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posted on Sep, 19 2013 @ 10:06 AM
Maybe it is as simple as, because there is different attributes to God, God created questions and/or doubt upon becoming aware of and/or thinking of the differences?

And then he created faith upon coming to a conclusion, or as a way to end questions and doubt. Otherwise, questions would just run on for infinity. Maybe he had created good in the process of questioning, so he just stopped with good because it pleased him?

posted on Sep, 19 2013 @ 10:47 AM
reply to post by Philodemus

Well, one thing in the world that can be three things at the same time is a person. A person can be a doctor, a father, and a brother, all at the same time pretty easily.

Another is an apple. It can be a toy, food, and a weapon, all at the same time!

I know this is just silliness on my end, but I think I made a point somewhere in there.

posted on Sep, 19 2013 @ 11:47 AM
reply to post by GodIsRelative

The trinity is more like attributes that are not variables and you can't get rid of them without losing the thing you are trying to define.

An easy example would be to define an active noun without variables.
1. All runners exist - they have form.
2. All runners are willed - they have the ability to be runners. (Ability being the key word.)
3. All runners follow order - rules/concepts/laws are created and followed to produce running. Awareness is needed to interpret orders so will can create runners; and consciousness is needed to create rules/concepts/laws/awareness.

4.Everything else is a variable so it doesn't apply. Strike 4. from the list.

1. To have form you must have will/ability and consciousness/order to provide it.
2. To have will you must have form/body and consciousness/order to provide it.
3. To have consciousness you must have will/ability and form/body to provide it.

Add them all together and you get The Trinity/concept reproduction/awareness of differences of 3 and the desire to conceptualize the differences/creator of be/I am/creator of why and the much sought after reply.
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posted on Sep, 19 2013 @ 11:52 AM
reply to post by Hefficide

I feel the proper response would always be...
Why not ??
If you can and really want to, you should waste no time in beginning .

posted on Sep, 19 2013 @ 12:21 PM
reply to post by Hefficide

My life experience has been in the valley... the whole time. There have been a couple of hills here and there in the depth of the valley, but I've never had a peak day.

So actually, every day that I had that could have been considered a peak day or time was always full of good and bad.

I do not relate to your "wow, things are always so good" and then "wow, things are just really bad."

I relate to, "Things suck. Oh, this is pretty cool... but don't get your hopes up, because things still suck."

There have been miracles in my life, but so far I've only been punished on their account, by people.

I don't know how I would respond if I had an excellent day. I think I would brace myself heavily for the next day, for I know no such thing - yet.

But I have noticed that this is how peoples' lives generally happen. I was just saying to my wife yesterday, "You and my dad alike in that you both had the carpet pulled out from under you when you grew up. I never knew that carpet. I imagine that sucks though." And she said, "It probably sucks both ways."

I said, "You know, I have noticed that a lot of people who start out their lives in relative happiness end up not quite as happy for a long while afterward, if not until the end of their lives. I have also noticed that some people start out bad, end up good, get bad, then get good. And so forth."

"But I haven't had that good. So my only hope right now is that the pattern exists, and my life will improve greatly in the near future. It has to."

And the greater irony is that I actually love life.

I have begged for death before, don't get me wrong. Many times. But that is because of pain, not life. I love life. I am crazy in love with life and with people. And I've been on the valley for long enough that I see others in the valley and try to boost them into the crest, because, though they say misery loves company, not this one. I desperately wait for something to pull me up; I do not wait to drag others down.

But I am well aware that many will see this as a perception issue. "People are suffering everywhere. Everyone suffers. Everyone's grandma dies. Yadda yadda."

-not an idiot-.

But anyone who will see this as a perception problem, their answer for you Hefficide might be this: "It's all in how you perceive things. If you think something is good, it's good. If you think something is bad, it's bad. Today, you thought things were good and bad."

And I ascribe to that theory, but not in general, or as a rule; but rather as an application. For example, if my computer decides to start eating banana peels and using the fruit as ammunition, I will think to myself, "I'm not supposed to be on the computer then. I will find what I need to do. When I am done, I will come back and it will work or I will fix it." The funny thing is, a lot of the time, I'll come back to the situation and it will be okay. Sometimes, the wound is too large for it to scab over, in which case, there by my next mission.

Or, for example, if someone is driving very slowly in front of me, I've almost always thought to myself, "Thanks for preventing me from being wherever I shouldn't be. Enjoy your self-made Sunday."

People will honk and beep and whine... and I will smile.

Most people will say, "WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?!" And you know what, I do that quite often, too; don't get me wrong. There are some things that I just cannot seem to logically come up with a chain of possibilities that would justify my suffering. A lot of the time I can. And even sometimes, when I am able to come up with a few possibilities as to why, those possibilities seem too good to be true to me, so I will reject them for fear of having false hope. So there I will suffer more seeming that the evil only leads to more evil, and it is for the sake of pain alone.

