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Japan declares 'nuclear emergency' after quake - PART 2

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posted on Sep, 28 2013 @ 04:56 AM
Attempts to link Fukushima, Hiroshima upset some

"No more Hiroshimas!" "No more Fukushimas!" Those slogans are chanted together at rallies by Japanese who want both an end to nuclear power in the island nation and an end to nuclear weapons around the world.

But many in this city, where the world's first atomic-bomb attack killed tens of thousands, are distressed by efforts to connect their suffering to the tsunami-triggered meltdowns at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant. Like the bomb the United States dropped on Hiroshima Aug. 6, 1945, the March 2011 Fukushima disaster unleashed radiation that will affect the region's health for decades.

Hiroshima medical experts, the world's most renowned on radiation-related sicknesses, are being called on for advice on how the meltdowns may have harmed people who lived near the power plant along the northeastern coast of Japan.

Some in the historical movement against nuclear non-proliferation have joined the protests that have popped up after Fukushima, calling for an end to nuclear power. Calls out of Hiroshima to do away with nuclear weapons carry great moral weight in Japan, and activists are asking the city to join forces and sign their petitions demanding the government ditch nuclear power.

To opponents of this idea, the differences between Hiroshima and Fukushima dwarf the similarities. Only one of the two catastrophes was an act of war that unleashed death, fire and horror on a scale the world had never seen.

"Our position, and this is a position we can never compromise, is that nuclear weapons are an absolute evil," Hiroshima Mayor Kazumi Matsui said in an interview at city hall, his voice trembling. "I oppose connecting the two simply because they both involve radiation."

The widespread sentiment in this southwestern city, he said, is that Hiroshima has endured something more terrible than the aftermath of a nuclear accident, and people resent getting lumped together. Matsui lost relatives in the attack, and his parents' home was destroyed.

The bombing killed some 140,000 people _ some instantly, others within months. Three days later, the U.S. dropped a second atomic bomb on Nagasaki, killing an estimated 70,000 people shortly before the end of World War II. Those categorized by the government as sick from the Hiroshima bombing's radiation still number more than 200,000.

No one is known to have died from the Fukushima radiation, but the plant's three nuclear meltdowns will take decades to clean up and it is impossible to know what the health toll will ultimately be.

Only recently has the government acknowledged that much more radioactive water is leaking into the sea than it had previously believed. The Japanese government has detected 44 confirmed and suspected cases of thyroid cancer among the 217,000 youngsters, 18 and under, checked in Fukushima.

Thyroid cancer among children is generally rare, estimated at only one in a million. The link to radiation is still inconclusive, and extensive testing of Fukushima children could account for the higher numbers. But according to the World Health Organization, thyroid cancer struck thousands of people after the only nuclear-plant disaster worse than Fukushima, the 1986 Chernobyl meltdown in what is now Ukraine.

Read the rest:

posted on Sep, 28 2013 @ 05:06 AM
Cut-price clean-up after nuclear disaster takes devastating toll on people employed

Like millions of Japanese workers, Kai Watanabe (30) packs a lunch for work every morning. Unlike most, he also carries an electronic radiation counter. Several days a week, he pulls on a Hazmat (hazardous materials) suit, dons a mask and heads for the ruined Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, where he monitors tanks full of highly toxic water for leaks.

For a job with potentially serious consequences on his health, he is paid 15,000 yen (about €113) a day. Relatively little is known about the people who work at the Daiichi plant. Operator Tokyo Electric Power Co (Tepco) severely rations interviews with its full-time staff.

