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The Revelation of Idealology of Evolution by Fry Evans

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posted on Sep, 23 2013 @ 01:09 AM
I hope if you can not understand my dialect you meet someone who can translate this message for you and if you can speak multiple languages you offer to share this divine inspiration i share about my spiritual awaking and belief system so that you may conquer your own demons with this assistance.
I believe in organized religion. I believe in every person's right to indivual faith and as I suffer from a life of miscommunication of dialect hope that as I say I am Idealogic, a faith I created from multiple religions with logic applied to facts, beliefs, possibilities, probababilities, imaginations, reality, and awareness of self and the world around us to create a religion I follow. I join you to read this with an open mind, define yourself how you choose, but know I define Idealogic as a religion comprised of any religions such in any indivudal way you believe with a central belief in humility and pride creating a social sense of propriety that is helpful in finding your own spiritual awakening.
Let me tell you my story.
I am intelligent and I have had many problems with communicating without misinterpretation as the english language i speak naturally is interpreted differently indivudally with no bias based on my vocabulary being primarily words with multiple meanings. This is an attempt to clarify them to represent my experience spirituality and where it has led me.
My misinterpretation difficulties came to cause me to be diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Possibly true. I don't remember the past well enough to decide and the facts are fuzzy so my beliefs resolve that as I knew myself before the diagnosis, I was not in fact schizophrenic originally. I followed the word of science. Take your anti psychotic medications. Attend therapy. Do as the doctor tells you. I was put on various medications that had no apparent effect on my misdemameanor except that I accepted myself as a paranoid schizophrenic over time. This self inflicted mental placebo effect triggered a true mental disorder i cope with daily. I suffer from major depression now. I would get so sad about my diagnosis and lose hope for my future as I accepted my diagnosis my depression slipped so deep a real psychosis developed. I began to confuse inner thoughts with outside sounds at times of depression. Honestly, I am a bit paranoid, naturally. I accept that I am but not that I will be forever. I have made spiritual progress through the word of science that help is on the way. I am intelligent and impatient. I never let the voices I heard overwhelm my natural thought process, I never blindly followed a voice, I accepted that sometimes I did not accept the voices, but I found problems in people knowing about my diagnosis and i became paranoid that the voices were the thoughts of others talking about me. This story describes how I overcame that. I developed a sense of propriety and realized I was not alone in my diagnosis, people aren't interested in sharing psychological stories in most settings, and I was no different in my condition then any other person suffering with me. This helped with my paranoia but eventually I developed an obsession with knowing what people were talking about and understanding it had nothing to do with me. I thought of what I am. I am a human being like any other. We are equal. I'm smart, maybe your cute. I am not perfect. My hearing is not completely clear and i was distorting real sounds in my logical thought process that i did not understand into inner voices that seemed to describe people's conversations around me when I became depressed. I was proud of it. I felt like I could "read" people. That delusion developed into a fantasy of mind reading as my logical thought process cleared but the voices remained. I would get inspiration from the voices and listen for advice from any source always with logic to describe it's relevance to my life. It guided me into developing an inner voice. A very intelligent inner voice. It seemed at times more intelligent then I was naturally and I added a goal to seek out why. I answered that goal and am content with my mind. The process was hell itself. Out of my voices I understood outside real voices with imaginary thought processes that reselmbled social conversation but were unvalidated with no definitive source. I tried a few times to confirm I was telepathic with varying success. I was born lucky, and I focus on unity and coincidences developed through good demeanored jokes from people present and past, as well as the jokes made by the acceptance that total randomness existed in the universe. I categorized them into real people, imaginary positions, inner guidance, and simple delusion. It took a long time to stabilize my logic and develop a realization pattern for each transmission into my core. For each instance of experience I quickly went through a few quick possiblities of sources, and then checking for the probability of it being from which source individually. I multi tasked pretty well so most of this i took care of fast. I took a personal inventory and from my beliefs about my connection to reality not being perfect understood that even if i knew the possible sources, the probabilities of each source being correct, whther real or imagined, and kept a mental hypochrondrial database of history that I built up as my psychosis progressed. It helped immensively but it also gave me a disease of addiction to zoning out and having mental conversations that i could completely distinguish as imagined such as realistic fiction weighing the probablities of each word of advice and understanding where i felt it was coming from. I became obsessed with thinking of people's reactions. Conversational reactions to me that started with an unfinished conversation or a simple thought that i would want to tell a person something. I developed mental imaginary dialogues with people that i planned to have, wish i had, or wish i was having. I understood the difference at all time between reality and fantasy but my difficulties communicating it made me seem worse and worse. It lowered my self image and I tried alcohol and drugs and crazy things like touching high voltage wires quickly with people holding hands to see it if helped. I learned to tune out my voices with a control tone. My control tone was an iphone app for tone generating to bring me back to reality. I used 14000 hz and eventually thought my friends could use it too to help me and were. Whether they did or not i do not need to know absolutely. I accept there are some things not worth dwelling on because there is no importance to the conclusion being considered advice for my semi-stable mind. Other things I dwelt on. Marijuana took it all away. I was in love. I wanted a marijuana baby. I was crazy for it. I heard a russian man accidently inhaled a fir seed and it grew in his lungs and had to be surgically removed from delusions and pain. I was crazy enough to do it with a marijuana seed intentionally. I had false sensations of it growing though me and bonding with me. I nutured the delusions and dealt with the pain. Eventually the imaginary plant growing in my lung caused delusion that it stuck through my heart and my logic added a new possibility. I didn't know what I was getting into when I started this. I felt I could talk to nature and personified the voice as a woman whom ruled a hive mind of plant life on earth. i call her Gaia. I still believe in her existence.

