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Video Shown to Senators in Classified Briefings Released

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posted on Sep, 9 2013 @ 10:05 AM
Yeah these videos are nothing more than saying "Hey look at how horrible it is over there, we should go and help these poor people!" (By going over and causing even more death and destruction, when it shouldn't even be our business in the first place.)

It's been a tactic used thorough history as a means to justify war. If you have people believe that these people are savages or out of control, then you start getting people to somehow have some sort of morale "obligation" to go and "free" them. And if their race is different, or the religion is different, it surely helps people get behind it.

I wish our government would stop acting so self righteous and thinking we're some sort of freedom crusaders that should go around and take care of "evil" anywhere it appears. Or trying to spread our government system everywhere. Obviously the form of government we have now doesn't work properly, since we're buried in debt, and most of our politicians are either incompetent, or just bicker about worthless things all day long. Not to mention we're in a corporate/material world strangle hold that's squeezing the life from us.

But back to the original subject, I guess all I'm saying is we American's need to stop meddling around in foreign affairs we don't need to be in. We can't let these goons in government, or even the wealthier pull us into another war. Although I doubt this could trigger a world war, but it sure as hell wouldn't decrease the probability of that. I think humanity in general needs to stop waging wars. After thousands of years you'd think we would've stopped destroying each other by now. I don't see any rational benefit for it. Maybe that's just a fantasy...

posted on Sep, 9 2013 @ 01:33 PM
Isnt anyone else getting tired of this YELLOW JOURNALISM? Classified my arse. Showing people suffering, without knowing who caused what, to justify an invasion is as LOW CLASS as it gets. Stop with this damm sensationalism and lets get to the meat of the matter.

The really classified stuff would be showing the rebels mixing chemical agents given to them from nato after mccain had visited turkey and secretly met with the rebels by secretly crossing the border and he even had his picture taken with them. Now that is classified matterial and undeserving to the masses because it does not suit the globalist agenda of satanic sacrifice. We made "mistakes" in libya, afghanistan, iraq and some want to make more "mistakes". Get lost obama, man I cant wait till 2016 to vote this puppet tyrant out of office, assuming we make it that far.
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posted on Sep, 9 2013 @ 03:13 PM
reply to post by Liquesence

As a human being, I agree we should act to save the lives of the innocent. How ever, I do not believe a full blown military strike against Assad is the answer. IF Assad, did this to these civilians before, in a limited use what would stop him from launching more against even more innocent people?

AS well, we do not know it was or wasn't Assad, we do not really know what the chemical is yet. ( I've heard assumptions, and educated guesses, but I have not read a definitive report. This doesn't mean there isn't one.) Even knowing what chemical was used, it is not impossible for a random group or single individual to produce these agents. I can purchase one of the components to agent orange. It's still used as an herbicide today. I can produce a simple chlorine based blister agent from two household cleaners nearly everyone has. I can produce phosphene again a pesticide and a household cleaner.

Now if some of those very harmful things are available to just anyone in the public, and often get accidentally produced while cleaning, or cleaning up a spill of pesticides(improperly), how is it that a group of people intentionally trying to produce a harmful agent can not?

The knowledge to produce these things are sadly available online, I know what I know through training provided through my work. I have a private, and commercial pesticides license. I have Advanced WHMIS and Hazmat certificates. I've also taken Chemistry and any one else who has, is also aware of the vast plethora of harmful crap you could make up from random Every day substances if you just read their labels.

I am 100% not convinced of who is to blame, but I am willing to believe this event took place.

It is terrible, and as A human being I am outraged, but as an educated civilized individual I know any actions on my own part, or that of my government or military may in fact make the situation so much worse.

The moral question still remains, what do we do. I believe this is why these videos are presented.

posted on Sep, 10 2013 @ 07:13 PM
I don't understand why the Obama administration felt the need to show these videos. What was the intent? Just to put a visual face on the attack? Because I don't think any of our lawmakers doubt the attack happened. Instead of showing or providing evidence as to WHO carried out the attack, they chose to show "evidence" that it happened, which is not something that was ever in dispute. It just seems like a hollow effort to elicit some sort of kneejerk response from Congress. "Oh, the suffering! We MUST attack!" Come on, I would hope our elected officials are at least mature enough to try and put emotions to the side with something like this.

posted on Sep, 11 2013 @ 12:27 AM

reply to post by Liquesence

This video proves nothing.
If this video answers to this questions, I might buy it.
1. Was this in Syria?
2. In what way the alleged chemical agents were used?
3. If people in the video are poisoned with chemicals, where're the blood tests which proves it?
4. Where's the irrefutable proof that regime forces used alleged chemicals?
5. DFQ is this video?
In other words, where's the video that proves who, when, what, how used alleged chemicals?

If this is how justice works in America, may God help us all...

Um, I can answer 1-3.
1. Yeah, its Syria. The man said aerial images supported that.
2. In what way can chemical weapons be used? As weapons. I understand the question but d'you think think this was in their food? Maybe, but you know. IMO, I'm going with bombs. Like they've been repeating the past few months.
3. I'm pretty sure we don't need blood tests after viewing these videos. Sure, a couple of these symptoms here and there can happen to anyone at any given time but come on. A s*** load of people in these selected places? Nah, can't be coincidence.

Lemme go ahead and try to answer the rest.
4. Irrefutable evidence that regime forces used these "weapons". Hm, I wouldn't bomb the people I'm trying to protect, would you? It can't be the U.S or any other power. Russia would be sure to know and all H-E-double hockey sticks would break loose. I'm going with regime forces on this one.
5. Lol, that's funny though. I wsh I hadn't seen it.

Oh, and please don't take my post in a mocking way. I know it seems like I'm trying to be a smart a**, I apologize. I'm not trying to defend Obama. I voted for him and all, but I'm against Syria. I hate what's going on over there, I wish we could help but too much is at stake. Real video or not, so f'ed up things are going down over there.

posted on Sep, 11 2013 @ 12:28 AM
reply to post by hijinx

With you 100% on that one!

posted on Sep, 11 2013 @ 05:18 AM

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