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What are your most fond videogame memories? [Growing up or in the past]

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posted on Oct, 5 2013 @ 10:49 AM
Oh yea, I forgot to add Devil May Cry to my PS2 days. That game was easily one of my favourite PS2 games (might look sht in nowadays standards, but it was f'ing sweet)

posted on Oct, 5 2013 @ 06:17 PM
I had to add this to this thread.....

Exhumed or known as Powerslave in the US. Think first person shooter/ adventure game/ doom with an egyptian theme .

Developed by Lobotomy Software who wrote their own engine for the game called "SlaveDriver". I played it on the Sega Saturn in 96 and absolutely loved it! It still amazes me that so few people seem to have played it or heard of it
One of the best games I ever played!. One of the reasons for this was 23 hidden "team dolls" each with the face of one of the developers on it. I spent many long night's finding them all!

posted on Oct, 5 2013 @ 06:30 PM
reply to post by ZikhaN

Great thread! Man... So many games that stand out.

Atari: Donkey Kong, Asteroids, etc.

NES: Excite Bike, Megaman, Ninja Gaiden, Double Dragon, Final Fantasy

Sega: Double Dragon, Altered Beast, Phantasy Star

SNES: Final Fantasy, NHL 94, Shadow Run, Battle Toads, Secret of Mana

Just... too many to list. I think my fondest memory in gaming is when I played Battlefield:1942 competitively. My clan won a championship, and I was the go to guy when it came to flying fighter planes. Earned quite the reputation in the league we played in as the 2nd best pilot in the league (only one other pilot that could be considered better, and I often gave him a good run for his money).

Some epic memories of matches, finals, and championships. Also just goofing around doing stunts during practice (like flying through canyons and under bridges in Al-alamein with two guys lying down on each wing lol)

Fun stuff.

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posted on Oct, 6 2013 @ 08:13 AM
Not a great gamer nowadays but have some great memories going back more years than I care to remember.

I remember the first Space Invader machines in my hometown, they created a bit of a stir. But my lasting memory's from around that time was skiving school in a place called Space City and eventually clocking Phoenix, something I eventually started doing with regular ease. (Yes, I skived school quite a lot).
Other favourite games were Galaxian and Defender, though I've got to say I was hopeless on Defender.

Fast forward three or four years to when I could legally go into pubs and Donkey Kong was my personal favourite.
Then my local replaced it with Commando and I became a bit obsessed with it. Me and a friend had quite a rivalry on it - I know I completed it, I'm almost certain he did as well.

Track and Field interested me for a while but I gradually lost interest in most games.

I completed a couple of games on my Nintendo DS a few years ago, (I used to busy myself on my DS during the quieter times when I had my own pubs), and play the occasional golf game nowadays but that's about my lot - perhaps it's for the best as I can be a bit obsessive.
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posted on Oct, 13 2013 @ 06:04 PM
reply to post by DeadSeraph

Oh man, BF1942 was epic. I remember I loved playing that game when I went to internet cafe's with my friends. My computer was never good enough to handle it though =p

posted on Oct, 25 2013 @ 03:56 PM
Road Rash 2/3...
I would stay up late playing it and try as hard as I could to kick the other racers into passing traffic.
Oh, how I'd laugh...

Other significant gaming memories were provided by Descent 2 (first PC game and STILL enjoyable), Sonic 3/Knuckles, Zelda: OoT, Goldeneye/Perfect Dark, Grand Theft Auto 2 and 3, and Unreal Tournament.
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posted on Nov, 12 2013 @ 05:11 AM

BUT the most enduring gaming memories of ALL time have to come from Ultima Online... Ah, the adventures, the endless hours of howling with laughter, crying with frustration, burning for revenge!

I joined up in 1997 when it was launched and I'm still playing now from time to time.

But oh, the stories...

I vidily remember the 1st time I loaded it and being struck with awe that this was a "real" living world with living people playing. Very first memory? Laughing with astonishment when I found out you could actually get wood from cutting a tree..(and by that I mean lumber *wink*) haha, simple but amazing back then.