Contract workers such as Watanabe, employed by one of dozens of subcontractors, rarely talk to journalists because they fear for their jobs. Watanabe insists on a pseudonym for interviews.
Clean-up workers in Fukushima make about €100 a day. Most are employed on short-term contracts. It seemed Watanabe had reached the bottom of the pile for a qualified nuclear maintenance engineer, but worse was to come. Earlier this year, he was made redundant. Tepco no longer had money to pay subcontractors, he says. (Tepco declined to comment on this allegation.)
Its astonishing penny-pinching became evident during the summer, when the company revealed it was relying on a skeleton crew to monitor a huge plantation of 1,000-ton makeshift water tanks for leaks. Instead of installing gauges, engineers were checking 1,000 tanks visually by standing on top of them.
Irish link:

Tepco to resume testing on ALPS water filter

Sep 27, 2013 (Menafn - Japan Times - McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) --Tokyo Electric Power Co. on Friday resumed testing of the ALPS water processing system and add a new ALPS machine next September, raising hopes that radiation in the water churned out by the Fukushima No. 1 plant can be reduced to safer levels.

Because ALPS (short for advanced liquid processing system) can remove all radioactive materials except tritium, it can sharply reduce the seriousness of any environmental pollution being caused by water leaks at the plant.

The purpose of ALPS is to "clean up the increasing amounts of tainted water as much as possible to reduce the risk. In that sense, it may sound strange to say that (reactivating it) is a matter of national importance in various ways, but it has that aspect," Shunichi Tanaka, head of the Nuclear Regulation Authority, told reporters Wednesday.


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posted on Sep, 28 2013 @ 12:16 PM
Am I reading this right? When did this start?

"On 9/26/2013, Tepco announced reactor5 and 6 pump up 6,000 tones of seawater from the plant port per hour. The water is used to cool down the reactors, and it’s discharged to the outside of the plant port."
"From Tepco’s own report published this August, it was 7,000 m3/hour instead of 6,000 tones/hour."

"I received the following email a few days ago from a Russian nuclear physicist friend who is an expert on the kinds of gases being released at Fukushima. Here is what he wrote:
About Japan: the problem is that the reactor uses "dirty" fuel. It is a combination of plutonium and uranium (MOX). I suspect that the old fuel rods have bean spread out due to the explosion and the surrounding area is contaminated with plutonium which means you can never return to this place again. It is like a new Tchernobyl. Personally, I am not surprised that the authority has not informed people about this."

More radioactive food. Looks like he checks out four different grocery stores, then buys the lowest reading food to eat. By the way, I had a rough time time posting this on FB. I had to keep rewording the intro because I kept getting a "reported as abusive" flag, every time I tried to drop it somewhere.

So lets catch and sell some fish right?

Reporters in Japan write about rise in birth defects for 2011 — University won’t publish data on malformed babies after many years of doing so; Not releasing figures for Fukushima, other prefectures — Expert: This is ridiculous
After repeated requests, it finally provided the 2011 data, which is still currently unavailable to the public. s-to-release-figures-for-fukushima-or-other-prefectures-expe

"Censored Japan gov’t scientist reveals much more radioactive material is leaking into Pacific from Fukushima than claimed by Tepco — It’s getting released outside of port’s barrier, directly into ocean — Officials refused to allow publication of study on sea contamination" ts-getting-released-outside-of-ports-barrier-directly-into

More on #5 and #6.

"On September 18, 2013, the Japan Meteorological Agency scientist, Michio Aoyama, told the audience at the IAEA 2013 Scientific Forum "The Blue Planet - Nuclear Applications for a Sustainable Marine Environment," that 60 GBq of Cesium-137 & Strontium-90 directly go out to the ocean outside of the Fukushima Daiichi port daily, contradicting the Japanese Prime Minister Abe's words about the contaminated water being blocked from going beyond the port.
It turns out that Fukushima Daiichi's undamaged Unit 5 and 6 take up the Fukushima Daiichi port water for cooling and release the contaminated effluent north of the port, directly into the Pacific Ocean. This fact, by default, invalidates the Prime Minister Abe's infamous "total block" statement. First, his team was deprived of funding to check environmental radioactivity almost immediately after the accident and ordered not to take any measurements. "

A very good explanation of our situation in layman's terms.
"The only solution to Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster is unspeakable"

posted on Sep, 28 2013 @ 12:33 PM

This is just a guy. He believes this is happening to him.

