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Cross Referencing World Myth, Religion, & End Time Prophecy

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posted on Sep, 12 2013 @ 11:35 AM
Maitreya, the Future Buddha edited by Alan Sponberg and Helen Hardacre, soft cover, my copy:

page 126: After 2,500 years, purgatory ends and the Maitreya Buddha prophecy comes true.

According to well known history, 2,500 years ago Buddhism was founded.

page 60: Maitreya is confused by Sakyamuni's Ray (Ra / Israel?) early in his career. 6 in a 0 is Tiphareth the Sun on the Jewish Kabbalistic Tree of Life, unconditional love expanding in and embracing all directions, apart from Netzach or attached love, or Chesed as symbolic of merciful feelings.

In nearly every version of the myth, Maitreya inherits the throne from Sak ya Muni (sack ya money / wins a bet), a Bodhissatva endures to help others. I suspect Sakyamuni reincarnates and endures a personalization of hell which results in bet victory.

According to my Horace Hayman Wilson edition of Hinduism's "Vishnu Purana", or Kalki prophecy, Vishnu reincarnates within the Vishnuyasas, a lineage he founded, as humanity approaches annihilation, to bring about a golden age. Kalki = Sakyamuni if (and this is true of my copy) the Vishnu Purana identifies Maitreya as distinct from Kalki. Kali key.

Mahdi and Christ are prophecied to oppose the Dajjal's war against Islam during the End of Days, Mahdi is called the "Rightly Guided One," and it is supected he can convert the world to Islam, and rule them by the Sunna (Sunn, a - the authentic heart of God, and the Book delivered by God's angels).

Loki - during the event which instigates Ragnarok, Loki tricks the Viking sense of honeir when he self martyrs (gives mistletoe to honeir), and it kills Balder the Most Beautiful (the beautiful boulder of paganism).

Valentine's Day 1984, Babaji winked the instant before his heart stopped after confessing to being the father of Christ, as if to give his heart to humanity and his kingdom (mistletoe is the gift of love in tribute to Christ) to Jesus Christ.

Loki - low key to the mysteries and the moral majority's potential energy, low key as in silent as against Thunder / Noise, Loci of the psychic energy of attention, temporarily low on ki, the elven sun of a giant: he never claims to be a deity, and is constantly framed for stealing despite being the pennacle of fairness.

The Viking Gods are called the Aesir - a sire of aries, arise and raise the peoples. Sie Ra, Odin / owed in. Ra Ise:

Thor against Skrymir the Giant is faced with three contests he cannot pass on. He cannot steal the cat because it's a tree, he cannot beat the woman that is old age, and he cannot drain the ocean dry. Loki calls out the fowl deeds of the immortals gathered when he drinks the magick mead, and in Chapter 14:20 of Revelation, wine as blood is consumed to finalize the wrath of God, which causes festering sores of deed exposure to burst out upon the flesh of the accessories to the Mark of the Beast. The sun burns them with fire (for their global warming culpability.)

Loki wins because he does not challenge himself to a contest he has thousands of years to prophecy into. He is Skrymir, and Utgarde-Loki the giant that tests Thor: the Giant's karma is other than it looks when Thor's hammer, mythically reputed never to miss, is thrown at the giant and wizzed past his head.

The children of Freya and Frey are Od & Gerda, the children of free you and free are od/esoteric (letters of both words rearranged) dear God, the original intended meaning of the Viking Myths was esoteric Islam. Bragi is the Viking god of poetry to defuse paganism as pointless boasting, and Idunn the god of creativity because deed permanents results from sufficient creativity to learn to astral travel.

When Lycanthropy is established to be a disease, King Lycan is tempted to attack Zeus in beggar form for the murder he commits, so Zeus exposes King Lycan is an animal (psychologically): most Viking Berserker believe in losing to control to animal instinct (to aggression or prejudice), and to higher ranking Viking Aesir (deep North barbaric peoples with the ability to astral travel).