Creating music for me is like breathing oxygen. I literally feel like I'm dying, literally, if I do not create music. Mold, Fashion, however you want to see (or hear) it. I am torn inside out without it. I want to throw things through walls because of how much life seems so hurtful and painful without music to me. I can live without bread. I cannot live without music. I can hold my breathe for longer than I can be content in my mind without imagining music. When I try to shut off the music inside my mind in order to try to internally verbalize my thoughts so as to perform logic, I end up performing slower logic a lot of the time, unless the problem is of a mathematical nature. If the problem is not mathematical in nature, I have to let the music play, even if it seems to interfere with my contemplation process; because in actually doesn't interfere. It allows my inner mind to work out things which cannot be worked out by the extremely slow process of internal verbalization. Answers come to me when I am in my imagination, entertaining something that seems completely irrelevant, but always reveals itself to be the answer itself.

But it's always only a step. I haven't yet arrived at the door. It's not just another step.

That peak day to me is somewhere on top of Olympus Mons, and there is a great stairway, and some stairs I can barely reach with my fingertips if I jump has high as I can, if I break away some of the stone slowly over time and build myself a leverage step so as to climb up onto the next one.

And there are so many steps. There are millions, most my height, requiring my full strength.




The answer is in between the questions. The answer is a given. The question speaks for itself.

To make you ask.

To make you ask until you ask the right question.

And then when you ask the right question, then you also have found the right answer.

This is science. Science of today is so extremely slow. Not only are things internally verbalized, but then they are externally communicated more poorly than they were internally discerned. And then it is communicated to everyone else and processing the information inwards is even more slow for most. And then translating the information to one's own understanding takes even more time. And then for everyone to get together and to believe they are on the same page, when they are not, and to try to put something together regarding this supposed science; it all seems to fit on paper, but the internal structure of the science has very little integrity.

But this is science. Why this? Why that? What this? Why that?

Because these are steps that lead you to the final question. And once you ask that question, then you will finally have access to the answer that will set you free.

It is good that we start young and seek that answer so that we might arrive to it before we lose our energy. But if we find it late, we found it nevertheless, and life was never in vain.

So the carpet in your lives was someone else's understanding shielding you. Once it got pulled, you had to ask why on the way down, and then eventually, hopefully, on the way back up.

But if you start without it, you are then asking why on the way up.

Even when you receive the answer that sets you free, you are not done asking. But you're done asking for the purpose of being obligated to keep asking. You're now free to ask -when- you please. You're free to ask -how-. And you're free to enjoy and share as you will.

posted on Sep, 21 2013 @ 10:22 PM
reply to post by GodIsRelative

Neither of the examples you gave does justice to the idea of the trinity. The trinity is three separate persons, yet all one person. A man being a father, brother, and something else is not the some. Neither is an apple being used in different ways. It is still an apple. Intent does not change it.

posted on Sep, 22 2013 @ 07:41 AM
reply to post by Philodemus

Think of it like you create a glass from earth. You have an image of a glass. A concept of it. That image is provided by concept/consciousness, will/desire, form/structure.

You shape earth with your will, thereby putting into the body of earth, your spirit (your manifested will). And so into the earth you have placed your image, with your will, and with your body.

The glass that you have made is your embodiment of a glass, it is your image that you have made manifest by your spirit. And into the body, will, and concept of earth you begot a glass.

Father is the alpha and omega consciousness - the thinker of thoughts, the image producer, the concept producer, the creator of image, the begetter. All that is, produces a concept by his consciousness.

Holy Spirit is the alpha and omega will - the will, the desire, the aspirations, the hope, the force that wills imagery. All that interacts or becomes does so by the will of The Holy Spirit. It is the desire and ability to produce [good].

Son is alpha and omega body. The fundamental matter and structure that all things dwell in and exist of. All images and all will are within the body just as the body is within all things.

With that understood, move each of the Trinity into their embodiment. Yahweh is the embodiment of consciousness - the thinker of the trinity. The Holy Spirit is embodiment of the will - the will/desire of the trinity. Christ is the embodiment of the body - the fundamental matter or form or structure of the trinity.

And all is imagery begotten by Yahweh's concept of good, Holy Spirits will of good, and Christ's structure of good.

If you feel happy and change the happiness of the room with your happiness, it is your spirit which raises the spirit of others. It is your image unto others. It is your embodiment of happy that reproduces happy into others. The trinity is everything.

Do you see yet?

That is why I say, maybe why is awareness/concept of differences and desire to produce good within the differences.

The will of all is trying to produce [good] concept. The difference of good lies within our own concepts. Faith gives understanding and fixes the indifference. It resolves way by giving understanding and power of mind over matter.

Almost forgot: 1 Corinthians 12:12-31
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posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 02:51 AM
My son, Infrinitee, just showed this thread to me. Thank you for posting this thread, Hefficide. It speaks to both of us at the heart level, and we will continue to follow this and read the various answers that come in. I especially liked the reply concerning the zen shield which really carries a lesson that applies to my son and I. You said you might be "selfish" for posting this thread Hefficide, and if so, then please keep being selfish, because a thread like this, where we are finding valuables, must be bringing some benefits to other readers also. Although I am not a member to ATS, I am grateful for all the interesting and good people here. who have enriched my son's life so much, and mine also when he often shares items of interest with me. Blessings to Hefficide and all.

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