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Pope Francis assures atheists: You don’t have to believe in God to go to heaven

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posted on Sep, 13 2013 @ 08:09 AM
First you need to understand what the churches role is on the reality called 'Earth'.

Second you need to understand the metaphorical meaning behind "Heaven" in the Bible, truly is.

Thirdly, you need a GENERAL understanding of the afterlife and what it is, and what happens to a soul after it separates from the body.

So I will give you blind men and women some depth into this topic...

- The church was created (long time ago) for power, and spiritual control over the masses. At the time the churches were constructed by REAL Masons (Ma's Sons) - your average folk in a village or town could not read or right, and were very superstitious. Taking control over their spiritual understanding and growth, was like taking candy from a baby.

Im not going to get into a heated debate with anyone about the Bible or a belief system - Im basing this on facts. If you cant handle the truth, shut up, and pretend your going to heaven for being a good boy/girl..

- The Bible (which means Bi-Bull, which is two bulls, which the authors intentionally put because their God in the scriptures is a BULL/Horned god..) was the genius creation of the church and its controllers - to control the followers.

The ENTIRE construct and purpose behind a ANY church on Earth, is to bring you farther away from what your CREATOR is, and lost in the ideas and blind faith of THEIR god (the horned one who demands sacrifices and no worship of any other god before him..). Its that simple people.

Okay so what is the metaphorical understanding of "Heaven" and "Hell" Covertpanther?

Heaven - is the highest state of consciousness, the crown chakra and above. The chakra system of the human being was WELL known thousands of years before your little book.. in a time where most men and women were in their highest states of consciousness, which is Heaven.
Those who are within the activated crown chakra are what we call 'enlightened'. Very wise, intelligent beinsg who can easily travel the higher realms of existence.

Hell - is obviously the polar opposite, the lowest chakra center in the human being complex. This is the root or Muladara chakra, RED, FIERY, BEASTLY, ANIMALISITC. Get it? The BEAST is the human body. The mammal body, the entrapment of the soul. The chakra system is your energetic body that is synchronized to the human body. When you are in the Root chakra, in terms of consciousness, you perceive and behave as the 4 things I lsited..

Your CREATOR, not the false god of the made up bible story, is the SOURCE of your Soul. Understand when they wrote "make man in my image" - this is make the beast in their image, which is a body. But who made the soul that gets trapped in the body?

Your creator.

Now for the afterlife. When one's beast/body fails to function and house the life force (Soul), there is a separation between mind and body. The body will decay into the soil of the earth, while the mind/soul goes somewhere else.

This SOMEWHERE else determines what frequency or level of consciousness you are at, at the moment of separation. If you are a fear-based individual, one who only focused on the Beast or their body, one who only focused on the EXTERNAL reality (that which is experienced with 5 senses of the beast) - then you get trapped in Karma's Wheel. You will have NO understanding of how to navigate the afterlife, or the higher dimension, because throughout the life you just lived, you only focused on the lower consciousness of SELF.

If you were tapped into your spiritual nature, activated your energy and rose to the crown of your consciousness, the closest place to your CREATOR (which is INTERNAL, god is not EXTERNAL..) - then you will not fear, you will be all knowing, and obviosuly you would have experience travelling the higher realms. So you will understand how to avoid Karma's Wheel of incarnation..

"The Kingdom of Heaven is within" - Jesus

The kingdom of heaven comes from the crown chakra, which is the highest center of your consciousness as a Human.
You must understand this Christians and Bi-Bull followers; BEFORE their was Christianity and a book called Bible, there were more ancient cultures who were WELL equipped spiritually. People were not as divided in those times, the division came when your 'beloved' god came down and confused (wo)man with different tongues and spread them in different directions.

The knowledge of activating your energy body, and reaching your highest state of consciousness were KNOWN by ALL before certain events took place. Before churches were made, books were created and priests took power over the minds of the populations. <

This is NOT a joke, the reality your are living in, is an old empire. Its outdated. The power of the church came because people could NOT think and perceive for themselves, as the priests would lie and tell the masses if they did not follow or do, 'God' would destroy them.. or crops wouldnt grow the following season.. blah blah. All FEAR BASED.

The system of churches and books of imaginary characters, come from FEAR installed into the human mind. It comes from the DIVISION of highest self (Real God), into an external understanding of what god is. One who demands sacrifices and gold..

In 2013; we should not allow the Vatican and churches continue their old empire tactics on us. It WORKS, because of FEAR. People FEAR the afterlife, they fear it, because they do not understand it, because they do NOT UNDERSTAND their SPIRITS and MIND.