Prometheus and lightning stricking a tree, the stave of Zeus, deliver fire to humanity, as if confessing Zeus reincarnates. Prior to the evolution of fire, adrenaline was in the mammals pre-humans killed while fossil transitioning because the meat wasn't cooked (early in the Book of Genesis, Jewish people are discouraged from eating meat with blood in it). The curse of Cain is to wander in Nod east (coast) of E en's D, the stave of cain falls into, After Seth and Enos began men to encounter God (and negligence and malice: the ability to disregard eye for an eye scales of justice).

Prometheus = the promes u (broke/kept). Ramsees was the father of Pharaoh Seti, as in Ra Set. If the ram Abraham killed in place of Isaac could prophecy (see). "If unsure, give him the poison," if intended to induce the finalization of a bet does not constitute accessory to one's own murder, just controversial poetry.

(p)the rome u(s/2 flipped around) / the Rome use P2, as in the guy Nero / RoNe with a line drawn on the N to admit it was crossed (and make an M). Why do the most immortals break the promise not to kill hiring ranking immortals? I suspect P2/Caesar tempts them, who's name Nero is 666 in Hebrew.

My conspiracy theory: id instinctiveness and aggression with prophetic lead immortals focuses on those who kill hiring ranking immortals even out of presumption with announced royals that seem too beggarly, and their final test is Prometheus at war with Caesar. They feel attacked by the royals that schism, instead of like they were attacked, but Caesar schismed on accident because Christ told the truth in the Gospels when he announced his father a higher ranking royal than the Romans that crucified him.

The Greek riddle of the Sphinx - Greek honor, heroic Greek demigod myths, emerge when a little light of the sun shines upon Greece from distant Egypt: where in Chapter 32 of Genesis Jacob wrestled with a man alone until daybreak (defeated himself, achieved selflessness) and received the name (Ra, defeated himself the instant the sun emerged) Israel. is - English. Ra - Egyptian. of God? . - Hebrew, answering the question by signifying angelic status.

Anubis carries the souls of the dead to the scales of Ma'at - A knew, B is... the truth. The good is weighed against the bad because good deeds can make up for atrocities if heavier one scaled against the other. Suffering commited -/+ suffering prevented, as exact quantities contrasted.

posted on Sep, 12 2013 @ 11:52 AM

Chapter 1 of Revelation, Kether on the Tree of Life:

A poetic description of God introduces the chapter, the Alpha and the Omega, the impersonal whole.

Chapter 2 of Revelation, Chokmah on the Tree of Life, highest ranking sphere on the Pillar of Mercy, Wisdom above the Abyss: Information, "the Word":

The first of the 7 churches, Ephesus. F is Us, the Mark of the Beast is accepted on the forehead (with foreknowledge) or on the right hand (a right to persecute the Lam of Genesis Chapter 4, when Cain wanders in nod east (coast) of E en, the text reads If Cain 7, Lamech - Va, Mech & the ech/ick baited by the Mark of the Beast). They participate because they fail the Lam too easily. Revelation 2:4, they have foresaken the love they had at first, the heart before conditioning, unconditional love.

Smyrna - they are smeered and it isn't applicable by those who claim to be Jewish and aren't but are a slandering synagogue of Satan. Smeer N/A. (Once they see through the frame and begin to help Lamech).

Pergamum is the New International Translation, or Pergamos' is the King James: perg a' silencing the Lam, or most of the accessories begin to deserve to die. One reason why, to foreshadow a false prophecy in the Church in Thyatira, they eat food sacrificed to idols and engage in sexual immorality.

Thyatira - aThyatir / a theater,
begins Verse 18 (US age of consent),
Verse 20 - a Jezebel leverages a false prophecy into sexual immorality,
Verse 21 (US adult drinking age) is time to repent, they are unwilling.

A false prophecy in a Theater between the lines on point of ages of consent, into sexual immorality. The accessories (20 & 21 is the false prophecy - 21=12 and 20, December the 12th month, 21, year 2012).