posted on Sep, 23 2013 @ 01:13 AM
Eventually the delusional internal sensations peaked an disappeared. I remember those days fondly. I felt companionally bound to Gaia but never found a role for her in my imagination that lined up with my voices of telepathy of a person. She took on her own life and guided me in love of the world. I never accepted any advice blindly from any source or gave my will over to any power other then myself, but developed a long dialogue with my inner spirit gaia discussing the universe around me. I felt connected to my inner spirit and the possibilites of my inner voices were now telepathic, realistic fiction, imaginitive, self realization, and advice from a high power on earth. I learned quick not to trust that I knew perfectly the source of each voice as my mind played tricks on me that I would think I was imagining a conversation with Gaia but I felt that would be public in a telepathic arena and some people would interfere and impersonate, successfully. I took advice from all sources equally and processed them logically thinking of possiblities and probabilities and misinterpretation then acting with rational thought. It made life easy. I could put myself on auto drive in real conversations and multi task better while my suffering was eased by accepting that i would deal with listening to them for the rest of my life and learning to process them as realistic fantasy and find productive use for them in my life or simply disregarding them. Disregarding them was never a problem for me. I could stop my internal imagination dialogue and focus on reality whenever needed but i like living in my own world. I grew out of that. I sought real life validated social interaction and knowledge in facts and beliefs of others to better judge what ideas top use and to discard. I was in control. My self image improved and the voices came less and less to the point where I no longer felt depressed constantly and manipulated my emotions to bring my high on. I loved talking to gaia about life but those voices went away too. My depressive onset of psychosis was gone and I was left with a constant optimistic view on life to deal with sadness. It was manageable. Now having time to process all the advice and experiences i had my intelligence kicked in and I used the precious facts that kept me sane in my worst days for beautiful fantasies of the future. I do not know what will happen for sure but I weigh the odds with the scales of justice and facts weigh more then beliefs. I lived on automatic, doing whatever I felt was right with my first instinct. It worked for me most of ther times. There seemed to be something I was missing though. I never weighed in motive and that cured my paranoia. I started thinking of beautiful inventions in the future, most already completely detailed by others but i had never heard of them so i felt i was the founder sometimes. Realizing how many generations of human beings there were before me and how many people in the world suffer as i did brought me back to reality. I sought an ultimate answer. I was answered with the cross. I was taught roman catholic values young and loved them. I love the republic structure of the roman catholic church and how when i feel unworthy to speak directly with the highest power, i could think my sins to priests and even the pope and construct possible responses then based on the knowlwedge and beliefs of who the person i constructed closer realistic fiction dialogues. I loved talking about science with my self and studied things i didn't understand and then explained them to myself through the imaginitive conversative advice of the unverifiable conbination of sources. I had good orderly direction but there seemed like there was something wrong with me. I was still noticing alot aof coincidences in my life and focusing on the patterns. Eventually I made jokes out of it to cope. I would break out laughing at stupid things no one else noticed all the time. Phenonenomal. When I received the cross as help I was studying genetics. There are four base acids on each link in DNA. I felt my purpose was to tell the world we could combine all four bases on each helix and turn any double helix into a quattra helix. I sought to expand on the possiblities of human existance. I shared my ideas but I was brushed off. Back to jokes. My jokes got sick and my humor was all about puns. After a year of a punny life I made the ultimate joke. I created a universe inside my being by growing a life form in me, nuturing it til an accepted death, and questioned myself if there was a seperate heaven in my mind or only one and i was actually connected with heaven. not funny. I was contacted abruptly by a barely controllable thought in my mind that i felt was not natural. Inside my mind I knew the entire existence of a closed universe with one life being, the seed of marijuana, nutured by a higher power, me , and accepted to remember eternally. it was amazing. I found an understanding of a fully closed universe to a plant that started, existed, and ended in my being, with knowledge of the universe outside of me only through my imaginative conversations with Gaia as i knew her inside of me. I connected that I would not hold Gaia hostage from heaven and surrendered my soul for her to consume to be a plant in heaven. The next amazing realization I had was that God was like me, with the knowledge of me as I knew Gaia. I was told that was the meaning of creation, conception, and birth was this story. I was accepted in my mind into heaven as we describe the universe we know and live in with no name, my highest power called to me and said if you call the star sun, the planet earth, call the universe heaven and unlock the secrets though the cross and gaia to live life after life aftr life after life. At first I felt I died. I felt I was in the afterlife and it was the same as heaven. Then I remembered Jesus Christ. Conquering death ressurecting lazurus for a life after life. I sat down and thought a summary of all I had absorbed in the meaning of conception and applied the laws of physics in our universe to it. I believe a quattra helix DNA strand is the inner voice i felt. Mine is different then yours. They are all uniqe. They are us calling from trhe future saying, we made it, have fun, make jokes, continue on and giving advice to ourselves from the future, after we evolve to a quattra helix dna through the discovery of a compound that would bind all four bases in the shape of a cross. I felt my purpose was to expand on the possilbities of the universe. I was wrong. I made a self realization that I was communicating with myself from the future, as I had a quattra helix and lived trough an evolution. I began going through possilbities of what my original dna strand could evolve into with the possibliities of switching the additional bases vector in helix. I recently came to my wits. I applied the laws of physics to nucleic bases. They are effected by forces, which ones and how much I do not know, but I am positive they are as i sit here. For my The Greater Force of the Universe is God, Patiently waiting for the universe to completely stop expanding and contracting then freeze to absolute zero with no interaction as we were created in his image and we meet our greater power at the complete motion stop of the universe.