The sense of achievement when I got my first horse, my first boat, my first house!! I remeber the first monster I killed... a lizardman that invaded the towns from time to time, chased me round most of Britain before I killed him on the bridge! Loot!! Gold!! All mine haha!

I remember the first guy to PK me, I actually remember the characters name and I still hunting him down for revenge! LOL (A running joke with my mates) His name was Krig and he offered me money to move furniture to his house as he was over weight.. of course as soon as I got to his house he paralysed me and killed me.

I remember a friend and I use to go PK'ing ourselves, I have a character called Dani Filth who was a stealther, armed with a deadly poisonous kriss.. who I actually managed to sneak into a guild meeting, past 20 or so other players and killed the leader giving a speech (real life players) and managed to escape before anyone even realised what had happened... I could hardly see through the tears of laughter!

Aww man, so many great stories and memories.

Sigh, the memories... I once was traveling through the woods between Minoc and Vesper, when a guy naked runs past me yelling 'Help, Help!" at full speed with a guy in a monks robe and dagger screaming 'Repent Repent of ye sins!" right behind him... I sort of went to engage the rabid monk but ended up in a nice conversation with a interesting bloke who wasnt so crayzie after all
(after i knocked sense into him)... this was before they split the shards into PvP and nonPvP versions so PvP was unavoidable often.

Some surreal crud went down in that game back in the day... heck i started a pirate guild outside the horse stables in Britain and ended up with 10 recruits in little under and hour, took em down to our meager guild house in the jungles south of Trinsic, decked out in our guilds uniforms and went and hit the high seas in my pride and joy boat... landed at a deserted island I had never been to before but unfortunately swarming with orc and snake spawns
and so my foray into guild leadership got terrifyingly cut short as we all (well I got away with a couple of others) got slaughtered.

Leap frogging unimaginable high quantity stacks of high tier ore through the wilderness to the nearest safe blacksmith was also quite an adventure (if you picked it you where rooted to the spot, but others could nick it if they grabbed it while it was on the ground) and an art form... Ultima Online was a damn fine introduction to MMO's and neat having been there at birth of a genre that eventually took off like wild fire.

... two other experiences that stuck with me all these years were standing at the Ocollo bank(?) a gate opens next to the only other guy there (wearing the traditional grey robe in skull helmet his sort wear) and about 12 guys with order shields swarm out insta gib the guy cut him up and then jump back into the portal... I choose not to follow them
i was still actually shaking from the shock of it all, the other was finding my own private island for my new house, which just so happened to have a number of dread spider(?) spawns on it
... with one right inside my eventual house. But boy was my island and house protected
(unfortunately some one else found a useable area to put their house on MY island, given it took me hours of clicking and running from spiders to find a usable area myself)

My brother however had some really freaky bollocks happen to him in that game, he was the kind of player who attracted the oddest situations or was in the right place at the wrong/right time, like coming across a fully laden player castle that had just despawned, leaving piles of riches behind for the taking, or joining in with a 3 person cult of players who ran naked through the streets of Britain like nut jobs having simulated sex, yelling like drunks at everyone they ran into, then after 20 minutes all 3 blowing themselves up with purple potions after having one of the most bizarre conversations ive ever witnessed in a game.

That game was unique...

posted on Nov, 12 2013 @ 10:00 PM
My sister and I thought it was the most amazing thing when I defeated Bowzer on Super Mario World (SNES). I couldn't begin to guess how many hours were spent with friends and one of my cousins playing Mario Kart. But when Mortal Kombat was the "thing", it was all over. Parts 1 and 2 were good, but when Mortal Kombat 3 came out, there was nothing else.

Many fond memories of friends getting me cheat codes, and me getting cheat codes for them. We'd all wait to see who would be the first one out of all of us to get the latest magazine, then surround them at recess to get all the codes.

I remember my cousin teaching me the code for Liu Kang's dragon fatality on MK3. It took a little bit to memorize and master it.

I played many other games, but I always stuck to playing mostly a select few. F-Zero was another game I spent countless hours playing, and it was the only game that none of my friends could ever beat me at.