They read somebody's mind who has done a real prophecy on a long list of written attributions, and fall for it because psychologically programmed to when 2012 falls through. Invisible abstraction baits surity where it does not reside because pride feeds on a sense of surity, degree of separation between one's self and total simultaneous retention of all relevant variables is the probability of truth or untruth, only being thorough minimizes the probability of invisible X-Factor relevant data.

Chapter 9 ends Verses 20, 21: time to repent, unwilling. In Chapter 19, ending Verses 20, 21: the false prophet is thrown into the lake of burning fire.

The individual's psyche can be predicted with deterministic perfection if prophecy is real at all: I suspect Mussolini instigates the false prophecy through a reverse psychology dupe (88 means heil hitler to Nazis, 2nd place most common symbol for to the swastika in the modern era):
Verse 28 or 88 - morning star atop
Verse 29 or P pointed at a 2, Mussolini's historic mafia
directly foreshadow Sar'dis (soured this), begins Ch3 ends V 6. (Soured This on the Mark of the Beast 666 hustle).

posted on Sep, 12 2013 @ 12:19 PM
Chapter 3 is Binah, space, archetypal lack of motion or life, the highest ranking Sphere on the Pillar of Severity.

Sardis begins Ch 3, its description ends on Verse 6.

Throw the r forward and pull back the curve at its top to create a t: Sadist Sar'dis, Mussolini as Satan is a guy with malice.

Christ comes to those who have accepted the Mark "like a thief in the night", indicative the Lamp (King James Ch8 of Revelation, fell to enlighten) that foreshadows the low key (Ch9 Verse 1 of Revelation) is not a thief, nor a villain. There are those even in Sardis which have not soiled their clothes, symbolic of spiritual Satanists with freedom of speech rights if they don't eye for an eye violate despite that Crowley 666 founded modern Satanism to privately indoctrinate Mussolini fanatics.

The first two churches of Binah deserve the most killing: spiritual satanists as a Satanic Ritual Abuse mind control contagion, and Philadelphia, two Ps atop a slandering synagogue, Mussolini's political base of power, PP / P2 / Propaganda Due. The last church in Chapter 3 is Laodicea, the primary reason why they deserve to be severely treated and who hits them: Laodicea / a lao'd ice... first paragraph discusses fluctuating temperatures inviting the spit of God. allowed ice to melt, hit by the Church in Lao (the real world Voodoo hierarchy).

Chapter 4 of Revelation is Chesed on the Tree of Life, the Sphere of Mercy. The angelic hierarchy is outlined to emphasize they strategize for that which is most merciful... at the universal level. Allah is called All-Merciful because his will is the most merciful fate by the whole, personal disavowed.

The angels are 24 old men, 24 hours in a day are units of time symbolizing that they prophecy. They reside in outer space storing unconditional love as the reward of good souls.

The first angel's face (faced) is that of a calf - Genesis Chapter 3, King James, the serpent is more cursed than any cattle. We possess ID state pride because it was a phallic totem to early humans, the cobra is the shape of the center of the human brain to this day. Something about that which grew behind the cattle instigated the grassland fossil transition, the origin of the spiritual energy the angels store.

The second is a lion - the king of the jungle, the importance of serving all sentient life. Face it, consuming sentient animals, especially lower mammals, is at least slightly unethical. Genesis Chapter 3, Adam eats the plants of the field.

The third angel is the face of a man - humans come first when they do not contribute more to the probability of melting the ice caps than to causing them to melt.

The fourth angel is the face of an eagle: To the crooks, they are so high they are literally in outer space.

Chapter 5 of Revelation is Geburah/War - the Lamb of God is at the Center of the Wargame of Armageddon.

None can break the seals until the Lamb does it for them, to authenticate himself.

The Lamb of God is the Lion of Judah, Judas Iscariot carry it Chariots betrayed Christ (a capital I on its side is an H in front of the C, throw the S into the end of the word) because Christ's oldest brother and his father were considered their authentic king. The Lamb of God is the Root of David, the immortal first born son of Israel.