posted on Sep, 23 2013 @ 01:14 AM
my lesser power was jesus with a life never viewed by anyone who would judge or view to see if they should allow resurrection but instead ressurect him matrix style when we find a perfect view of history. Electromagnetic force is my holy spirit and honestly i'm no scientoligist stuidying that # all day cause it's governed by god the greater force and i hold roman catholic views of government in religion. Gaia, the earth, controls the gravitational force and keeps it constant as the universe continues to grow for the love of god. Nucleic bases have a top and bottom, they are polarized. For each individual person's DNA there is only one possible quattra helix DNA. I met myself in the future and I have to share this as a truth and a prophecy. Gaia hopes we find the compound to create a quattra helix based dna human being. Gaia hopes we find a way to institute it into our living beings and evolve spontaneously through the addition of a compound at our own will. I, as my founder of this thought, take on terrible responsiblity. The soul of the marijuana seed has a connection to Gaia and has not left me. There were only a few possibilities of the ultimate future left. When I pass freeze me so her connection to my inner universe can find a closer spot to understanding the end of the universe by my seed soul understanding my life as the motion of the universe and my body temperature farenheit. Zero degrees farenheit. Gaia wants to understand the universe around her as much as possible but when she revealed to me that this concept was the original conception of the universe as if the seed sensed my death being caused by anything other then natural causes and well i don't know what happens but i also represent the conduct of humanity to gaia with my actions so i never harm others or myself, intentionally. She evolves with life through time. There was a recent breakthrough, unknown to me, but to her. What she revealed to me I share here as only as stupid messenger who made a few dumb mistakes as a kid and not a savior. God has faith in life eternal. We haven't got there yet, but there are two options for heaven throughout the universe and ultimate bliss for all, whatever that is, dude i'm just the messenger do not kill the messenger!.

