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Overview of the Necronomicon

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posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 11:39 AM
reply to post by abeverage

The main event...

You have become
What you have always been
Life figuring out
Peripheral vision

No words we can speak
our paths have been chosen
But all the trails that we trek
Should lead us back to here

posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 11:46 AM
reply to post by Kantzveldt

Girra, burn the warlock and the witch!
Girra, fry the warlock and the witch!
Girra, incinerate them!
Girra, fry them!
Girra, get them!
Girra, devour away!
Girra, take them away!

"His winnowing fork is in his
hand, and he will thoroughly
cleanse his threshing floor. He
will gather his wheat into the
barn, but the chaff he will
burn up with unquenchable fire."

All that burning lol...

The The Club Dumas which the The Ninth (9th) Gate was based off of was much better and detailed. But in either the point is still made.
Now had you been paying attention you will see that Burning is not a key, burn by fire or burn by desire...

Interestingly the Club Dumas is based on a society enthralled with the writer Alexandre Dumas (Shades of Lovecraft anyone?) and also interesting is the Dumas Method used in determining the amount of Nitrogen by means of combustion.

Immolation is what I like to call the Dumbass effect...

Although Lovecraft is a key, just not in the sense you might think. It's all in the words. LOL
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posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 11:58 AM
Steven King once said "The best fiction is that which has truth in the lies".

It's been a long time since I picked that book up, but somewhere in there, maybe the preface, it mentions that the book is to be taken as the memoirs of a persons personal journey through majic in a day and age when it wasn't considered majic at all. Simply a way of life. It stated that even though everything in the book may have worked for the original author, a reader shouldn't take it as gospel and try it on their own....verbatim. In short, it was prefaced as a personal memoir. Fiction or non-fiction had nothing to do with it. The truth is in the eyes of the reader.

Reading some of the responses here about whether the basis of the book was taken from older writings or not, reminds me of the discussions people have on how legitimate the Bible is based on those very same arguments.

Aside from that, how many other writers are there, or were there for that matter, who focused so heavily on one type of story line, yet were not that prolific? When putting Lovecraft beside other writers who were just as influential as him, like Asimov for example, the man wasn't very prolific at all. When asking whether the Necronomican is real or not, I think it's important to keep that fact in mind because it's obvious that Lovecraft didn't do what he did for money or fame. He wrote because he liked it because it was therapeutic. When you have writers like that, the line between fiction and non fiction will be blurred.

So again, Fiction or non-fiction had nothing to do with it. The truth is in the eyes of the reader, and if you can write like that, in the type of genre he did, to where each individual reader will be able to take their own truth out of what they have read, you're a master writer IMO. The same can be said for the Bible as well. It is open to so many different interpretations, and that is what make that book a masterpiece that has stood the test of time.

But how many people had a hand in writing the Bible?

There was only one Lovecraft.

posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 11:59 AM

So most of them lost their minds and killed themselves? BS, I went through a fad of trying it all like many people have and none of my coven killed themselves due to the book.
reply to post by boymonkey74

So, obviously your coven didn't do it right as the ones who DO are invariably destroyed or locked up in psyche wards never to be heard from again... simple, heh, and ultimately convenient.

And nifty thread... intricate dance between pop b.s. and the nightmares lurking behind the scenery of our quaint stage we term Earth... proving once again that blood sacrifice and elder gods don't hold a candle to the chaotic demon power of one warped mother.

posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 11:59 AM
reply to post by abeverage

That's right it's all about Mandaic love charms...

Love that is fervent and burning

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posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 12:51 PM


The books themselves do indeed contain power, but it is the power of knowledge and not the power of the occult.

I would avoid books like this myself, you don't know for certain where the author got this information from, it very well could come from a fallen angel/ demonic source.

Satan's first half truth lie which is still used today in different ways, "This fruit will give you knowledge, and you will not die if you eat it." Adam and Eve were mean to be immortal, that act removed that, and they did get some knowledge, but it wasn't as great as promised.