To be honest, it just reads like he has mental health issues.

posted on Sep, 28 2013 @ 12:38 PM
It's hilarious how many people still try to draw parallels between Fukushima and Chernobyl yet not even bothering to give evidence as to why.
I'd point out for one that already the death toll for Fukushima is far, FAR lower than the Chernobyl incident. No burning graphite control rods seeding the countryside with radioactive debris either.

posted on Sep, 28 2013 @ 01:27 PM


This is just a guy. He believes this is happening to him.

To be honest, it just reads like he has mental health issues.

I thought that the Wordpress Page is just a fake by someone who may
think it is funny to do so!

To create only a few Postings in a very short Time is not very credible.
But it showed very well how such Information get abused!

@ Huffington Post, Chernobyl & F'Shima:
why to use a 2,5 Year old Article without new Information and Evidences?

posted on Sep, 28 2013 @ 01:55 PM
reply to post by Human0815

The Brita filters puked again. Back to dumping full strength waste for another few months.
"Multiple nuclide removing system ALPS stopped again 22 hours after test operation restarted"

"The United States has recently banned agricultural and fishery imports from 14 prefectures in Japan, up from eight." contamination-is-spreading-to-most-countries-around-pacific

posted on Sep, 28 2013 @ 01:58 PM

It's hilarious how many people still try to draw parallels between Fukushima and Chernobyl yet not even bothering to give evidence as to why.
I'd point out for one that already the death toll for Fukushima is far, FAR lower than the Chernobyl incident. No burning graphite control rods seeding the countryside with radioactive debris either.

Fukushima is a bigger mishap than chernobyl. Theres no question about that. Chernobyl was dirtier, but fukushima has a way more destructive potential.

posted on Sep, 28 2013 @ 01:58 PM
reply to post by Aircooled

Thank you for the leakage update. At his recent press conference, former NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko stated that he had not previously realized the amount of leakage into the Pacific Ocean; he also said he had not previously been aware of how long that huge leakage had been going on. I will have to look at IAEA and various nuclear power host government websites to see if any nuclear agencies warn against siting a nuclear reactor over underground river(s).

That "report of abusive" message you got sounds like an ATS bug, not a feature. A genuine warning of "abusive" for you? ... that would be ridiculous. If you see it again, send a complaint to the Mods. If the Mods don't resolve the problem in a reasonable amount of time, complain to the ATS Board. These are all good people, but I know they are busy.

Regarding the pipes from the FD site going directly to the Pacific Ocean, where is Google Earth when we really need them?

Regarding the unavailable vital statistics for Northeast Japan or just the 30-kilometer official restricted area, hopefully eventually the data will be released ... at that time, it will become important to examine that data for geographic patterns, using the smallest geographic units available ... be those census tracts, square blocks, etc. The smaller the geographic units, the better. Worst possible usage would be overall prefecture data, although that would be better than nothing. There are statistical methods to compensate for people having moved in the interim time period, to evacuation housing, to move in with relatives, and the like; those methods are expensive but possible.
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posted on Sep, 28 2013 @ 03:15 PM


This is just a guy. He believes this is happening to him.

To be honest, it just reads like he has mental health issues.

You must be aware that this is the classic reaction of nuke-industry pundits to anyone who believes they are suffering from RS. They are either labeled crazies, hypochondriacs or stress junkies. It's a text-book dismissal tactic of anything they say.

This lady also believed she had radiation poisoning until she had her blog shut down

As a thought experiment;

How would you prefer to have people behave if they were actually suffering from RS? Now let's suppose that doctors have been ordered not to discuss or report RS and pass it off as "stress" or "mental illness".

Now lets suppose folks were really and actually suffering from RS and the government wanted to keep it quiet. Would governments/authorities be behaving any differently than they are now?

Or are you naive enough to believe that if folks were really suffering from RS the governments would be forthcoming with that information? Do you really think they would admit it? If you are JapGov/Tepco there is more upside to continuing to deny than there is in revealing the truth.