Wow... this thread opened a whole vault of memories!

posted on Nov, 13 2013 @ 12:20 PM
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time opened up a lot of magical things for me.
That and Paper Mario for N64. ;_; I love those games so darn much. Nintendo forever.

posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 09:09 AM
So many memories. My first being on Atari computers in the mid 80's. My father was a member of a local computer club and had all these floppy disks with games and programs and of course the carts that we bought at the store . I had Sesame Street learning games and Dr. Suess etc but my fondest memory was my Fathers game Choplifter! That game kicked so much ass. I swear they made a remake of the game on the xbox360 by the same name because it plays exactly the same. It's updated with graphics for today though.

Then I got my NES. I played the hell out of Mario and my mom got such a kick out of the dog in Duck Hunt while I raged at the light gun not working well. Mario 2 soon followed and then my ultimate favorite game of all time Mario 3. Then the endless trips to Blockbuster for game rentals. Duck Tales was great and I still have the cartridge today along with Mario 2. Bart and the Space Mutants was a very challenging game but I played on.

Then the games for Apple II and Macintosh, who doesn't remember Oregon Trail? Also Kid Pix. Those sounds!

I had multiple iterations of Gameboy and a Game Gear.

My SNES I didn't get until the end of life for the console. It shipped with Killer Instinct and I loved that game. Then not long after the N64 was out and I loved Yoshi's Story. Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64.

On the Playstation I loved FF7, Gex and of course Tomb Raider.

Xbox and Halo came next. Then PSP got modded firmware and it now plays old emulated games mostly Atari 2600.

I left out various PC and Internet games but here is one that most people might recall... Tiger games, and wrist game watches. I only had one if these but they were everywhere.

(Video contains profanity so you have been warned, but who hasn't sworn at video games?)

posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 03:52 PM
reply to post by BigfootNZ

Oh man, the days of UO!

That brought an instant memory of something I had totally forgotten about!

Back when I first started playing I wandered into Felucia, and found myself in front of Shame Dungeon..

Some guy was there going OOOOooOOOoooo OOOooooooOOooo
and running back and forth as a ghost....

And then GANK!!!

I was killed by Pat Sajak and Bob Barker.....
The first time I ever was PKed in any game.

I spent a few years working on my character so that next time I could wipe them out but never ran into them again.


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posted on Jan, 18 2014 @ 09:45 AM
reply to post by ZikhaN

Some of my best memories of the PS2 days were from playing Dark Cloud! Some people call it the "Zelda" of the PS2. I think the game is too unique to be categorized as a Zelda equivalent, but nostalgia was triggered while playing Dark Cloud having played Zelda: a Link to the Past as my first game when I was 5. I also happened to fall in love with the Ratchet and Clank games and my favorite FPS game soon became Killzone because my friend and I would play for hours and many funny things happened during those times of course which made unforgettable memories. I remember playing with my autistic friend and I was trying to get to 200 kills by myself in the 60 minute time limit and when I reached 198 kills, my friend, who was on my own team began shooting me and preventing my triumph! I nearly tackled him but I emerged victorious. I think a game that may seem amazing to nearly everyone is not going to be that great to others if good memories weren't made while playing the game. That's the joy of co-op and multiplayer gameplay!

posted on Jan, 20 2014 @ 01:51 AM
I started out in gaming on the Atari and Commodore 64. As a kid, the games were fun but not all that memorable. But my favorites were Choplifter and Loderunner on the 64.

When I went through school, we had the Apple II computer which only had Oregon Trail on it. Fun, but always disappointing when your party died of dysentery or you lost your oxen while forging a river.

When the 1990's rolled around and new games like Wolfenstein, Doom and Hexen came into being, I was definitely hooked. But these games were still fairly basic.

My fondest memory was of playing Final Fantasy 6 on the Super Nintendo in 1994. At the time, that was the most epic game I had ever played. It had a compelling storyline, great characters and a world that could be affected on such a massive scale. I was blown away. I spent hours upon hours on that game.

Final Fantasy 7 on the PS1 was amazing at the time as well. Similarly an epic storyline. And 3d graphics which was still fairly new at the time.

Final Fantasy X, honestly, is my favorite of the series. I was just a sucker for the soundtrack, the love story and the tragic ending.
I seriously could not put it down until I was done.