You will be like God and have knowledge like God. No you won't through Satan's ways, but you will have wisdom and eternal life through Jesus the co-creator of the universe.
You do realize I was referring to books that anyone can get at the local library? Books of knowledge of academic studies and such? To a nomadic tribe having this kind of knowledge can be very powerful, but also can be very burdensome. So the easiest way to keep the books is to bury them in the sand, then if anyone needs to reference them they can just go out to the place where they are kept and review of source. Just like what we do at our public libraries.

The differences between these books and the ones at the library are the context of where they are stored rather then what they are about.

For example:
Think of a baby shoe. If you see a baby shoe just laying on the ground you might think that some baby lost a shoe. No big deal. Now imagine that same baby shoe laying on the ground out in the middle of the dessert? Is it possible some family was out there and the shoe fell off? Sure, but is that what you would think?

posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 04:12 PM

Ask the Vatican I assure you they have manuscripts, tomes, grimoires, codices that contain most all lost knowledge.

That old chestnut. It is highly unlikely, all things considered, such books where they have been uncovered have been part of private collections, those that may have passed through the hands of Vatican investigators would have been more likely burned due to the fanaticism of those employed to such tasks. After all, until relatively recently, the Papacy was more inclined towards to gathering of worldly power and wealth, and with little interest, or belief in other realms of reality.

Besides, if we are to consider discoveries made in Mesopotamia, then it should be accepted that their fate lay in the hands of the most persistent enemies of the Vatican and would not be shared, or given over to their archives.

And any time they come across it they hide it up or if it is known it is Destroyed! The Dresden Codex is prime example, there are other Mayan codices but most were burned because they didn't want the knowledge to go back into the hands of the priests or people once they were converted to Christianity.

I agree that, in the 'old days' such things would have been destroyed, but as I have said, as a result of fanaticism, not any desire for secrecy. The Dresden Codex is one of 15 known Mayan texts to have survived. Religious fanaticism, fanaticism in general is responsible for a great many acts of destruction, indeed, but only confirms the unlikelihood that the Vatican libraries hold anything other than administrative records. Any great undiscovered texts, are more likely to exist in private collections, never having been seen by a Priest.

And you do have to wonder if the stories have been distorted through time.

Not so much distorted through time, as suspended in time, makes it seem far less mundane than it actually was. Those Maglu texts seem like they are an excellent case in point. Like the Dresden Codex, there are a lot of medicinal and hygiene references in there, compared with texts of more sophisticated civilisations, from Egypt and Greco-Rome there seems to be some progression and development of practice based on knowledge growth and similar principles. In the other thread, the quote TheGUT posted about science and magic from Crowley, seems most definately at play here.

posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 04:16 PM

reply to post by abeverage

That's right it's all about Mandaic love charms...

Love that is fervent and burning

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Always paying attention and always it seems 2 steps ahead...

posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 04:28 PM
Will SOMEBODY please tell me what the hell Glas Oliberos is?
Apparently that is a spell component.

posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 06:37 PM
reply to post by Kantzveldt

Thank you for your hardwork!
Star and flag!
These interdimentional warriors will stop at nothing to enslave our souls!

posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 06:50 PM
reply to post by Kantzveldt

First off, Sumerian and Babylonian mythology differ in many respects. The Simon Necronomicon is based upon Babylonian, not Sumerian, mythology.

Consider the idea of the Apsu. In Sumerian mythology the Apsu is not the Underworld, but the temple of Enki in Eridu (E-Abzu: house of the subterranean waters). In Sumerian mythology the Underworld is known as Kur, while the personification of the watery abyss is called Nammu. It isn't until the Babylonian Enuma Elish that Apsu and Tiamat are engendered and personified.

Second, if you haven't done so already, you ought to read "The Gates of the Necronomicon", the final volume published by Simon concerning the Necronomicon mythology. In "The Gates" Simon goes to great lengths to present a holistic "world mythology" which unites Babylon, to Egypt, India, China, and even the Aztecs in Mesoamerica.

While I disagree with the authenticity and purported power of the volume (the Necronomicon was a fictitious volume invented by H.P. Lovecraft to accompany his, and his colleagues' work) I do accept Simon's knowledge of occult and magical practices as genuine.

None-the-less, it is nice to see interest in the series from Simon still exists.