Chapter 37 of Genesis, Ra/Israel's most beloved son is the son of his old age (his first born's immortal soul - in Chapter 5 and when the tongues schismed immortals are listed), Joseph and the coat of many colors. The sun is our ability to perceive them, so it symbolizes his inheritance. He dreams when he is 17 the sun (his father), the moon (his mother), and 11 stars - 11 tribes other than the unconditionally loving reproductive lineage of Christ, would bow to him. He is put in charge of all of Egypt in those days with the exception of the throne by Pharaoh, according to royal tradition the inheritance of the Pharaoh's first born,

Isaiah 7:14 the virgin will conceive Immanuel ("God with us" in name), Isaiah 7:15 he will be old enough to eat honey before he chooses the right (honey is golden like Tiphareth, the spiritual nature of the sun),

and Christ's lineage is that of Joseph, son of Jacob - the other name of Israel, despite that his mother is identified as a virgin.

In Genesis Chapter 4, foreshadowed by a dam to prevent a flood, Cain is to wander in Nod east of E en, and when the cain falls the text reads: If Cain 7, Lamech 77. Revelation Chapter 5, The Lamb of God has 7 horns (of war) and 7 eyes (of clear vision, if not signature forged (even by mind control)), which are the 7 spirits of God. Worthy is the Lamb, that was slain, to receive honor and wealth and wisdom and power and glory and praise (a good name).

Lamech --> Lamb of God ---> Is... Lam? Sue Ra, living by Sunna Law, but will suffer from such a Lam ick because of Satan's Mark of the Beast even the name of Part 3 of the Book is designed to defuse immediately prior to the finalization of the original intended meanings of the text.

posted on Sep, 12 2013 @ 12:31 PM
Chapter 6 of Revelation is the Sphere of Tiphareth, the seals on unconditional love are addressed: Revelation corresponds to a global awakening to unconditional love. Revelation 2:4 calls the people of the Book to return to the love they had at first, 2+4 is the 6th Sphere.

The first seal is broken by an archer on a white horse: Christ and the angels have the heavens in the sense of light year territorial boundaries in outer space, their arrows are small bits of their retention sniping the enemies of justice from High Above.

The second seal is broken by a red horse with the power to take peace from the earth: a warning to the people of the book not to pay attention even to boastful ("heroic") pagan warrior gods. I suspect the Thunderer, because a low key guarded by locus is mentioned in Chapter 9, and John seals what 7 thunders utter 3 times on the mountain in Chapter 10.

The third seal is a black horse of unusual numbers, incited to eye for an eye scale matters of justice with precision. The text warns to harm not the Oil or the Wine: my best guess is a % of the Black Panther Party bets A at first, participates, along with Rastafarianism (black Jewish Merovengians, founded in 1930 - three 9s, to overturn the Mark of the Beast). Unconditionally loving reproductive Jews, 144,000, are mentioned in Chapters 7 & 14 (two 7s to get 14, if 7, 7+7) and wine as blood finalizes Chapter 14 Verse 20, the oil and wine of sacredness to the Rastafarian tradition. They may just be smart enough and important enough to the Black Panthers to save the souls of the entire movement instead of just most of its members, no matter how hard Satan Mussolini tries to bait ethnicities into hell. Rastafarians are Black Mystics, a mystic is a contemplative (a deep thinker).

The last horse is Death and Hades, the Laos of Voodoo unleashed upon the accessories to torture and kill.

