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Japan declares 'nuclear emergency' after quake - PART 2

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posted on Mar, 7 2015 @ 02:25 PM
3 Years 11 Months 24 Days

Countdown to March 11, 2015 in Fukushima

Another Fukushima compilation video with excellent photos, IMHO, of course.
Certainly worth the 20 minute investment, IMHO, of course.

FUKUSHIMA 2015 Complete Rare Films Updates and IMPORTANT News on FUKUSHIMA Problem
Published on Feb 25, 2015
FUKUSHIMA 2015 Complete Rare Films Updates and IMPORTANT News on FUKUSHIMA Problem

posted on Mar, 7 2015 @ 09:56 PM
GOSH!!! thank you TEPCO for this wonderful video!! it helped me to realize that we are all safe after all!!
you have everything under control..we love you TEPCO!!!

this message brought to you by TEPCO.
"we make living a wonderful thing"

posted on Mar, 8 2015 @ 10:07 AM
Need a job? How about blogging to tell the bright side of Fukushima? The position pays ¥10,000 an hour.

Wanted: blogger to tout the charms of Fukushima

FUKUSHIMA – Fukushima is looking to recruit someone willing to visit the prefecture and help publicize its tourist appeal on a blog or other social media platform.

The position pays ¥10,000 an hour. Applications should be filed by March 15.

More at the link..

posted on Mar, 8 2015 @ 04:28 PM

originally posted by: thorfourwinds

Another Fukushima compilation video with excellent photos, IMHO, of course.
Certainly worth the 20 minute investment, IMHO, of course.

The whole thing is good for a laugh. One interesting thing is the groundwater bypass that is supposed to get the groundwater past the reactors without picking radionuclides, yet the two wells upstream from the reactors right where the bypass runs have seen higher readings than those downstream from the reactors. Oops. Back to the drawing board.

By the way, both 1 and 2 temps are going up again, and just like last time 1 is the most, 2 very little, but both started going up at the same time. Last time they went up and down at the same time and in the same proportions, 1 the most with 2 very little and 3 none at all.

posted on Mar, 9 2015 @ 09:09 AM
And from the "Yeah I'll believe it when I see it category", we have this little gem... 8E

Tepco claims it will be more forthcoming with data from Fukushima No. 1
MAR 9, 2015
Tokyo Electric Power Co. says it is planning to change its information disclosure policy for the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant and release all data on radiation-contaminated dust and water if it is deemed they are affecting the surrounding environment.

The decision, made during a board meeting last Friday, was in response to the failure to disclose a leak of radioactive rainwater that came to light last month.

Officials said Tepco will nail down the new policy by March 30 and present it that day to its nuclear reform monitoring panel of external experts.

Last month, Tepco said radiation-contaminated rainwater flowing through a drainage ditch that runs close to reactor buildings at Fukushima No. 1 had been leaking into the sea. The water’s radiation level exceeded legal limits, it said.

More at the link....

posted on Mar, 9 2015 @ 10:13 AM

originally posted by: matadoor
Tokyo Electric Power Co. says it is planning to change its information disclosure policy for the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant and release all data on radiation-contaminated dust and water if it is deemed they are affecting the surrounding environment.

"if it is deemed they are affecting the surrounding environment".

Or as The Bard would say, 'there lies the rub'. Since they didn't even think Units 1, 3 and 4 blowing up affected the surrounding environment they'll probably use that caveat to stop all reporting on contamination. I can see the headlines now. "Major spill not reported as it didn't affect the surrounding environment, according to TEPCO".

And about the other post and the position for a blogger, we need to get thorfourwinds to apply for that one. He'd set em straight.

posted on Mar, 9 2015 @ 10:34 AM
TEPCO is such a joker.

The latest leak from the holding tanks is now being blamed for the rise in contamination in the drainage ditch that is 100+ feet south, is concreted in with a system of valves. How does 25 liters of radioactive water leak out, travel 100+ feet, get into a covered drainage ditch and cause high levels of radiation.

This pattern of finding high readings of contamination, and then blaming it on something that couldn't produce those high levels, but can be easily fixed to give a semblance of securing the area is a travesty that every media outlet should be screaming about. If there was such a thing a media outlets instead of the Dept of Propaganda that is.

posted on Mar, 11 2015 @ 05:38 AM
Unit 1 Corium "Breathing Again" and Interesting Water Leak

Water Leak:

And of course 4 years ago today...

Wonder how long this thread will have to be in action?

- Purple Chive

posted on Mar, 11 2015 @ 09:51 AM
a reply to: Purplechive

My guess is, there will end up being 15 different threads due to length of the thread before we know any real truth behind this disaster.

But, that's just speculation on my part.

posted on Mar, 11 2015 @ 03:01 PM

originally posted by: zworld

originally posted by: texasgirl
Thanks for the answer!! I remember when I first heard about the problem it was absolutely frightening to learn the reactor could collapse and cause a world wide catastrophe.

Texasgirl, ... This ...will still be ongoing.