The point is, regardless of whether folks are suffering from RS and to what degree (as it is randomly indiscriminate), the authorities aren't going to admit it so all we'll have is this kind of unreliable anecdotal reporting, and a few rogue scientific reports that leak out. The good news is that I think more and more real data is being revealed because the situation in the ground and in the press can't be contained any longer.

posted on Sep, 28 2013 @ 03:56 PM
One of the 'new world' problems that we have to face ( for the world on the long term, the northern hemisphere in the near future, and Japan right now ) due to the gross criminal polluting that has and is ( (and will, for the foreseeable future, (be)) coming out of corporate/military/government STINK that is Fukushima is the very disturbing rise of pathogens in the environment as a result.

No matter what we cannot undo the fact that TONS upon TONS of radioactive particles ( a good deal of them nanoparticles at or below ten microns ) have been widely spread and released into the atmosphere, water and soil . the high altitude seekers will be raining down on us all over the planet for decades to come.

These particles themselves are the source of ionizing radiation which means that we have two issues from every particle:

1) actual absorption into the body ( particle ingestion or bio-accumulation ) and it's extant internal ionizing radiation releases


2) Encounters with 'free' atmosphere ionizing radiation from ever increasing radioactive particles in the environment.

This leads to a simple but inescapable conclusion: plants and animals will be exposed to ever increasing doses of ionizing radiation by concentration ( bio-accumulation ) whereas pathogens ( which are environmentally ubiquitous ) will definitely be exposed to higher average levels of radiation but the environmental radiation will constantly be being diluted (meaning, environmental pathogens will receive more radiation than the old baseline but far far less than plants or animals) .

This on the surface may not seem like a bad thing, but to quote T.D. Luckey from a paper he wrote on "fall-out"( his term not mine) :

Ionizing radiation is Hometic. The concept of hormesis, which is not generally understood by news media and governments, is that small doses are beneficial, while large doses are harmful. This effect is known to occur for about 40 essential nutrients, all drugs, and most other agents. Both chronic and acute exposures to ionizing radiation exhibit hormesis. Consideration of the full spectrum, beneficial as well as harmful, of the biological effects of ionizing radiation is vital to understanding the importance of nuclear fallout

His observation only applies as global to external exposure ( for internal exposure the picture is not so cut and dried) from ionizing radiation and fails to account for the alpha beta or gammaness flavor involved , but in general in the environment he is correct.

He produces a little chart in his two page paper showing a graph defining when radiation levels stop being beneficial.

His assertions, and extrapolation get a little disingenuous when he fails to address bio-accumulation and becomes downright dishonest or ( am going to use the word... ) naive ( instead of 'incredibly' and ' stupid 'just to take a short break from being cranky) when he tries to compare Fukushima's "fallout" to Hiroshima or Nagasakis' fallout

But before I get into that let's look at the first part of his assertion as 'true'( that low doses are beneficial and high doses are not ) and see if we can find something that does benefit from low constant doses of radiation ( but does not like high doses )

Enter Cryptosporidium a ubiquitous protozoa that is found world wide , commonly in drinking water supplies and is a host-opportunistic parasite that causes Cryptosporidiosis and is ion the same Phylum as Plasmodium the parasite that causes malaria.

But unlike malaria, Cryptosporidium can complete it's life cycle in a single host. (leaving "spores" (oocytes) in the hosts feces to be spread johnny appleseed style)

Cryptosporidium seems to really benefit from lose dose ionizing radiation environments...

BECAUSE IT IS HIGHLY resistant to ionizing radiation, even Gamma radiation, and it's spores ( oocytes ) especially so.

From this study, morphological evidence of radioresistance of C.(cryptosporidium) parvum has been supplemented.