People who follow churches and religion are people who do not travel the higher realms, people who are obedient. People who read the Bible, see that the god of the Bible is demanding, and their are STRICT rules to live in the flesh (the beast), and if you do not abide these rules, Jesus wont save you and you will go to Hell..

ITS BULLSH*T people! I have travelled in the higher realms before. Spiritual people with this BASIC understanding travel the realms EVERYDAY to get equipped.
The only way you go to Hell, is if you do not spiritually equip yourself to understand how to navigate the afterlife, the higher realm.
This Earthly, body experience is obviously the lower realm.. Youve been TRICKED to incarnate here. Life time after life time, reincarnation is NOT a good thing, it is a trap to your soul. Your soul belongs in the MOST HIGH state of BEING. That which one, is one with all.

That is the ACTUALITY of being a spirit trapped in the flesh, governed by churches and false beliefs.

AMEN = AMUN the Egyptian King!Amun - Wiki
WORSHIP = WAR-SHIP, Your soul is in a silent spiritual war, when you praise an entity you are picking sides!
TubalCain = Two Bull Cain, Cain killed able, his own brother, his own kin, this became CANNABAL
Abel = A BULL, Cain being the other Bull.. Who were the first 'humans' born from Adam and Eve.

Seriously 2013 .. Im getting sick of this sh*t. The only reason we are DIVIDED as a species, is because of RELIGION. Which governed our ancestors via FEAR, which gave POWER to the church and its military family bloodlines.

You think just ANYONE can create a church? Create a language? Create a book full of spiritual metaphors? It takes some SERIOUS intelligence and spiritual knowledge to create those things. You see the geometry precision that is put into a church? That's REAL Masonry from ancient times.. not that fake, initiate crap you see today.

Christians, tell me this, dont you find it weird that there are so many connections between the Bible and the VERY earlier ancient belief system?

Hell-Heaven/Root-Crown Chakra
BRAHMIN (Priest)/Abraham
The 7 seals/The 7 Chakras

It doesnt take a genius to realize (real eyes, see with true eyes) that SOMEONE came (got kicked out of?) from ancient India, traveled to the Middle East with his knowledge and spiritual understanding, and started governing the lesser individuals who occupied those lands.

The Bible is not words of your CREATOR, we all have the SAME CREATOR ffs. CREATOR does not SPEAK, as it is not man nor woman, and it cannot bring its essence into the lower dimensions.. it would tear creation apart. CREATOR Source is within, within the spiritual layers of SELF. Above the crown chakra, in the most high seat of the soul, aka "Heaven".

In this day and age, of deceit, lies and destruction; we need NOW more then EVER in our dark past, to WAKE UP to the TRUTH. There is ONE CREATOR, but MILLIONS of Gods. Get that in your head. Gods are EXTERNAL, that which is not apart of YOU, that which demands things from YOU.

CREATOR can only be reached through spiritual activation, as I said, was common knowledge once upon a time.. until certain events took place on Earth, and divided humanity until NOW. Put your book down, put your cross (sword, the cross is an upside-down sword) down, but your flags down.. There is a WAR over our essence, and its been ongoing for thousands of years.

FEAR-BLIND based people gave up their power, to be GOVERNED by churches and LIARS. In this day and age we should be wise and intelligent enough to see right through, we should LEARN from history! No one will save this species but YOU and I. But first we need to save ourselves, which is find our true essence, tap into it, and raise our consciousness.

That should be enough, but people out too many years of false belief into the Two-Bulls to walk away from it. Doesnt bother me, Im just a brother giving you the TRUTH. I know where I'm going when I die, and it 'aint' no place call Hell.. And I dont believe in ANY GOD, only the MOST HIGH that created my Soul. Other then that, I AM A GOD in the highest seat of my soul. As are all of us. But we are in a SPIRITUAL-SLUMBER that has been forced on us since times of old..

Dont allow the Old Empire spells to work on you any longer, shake it off, and wake up your essence. That is what the churches fear the MOST. Activated humans who can think and do for themselves. Something that hasnt been seen on a mass scale since times of ancient India.

The church wants your money, your time, your energy, YOUR SOUL. Because the REAL Bull/Horned God behind Christianity, DEMANDS it. He demands you walk around with crosses (swords) on your neck, around your home, to insult Christ. Which is ultimately YOURSELF, when you make it that far.

If you love Christ so much, why mock him with crosses? You see how the controllers of churches have not only brainwashed you into their lies and religious deceit, they limit you from EVER experiencing the most high!

