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My Eleventy First Birthday, Tomorrow!?

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posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 07:46 AM
Ha this is weird.

I recently discovered a musical scale. It just so happens that the 111th note is 201326592Hz.

This could be seen as the year, 2013, the month, 9, and the day, 6. The number 252 around the 6 and 9 being a tenth of the smallest number that all digits 1-10 divide into perfectly. You may also see the number another way, the year, and the number 26592, which I see as the number 6, the number of a Man, nestled within a tenth of the Long count number 25920.

There are 106 Octaves (my name comes to 618 in Gematria...) in the scale from the start of the whole number notes, 48Hz (48 being the house number I lived in as a child) to the 111th note, 201326592Hz*.
*Adding the digits in this number gives 30, the number of the house I live at now.

From the first note, counting five notes along, the frequency is doubled. The scale I play on my ten-string King David Kinnor is listed below.


Here are a couple of videos so you can hear it.

I continued the scale, the full list is below:
(The starred ones are the octaves that surround the scale, and stem from the frequency representative of the Divine Female and my Soulmate, 192Hz)

111. 201326592Hz*
110. 182452224Hz
109. 150994944Hz
108. 138412032Hz
107. 113246208Hz
106. 100663296Hz*
105. 91226112Hz
104. 75497472Hz
103. 69206016Hz
102. 56623104Hz
101. 50331648Hz*
100. 45613056Hz
99. 37748736Hz
98. 34603008Hz
97. 28311552Hz
96. 25165824Hz*
95. 22806528Hz
94. 18874368Hz
93. 17301504Hz
92. 14155776Hz
91. 12582912Hz*
90. 11403264Hz
89. 9437184Hz
88. 8650752Hz
87. 7077888Hz
86. 6291456Hz*
85. 5701632Hz
84. 4718592Hz
83. 4325376Hz
82. 3538944Hz
81. 3145728Hz*
80. 2850816Hz
79. 2359296Hz
78. 2162688Hz
77. 1769472Hz
76. 1572864Hz*
75. 1425408Hz
74. 1179648Hz
73. 1081344Hz
72. 884736Hz
71. 786432Hz*
70. 712704Hz
69. 589824Hz
68. 540672Hz
67. 442368Hz
66. 393216Hz*
65. 356352Hz
64. 294912Hz
63. 270336Hz
62. 221184Hz
61. 196608Hz*
60. 178176Hz
59. 147456Hz
58. 135168Hz
57. 110592Hz
56. 98304Hz*
55. 89088Hz
54. 73728Hz
53. 67584Hz
52. 55296Hz
51. 49152Hz*
50. 44544Hz
49. 36864Hz
48. 33792Hz
47. 27648Hz
46. 24576Hz*
45. 22272Hz
44. 18432Hz
43. 16896Hz
42. 13824Hz
41. 12288Hz*
40. 11136Hz
39. 9216Hz
38. 8448Hz
37. 6912Hz
36. 6144Hz*
35. 5568Hz
34. 4608Hz
33. 4224Hz
32. 3456Hz
31. 3072Hz*
30. 2784Hz
29. 2304Hz
28. 2112Hz
27. 1728Hz
26. 1536Hz*
25. 1392Hz
24. 1152Hz
23. 1056Hz
22. 864Hz
21. 768Hz*
20. 696Hz
19. 576Hz
18. 528Hz
17. 432Hz
16. 384Hz*
15. 348Hz
14. 288Hz
13. 264Hz
12. 216Hz
11. 192Hz*
10. 174Hz
9. 144Hz
8. 132Hz
7. 108Hz
6. 96Hz*
5. 87Hz
4. 72Hz
3. 66Hz
2. 54Hz
1. 48Hz*

Frequencies 78 and 87 are interesting too. Think of 8 as symbolising this World, 7 as Ascension, and look at what the frequencies are!! I see myself as standing one foot on each number. Iamahumandoing comes to 780 in Gematria, as does Rosie, 396, plus Olly, 384, my two cats (and I didn't even name them).

Some of you have noticed how important these frequencies and numbers are already, thank you.

For anyone that's new to music, all I would say is don't fret. Music joke, sorry... If you buy a Lyre and tune the strings to the frequencies I have posted here, you will be able to instantly play beautiful melodies. What's even more odd, is that you can use a simple ratio of my scale to create another scale, that will also be perfectly in tune... I've tried ones based on 3:2, 5:3, 5:4 and 4:3.

So, to the title of the thread...

I've punctured our reality with this scale. The first book given to me was by my Earthly Father, and you guessed it, it was The Lord of The Rings (and yes, I am a short arse, 5'7"/170cm, with a big head, 24", but at least my feet aren't hairy). My life is on a wing (Wigan my hometown) and a prayer. My prayer was to help Jesus by becoming Him in my next life. That I have achieved (please see some of my previous threads that explain how this came about).

I'm just a man, but I've realised my potential.

I looked at the 111th note of my scale and divided it by the number that represents the eternal aspects of my soulmate, 3.

201326592 divided by 3,



In numbers you have 6, the number of a Man (hopefully me). 7, the symbol of Ascension. 108, the radius of The Moon, and 864, the diameter of The Sun...

Put another way,

In striving for the stars I reached the heart of The Moon, and as such, I became destined for The Sun.

Thank You

Ps. I was born into this body on February 8th 1985, Nirvana Day, if you're Buddhist. That makes me 28 years old. If you count the segments that make up your fingers and thumbs you'll see how this all relates to my life's work and experiences and how it could only be brought together in exactly this way, right here, right now.

Even the number of my soulmate's name, 666, added to my new number, 864, comes to 1530... Eyes and ears, please open!
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posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 07:55 AM
Love the instrument.

Happy B day to you....and many more.


posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 07:59 AM
reply to post by iamahumandoing
Wishing you a happy and safe yet interesting eleventy first birthday.

No need to explain it again I got it completely clear in my head the first time I read it.

I still may reread it and see how logical it all works out to be.

Again have an interesting day,

posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 08:09 AM

Not sure.

Either way have a great birthday.

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