I should like to add that Areva / Tepco / the nuker industry haven't and can never solve the 'surface boiling problem' (surface boiling is also known as the Leidenfrost effect), even though they gave a million dollars to MIT to try and solve the problem. Keep in mind Areva , the manufacturer of the nuclear rods, was unaware that this problem could exist until researchers from the previous thread exposed it.

Think about that for a minute; a group of amateurs on a conspiracy website, not the NRC, or the experts, exposed the single biggest threat that Nuclear power represents. That threat, now an unfortunate truth, is that in the event of a catastrophic core accident, every Nuclear reactor core (or pool) melt in the world has to be either cooled, releasing sub-micron uranium and plutonium into solution continuously , or it has to be left to melt into the earth . Where it will hit god knows what while releasing hot sub micron high altitude seeking particles into the air the entire time.

This is the real death blow to the nuclear industry, and the ultimate horror for "clean-up" at fuku-daichi as the process of trying to cool any core melt mass ever with water will ALWAYS release super tiny and long lived 'buckeye balls' of uranium, plutonium ( and others ) into solution, this was proven by U.C Davis.

( 'A green road' has a must read blog post of it here )

This is what contaminated ALL the pools (including 5&6) back in the beginning when Tepco was playing whack-a-mole , by sharing a single cooling resource between all the cores and pools .
And it is why they have to keep accumulating storage tanks for the 'waste' cooling water ( they cannot re-use it too many times or it becomes so saturated with radionuclides that is goes critical ( this is not an explosion , but an uncontrolled nuclear reaction...that Tepco knows about first hand because it cooked three untrained workers to death in just this manner when it had them pumping uranium rich water several years before the 3/11 accident))

This contaminated waste water storage is the limiting factor in the question; "how long can Tepco go before more disasters happen". Radiation weakens and ionizes materials over time, and I am sure Tepco is building these storage tanks out of the cheapest materials they can find, furthermore they obviously cannot go on building them for ten more years , and if even they could soon they will have to start pumping waste from older tanks (succumbing to accelerated deterioration) to newer tanks almost as fast as they can build them, while still needing a place for new waste 24/7/365.

And do they have any end game in sight...? ( Que: crickets). Like I have said from the beginning of this disaster is that Tepco's plan all along has been to dump as much core cooling run off as they can into the ocean as quietly as possible and pray for "dillusion to be the solution" . Well after four years the great god of nuclear power has not proffered so much as a finger , let alone the miracle, needed to make the pump and dump/store strategy viable.

ON a slightly different note If you didn't catch it:

Areva has posted a loss every year since the 3/11 accident but for 2014 they posted a 4.8 billion Euro loss. This is significant as the company assets are only about 4.3 billion Euros. Most companies would need to declare bankruptcy or secure some serious financing , but since the french government owns about 87% of Tepco now ( after Seimens pulled out back in 2011) it would seem the French people are going to end up paying the tab for Areva's disasters and lies

Also you guys probably already know but Tepco would like to find where in the ground the melt masses are and are going to try using muon detectors , or so they say
, but my guess is that they are trying to find some way to claim that the masses are not interacting with the ground water

I apologize if these have already been linked but the Sea lion problem on California's coast is getting to be something of a problem , though I can guess where MSM would place the blame if the cause categories were: global warming, fukushima , or other ( more HERE

A Speigel piece on hundreds of Navy sailors that responded to fuku havingmedical problems ( an excerpt here .

One line stands out If you have ever known anyone in the service when things went tits up,

...doctors who are trying to convince everybody that it’s all psychological. I’m smart enough to read between those lines, and everybody else is smart enough to read between the lines — that there has been something said at some point by somebody that either A) We need to just make this go away; or B) We need to keep this out of the press.

remember the U.s. military is totally dependent on the "civilian" nuclear programs or it can't afford it's uranium and plutonium (if the industry wasn't using it in large quantites the cost per pound of production would make it prohibitively expensive)

The radiation related risks we were all being told were imaginary: Japan’s nuclear-related deaths rise by 18%
and :
Radiation levels posing cancer risks on fourth anniversary of earthquake
Here a couple of quotes that stick to the ribs:

Before the disaster, there was just one to two cases of thyroid cancers in a million Japanese children but now Fukushima has more than 100 confirmed or suspected cases, having tested about 300,000 children.

1/500,000 now 1/3000 ( morbidly that's a factor of 166.6 times )
this one just kills me ;

Ms Muto wanted to move her family out of Fukushima city but she said she could not afford to. "...we used to live off the local produce given to us by relatives and friends now I buy food from other prefectures of Japan," she said. "It's more expensive so I'm stuck here."

posted on Mar, 11 2015 @ 03:10 PM
ANd speaking of the MSM from Silverlok above....

News Coverage of Fukushima Disaster Found Lacking
American University sociologist’s new research finds few reports identified health risks to public

Released: 11-Mar-2015 9:05 AM EDT
Source Newsroom: American University
more news from this source
Contact Information
Available for logged-in reporters only
Newswise — Four years after the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, the disaster no longer dominates U.S. news headlines, though the disabled plant continues to pour three tons of radioactive water into the ocean each day. Homes, schools and businesses in the Japanese prefecture are uninhabitable, and will likely be so forever. Yet the U.S. media has dropped the story while public risks remain.