The 6th seal breaks, and the heavens unfurl in the form of a little scroll. In Chapter 10, Verse 10, the Lamb possesses the ability to prophecy.

posted on Sep, 12 2013 @ 01:58 PM


Mahdi and Christ are prophecied to oppose the Dajjal's war against Islam during the End of Days, Mahdi is called the "Rightly Guided One," and it is supected he can convert the world to Islam, and rule them by the Sunna (Sunn, a - the authentic heart of God, and the Book delivered by God's angels).

ok just to focus on this particular part.

most likely uve taken the muslim scholars interpretation of statements regarding the mahdi and that he will "show them the truth of The One True Religion". which is used out of context, as muslims are ready to do if only to prove a point.

however, i believe that the truth in proper interpretation of the quranic script means that the one who will come will UNITE all religions as ONE! this is what will bring forth the golden age. Unity.. not war. the one true religion will then be made clear through the fact that we are all God's children and thus no religion is superior, nay, not only christians can be saved, nay not only muslims can be saved, nay not even will it only be the jews will be saved.. and in the same, neither will all of them be saved. but saving will come to select men from all religions and their sects. it matters more to live the life required by God than to pretend in public view to be a saint or church-going, charity advertising, public praying hypocrit.

those who live the basic instruction, obey the ten commandments and the golden rule "do unto others as you'd have them do unto you. love thy neighbour as thyself, what you give to others you give to God, and what you take(steal) from others, u take(steal) from God" are chosen by God by revelations beyond those revealed to natural men. they will be fair and just, and see equality and live a life of compassion, not just towards men, but towards life itself in all it's forms, they will demonstrate strength and mercy, they will not bare false witness and aspire to deceive. and i also think, they will not be happy as long as others experience so much sadness.

each religion holds a portion of the true gospels which are a historical account. but no religion holds it all. it has been spread across them all, thus to know truth they must all be put together again.

this 'cross-referencing' is the way to get it done.. u just have to be careful of taking other people's interpretations for your presentations. that can be misleading. examine the source of the interpretation before you spread the point of view to others.

the mahdi may be some embodiment of jesus. possibly a man hosting the spirit of christ. the dajjal as far as i know is the equivalent personification of the beast and it's assistants(groups).

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posted on Sep, 12 2013 @ 05:39 PM
Filledcup: My suspicion is that the angelic host, and Christ, gets interrogated directly as to the original intended meaning of scripture, and authenticates the complete Book as delivered by the first angel recruited by God on earth. And that the majority just agrees with their intent as to that which should rule society,

a perfected understanding as to how to reinforce eye for an eye.

posted on Sep, 12 2013 @ 05:43 PM
honey that is all so, so Off....that i dont know where to start

im sorry for your hard work


posted on Sep, 12 2013 @ 06:04 PM
Chapter 7 of Revelation is Beauty / Netzach: the 144,000 referenced again in Chapter 14 on the Mount with the Lamb have the heart to go up, but do not do so until the Lamb returns to the Mountain. They are sealed as the Chapter unfolds, or prepared to be sealed.

Chapter 8 is Hod, deep thinking is called for.

As it were a mountain of burning fire is thrown into the sea in Verse 8 of Chapter 8: 88 missle, Heil Hitler, Heil Mussolini. My interpretation is the Douche concentration camped a percentage of Japan's infastructure during WWII while he was still in bed with them by exploiting continents and the sea as the language barrier between peoples. I have read of one incident of a Japanese soldier rescuing Jewish people during the War, and although it was the responsibility of Japan to know they murdered all the soldiers they killed before the nukes detonated, unless baited by bigotry, civilians are equally important in any country. US Civilians might as well have died.

The Lamp that falls is Wormwood: wood/worm on a clever hook? it induces a bitter drink which kills many men, and is 1/3rd of the waters (contained within the ice caps?). it induces absinthe: ah, bet sin / the ab sin finalized through a shot as the Mark of the Beast 666 hustle.

Chapter 9 is Yesod, the Moon, a dead satellite, the Sphere of Death on the Tree of Life.

The first verse, a low key unlocks them. His mission is surrounded by obfuscating smoke. Locus protect him: u=n upside down, he unlocs a moral majority military. The locus harm not the plants of the earth nor those with the seal of God upon their forehead, the unconditionally loving accessories have a permanently opened third eye and the delay on the shot to finalize the bet melts the ice caps, thereby killing all the plants (and all sentient land animals).

