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im crazy wanna hear my neat UFO storys?

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posted on Nov, 13 2004 @ 07:27 AM
i do NOT think in 'Yes or No' type way
i think like "Maybe So, Maybe Not"

i used to say "i wont believe in ufos or ghosts until i see them for myself"

I Believe in UFOS and Ghosts now..... 2 decades later....

i have personally witnessed at least 25-40 separate and distinct "UFO Sightings" all within a 2year span of time


hell im so confident we would see a ufo within a week of nightly sky-watching that id take you out to watch the sky for free;
and AFTER YOU see the UFO i would like 500$ in cash

key words being "AFTER you SEE IT"
so as to not take anyones $$$ until after you get what you want!!

im sort of joking but if anyone seriously wants to see ufos just go to ODESSA TEXAS and sky watch for a week or so
your bound to have MULTIPLE sightings!!!

Odessa texas is around 100miles from Roswell New Mexico
very closeby, a daytrip
its UFO country out here guys/gals

like i said ive witnessed 25 to 40 separate distinct UFO sightings
when i say UFO i do NOT mean "alien craft" i mean Unidentified Flying Object

i could NOT identify the object thru conventional means

it was NOT
the moon; planets; the sun or other stars; a supernova; or any other common celestial bodys/events
not meteors not comets
wasnt satilites or space shuttle or space station or space junk
it sure as hell wasnt helicopters VSTOL jets weather balloons blimps stealth aircraft UAV's
theres other things ive tried to identify these things as but i cannot find any logical KNOWN publicized objects this could have been

i personally scoff at the swamp gas ball lightening st elmos fire theorys because i know what i saw

ive seen one to three dots of light appear
and stay in one place; then zig zag at super high speeds; stop agian and repeat; seen them zoom off into the sky and disappear
ive seen just about every possible motion u can think of
25 to 40 sightings gives you oppurtunity to see all kinds of bizzare actions

by the way ive had 15 to 20 witnesses with me amidst these sightings
usually 2 or 3 guys at a time
alot of these friends were present multiple times

hell ive even seen one at a party before and yelled "Whats That!!" and like 15 people looked and everyone was like OMG WOW and then like typical drunk americans forget and dont care anymore about it 2MINUTES after we all saw a damned UFO ..... LOL

one night my friend Levi and I kept telling our friend Chris "hey man its easy to see UFOs but NO ONE ever looks at the sky for 10straight hours!! so no ONE ever sees them!! " and Chris was like "whatever you liars" and so we convinced him to come out into my backyard one night and we were gonna smoke 2 pass the time while we waited patiently that night
the MOMEnt we walked into my backyard; i wasnt even able to walk all the way across my backyard before Chris yelled out
WhatS THAT!!!?
and Levi and I looked up and
we saw our First and ONLY close vision of a UFO!!!

i mean this thing appeared to be like 2000 meters away or Closer!!!!
it was amazing and from that day forward im 100% convinced that the "flying saucer" is not a hoax its REAL omg its real i know it now finally for sure

what we saw was ::::
the bottom of a metallic Disk shaped object
it had maroon redish colored lights on the bottom of it;
it illuminated its underbelly wonderfully and it revealed it was
composed of segments
it appeared like a metal 'wheel in the sky'
because it's segments looked like "spokes on a bike wheel"
and they spun relatively slowly *but it could have been faster but optical illusion makes it seem slow*

so basically this disk appeared to be "rolling" thru the sky
and its speed and direction were uniform and seemed to be totally consistant with its movement

it really appeared to be "rolling" it did Not rotate faster than its apparent directional movement

i would make a educated guess that it was about 1500meters to 2500 meters altitude
moving around 80 to 100 knots in speed
moving directly north

keep in mind this object flew OVER a city of 110,000 people at 9pm at night

at least 90-thousand people in this city are awake and
Chris Levi and I were the ONLY people to my knowledge to see this amazing object

it flew Right Over the City!! LOL
Seriously No one EVER watches for UFOs
few believe most dont care

Try watching the sky for 10 straight hours
your neck will hurt so bad
but when you see your precious ufo you will be happy you waited
its very fufilling

its first hand proof that Something Fishy is Going on!!!

i dont claim to have Any evidence
i have no links to show you pictures
frankly im not even asking you to "beleive" me

but i am asking you to go to Odessa Texas and watch the sky 10hours a night for a week and im assuring you will see something bizzare

actually my father gave me the idea because he said one night he slept at the foot of an oil derick and he saw some weird lights moving in amazing speeds and turning directions in amazing ways....

i never thought anything of it until the whole spectacle began on
the 4th of July 1998 i believe
we had just got back from celebrating w/fireworks and were in friends backyard 5 or 6 of us having a smoke
and we ALL saw this light come from one side of the moon, get really really big and bright; then shrink really fast and "exit " the other side of the moon

we were all mystified and i personally was hopping up and down like a little kid saying "yay aliens " over and over laughing hysterically....

in my handfull of sightings ive seen a 'drunk ufo' too
it would Go, then stop...then Go agian...and stop...go...stop...go...stop...
it did this for at least 12 or 15 minutes
Tim and I were Laughing so hard
"Do Aliens Do Drugs Too?" We kept saying....