If this message is not enough to open your eyes to the deceit and power Christianity holds over all of its followers, then NOTHING is. You will want to be saved in "End times" not realizing the people controlling everything WROTE the god damn Bible.. When you have a Kundalini awakening (Yes I know, you are ment to fear the "serpent" energy, which ultimately activates you to your highest state of consciousness) You will NEVER doubt your spiritual force and potential again.

But you will never get their focusing on everything BUT yourself, INTERNALLY. We are INTERNAL beings, trapped in a body, experiencing an EXTERNAL reality with the 'exits' of the body; eyes, ears, nose, mouth, nerves.

Life and being human is SIMPLE, but FEAR base religions and power hungry governments will make it complicated and energetically draining. Here you have basic knowledge to re-route your life and understanding of the illusionary reality you have been spiritually blind-folded to experience.

"There is nothing to Fear, but Fear itself". Fear has the power to make an energetic being collapse, and spiral back into the ROOT or HELL of their existence. It freezes the mind and shakes the body.

But learn yourself, what being human is, how to use your energy and navigate the higher realm, so when you "die" (split from flesh) you are not confused or brought back to Earth. I dare any of you to take a past life regression, you will realize you have experienced Earth BEFORE, MANY TIMES. Because Karma's Wheel trapped you in its never ending cycle of incarnation or "Time".

Your an expansive and complex being; energy and mental powers synchronized into a fleshy organic body capable of creating realities. No church or priest wants you to know this, or they will loose your power as you take it back. But the truth is, you are SPIRITUAL in nature, but you are asleep, and thus only experience the body and its little reminders called "Dreams". .

Wholeness to all of you, I hope you take this message seriously. In this day and age, it might be the only clear one you get before SHTF. And let me remind you, Jesus didnt show up for any of the previous world wars or catastrophes on Earth, so get out of that false belief of being saved..

posted on Sep, 13 2013 @ 08:20 AM

reply to post by wrabbit2000

"Now, it's odd because he's echoing my own sentiments and I've voiced similar things..."

Are you really implying the pope is copying from you? LOL!!!

You really took the time to write a whole message just for that? Hmm... Amazing.....

Yeah.. I really think the Pope asks what someone in Jerkwater Missouri, USA is thinking before he makes a policy decision for the Church, serving over a billion people. Did you think before asking that?

The point I was making ..which was missed by a mile here...was that, while I was questioning the way and style of what was being said, not least of which, WHO was saying it? It's not a sentiment I disagree with. It's the fact the man in charge, historically, of tending to Church Doctrine and recruiting into the Church was the man voicing the words. I kinda figured that had been clear there. Apparently not for everyone. Thanks for noticing.

posted on Sep, 13 2013 @ 08:48 AM
reply to post by covertpanther

Your lengthy diatribe there would make some degree of sense if the Bible had been written in English and all ancient peoples spoke English.

Sadly, that is not the case. You might want to re-visit your hypothesis.

Though "Masons = Ma's Sons" did give me a chuckle.

posted on Sep, 13 2013 @ 11:35 AM
reply to post by adjensen

No kidding genius..

The creators of language, created the bible. The Hebrew bloodlines, who use the church to control the people in those times, created (many years later) the english language.

Language is like a tree; the branches are the different languages and dialects, but the origin is still of the same tree. Languages branch off from eachother, and NEW languages are created by those with the KNOWLEDGE and intellience of how to.

Language is a massive controller of the mind, when you understand its deepest purpose. But obviously you dont, if you chuckle at Ma's Sons. Do you know who/what MA is? Do you know who claims to be the sons of MA? I doubt you do, so chuckle away and go read the Bible.

posted on Sep, 13 2013 @ 12:06 PM
reply to post by covertpanther

This is why no one takes the religious forum seriously.

posted on Sep, 13 2013 @ 12:23 PM

reply to post by adjensen

No kidding genius..

The creators of language, created the bible.

The creators of language? You do realize that language has existed for several hundred thousand years, and the Hebrews only about 3500 years, right?

Yes, Jews wrote the Bible, obviously, but they did not write it in English, and the words for "belief", "pray" and "Bible" are not the same in Hebrew or Greek as they are in English. It's as nonsensical as people who claim that "Jesus is a sun god because Sun is a homophone of Son." There is also absolutely zero evidence that "Hebrews invented English."

Absolute nutters.

posted on Sep, 13 2013 @ 02:15 PM
reply to post by adjensen

"several hundred thousand years" ?? Are you kidding me? You show me where we have found in history, humans speaking IN TONGUE more then 5000+ years ago.
Written language, and spoken language are not the same thing. Sound is vibration; sound waves can manipulate matter at the correct tones and vibrations. Written languages are symbols that govern the mind of the writer/reader.