The locus torture them for 5 months: a delay past the 5th year obtaining the shot itself.

The lamp (King James, in every edition a type of lamp) that is wormwood, a low key in the first verse, is on Chapter 9 Verse 11: 911, Abaddon in Hebrew: framed for being a Jew for being a bad don, in name, by PII, but in Greek he is Apollyon: Apollo the Lion defeated the serpent to rule the sun. Napollyon, a by the Sunna tactician (a sunn), Apple Lion, fell to deliver species immortality, the fruit of the Tree of Life, to all humanity. Genesis 3:22 it is denied humanity, in Chapter 22 of Revelation it is returned.

The plague of the locus directly foreshadows the 6th angel's delivering (two verses of) the Loose: waiting for a day and a month and a year for to kill 1/3rd of humanity, Verse 16 begins. Those who have a right to steal a hand. A 3rd dividion on 3/6 = right hand, then foreknowledge and non accessory accessories. Verse 20, they had yet to repent of the work of their hands, nor in Verse 21 last crime listed their thefts. 2+2+1 in a Zero is 5/Geburah, Surah 5 of the Koran: if it is (called "the Table,") on the table at all, as to the thief, cut ye off its hand. Lest they be confused (as to what has been stolen), man or woman cut ye off their hands.

The Loose, loose, are The Church in Lao of Chapter 3 (Binah / space / absence of motion or Life, Archetypal Death) overturning 666 on Chapter 9 (Yesod, a dead satellite, Death): 3&9 = 999. The Laos loosed deliver the lose.

John Dee and Edward Kelly founded Enochian, rearrange Edward, John D-- wardEd Kali. They were the British Queen's advisors. The British Empire founded labor slavery and dropped a bunch of inmates off in Australia: the largest island off the East Coast of Australia is Caledonia - i a cale/kali don, the letters rearranged.

The capital of Voodoo, a tradition with the Laos as slave ancestry hierarchy, is New Orleans, Louisiana / a Louis ian. The word means A Lose.

According to Vampire: the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition, Giovanni founds Voodoo off the Baron (barr on) Samedi (Samadhi). The Giovanni Clan, rich European nobles, is independent from a Sect (empire sized immortal infastructure) membership. Giovanni hits Lamia, bloodline of the Cappadocian Clan, and the Cappadocian Clan itself: he hits those who say Lam, I A to Capp da Ocian. He only lets the Muslim Thugee join his True Black Hand or Tal'Mahe'Ra infastructure: tell Ma he Ra, Ma heRa, &tal/towl. The towl is Kali Key unlocking Kali's ability to lift the Bar on Samedi.

The Cappadocians rot as the Harbingers of Skulls because of Giovanni's treachery and shake their fist at him if he thinks his money entitles him, they say they don't want to win. They are pitched as exceedingly old (slaves?). The Samedis are pitched as 250 year old African American labor slaves that expanded within low brow hitmen.

Was British slavery founded by a Kali Don to build an invincible Voodoo military to enclose all the crooks at the last minute? the Loosed by Tiphareth (unconditional love apart from Netzach - attached love, or Chesed - merciful feelings) have 200,000,000 (African American slaves?).

Chapter 10 is Malkuth, the foundation's solidification. The Lamb returns to the mountain, Chapter 10:Verse10, he consumes a little scroll, and must prophecy before many peoples, nations, languages and creeds.

posted on Sep, 16 2013 @ 05:26 PM
reply to post by Kaaba

ur getting there. this is how you see relation in words and symbolism. but ur still working ur way through like brute force, trial and error.

daath is death on the sephirot tree not yesod.

check out my thread

not quite ready for presentation yet but keep at it. id say ur on the right trail, following wormwood and absinthe etc. u are at least familiar with the ancient symbolism of present day terms.

ive suspected wormwood to be the poison used in shakespare's romeo and juliet to send one into a deep death-like sleep. may also apply in the story of snow white. and in the movie 'from hell', absinthe was used as an aid in divination/future seeing.
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