that in these kinds of news stories, the attackers are always being called "teens".
Why not address them as the "thugs" that they are?

Is there a law that prohibits the media from calling a thug one, before he is convicted?

Tabloid papers usually do, not sure why others won't besides some sort of image or professionalism thing.

There was an attack on some people in my town recently of a group attacking two innocent people, not exactly this game (though may have been), but doesn't really matter, as this 'game' is nothing but assault or murder with fancy name, and anyone who beats up vulnerable or anyone without any reason is playing the 'game'.
I'd say if you are threatened, then you have full right to defend yourself. To what length, up to whatever you are capable of.
I don't consider a threat gone until the person is in fear to even go near you or till they can not possibly be a future threat, perhaps enough to even deter them from doing it again in future, as long as the person learns from their mistake.
Thankfully only faced one bad situation which I came out okay, when a guy tried to grab my wallet or money/card at an ATM, grabbed his arm to push him away, scuffled a bit with punches thrown but missed, till I just got his neck to choke him for a few seconds. He pretty much ran in fear, hopefully not to repeat it with someone else.
One thing that happened here:
Then there is the case of the farmer shooting dead a burglar.

Pretty much, people who play these 'games', do need to be met with equal or greater force, since they are they are the ones with foul intentions, they may or may not have limits with what they intend to do.

posted on Oct, 5 2013 @ 07:29 PM
The irony is that some of the people that think playing this "game" will make them look tough or whatever may find themselves marked for elimination by the real criminal element. Either they might end up messing with the wrong person, or they're a red flag that brings too much law enforcement into an area. When it goes too far, that kind of stupidity is considered bad for "business" and eventually gets taken care of.

Of course a victim defending themselves tends to be front page material, as where the other way it gets handled is on the back page or just written of as thug-on-thug crime in a bad part of town.

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