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Stargate Command - Calling out all the SG Fans.

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posted on Jan, 13 2014 @ 02:47 PM
reply to post by boncho

Well, I know that Destiny was launched without a crew -- so that someday the 9th Chevron could be dialed. This is why it follows the path of the "seed ships" that lay down gates.

I thought Universe was good but I too had some thoughts:

1. Use the asgard replicating machine to make a bunch of ZPM's.
2. Modify Destiny's drive to a "wormhole drive" that we saw at the end of Atlantis
3. Get everyone home


1. Build supergate, get home.


1. Use asgard replicating machine to build a bunch of ZPM's
2. Use them to power the gate for the 9th Chevron
3. Get home

I always wanted to see more of the "Ancient" aspect. Perhaps the crew could have run into a pocket of Ancients? We already know that there was an Asgard splinter group hiding out in Pegasus...

It really reminded me of a Stargate-themed Star Trek Voyager series. There is a lot of potential with a "lost in space" premise, but it'd already been done before.

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