So in an environment of low ionizing radiation Cryptosporiadium will benefit from slightly reduced competition ( the things that are killed by low dose radiation )for resources, but in a medium or high radiation environment it will really flourish as most other competitors would long ago have perished

Now add it to a radiation compromised immune system and you have problems. Did we see this at Hiroshima or Nagasaki, not that we know of did we see it at Chernobyl? ...well yes in fact:

The aim of this study was to determine an influence of ionized radiation on the prevalence of Cryptosporidium and Pneumocystis carinii (P. c.) infections in children inhabitants of settlements affected by radionuclides after Chernobyl accident

Results of the study were as follows: 1) of 432 healthy children surveyed for Cryptosporidium oocysts 352 were from affected regions: the prevalence in Bryansk region was 8% vs. 2.8% in control, in Gomel and Mogilev 4.1% vs. 2.8%.

SO in a ionizing radiation environment Cryptosporidium was between 150% and 300% more successful than the control group

Unfortunately the environment we are talking about here is the human body and the transmission vectors are a combination of water feces and suppressed immune systems ( which happens to humans from radiation exposure)

luckily in this particular case UV light is particularly damaging to Cryptosporidium, ( which does not help irradiated group water down in the dark cold ground)

This leads to some preventative measures, Especially for citizens of Tokyo....Sewage treatment plants should use UV sanitation on any water that could be used for bathing or swimming .

Any and all municipal water 'purification' plants should use UV sanitation ( many Cryptosporidium strains are chlorine resistant, or immune ), and if you live in Tokyo o0r anywhere within a couple of hundred miles of Fukushima I would recommend using both R.O. ( reverse osmosis ) and UV filtration for drinking and cooking water

on edit : boiling water will kill off these radiation resistant buggers too

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posted on Sep, 28 2013 @ 04:12 PM

reply to post by Human0815

The Brita filters puked again. Back to dumping full strength waste for another few months.
"Multiple nuclide removing system ALPS stopped again 22 hours after test operation restarted"

"The United States has recently banned agricultural and fishery imports from 14 prefectures in Japan, up from eight." contamination-is-spreading-to-most-countries-around-pacific

I don't see, read or heart that this Water from the cooling Cycle was dumped to the Ocean,
you are using here a Tepconese/ Orwellian Language which is symptomatic for you!

ALPS is still in a phase of Testing and it will work soon for sure.

Edit: i never said that this Accident is harmless or that there is no Contamination
so i am not surprised about:
which are mostly the wellknown Absorber of nucear Emissions!

By the Way this are specific Fishes, Mushrooms and other Products and not
Agricultural or Fishery as a whole, again Orwellian Language!

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posted on Sep, 28 2013 @ 07:45 PM

I don't see, read or heart that this Water from the cooling Cycle was dumped to the Ocean,
you are using here a Tepconese/ Orwellian Language which is symptomatic for you!

ALPS is still in a phase of Testing and it will work soon for sure.

Edit: i never said that this Accident is harmless or that there is no Contamination

THEY HAVE ADMITTED to...( in hindsight) ab initiato that direct dumping and uncontrolled (unmanageable) leaks have been straight into the ...what channel are you watching. more importantly what point are you trying to prove?
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posted on Sep, 28 2013 @ 08:09 PM

reply to post by Silverlok

Are you able to show us about which failures of the Containment you talk about?

I still think that Article is much better than Wertwogs Report of Radiation Sickness
or AC Posting about bleeding Noses, imo. you are using a Double-Moral Standards!

Also that Report focus mostly on the US Role and her Procedere and Strategy
and not the Reactors itself!


Tepco admitted the multiple failures...the Japanese government took control because of those failures costs

Junior if if you want to stay on this thread and NOT create embarrassment for the underlying ideology of your posts spent some time reading the thread.

posted on Sep, 28 2013 @ 11:20 PM
reply to post by Silverlok

you cant compare the first Weeks after the Tsunami with the Time later,
what happened in the first Time happened because there was no other choices,
the Plant needed Cooling and everything else was "Destroyed"!

Since the Cooling Circle got reestablished no Water at all was dumped.

It is imo. a bit childish what you try to do,
the same with the Containment Failure and this is the Reason why i asked
about which one you was talking about, the Lid, in the Dry Well or etc.!

