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VOTE: Thousands of Votes Missing in N. Carolina

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posted on Nov, 13 2004 @ 02:48 AM
North Carolina has been hit by a Florida type voting scandal. While not as bad as the 2000 Florida election, the state has seen thousands of votes missing and ten days after the election, two statewide races have yet to be decided. A computer glitch wiped out 4400 votes in one county and in another 12,000 votes were misplaced, but later tracked down. Federal authorities have indicated that they will look into the issues.
RALEIGH, N.C. A Florida-style nightmare has unfolded in North Carolina in the 10 days since Election Day, with thousands of votes missing and the outcome of two statewide races still up in the air.

The fiasco has not reached the proportions of what happened in 2000 in Florida in part because the presidential race was not close here. But election observers say North Carolina has been the site of some of 2004's worst problems.

The biggest failure resulted from a computer glitch that wiped out more than 4,400 votes in one county, while other disputes have focused on how to count provisional ballots. In another county, 12,000 early and absentee votes were misplaced due to a procedural error, but later found.

Federal authorities said they plan to look into what happened in two counties that have had the most severe breakdowns.

Two statewide races for agriculture commissioner and superintendent of public instruction remained unresolved in North Carolina on Friday, and they were so close that recounts will be conducted in the next week. The race for state auditor was not settled until eight days after the election

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

North Carolina is one but of many issues that have hit the 2004 elections. However, it seems that despite predictions, there were not the huge large scale errors that were predicted. However, the validity of electronic voting has come into question and a research project has begun here at ATS to examine the issue.

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posted on Nov, 13 2004 @ 03:07 AM
Since I am a european, I am not familiar with fine details of USA electoral process, so I would like to ask a question thats been bugging me for days.

If they find a lot of these election errors, if they count the votes again and realise that Kerry won at some state that was given to Bush, or that there were huge vote frauds somewhere, can the decision be changed?
I mean can they say "ok, Bush is not the winner, Kerry is"?

Or can they declare the whole elections for invalid and have the people vote again?

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