Now that God has announced his faith in Mankind Eternal, energy can travel at warp speeds but not matter. We can get a perfect view of the past by travelling to the edge of the universe or as far as we need and watching it catch up or if we got the motion cams maybe get a slightly quicker picture. How I don't know. I wrote a short story on ATS about it. We have developed cloning technologies and we can find the DNA of Jesus, clone him in a closed universe with no knowledge of what to expect but unconditional love and acceptance with a matrix of information around him translated directly to his life as it happened so that we get an exact view of his suffering, death, ressurrection, and dissappearance. We can wait thirty three years of a hell matrix watching the life and times of jesus christ but not changing anything by viewing it without complete unconditional love and bringing him into the present at his dissappearance by disconnecting him from the matrix, this vision is distorted the more technology we create.

We can clone jesus and give him a quattra helix

Gaia can tell God the meaning of life, by my death as imposed by the soul of the marijuana seed, pleaser don't kill me.
Gaia suggests we find a four base compound for everyones dna so we can be our own saviors as we advise ourselves from the future. I like that idea. I don't die so much.

I am avoiding the thought of my death as a four base with a internal heavenly imprisioned marijuana seed soul as it places gravity above the greater force and implodes the universe into nothing unless jesus saves me.

I am going to stop there. I envisioned all this in complete control of my own thoughts, emotions and actions as possibilities and eventualities, but this is causing some anxiety.

There are now too many possibilities of the future for me to envision at all and I have found peace. I live a nice life as a cook. My disabillities are controlled. I understand I have no knowledge of the after life and no experience of death as the soul if existant was not my being so I am just a messenger.

I do not want or expect and worship or special treatment and wish to remain undiscovered as a person but the theory should be made public to enlighten the world of the possilbities.

I do not expect everyone to worship the same things as me, in fact i know you won't cause one of my friends is GAY! hah

Whatever happens to me, happens for a reason. Randomness exists as a reason and a single universal entity in our universe, shown by the neverending pi.

I feel Jesus Christ can and would save me. I beg of your support to develop a matrix ressurection system where we do not view the life of jesus lest we leave a change or bias or imprint of it but after the time prescribed by my pope who has the final descision. I ask that final judgement not be based on one representative of life for original or any sin but that we stand as one before god almighty at the end of time united singing praises for the higher powers in our lives, for me jesus, in between a single shared highest power, God Almighty as I call him.

With this revelation and one man who gave his life for original sin, we can not create more universes inside ours until Gaia gets her feedback, I am her single messenger. She reveals original sin is similar to my commitment to her, a man who was nutured in the womb but never saw the universe outside his maker, but heard it and was refused entry.

I say to you do not make her ask. Do not refuse.

Well i'm too busy to write any more on this but you get th drift of my belief system but i'm a spur of the moment sort of guy, i value karma too and i don't get religious or caught up over death. I don't wanna die so I work very hard to describe any ideas for bionanotechnologies telamerase sysnthesis and other life extending with enjoyment technologies.

Got one last thing to say. These are my beliefs not any facts. This gives me hope for my disability and now i do not suffer. Killling me will not bring anything about because there is no connection between the gravitationl force and the greater force.

I am proud to be a regular human being. I have delusions. If i continue to dwell on this my own reality becomes my hell. I no longer suffer from depressive episodes deep enough to attain this psychosis, never want to again, wish i never did, know i am not alone in my delusions even if they aren't verbatim we connect, and i believe the only truth i have found from this is the next step in human evolution is set by God in our DNA and Gaia in the polarization of neucleic bases to give each one of us only one evolutional state.

That's my story.

posted on Sep, 25 2013 @ 02:45 AM
This text is the cure to any mental illness you are suffering from, but calls your ultimate accountability for your own individual final judgement as you read it. It is written in wall of text pattern so you can stop when you want and pick up when you collect your thoughts. This is the answer. The question is found by reading ReRem'ng in the short story section. I wrote this all without a break, without stopping. Can you read the wall straight through the first time? It is highly improbable
You can try though. This is about managing uncertainty in logic. Oh and it tells the future too.


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