~ Wandering Scribe

posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 10:44 PM


I didn't see anyone mention it, and I searched for keywords "Medusa" and "Gorgon", but didn't find them.

You have a depiction of Medusa the Abyss Guardian right here.

See the Snake on her Head?
Severed Head?

That's what we are talking about here, Cthulhu is Medusa the one with a Head of Snakes-Tentacles.

If you folks want to know more, check out my most recent thread and the Medusa explanations begin somewhere in the middle and gets really deep.

Anyhow, cool thread topic for researching.
Tons of deep symbolism in the Giger Art. Always tripped me out.
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posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 10:49 PM

Wandering Scribe
In "The Gates" Simon goes to great lengths to present a holistic "world mythology" which unites Babylon, to Egypt, India, China, and even the Aztecs in Mesoamerica.

~ Wandering Scribe

Cool thanks for the tip, I haven't heard of this book.

I will definitely look into finding a copy to check out.

I have been into this exact topic the last few weeks pretty heavily so it would be a interesting text to compare with.

It sounds quite intriguing.

posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 11:01 PM
reply to post by muzzleflash

Yes I just saw your thread today, and was thinking how it may relate to this one, actually. Medusa: Tiamat....I wonder. Giger is beyond dark. I like aberverage's description of his work, best of all, and find it represents, uniquely, what is going on there, artistically. Frightening and some ways, but fascinating, as well. The quality of the execution of the art, itself, is so well portrayed one cannot help but being drawn in to studying the images, even while repulsed.

I must admit, my interest here, is with drawing comparisons with gnosis....for there are many. In fact, as Muzzleflash's Jesus/Unicorn thread is meant, obviously, to show, there are relationships between all these dogma, are there not?

And yet, some are very dark, and some are fully intended otherwise....obviously. After all in terms of magic, there is white magic, and black. They are truly very different, in my opinion, though their dualities may share a certain, well, gnosis, shall we say, meaning knowing, purely, of the word, with no other implications of belief structures.

But, I find, it does matter, really what page you are on in what book you are interpreting from, as these founts of ancient wisdom host totally different dynamics and quests, for the future, or what has already happened to be repeated, if the Ancient Ones truly existed and wish to return to rule, as in the Nine at the top, who abuse, disuse and use, outright, anyone they can get their claws into, in order to see their rule be apparent, forthcoming and apparent.

Kantz: What's your opinion of the crazy arab's traditional role in all this, and the mythos this is where the original nemonicron came from?

posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 11:02 PM
And also, how are we gonna relate plasma here, as plasma seems to be coming up in every thread these days.


posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 11:03 PM
My high priestess, who is a grand elder in the wiccan community... Pretty much world wide, says the necronomicon is real.
I've never asked further than that. I wamt d to know if you could actually use the gods therein, and she said yes. They have absolute magickal merit. It's not fiction.
I have found however, modern printings have misprints in the summoning words for some of the gods.
I had to find old editions and ask which was correct before usi ng them.

One of my friends had a very bad experience using the book.
So.... Caution if you are not prepared to deal with what you may summon.

posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 11:09 PM
In addiction to H.P.Lovecraft, these are also further interesting reads-
E-Book - Aleister Crowley-The Necronomicon

Secret Files Unveiled: Aleister Crowley Identified As The Mad Arab

And as others have noted, please, if you are new to the book, use extreme caution. It's not limited to just a few people suffering consequences, I've known a few people affected myself.
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posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 11:30 PM
reply to post by PtolemyII

Hey PtolemyII:

Have you read the whole thread, for abeverage has some very good information to add as to what you've stated, as does even Kantz. This is a tale of the duality of these gods....really. And revenge, and committment as to darkness or light.....this, here,. case in point:

wide, says the necronomicon is real.
I've never asked further than that. I wamt d to know if you could actually use the gods therein, and she said yes. They have absolute magickal merit. It's not fiction.
I have found however, modern printings have misprints in the summoning words for some of the gods.

Which would you wish to summon. There are the "ancient ones," of darkness, and others of a different variety, perhaps. If you summon demons, you will deal with demons, unleashed, IMHO. And nothing gives us the terpitude nor knowledge to reign that in, once unleashed. It's not a matter, I don't think, of summoning something for yourself or your particular quests, but what would be unleashed upon the world, at large.....

