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Top 10 Unproven Claims for War Against Syria

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posted on Sep, 7 2013 @ 06:14 PM
This is an independent voice for the people Dennis Kucinich repudiation of the Syrian war logic or illogic.

I would advise to read these points and win your argument against the knuckle heads that are falling for the Obama/Bidden/Kerry/ McCain war.

Dennis J. Kucinich

In the lead-up to the Iraq War, I researched, wrote and circulated a document to members of Congress which explored unanswered questions and refuted President Bush's claim for a cause for war. The document detailed how there was no proof Iraq was connected to 9/11 or tied to al Qaeda's role in 9/11, that Iraq neither had WMDs nor was it a threat to the U.S., lacking intention and capability to attack. Unfortunately, not enough members of Congress performed due diligence before they approved the war.

Here are some key questions which President Obama has yet to answer in the call for congressional approval for war against Syria. This article is a call for independent thinking and congressional oversight, which rises above partisan considerations.

The questions the Obama administration needs to answer before Congress can even consider voting on Syria:

Claim #1. The administration claims a chemical weapon was used. The UN inspectors are still completing their independent evaluation. Who provided the physiological samples of sarin gas on which your evaluation is based? Were any other non-weaponized chemical agents discovered or sampled? Who from the United States was responsible for the chain of custody? Where was the laboratory analysis conducted? Were U.S. officials present during the analysis of the samples? Does your sample show military grade or lower grade sarin gas? Can you verify that your sample matches the exact composition of the alleged Syrian government composition?

Claim #2: The administration claims the opposition has not used chemical weapons. Which opposition? Are you speaking of a specific group, or all groups working in Syria to overthrow President Assad and his government? Has your administration independently and categorically dismissed the reports of rebel use of chemical weapons which have come from such disparate sources as Russia, the United Nations, and the Turkish state newspaper? Have you investigated the rumors that the Saudis may have supplied the rebels with chemicals that could be weaponized? Has the administration considered the ramifications of inadvertently supporting al Qaeda-affiliated Syrian rebels? Was any intelligence received in the last year by the U.S. government indicating that sarin gas was brought into Syria by rebel factions, with or without the help of a foreign government or intelligence agents?

In respect to the decorum of this forum I will leave this link to the rest of this list and hope folks will read the other 9 claims and educate themselves and use this to counter the people in the dark who support the War scheme

Also, here Links that counter the assertion that Assad did the Chemical attack

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posted on Sep, 7 2013 @ 07:32 PM
reply to post by Willtell

I was extremely disappointed when Kucinich withdrew from the democratic primary, and this is pretty much why. He seemed to be one of the few people in congress with a brain still attached to his spine, and struck me as being a true "civil servant", genuinely concerned for the welfare of his nation. The fact he is still so passionate about the issues facing his country despite the fact he is no longer in office seems to confirm as much. That, and in the words of Al Jourgensen: "Have you seen his wife? He must be packing some serious pipe."
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