this particular ufo darted off into the sky VERY fast when 2 jets approached it one from a frontal position and one from a 45degree position
apparently "boxing it in" as they say

the jets were not going very fast because we did not hear a sonic boom
this is nighttime over a city of 100,000 people keep in mind...
making a sonic boom would alert people to activity in the sky...

ive seen the jets appear on at least 5 of the sightings
each time they employ the "boxing it in" strategy
and each time the "ufo" darts Up into the sky at speeds i cant even imagine

i will guess tho, maybe 50thousand knots?
lol theres no way to really know but you get the idea
these "ufos" exhibit FAST speeds on many instances

i will suggest everyone be skeptical as i was and still am to a extent...
Do NOT believe in UFOS until you seem them yourself
but do NOT bash on others until you personally go spend a few months skygazing
go lay on your roof every night and spend hours looking back and forth in the sky non-stop
make that neck hurt bad and dont give up

when you see this weird phenomena yourself
then you may beleive in others UFO storys a bit easier...

of course there is hoaxers and maybe even gov't disinformation
but there is definatly a percentage of TRUE UFO accounts out there
i do NOT know which ones are true or false
but i do KNOW my sightings were really something strange
it was there; i do not know what it was; it was amazing
it changed my perspective on earth-universe forever

i believe it was plato who once said
"if you are aware that you are crazy; you are touching sanity"

posted on Nov, 13 2004 @ 07:36 AM
oh ya

dont bother calling the local airport and asking questions or making a report

the airport aircontrol tower operators dont seem to care much

they always say "we picked up Nothing on our radars"
even i would ask sometimes "did you see the 2 jets? one from the west and the other from the south?" they would even deny that

and we all know as a fact their radars could pick up a few measly f-16s or f15s.....

its kind of hard to believe that their radars did not pick up the "ufos" becuase
the potential military jets seemed to see these objects just fine and even fly directly at the "ufo" seeming to cause it to dart off into outer space rather swiftly

anyhow local airport airtraffic control tower radar observers are liars if you ask me
they deny everything....

posted on Mar, 7 2008 @ 11:30 AM
lol this old thread that no one ever replied to

just a few things to add, inconsequently, but in a good spirit none the less.

last nite i had a werid dream, yet it was funny.

in the dream i saw a crystal clear ufo (disk type) and there was like 100 ppl around me and they all saw it.
then i woke up...and i asked my wife "LOL Did you see it too??"

and she says "No ?" and i reply "%(&$!*^$!" ! Noooo , she still wont believe my storys then.

anyways, another funny thing to point out

put yourself in a random person like mine's shoes.
you actually saw a entire series of crazy events, and after years, no one even replies to your sightings.

but all the fake stuff, hoaxes, exaggerations, disinformation... get all the attention 99%

im sure a few true stories have snuck thru tho. but which ones of the few stories are true, i may never know. i have a few theorys tho.

but from my point of view, its ironic
very ironic

my actual true story got bypassed 100% by society.
while society fought over stuff that (as pointed out by many) is extremly questionable, and may have agendas.

and i guess this also , shamlessly, a way to bump my thread

oh, i just had another idea too; im going to go find a link to another thread i made, and link it in a moment.

if anyone actually looks at this thread, and read this far , i highly suggest checking out another thread i made, of which i feel the point i was trying to make still stands, that i found evidence of a UFO (disk shaped) and it has not been refuted.

ill find that link
*edit adding link

a thread about something that never really was explained fully.

did i see a skyship one day in 1999? if i there a coverup involving its use 60years later? why?

of course, this doesnt explain any of my other sightings tho

[edit on 7-3-2008 by muzzleflash]

another thread where i found a bizzare unexpected parallel with the skyship, in a minor detail.

around the 7th post i realized the similarity and pointed it out

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posted on Mar, 7 2008 @ 11:42 AM
Is there anyway you could tell your story in a nutshell?

Maybe you would get more than 1 response every 4 years.

posted on Mar, 7 2008 @ 11:45 AM

Originally posted by earth2
Is there anyway you could tell your story in a nutshell?

Maybe you would get more than 1 response every 4 years.


so reading a few paragraphs is too difficult?

you actually read some of it an replied tho, tyvm

[edit on 7-3-2008 by muzzleflash]

posted on Mar, 10 2008 @ 04:54 PM
reply to post by muzzleflash

I was just teasin.

That is funny that I am the only person to reply to a 4 year old thread.....4 years later.

posted on Mar, 10 2008 @ 06:58 PM

Originally posted by muzzleflash im crazy wanna hear my ufo stories?

No. Try a psychiatrist.

posted on Mar, 10 2008 @ 07:09 PM
Your stories are just that, stories!

If you see so many of these UFO's why not snap some pictures if its that easy.

Hell they are practically saying "Hey, humans, OVER HERE"

Post some pics and your thread will bounce to the top!

posted on Mar, 1 2011 @ 06:53 PM
reply to post by muzzleflash

Thank you for sharing that, you made me laugh about the part about your dream.

It is sad that not many people have commented on your thread.

I have seen some strange things in the sky a few times in my life, maybe we will learn more about these mysteries one day; keep on exploring and sharing.

We have plenty of mysteries in this thing called Life, to explore.


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