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Teenage exorcists who say Harry Potter has corrupted the world head to Britain armed with Bibles and

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posted on Sep, 13 2013 @ 11:23 AM
Dear Britain,

I have it on reliable sources, that what seems outwardly to be a mere tour de force is in actuality a conspiracy to deprive Britain of a national treasure, Harry and Hogwarts, and replace it with an American tour de farce. Do not let these fair maidens into your realm, for beneath their comely exterior lies a Dark Entrepreneurial Spirit that
will holy water board and Bible and cross thump every Britain until your magic no longer exists!

You see, they and their co-conspirators want to replace the delightful magic of Hogwarts with the embarrassing magic of Hegewisch. A New Magical Order will be established!

You must fight their cries of "Harrius Potter damnari" by using "revertere ad Americam".

As a young American girl during your British Invasion of the 1960s, I became an Anglophile and now felt it a duty to inform you of the above nefarious plot. I ask nothing in return, although if I find a nice tin of plum pudding at Christmas time in my U2U box, I would be most appreciative.

Your American Cousin,

PS As further proof of this conspiracy, here is what will happen to Hedwig. Frightening

In a meeting in northern Wisconsin, I mentioned owls and frogs as objects which should not be in your home. The next night a school teacher came for prayer saying the Lord had convicted her to destroy her extensive collection.

When I commanded any spirits connected with the owls to manifest, her mouth dropped open and terrible wails came out. The spirits confessed they were indeed witchcraft demons. They had come in because of the pictures, ceramics and macrames of owls in the house.

Unhappily they shrieked at me, “Why don’t you ever stay home. It was so nice until you came. It’s all your fault, Worley, we hate your guts. You know what she did? She gathered up every owl in the place and burned and broke up every single one! She didn’t miss a one, and she loved us so until you came. We begged her to leave just a few, but she wouldn’t listen. She just bound us and kept right on destroying them. It’s just horrible! Now we’re gonna have to go!”

They were thrown out.

Pastor Worley, Hegewisch Baptist Church

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posted on Sep, 13 2013 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by desert

Dear The United Sheeple of America,

We gladly accept this generous offer of obliterating hogwats and we welcome, like everything else good or bad, with open arms your garbage.

We look forward to the mess you are in when we catch up in ten years.

Keep up the good global work, you rock you bunch of #ing rock stars.

Yours faithfully,

Blind Britain.
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posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 04:02 AM
The youth and young adults of the U.K wont take any of this literally.

Now bear with me here, I mean no disrespect. But in most of Europe (I can speak for Denmark) and I know the U.K is the same on this point. Our youth and young adults watch american shows, to (sorry about this) to laugh at the "american stupidity" as it is called around here.

This show will be one big joke for the U.K to laugh at. Is it a plot to give America a bad reputation? Perhaps. But most probably it is because it will get a lot of views, from a lot people wanting to laugh at its stupidity.

It is the same as such shows like Honey Boo Boo and that show about young girls being in beauty shows. There are so many people in Europe who simply love laughing at their stupidity and also love feeling "above" the parents in the shows. So they can have thoughts like: "How can parents do this do their children? Are americans that stupid? I would never do that to my child".

I do not watch these shows, they are simply stupid and a waste of time. And I realise that it is far from the majority of the American people who are like the people we see in this show. And luckily, I am not alone on this.

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