This is how languages like english, became the slave language. And all of the branches it stems from. Obviously Hebrew is a couple thousand years old, good job
That is not the point. Those GOVERNING the masses in those times (doesnt matter what language they spoke or thought in); the off spring of the kings continue to rule throughout ages WITH the knowledge of how to create languages, and further down the timeline the same bloodlines create english.

Language and religion is KEY to controlling a planetary-species, if you havent figured that out by now. You can sit in your little chair striking keys, but the reality outside of your body is a compelte illusion governed by those who have ruled throughout the ages. Christianity has expanded FAR and WIDE; killing, slaughtering and burning whatever did not agree to conform to its "Faith".

The time you live in now; is a time where the bloodline agenda is nigh. That is; global expansion and domination which if you look around the world via news outlets or travel yourself, you will see the Old Empire is EVERYWHERE, trying to conform into a NEW EMPIRE which we here know as "The New World Order" ...

Its a thousands year war, and its a silent-spiritual war. Religion is key in this war as it silences peoples awakening and conscious limits. You know Christianity has the most followers in the world.. All those people to never wake up to the truth of what they are. That they dont need some stupid preist, 'father' or pope to connect with the MOST HIGH.

It ALL connects; this entire construct of society and our very civilization is based on farming Souls into bodies, on a PLAN-NET. Churches are like shepards, they govern the blind incarnates, leading them down a path of Karma's Wheel.

Dont believe me? Ahh dont worry, you will wake up one of these life times, if its not this one

@The poster who said "this is why people dont take the religous forum seriously" : No problem my friend, Im outta here, goodluck

posted on Sep, 13 2013 @ 02:41 PM
reply to post by covertpanther

I was making an observation, not inviting you to utilize the nearest exit. That's your decision.

posted on Sep, 13 2013 @ 02:47 PM
You dont have to believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster to eat in-flight pasta either.

Only one is a tasty reality though.

Mmmmm......existent pasta.

posted on Sep, 13 2013 @ 02:49 PM

reply to post by adjensen

"several hundred thousand years" ?? Are you kidding me? You show me where we have found in history, humans speaking IN TONGUE more then 5000+ years ago.

Archaeologists and anthropologists who study pre-homosapian groups can show evidence of communication within tribes and external to them, but obviously there is no "history" prior to there being the means to write it down, hence the historical record only goes back to 3000BC or so.

However, if you think that people learned how to write and the same day learned how to speak, you're crazy.

This is how languages like english, became the slave language. And all of the branches it stems from. Obviously Hebrew is a couple thousand years old, good job

That's not what I said -- the Hebrew people didn't exist in 3000BC, much less in 100,000BC, so they are obviously not the "creators of language."

It ALL connects; this entire construct of society and our very civilization is based on farming Souls into bodies, on a PLAN-NET.

This is a good example of the idiocy of letter parsing. The word "planet" is not a compound word, you can't find another language in which the syllables (sort of) say Plan and Net, and what possible difference could it possibly make in "controlling people"?

@The poster who said "this is why people dont take the religous forum seriously" : No problem my friend, Im outta here, goodluck

It's a rare moment when I agree with AfterInfinity, but I starred him on that one.

"Deny Ignorance" is not a license to "Embrace Craziness".

posted on Sep, 13 2013 @ 03:10 PM
reply to post by adjensen

It appears, to my uneducated self, that language first developed as a few basic grunts, aah's ooh's ow's, etc. and evolved into sign language first, then the written word,which mimicked the hand signs, then complex sounds.

I've seen some credible evidence that Hebrew was first a "sign language" then evolved into a spoken language, where it lost something in translation, in the video lectures of Stan Tenen, and the Meru Foundation.

posted on Sep, 13 2013 @ 03:27 PM


I think most Christians today expect this, since the Bible talks about a falling away from the church.

Did you see what I posted? He said atheists had to recognize God and repent before getting into heaven. That's not a 'falling away from the church'. That's in line with Church teaching ... both Catholic and Protestant church teaching.

Your only opportunity to recognize God and repent is in THIS life, before you die. There is no second chance after death. That is in line with BIBLICAL teaching. Jesus didn't have much time for the traditional religious teachings of man, be they Talmudic, Catholic or Protestant.

posted on Sep, 13 2013 @ 05:22 PM
reply to post by Deetermined

"Now, the truth, according to Christian belief, is the love of God for us in Jesus Christ. So, the truth is a relationship!"

