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Kicking out the politicians for good... A Pure Internet Democracy. Give us your best ideas

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posted on Sep, 18 2013 @ 10:42 PM

I'd ask one question before going further. How do we reach a state of educated citizens to participate?

No sarcasm intended at all. We see it from man on the street interviews, to almost any stat number which measures literacy on general knowledge that matters in this context. I see it in the opinions and chat coming out of people at school and the profound difference between those just up from high school and those in mid life. Com College has plenty of both and it's a startling thing to see at times.

I don't suggest anyone is stupid, either, but when schools give no real priority to civics or social studies beyond 1 chapter coverage of whole time periods? deep can folks be expected to be on knowledge?

Back to the biggie though...... How do we realistically correct that for a direct participation system to have any success?

Well i think we can do it. We have to get rid of the lifers. Limit the term to two terms. Next create third independent party that gets enough seats that all parties must work together.

We must foster atmosphere where everyone has to compromise and work together.

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