So, it would seem, extreme caution would be warranted. Just as a simple example: ever think about those who hare having a hard time in life, and at the end of their rope, having consulted religious pontiffs and whomever they could think of and their circumstances not abated, turn to a soothsayer or cardreader and are told, you are under a curse? And the curse was working far longer, obviously, then they even knew of it: therefore, their energy in regarding their "cursed" status cannot be blamed.
Just sayin'.......

ETA: One thing I found most instructive about abeverage's comments was about linguistics and his allusion to Lovecraft: meaning, perhaps, love of the craft...being witchcraft.
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posted on Sep, 15 2013 @ 02:57 AM
A word on Chaos magic, before we trace the provenance of "Simon's" sources.

All magicians seek to impose their own design upon a universe that dissolves into a patternless soup at the subatomic level. Those that realize that every act of magic is just hypertrophied pareidolia will likewise recognize that anything can be turned toward the purpose of deriving Order from Chaos.

Antiquated tradition, established claims to higher authority, and secret "knowledge" may serve to give an extra oomph to seeing patterns where none previously existed; and thus more success in bringing them into manifestation, but the magic itself has no other source but the eye and mouth of the Individual.

Or, when united in vision and voice, The Group.

Now on to Levenda's- "Simon"'s- little addition to a centuries old game of add-on.

Levenda's version of the tablets (of Babylonian, and not Sumerian origin as he claims) are lifted from an 1894 translation by Knut Tallqvist, but he makes some pretty hefty alterations.

It is perhaps even more interesting to note what Simon didn't use from the Maqlu Series than what he used. The Maqlu Series includes a marathon ritual of astral travel or "star magick" in which the ritualist travels into the heavens, where he identifies with, or transforms into, a star in the night sky. Like all the rituals in the Maqlu, its purpose was to protect against - or destroy - evil sorcerers. The ceremony took place at the end of the month of Abu [8], when spirits move freely between the underworld and this world, and the living and the dead interact. It was a time when judgments could be brought against evil sorcerers by heavenly and chthonic deities alike. The exorcist, or incantation priest (ashipu), would lead the ritualist in a kind of guided pathworking in which he would travel to the heavens in the form of a star to ask the Gods of the night and the Gods of the sky for assistance [9]. Simon ignored this when he devised his "Gate Walking" initiation, preferring to concoct a series of rituals based on Western Ceremonial magick that is totally alien to Mesopotamian magick and cosmology [10].

Namely, he splices in text from an 11th century grimoire known as "The Picatrix", which is itself cobbled together from disparate Greek and Hebraic sources.

Dig deeper, Mr. Clore! Because Beckford wrote of 'Derviches' and 'Faquirs' does not mean there is no such thing as dervishes and fakirs... Remember that Beckford had one of the finest libraries in England at the time and was a keen collector of books on Oriental magic -- believe it or not he incorporated a thing or two into Vathek. The man was not ignorant about language and magic and was certainly not the barmy tower buidling eccentric most people dismiss him as.

I believe that if you consult Esmond Donnelly's journals (published in the 70s by Gerard Sorme) you'll find a genuine late 18th century reference to Al-Azif in which Donnelly remarks about the strange fascination 'those damaged, bastardised passages of Gebir's Al-Asif' held with Beckford.!topic/alt.necronomicon/-6IRoKzxM8A

This is also where you get your Crowley mix-up, and your Mad Arabs.

Witchcraft, burning stuff and mass hysteria appear to have been around since ever. It is interesting to note that there are very, very few first-hand accounts of the results of working with the Necronomicon, but endless "I knew a guy once..." stories.
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posted on Sep, 15 2013 @ 03:10 AM

Silcone Synapse
reply to post by Kantzveldt

I thought that version was a reimagining of the one first mentioned by H P Lovecraft-he mentions it and its author,the mad arab,a few times in his stories.

Was there an actual real one dating back centuries?-I really thought it was a creation of Lovecraft's.

It was he made it up for his horror stories.There is no real book only things people created since the 30s.

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