This above is powerful to me. Now, it may not mean jack to the next person but to me it is powerful.


The root of all truths is how you relate to the Christ within. It is hard to reject truth within your being and how you relate to said truth is where the heart is.

posted on Sep, 13 2013 @ 10:14 PM
Note to Jesus: According to the Pope, you wasted your time down here.

posted on Sep, 13 2013 @ 10:40 PM
reply to post by sqorpius

Man, people just can't read.

Pope Francis didn't say that salvation doesn't come from Jesus' sacrifice, all he said was that it is up to God's mercy, who gets saved, and we shouldn't simply assume that anyone who doesn't believe in God is automatically and always condemned.

Do you honestly believe that God doesn't have that choice?

posted on Sep, 13 2013 @ 10:47 PM
Let me make this REAL easy for you.

"I am the way the truth and the life. No man cometh unto the Father but by me" Jn14:6

"It is appointed for men once to die, but after that the judgment" Heb. 9:27

Call me crazy, but if you're gonna be arguing the bible, maybe, MAYBE you should have more than a "passing familiarity" with it.

And the whole conscience thing? Yeah, that's for ppl that NEVER HEARD THE GOSPEL.

What kind of God would condemn someone to hell who never heard the message?

"Rom 2:12 For all who have sinned without the law will also perish without the law, and all who have sinned under the law will be judged by the law. 13 For it is not the hearers of the law who are righteous before God, but the doers of the law who will be justified. 14 For when Gentiles, who do not have the law, by nature do what the law requires, they are a law to themselves, even though they do not have the law. 15 They show that the work of the law is written on their hearts, while their conscience also bears witness, and their conflicting thoughts accuse or even excuse them 16 on that day when, according to my gospel, God judges the secrets of men by Christ Jesus."

That's about as biblically close as you're going to get. and since you just read it, now that no longer applies to you.

WHY argue the bible if you're not going to take it LITERALLY? That makes NO sense.

Call me a fundie. Call me anything you like, I'm just amazed at what passes off as "enlightenment" around here.

ETA: On a secular viewpoint, how stupid is this? The ppl you're referring to don't care, and you end up peeing off ur base. Has he been taking lessons from the republican playbook? lol
edit on 13-9-2013 by schadenfreude because: secular pov

posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 03:49 AM
reply to post by wrabbit2000

All I can say is.
I love this new pope and I am eagerly awaiting for his next statement.

I am sure that we all realise, that this is a publicity stunt, to give the catholic church a better name. But it is so hilarious. So many catholics and catholic priests, getting pissed of over this, really hits the spot for me.

Go Pope Francis!

posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 03:55 AM
Could this be the most modern Pope to date?

He appears to be very accepting of everyone, interesting.

posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 10:57 AM


All of these interpretations of the Bible...even from the Pope himself...

But, if you go back to the Council of Nicea, you realize that the "bible" was entirely edited by man.

Come on. I've got some Aesop's Fables for you to read when you're done with the bible...

I say this with respect and not in the spirit of denouncement, but you are making declarative statements about something that you don't seem to know much about. The Council of Nicea had nothing to do with the 'editing of the Bible'. It mostly concerned itself with Arianism, the Nicene Creed and the date of Easter.

Establishing Cannon wasn't part of the Nicene Council. At all. For you to make such a fundamental mistake might suggest that your other assumptions might be in error.


Thank you for the respect! Please accept mine as well.

However, if I was incorrect in my retelling of the Nicene Council, I am willing to accept that. It was literally described to me, and later read upon as being a major overhaul and editing session of the bible. It was described to me as "No, we don't like these verses...we'll just tidy those up over here and forget about them".

That is what I was taught of the Nicene Council. If I am incorrect, please point me to the appropriate sources, and I will review them.

Battling for ego is a worthless and wasted effort to me.

- SN

posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 11:30 AM

However, if I was incorrect in my retelling of the Nicene Council, I am willing to accept that. It was literally described to me, and later read upon as being a major overhaul and editing session of the bible. It was described to me as "No, we don't like these verses...we'll just tidy those up over here and forget about them".

That is what I was taught of the Nicene Council. If I am incorrect, please point me to the appropriate sources, and I will review them.

Whoever taught you that didn't know what they were talking about.

The Nicene Council was called to determine what the nature of Christ was, because there was a significant heresy that was going around at that time called Arianism, which taught that Christ was a creation and not eternal, and therefore not a part of a triune God.

That's all it was, it had nothing to do with the Bible.

How do we know that? Because you can read the documents associated with the Council. Online, even, they are right here: Fourth Century Christianity -- review away.

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