When Fallout 2 came out in 1998, I loved every minute of that as well. I must have played through that game a hundred times. Around the first time my tribal descendent of the vault dweller blew a large chunk out of some scavenger's torso, I was hooked.

Daggerfall from 1996 was amazing. The massive scale of the game was mind boggling. And you were free to do pretty much whatever you wanted. Want to be a thief? No problem. Want to do some magic? No problem. Want to kill a ghost? Well you better have a silver sword. Want to take a nap in the woods? Probably not advisable because you will probably be interrupted by a wereboar. Ultimately, it was an extremely fun game at the time.

posted on Jan, 20 2014 @ 05:26 PM
Great thread, i was sitting here planning to lurk, but couldn't resist anymore...

I'm 25 and have quite a gaming history... was definitely a big part of my life also, like others have mentioned here.

I think my first system ever was the regular gameboy. Good lord was that thing crack for a child: Missile command, Donkey Kong, Tetris, Galaga & galaxia, Killer instinct, and this weird and awesome game where knights ride around on ostriches and kill each other called joust.

Gamboy color much later on? POKEMON YELLOW (a simple sh*t will turn into 5 hours of me sittign on the toilet), Gex, Mission impossible, Spawn, and a whole bunch of others i can'r remember.

Then my mom bought me a sega cd system, and it came with one of those discs that has several games on it. The disc had Revenge of shinobi (good lord was that sh*t hard), streets of rage, Golden axe, this fun tetris ripoff called columns, an f1 racing game called moto gp or something, and i cant remember what else it had on that disc. Then my mom bought echo the dolphin (so much friggin fun), and sonic cd (Dr. robotnik in that spiky footed robot thing and the clangy terror music scared the crap out of me). Then my mom bought this jeopardy/wheel of fortune combo for her to play. It as alright for my age back then, but she never touched it (like many items my mom buys). Then i had the awesome math blaster later on.

My dad then bought this super Nintendo for his friends kid, and stashed it in the closet. I don't know what came over me, but i decided that a month's time of that thing sitting in there meant that the kid didn't want it. So i cracked the box open, and hooked it up when no one was looking. I decided in my young age that i will suffer the severe ass beating. Surprisingly, my dad gave minimal fuc*s. It came with a cartridge with like 4 different super mario games in the box, and my dad also purchased super street fighter 2 (i always thought Ryu had a horrible itch in his arm in the fmv sequence before the title screen) and NBA JAM (HE'S ON FIRE, FROM DOWNTOWN1). Then my mom had bought Donkey Kong country 2; by far my favorite on the thing. I also had this super nintendo cartridge where you put a gameboy cartridge in it, and play it on your tv.

Then for playstation, oh boy where do i start? It had shipped with a demo disc that had WARHAWK, some first person arena tank battle game, a first person hard game (was probably a guncon shooter in the arcades ported to play station) and other games i don't remember. Then i got All the crash bandicoot's in a value pack, SPYRO THE DRAGON, Battle arena toshiden, RAMPAGE, tomb raider, TWISTED METAL, NBA live 96, TEKKEN 3 (rented the first one from blockbuster), WWF raw, and this weird side scroller game called pandemonium that i didn't get into all that much. Then i remember i had a bug's life, and rugrat's. Shut up, they were damn fun back then. My cousin's had ROAD RASH (chains, bats, pipes, and your boot/fist, all while going 160 down a busy highway on motorcycles), and this air bike racing game called jet moto. Great games.

