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Kerry Gives in to Lavrov on “Use of Force,” Putin Wins, Assad Keeps WMD For Now

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posted on Sep, 19 2013 @ 05:02 PM
reply to post by jdub297

I feel for the people there. I truly do. But I will not support US intervention unless there is direct evidence of a National Security threat that is imminent. I also find it far more brave to expand in the direction that Obama is on regardless of what critics think of his approach or style. There is a heck of a lot we have no clue of going on behind the scenes. I have faith that if Obama needs to pull the trigger then he will pull the trigger on Syria if and when that time comes. To assume that Obama and his Administration would allow otherwise is in my view foolish. His track record is firm enough to prove otherwise. I dislike his Administration and policies almost always but on this I have no doubt with regard to his approach.

The US and Russia get along far better diplomatically and communication wise than most realize as well. If I am wrong in the end then you can tell me you told me so.

I do support countering The Assad regime by providing arms to the Real opposition force and making sure that the real opposition forces are organized and trained well. I believe that Obama has failed there for sure. Problem is that the Opposition forces are not organized and won't find a real path to do so. The opposition forces are infiltrated heavily with foreign fighters and known terrorist groups. It's nearly impossible to properly support the opposition under those circumstances.

I also support as much humanitarian aid as possible to refugees and getting the International community to do the same. And many Nations are doing just that but could be doing more. We have all failed by not doing more regardless of where we take a stance though.

The amount of opposition Obama faces within his own government is staggering and most of it has nothing to do with him doing a poor job. The fact that he even achieves a bowel movement without someone criticizing it is a feat unto itself.

I support International intervention under the UN but everyone is talking and blocking such and event so not much can be done. It is not the US Government's responsibility resolve Syria's domestic issues alone. Most American's agree with that. It does not mean we don't want to help the poor people there being slaughtered though. 12 years of constant war and a broken economy and deficit beyond imagination though. What do you expect.

If Obama does pull the trigger on Syria it still resolves nothing. It actually causes more harm and most assuredly wil cost more human lives than is currently being caused. We will just end up in yet another prolonged war and it will cost us more than we can handle.

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