The best is you answer the Question and show Sources,
that is the only Way!

As i said: the Article focussed on the US-American Strategy, Daiichi wa not
really the Topic of that Report!

posted on Sep, 29 2013 @ 02:01 AM
Hey everyone - how wonderful to see this archive of Fukushima catastrophe continuing in Part 2 by you dedicated bringers of information! I appreciate the commitment it takes to continue learning then posting about Tepco's gift that keeps on giving to the world. I have only posted a few times since day 1 -but - I have read 99% of all the pages of posts from day 1 on this thread. It is an archive, collaboration and record of information unlike any other on the internet. Within those thousand plus pages are answers to the lies and deceptions.

Common sense alone screams how bad having four meltdowns that contain thousands of spent fuel rods and mox fuel coupled with an explosion and an eternity of hot radioactive pools emitting endless particles in the air and water 24/7/365 for years upon years in the future. In my opinion, based on the size and seriousness of this and the lack/inability to STOP it on top of educated and informed people like Arnie Gunderson, SKF and all the contributors on this thread's analysis we're all - toasted - is just a matter of time.

There has been nothing done to fix it - there were some very sound suggestions at the beginning of the other thread but instead countries simply removed their radiator readings, upped the acceptable radiation levels, went silent, reassured us everything's ok and turn the other way. It is near impossible to get real medical reports because its all about keeping the people ignorant of the reality and gravity of the situation. The true state of radiation sickness in Japan (and North America) IS NOT KNOWN because they are not releasing proper documentation on purpose - or illnesses are being categorized as something different. Just because someone now presents with cancer of any kind will not be attributed to Fukushima anyway so we will never know how many really are. I'm sure on a government level they know exactly what's going on, they probably have measurements all over the globe counting particles but will tell us it's all good, just go back to work.

I would dare to say everyone who has contributed to archiving this event on this thread wishes with all their heart and soul that it wasn't as bad as we all 'know' in our heart of hearts it is. And that all of us would love to know that Tepco errored and over estimated how much poison is spewing every second of every day for years into the future. But that's not the reality. This has all be substantiated in the first thread - anyone who doesn't take all that in cannot speak from a place of truly being informed.

Just the plutonium alone - that aerosolized - only takes one particle to kill. I live in rain country in Canada, straight across the pacific from Japan, only 6,000 miles as the wind travels. We call it Fuku rain now - I'm sure it's hot - year and half back someone nearby took a reading in the rain with levels high enough to kill in 20 minutes of continual exposure. Arne reported air filters in Seattle showing particles of plutonium so everyone is breathing it in. Effects, I think, will start showing up more and more as these incubating cancers erupt. Instead of 1/3 people getting cancer these days it will soon be 2/3 and eventually 3/3.

If they could do something about it - or WANTED to do something about it - they would have done this back in March of 2011. I (and I'm sure everyone here) would LOVE some reassurance and concrete information - like the air quality isn't bad; that the effects aren't impacting the entire northern hemisphere; that the billions/trillions of hot water being drained into the pacific isn't going to kill all the sea life; that the next generation won't be at high risk for more and more mutations, etc.... but the reality is Fukushima's meltdown(s) surpasses Chernobyl in volume released (still releasing 3 years later!) and it's fuel is full of other deadly goodies too. Radiation kills, period. There is nothing good in being exposed to it and eating food laden with it - it kills and contaminates for days, months, years, centuries, millinea depending on the particle - Fukushima had them all in vast amounts so life as we know it will be changing (I think the proper term is mutating) a bit here and a bit there now and will continue to 'mutate' for hundreds/thousands years in the future.

I totally understand anyone wanting to look for holes in the bad news - but one must be careful to really know all the players and what they've already been caught doing and admitted doing before trusting sources that say 'nothing to worry about here'. I think there's plenty to worry about with Fukushima because it's still spewing radiation in every direction with ridiculous high rates of hot particles in every direction with NO end in sight because they can't/won't deal with it! They could have navy ships show up and deal with their secrets, but nothing has shown up to deal with what I consider to be an extinction level event - it's just happening at a slower rate.