Then for ps2 Good lord: The first games i had were crazy taxi and this Megaman game that was for playstation. Then i got dead or alive 2, God of war 1&2, METAL GEAR SOLID 2&3(favorites, 2 first introduced my immature brain to heady, political, philosophical stuff), tekken 4&5, MEDAL OF HONOR FRONTLINES (beginning charge on Normandy beach blew my mind! Death animations made me feel really bad for blowing out a nazi's invisible gut's with my shotgun), friend had let me borrow SOCOM. XIII (i'm a sucker for cell shaded graphics, shooting was bleh though) HITMAN 2 SILENT ASSASSIN (one of my favorite games ever), BURNOUT 3&4 (visceral racing series, now bitchified by paradise city for ps3/360), Bully, GTA VC & SA, DEUS EX (LOVE). Friend of mine had let me borrow rival schools for playstation. Another friend had Soul caliber 3. I rmemebr i asked my dad for GTA 3 when it came out for Christmas, but he made up a story about how they sold out at the best buy that i checked and made sure they were supplied at. So he returned with Ace combat 4 and spy hunter instead (did not want me playing M rated games at the time). I wasn't mad at all, those games were great. I remember i had this squad shooter called x-squad, knew it was crap at the time, but still gave it a go. It wasn't that bad. MERCENARIES (BOOM! Great open world shooter). PRINCE OF PERSIA 1-3 (1 is one of my fav games. Hated 2, never beat it; prince was mean and angry all the time unlike the snobby, smooth prince form the first). Borrowed manhunter, liked it, but never played past the first level. Pops randomly bought me final fantasy x (was great, but didn't have the patience for RPG's at the time, and didn't care for the turn based battle system. I didn't know i was supposed to do ANY training in the game, and by the time i had passed the trial of cloisters, any enemy in the game can one hit my whole crew dead. Sphere grid confused the sh*t out of me). My aunt bought these games called eternal ring (first person hack n'slash), and i can't remember the name of the other, was hack n' slash RPG. played them both once.

PC? When my parents first started letting me use the computer when i was little, there was this side scrolling eduucational game called treasure mountain. Then Later on in school before class the teacher would let us mess with the macs and play oregan trail, and math blaster. Then later on, i guess they used to ship free full games with your pc, because my mom bought a dell, and it had this TRON like arena combat racing game. Then much later on, this is when i first started playing FPS'ers. A friend had ISO'd HALF-LIFE 2 (mind blowing. Those facial animations). Before that, soldier of fortune ("I just exploded that man to chunks...with this 9mm. NICE!" were my first thoughts). I then played hours of battlefield 1942, but it was ISO'd, so i couldn't connect online. I played a bit of battlefield 2 on this Russian kid's giant alienware gaming laptop that he brought to school all the time. I used to watch my friend play starcraft ALOT on his computer (no holy cow level?).

posted on Jan, 22 2014 @ 12:39 AM
Oh boy, there's so many to list so I'll try to keep it to the most memorable for me.

It all started when the original NES came out here in the states. I remember being so excited when I walked into that Kmart and saw the huge pyramid of Nintendo boxes stacked, what seemed like at the time, all the way to the ceiling. I was 4-5 years old and had $100 in savings and my parents permission to spend it on a Nintendo! It came with Super Mario and Duck Hunt and I was hooked for life lol.

Other major NES games I played:
Ironsword: Wizard & Warriors II
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Final Fantasy

The next console I owned was a Sega Genesis:
Road Rash 1-3, I remember one of my first all night gaming sessions was at the hands of a rented RR3 cartridge I just HAD to beat before it went back to the store the next day lol.
All Sonic the Hedgehog games
Ecco the Dolphin
Mortal Kombat 2-3

After that, I staked my money on a Dreamcast instead of a Playstation2 because I felt it had better features and was the first console with analog triggers instead of digital like the PS2. It never really seemed to get far off the ground but it had some amazing games in it's own right:
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
Dynamite Cop

I bought my buddies used Xbox from him after they had been out for a few years. Fav games:
Halo obviously
GTA Vice City
TES Morrowwind
Area 51
Star Wars KOTOR

Pretty much since the start I've also gamed on PC's since my dad brought home that first 386. Fav/most memorable games:
Myst, one of my first 3D PC game experiences. The graphics and immersion alone blew my little mind away.
G-Nome, my first mech battle game
Doom of course
Civ 3
Dark Reign 2
Oregon Trail and that fish game on the old Apple IIs at school.
SimCity which introduced me to the Sim genre
AV-8B Harrier Assault one of my first flight simulators.
TES Morrowwind and Oblivion, need to upgrade my PC before I get Skyrim
Duke Nuk'em 3D
Star Wars Empire at War
Stronghold Crusader
Alpha Centauri

Ok that's more than plenty lol.
ETA: Thought of more while reading other posts.
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posted on Jan, 26 2014 @ 10:44 AM
I remember spending hours playing Interstate 76 and Interstate 82. Both were pretty fun. And were some of the first games I ever played multiplayer. The first was actually Duke Nukem 3D, followed by Quake 2.