More at the link.....

posted on Mar, 11 2015 @ 03:23 PM

originally posted by: matadoor
a reply to: Purplechive

My guess is, there will end up being 15 different threads due to length of the thread before we know any real truth behind this disaster.

But, that's just speculation on my part.

Saddly perhaps , but this thread is pretty well buried off the beaten path . On the ATS search engine it does not show up near the top when one searches for 'Fukushima', in fact I had to find it by entering in 'daichi' as my search term, and it's a shame because currently this is my second from the top google search of fukushima (the first is a daily beast piece , "How the Earth Is Reclaiming Fukushima, the Ninth Ward, and Staten Island" ) : In Fukushima's shadow: A Japan of 'great gifts' With the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II and on the fourth anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, a Japanese-American writer talks about Japan, the West, responsibility, history, and fun.

edit: good to see everybody and thank all of you for for sticking with this , though I wish we could side step the curse , " may you live in interesting times " .

and here is my anniversary thought:
What the movies get horribly wrong is that if the zombie apocalypse actually happened then all of the worlds nuclear reactors and pools would suddenly be unmanned and un-attended, meaning that shortly they would pop and burn everywhere. matter what everyone would eventually die or mutate horribly , but on the plus side the veiw of the radioactive zombies shuffling and glowing blue in amidst the burning cooling towers in the early evening would be quite a sight indeed.
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posted on Mar, 11 2015 @ 04:15 PM
a reply to: Silverlok

Just want to let you know, that I subscibed to this thread when this incident occured. And when I see activity, I read what has been posted.

This is a matter that should not be swept under the rug for anyone living on this planet.

There are alot of us that care, and rely on this thread to keep us informed.

You guys are doing a great job. Please keep up the good work.

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posted on Mar, 11 2015 @ 04:38 PM
Every year National Geographic shows 'I Witness: Japan' on March 11 to honor the victims of the disaster EXCEPT for this year. I've been looking for it so I can record it on DVD ( I switched cable networks) How disappointing that it is no longer a priority to show what happened to these poor people!

It scares me to think Japan can get another large quake in that area. What will happen to these damaged plants, even if all the spent fuel rods were removed from unit 3? (If that has even really happened)

I may not be able to add much to this thread but I read it every day. Please keep this thread going!
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posted on Mar, 11 2015 @ 04:59 PM

" March 10, 2015 -Tokyo Electric Power Company reported to the Nuclear Regulatory Authority today that approximately 750 tons of rainwater containing Strontium90 may have seeped into the ground around the "H4" tank area."

" As the company analyzed rainwater within the outer dyke, gross beta levels, which is the total amount of nuclides emitting beta rays such as Strontium90 ranged from 150 to 8,300 Bequerels per liter."

750 tonnes of rainwater with 8300 bq/litre of beta. Either the rain is death, or there's a leak, or there's a lot of # being washed around by the rain in the area of the storage tanks. BS meter on max.

Happy anniversary fukufriends.

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posted on Mar, 11 2015 @ 08:48 PM

posted on Mar, 12 2015 @ 09:09 AM
Can't really post any of this here, so just the link, but some of these photos will bring tears to your eyes.


posted on Mar, 12 2015 @ 09:26 AM
Another news story that you don't see on the MSM.

"After 4 years, Fukushima nuclear cleanup remains daunting, vast
Mar 11, 2015 Julie Makinen, Los Angeles Times
MINAMISOMA, Japan -- Neon pink and yellow banners flutter along the roadsides, their gentle flapping breaking an eerie stillness. The houses here are shut tight, the streets are nearly deserted, the fields that once sprouted rice, tomatoes and cucumbers are fallow.

Shigeo Karimata dons a hard hat and a mask and prepares to get out of his car.

"Some people say, 'Oh, it looks like a festival!'" says the avuncular 62-year-old Environment Ministry worker. "Then they see the writing on the flags: 'Decontamination Work in Progress.'"

More at the link......


posted on Mar, 12 2015 @ 09:33 AM

originally posted by: Purplechive
Unit 1 Corium "Breathing Again" and Interesting Water Leak

A steady rise this time. The other times it had peaked by now and started going back down. And 2 is making a similar rise though only a fraction of what 1 is doing. But the fact that 2 is reacting to a similar stimulus is interesting too.

1 has now gone up 10C in a week plus.

posted on Mar, 12 2015 @ 09:42 AM
a reply to: Silverlok

Silverlok, excellent, good to see you back. Your expertise is much needed. Fukushima has only just started to play its hand and I think we are in for some surprises in the near future.

And the situation on the westcoast has now entered an absolute emergency condition yet our government is refusing to take it serious, looking at each species as it goes belly up in an isolated fashion, always looking for that mysterious disease that must be the problem, and ignoring as best they can both radiation and acidification as a one two punch killing sea life en masse. Its incredibly sad to see seals, starfish and other sea life constantly washing ashore, looking like they have been squeezed of all life.

I hope you stick around Sl as Fukushima is the gift that keeps on giving, and giving, and giving, and......

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