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Hassan I Sabbah - Historic Battles

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posted on Sep, 12 2013 @ 03:09 PM
Conspiracy Theory as to Hassan I Sabbah's Historic Wargame

Hannibal was the greatest military opponent of the Roman Empire. He attacked from the Swiss Alps, the Man on the Mountain is Hassan I Sabbah. Everywhere he conquered on the way to Rome, he had an easy time gaining allies as if he emanated much love and/or was well connected already. His military's general Hastrubl has trouble (as a sign Hannibal was a prophet) with Rome (as a sign Old Man on the Mountain would be at war with Rome Again.)

Surah 28 of the Koran identifies lineage of Imam with Pharaoh, a pyramid is shaped like a mountain: the Pyramids of the Desert. When Carthage fell to Rome, Hannibal fortified the (immortal?) infastructure of modern day Shiite capital of the Muslim world, Iran: I ran from Persia. The Imam possesses interpretive authority within Shi'ite Islam. Hanbali Islam is one of the 6 primary forms of modern day Sunni Islam: pull back the I, is Hanibal the Imam?

When converged on by Rome, Hannibal took a sure poison to escape capture.

The curse of Cain in Genesis, the first settler the Bible mentions, is connected to the curse of Pharaoh - because of his image when confronted by Abram's wife. Abram, Joseph and the coat of many colors, and Moses (when he left Egypt, Pharaoh said, "Go, and bless me also"), were all three on direct speaking terms with the Egyptian Pharaoh. Israel encountered God through the sun in Chapter 32 of Genesis, and Ra the Sun is at his center. The Chapters of the Koran have the word "Ra" in them, Sue Ra for encountering God first through the sun?

79 AD, Pompeii was hit by the fury of the Mountain, an active volcano did away with them. Did the Man on the Mountain's wrath melt that Roman city? PP II o me... (all their money), 78 & 1 = 79, 78 & the first letter of the English alphabet: 78, ADA. (Surah 78, A day to finalize).

Two Ps means P2 or Propaganda Due. PII if you use the two Is at the end of the word. PII o me... owe me, all their money.

Having thoroughly studied Sura 78 of the Koran through 7 English copies, only the one by Massa contained the word "truth" in place of surity:

The line at the top of the 7 is a line that cannot be crossed concerning defying the Sura's intent's proliferation: it internationally standardizes 18 as the age of consent in every Muslim Nation. Opens discussing the sex act between man and woman, the trumpet sounds to invade Verse 18. Verse 24 is a poison to all age complexity offenders in the entire world, Verse 34 is a full cup to those who stick to women their own age concerning a Sura which internationally standardizes 18 as the age of consent, and Verse 39 is the event which overturns the Mark of the Beast 666 with 999: the day of sure reality.

An old legend concerning the Old Man on the Mountain: that he told the Fanatics, if faced with Hassan I Sabbah, and unsure whether he is an imposter, give him the poison. He is not an accessory to his own murder if he just wants a bet to be finalized, and it is what it meant to him:

Chapter 28 of Genesis, Jacob takes on Isaac's blessing (Thahash of Maakah end Abraham and Isaac as the first Assassin loyalty test on the Mountain: they were supposed to give Isaac to God, and if teaching telepathy and astral travel was illegal even if they misinterpreted unless they disobeyed their second place loyalty was supposed to be a vampire - unless I am misassessing his culpability) not his curse, the sun sets (he goes underground - the tongues schism at why we Babel on where immortals are listed in Genesis, and Hammurabi = Humam / Humann Rabi outlawed murder - disobeyed?) and he establishes the finalization of his wargame in Bethel (bet hell) from Luz (lose). In Chapter 32, Bet Hel from Luz's location is called Peniel, and as it passes above Jacob/Ra/IsRaEl's head he passes the path of Peniel (gland), ends on Verse 32, 33 or initiatory completion within Freemasonry begins, which brings us back to Verse 34 of Surah 78.

Chapter 8 of Revelation, the Lamp that falls is Wormwood: absinthe respelled is ah, bet sin or the a/b sin finalized through the most important shot glass of European artists. Chapter 14:20, wine as blood (love is what makes artists creative, the energy of the heart is love and blood) finalizes the wrath of God.

Hammurabi = Hannnnnibal if the curve of the r is raised the m's cut in half and the u inverted, one a's lettering reversed.

At Abu Simbal, history's first depiction of a battle on temple walls, Pharaoh Ramsees killed the Hittite Men: tight hit men. If Pharaoh put himself in the shoes of the Ram it was projection for Abraham to have killed in place of Isaac: Ram Sees.

The stave of Cain that falls into Lamech is called Tubal-Cain, Kubla-Cain founded Mongolia, Mongolia's Ghengis-Khan Gang is Cain. According to Marco Polo, they drank horse blood. They expanded faster than any ancient empire.

posted on Sep, 12 2013 @ 05:14 PM

1256, Mongolia killed the male Assassin of the Alamut stronghold.