So if someone can substantiate it is not as bad as Chernobyl I would be very interested and take great reassurance in that - but to do that someone has to get facts and compare them. And if someone can substantiate Fukushima isn't killing the ocean and contaminating North America same thing - substantiate it with some facts, not just government rhetoric that says 'it's fine'. The first problem is getting facts...

When you understand the extent the government goes to keep information away and out of the public you realize what we glean from the few scant tidbits that escape 'is' all we have to try and piece together the reality they (government and multinational corporations and nuclear industries) enjoy keeping us in the dark about.

I do not understand radiation enough to contribute to this thread and it's amazing knowledge. But I greatly understand how governments operate and that no life has any value outside their own.

I hope newbies to this thread will share information and opinions from a place of respect in the interest of trying to uncover the real numbers and implications.

Thank you diehards who keep adding to this great record of the worlds greatest tragedy... to date... who knows, there's probably even more 'oopsies' just around the corner!

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posted on Sep, 29 2013 @ 06:33 AM
FDA Japan Import Alert....."PROBLEM: Radionuclide Contamination"

Kinda disconcerting that this came out 9/9/13 and only hearing about it now....

- Purple Chive

posted on Sep, 29 2013 @ 10:00 AM
Plastic pad clogs Fukushima water cleaning system

TOKYO: A piece of plastic padding which clogged up a drain is thought to have caused the breakdown of a decontamination system at Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, the operator said on Sunday.

The Advanced Liquid Processing System (ALPS), designed to remove radioactive material from contaminated water, is expected to play a crucial role in treating huge amounts of toxic water accumulating at the plant.

But it was halted due to a defect only hours after starting operations. Workers found that a plastic pad, which fixed a ladder in the system, had worked loose and got stuck in a drain, probably causing the defect, said operator Tokyo Electric Power Co.


posted on Sep, 29 2013 @ 05:52 PM
I am so glad many of the original crew are still here, AC, Q, Silver, Werthog, Purple, Dances w/Wolves
& many more as you have provided the most informative & educational knowledge to the original
thread & now part 2. I was bummed I had to drop out ~ 3/4 of the way through the original due to
anxiety issues...not sure how long I will be able to follow part 2, however I am grateful to be able to
check in & get another glimpse of this horrific ongoing mess.

And AC thank you for your continuing food monitoring as that is what I'm interested in since
at some point soon, I will not be able to monitor the thread daily but will try to stay as long as I can.

Sorry if these questions were already answered here...but there was a farmer in Fuku who had nothing
& no where to go...just himself & his animals & he was the only one that stayed. I think he had to put
1 or 2 of his cattle down but the rest, he & his dogs seemed to be doing ok. So sorry I don't
have that video reference, thought you guys might remember him since he was the "ONLY" one there.
Anyone know if he is still alive?
Also what happened to the Fuku 50? Is that still secret?
Did ZWorld finish her book & publish?

Thank you so much for your time & education as this has been one of my favorite threads with
people really researching, providing the best info I can find any where & staying on point & focused!
I am thankful! This ATS Fuku Team Rules!


posted on Sep, 29 2013 @ 06:59 PM
This ( and the parent monster thread ) generate a lot of doom and gloom . Especially to new comers and the people whom thought you were a howling wild eyed lunatic two years ago but are now coming to you with questions. And just because a bunch of slimy greedy swine are slinking around in the dark and trying to hide the fact that the nuker industry has created an world wide scale pollution event that will alter things on this planet for decades I am not letting all that get my spirits down.

Two that end I dug up a couple of anagrams that everyone should feel free to spread around and enjoy.

Nuclear power = cruler weapon = clean up,err?, ow! = le pure raw con= pure clone war

Nuclear reactor = a clean cut error

Containment = Men it cannot = titan conmen = conmen taint

Tepco power = core wet? pop!

Waste Storage tanks = answer: gasket toast = wastes a torn gasket = Satan gasket towers

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