But anyway, Interstate 82 was fun to play online at first. But eventually enough people managed to exploit a crack in the game so the game was just full of hacks with superpowered cars.
One day I booted up a match and there were these two hacks just sitting in a corner of the map with invincible cars launching heat seeking missiles at everyone. They thought they were untouchable.

But what these hacks forgot were two important aspects of the game. First, that people on foot or with the car engine turned off do not show up on radar. Second, that you could actually walk up to their door and carjack them.

So, with that in mind, I devised a simple strategy. I would start the car and pick up speed. Then kill the engine and coast as far as possible toward them. I did this repeatedly until I was fairly close to them but still undetected. Then, I exited the car and ran to the closest hacked car. After I stole it, chaos ensued.
It took mere seconds for the hacks to figure out what just happened. So I drove around the map in this invincible car while the hacks complained in the chat box and tried to destroy what they knew couldn't be destroyed. It was hilarious.

posted on Jan, 27 2014 @ 06:29 PM
reply to post by ZikhaN

Oh man probably played a majority of those games you listed.

As of right now. Some days ago I downloaded Alundra for my PSvita, an old PS tittle, from 1997. I remember playing this game back then, it was one of the most comprehensive action RPG's that came out. Back then it was amazing, and it also had one of the most engrossing puzzles in any game. Most games at the time, including now a days had puzzles that usually amounted to hitting a switch and a door opened, this game had that. But it also had some puzzles which literally made me throw my controller at the ground. Off course i stayed up a whole day and by the time I got to some of those parts was practically half asleep, and it was one of the first games to implement that so it hit you by surprise. But ya Alundra is a definite game that made me think, and made me stay up for nights back in 1997.

Thought now with its old school graphics its seriously outdated. It definitely nostalgic.

posted on Jan, 30 2014 @ 12:56 AM
My favorite games as a kid was final fantasy 7 and 8 for the playstation.

Ive had good times on 12sky2 and Rohan later on in life.

posted on Jan, 30 2014 @ 03:36 AM
I got my nintendo entertainment system at 5 years old, it came with the original duck hunt/mario game and gun and a single controller.. My sister who bought it for me for my birthday also included another game, Dragon Warrior...IDK if I had the ability to read at the time, but if I remember correctly, I certainly did not have the patience to. Everything I accomplished in that game was by trail and error, and I didn't get very far. I don't think she was aware of it being an RPG. I love RPGs now, and Dragon Warrior is a classic.

I suppose my most fond memory would be when I beat my first game, Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers. I was 7 years old, I think. My parents took a picture of me at the end screen.

There are other moments...I'm very susceptible to emotion, so I like to cry to certain parts of video games. The most memorable part would be during a specific scene of final fantasy 7 that everyone who's every played it remembers. Even people who have never played it know about it.

posted on Jan, 30 2014 @ 03:38 AM

reply to post by ZikhaN

Oh man probably played a majority of those games you listed.

As of right now. Some days ago I downloaded Alundra for my PSvita, an old PS tittle, from 1997. I remember playing this game back then, it was one of the most comprehensive action RPG's that came out. Back then it was amazing, and it also had one of the most engrossing puzzles in any game. Most games at the time, including now a days had puzzles that usually amounted to hitting a switch and a door opened, this game had that. But it also had some puzzles which literally made me throw my controller at the ground. Off course i stayed up a whole day and by the time I got to some of those parts was practically half asleep, and it was one of the first games to implement that so it hit you by surprise. But ya Alundra is a definite game that made me think, and made me stay up for nights back in 1997.

Thought now with its old school graphics its seriously outdated. It definitely nostalgic.

Loved the original Alundra, I wish I still have it. It was pretty difficult, but very rewarding. I enjoyed it a lot.

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