1272, The Syrian Masyad infastructure was killed by Baybars: 1 of 7 copies, the copy of my Koran that was written by Masa' replaced the word (poison of surity conspiracy theory) "sure" with "true": Masa dy bars Bay (B-1).

These two historic events killed the most male Assassin of any known transpirences. Mongolia's Ghengis gang is Cain.

If the curse of Cain is to wander in Nod east of E en, one crime of Syrian Assassin might be that they Syr Ian. The S is a 5, as in 5yr, Ian. Similarly, I have heard fictional stories on an Armenian Mafia that commited the sin of Armin' Ian.

Megiddo - 1457 BC, Thutmose's chariots crushed the Canaanites. The Battle of Megiddo is the Battle of Armegiddon. Thutmose's = Thought Moses (was ok to kill). Moses was the son of Pharaoh, when he left Egypt with the Jews Pharaoh said "Go, and bless me also." Moses went with his blessing, an altruistic poor man or beggar leveraging a moral majority military through the Exodus: all who were killed for attacking him by God's angels presumed within the parameters of what would have killed the lower ranking nobles of any aggressor against rank.

Three hypothetical immortal personality types:

Id state pride, as much aggression as it is possible to store, in love with the highest ranking royal. Selfish instinctive aggression controls their attachment, so they can schism if they feel attacked by Pharaoh. If only those who killed higher ranking royals die on Judgement Day, the schismed royals attacked the prophetic lead royals with the Bird's Eye View - thereby inciting their wrath against the schism instead of killing their attachment to Pharaoh Hakim himself.

If on Judgement Day, peak on Heaven or stored love is as high as the culpability rating of the immortals after selfless autonomy & selfish autonomy is contrasted, suffering induced +/- suffering absolved, the immortals might stage a sort of brutal Communist Regime intent on greater overall good, ends justifies means ethos.

Pride in loyalty as a discipline: the Communist soldier? And the tertiary immortal personality type, traumatized out of the option of disloyalty to Hassan I Sabbah during the Mountain Initiation (popularized by such Conspiracy Researchers as Robert Anton Wilson as a possible historic event).

2,500 years ago, Chinese royalty (North of India...) founded Buddhism. 2,400 years ago, Sun Tzu's "the Art of War" was released. 500 years before Christ, Sue Sun, 500 years after, Sue Ra. This builds a subtle Muslim jyhad into Chinese Communism, founded by those same Chinese royals. Russia is considered the second place most important Communist country, when it was founded, Gurdjieff, Esoteric founder of Gurdjieffian Islam, was the advisor of the royal family: they believed in "burrying the dog deeper" than most Muslim schools. Re-arrange the letters of dog, GOD is burried within the Communist Movement: for the most merciful fate of the whole.

posted on Sep, 12 2013 @ 05:25 PM
Communism as End Time Commentary

Ti bet's destruction to 1.2 billion China.

Rasputin killed the White Russians when Communism took Russia, Anastasia Romanov was the most famous of those that died for being dead yet alive (Disney fictionalized), Gurdjieff was the esoteric Muslim bodyguarding the royal family. Ras putin has the name of Putin, Gurdjieff is pronounced Gorbichov (Russia's most beloved reformer, Muslim sincerity?) if the d is pronounced b.

Rearrange the letters of Anastasia Romanov after pulling the t back in Rasputin (I intend no accusation): Ratspuin?, Asasan Tai Ov Roman.

The Cambodian Pol Pot Massacre is the most well known historic event concerning their Communist Regime: two Ps = P2, Mussolini's Mafia ( Everything is Under Control: Conspiracies, Cults, and Coverupts by Robert Anton Wilson ). Caesar Muscle In I(taly) schisming the region?

Rearrange the letters, Ptoo did something wrong on deserving massacre: rearrange Cambodia to find out which Bet to Ti China to: a/b coma di: a/b, die. The word "Poll" is spelled with two ls, PII. A/B Comadi? If not, and accessories said no to giving the L on Pol and Pot on Pot... Ti bet's destruction to China, a/b, die.

(I suspect Mussolini had French royals schism Vietnam and Cambodia killed the ones that tried it in their country, Cambodia borders Vietnam and the French were in Vietnam right before the Vietnam War gave Vietnam a foothold within American hippie resistance movements.)

The capital of Ethiopia is Addis AbabaG if you contemplate the middle initial out of Russian Intelligence: intelligent Russians are for KB BabaG, and Cuban Cigars Cuban bluntness on (B-1): Thahash of Maica that made Abraham and Isaac the first initiation of Assassin on the Mount is Lamech's Bread, Ja Maica because both mean God to Rastafarians, they come exclusively from Ethiopia and Jamaica and Jaimaca is almost the same island as cuba.

posted on Sep, 12 2013 @ 05:32 PM
reply to post by Kaaba

Hanbali Islam is one of the 6 primary forms of modern day Sunni Islam: pull back the I, is Hanibal the Imam?

• Hanbali School of Thought: Organized during the 9th and 10th centuries AD/CE by the students of Amad ibn Hanbal, of Bagdad, Iraq.

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