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McCain, the Chief War Monger, Abandons Obama

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posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 11:54 AM
reply to post by Willtell

McCain is a rabid dog that needs put down. Obama is a genetically defunct mulatto who, through is ignorance and breeding, plays the part of the old (NWO) regime's puppet. Both, are sick and twisted, poor examples of the human race. Vile scum as viewed by the entire world. Pathetic....

posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 12:06 PM

Originally posted by TheIntellectualDom

Some people have had such disturbed childhoods and such a lack of love or normacly. We see that in Exhibit 1 Mc Cain, Bush, Obama, Netanyahoo. Unfortunately most of these diseased individuals have become elected "officials." How we let that happen is our fault and will be corrected. Their need for blood makes you wonder if the only food they eat is human beings. Absolutely serious.

I thought perhaps Israel just killed the last Palestinian family and they need more "food" so the sickos went for Syrian sabbath supper. If you love money, you're greedy. If you love killing you're a sick, madman that needs to be caged or euthanized to prevent further threat to safety of society.

There really is no other reasonable, valid explanation for the constanst bloodthirst.

They exhibit extremely abnormal, psychological symptoms and actions typical of extremely violent childhoods and parental abuse. It should've been addressed decades ago. Now we get to watch their disturbing blood shed on us normal, hardworking civilians be it whatever range of melanin they were born with. Race is an irrelevant platform. The situation is serial killers on the loose with lots of weapons. At least Mc Cain is admitting indirectly and proving his buddies like the preferred meal of human meat with a side of dead kids. Why else? They all have billions of dollars and multiple homes and cars. It's not like they're short on cash. Why blood? Is it their favorite drink? The elite wine? Perhaps another days discussion.

There are two types of humans in the world, good or bad. Angelic or demonic. Unfortunately we now see which type has been running our country into the ground.

Best of luck to everyone who's in the good category.

Exactly ,,,, see my post on O being a narcissist

posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 12:17 PM
reply to post by buster2010

"Israel doesn't want peace anyone that thinks they do is a fool. Israel announcing new settlements on the eve of the peace talks just showed how much they want peace"


Take a look at any maps showing the methodical erosion of Palestinian territory being converted over to Israel by military means over the decades, and its easy to see Israel's desire for "Peace" is the slow eradication of Palestinian territory.

posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 03:23 PM
Does anyone know how the story of McCain posing with the Syrian rebels a few months ago panned out? two of those in the picture were deemed to be terrorist kidnappers at the time. Or did the whole story disappear.

I would say McCain is raging because without 'boots on the ground' there is no chance of a Blackwater type operation getting to do any restructuring in the aftermath. Anyway Putin and China already have been given that priviledge.
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posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 05:09 PM
reply to post by smurfy


that photo legit? sure looks very bad.

people get senile and gullible with age. just saying.

posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 05:17 PM
reply to post by stormdancer777

See this link for a possible explanation of why they are behaving the way they are.

posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 10:27 PM
McCain's clearly a certifiable basket case!

But he was a serious candidate for president!

Oh man!

posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 01:11 AM
reply to post by BobM88

Maybe mad cow disease?

Im not sure- but a lot of these people need to be relieved from duty.

posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 01:28 AM
reply to post by smurfy

The guy on the left of McCain is talked about in this story...

U.S.-Backed Syrian Rebel Commander: ‘Israel Is An Enemy Country;’ Assad and Hizballah 'Israeli Collaborators’

And McCain and Obama both want Americans to support these psychos.

posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 04:14 AM
reply to post by xuenchen

This is the part of this mess I don't get. The article you refer to spells it out clearly, the FSA rebels are opposed to Israel and the West.

McCain and his ilk are supporters of Israel, so why in god's name are they supporting the enemies of Israel.

I'm no supporter of Israel and yet I am not in favour of supporting the FSA rebels .... it's all messed up.

Does McCain think that if he installs terrorists to run Syria and other places that he will be able to control them.

I was laughing at the BBC news last night. They interviewed a senior officer in Afghanistan as the British Army evacuated Bagram. The Officer said he was pleased with progress made in the area, but the piece went on to say that it took the crews several hours to travel the 20 miles to the airport because of all the IED's and snipers they had to negotiate. Not my idea of success.

Its as if there is another agenda which we are not being told about. One possibility is to bring about the end of the UN and the Security Council. The reason being that Palestine is close to becoming a member and using it against Israel. Could all this chaos be a ruse to prevent the coming storm against Israel. We shall see. The UN has become an obstacle to the Wests progress in the ME. If they can make it look useless they can shut it down.
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posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 02:03 PM
reply to post by smurfy

That picture is a gem

you need to circulate that one more often, people needs to know what our tax dollars are supporting when just a few years back we were declaring a "war on terror" and having our American soldiers dying in the name of fighting terrorist in the middle east.

What a joke and a slap in the faces of our American heroes and their families.

posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 04:35 PM

Originally posted by HanzHenry
reply to post by smurfy


that photo legit? sure looks very bad.

people get senile and gullible with age. just saying.

The picture/s, (there are more in the same scenario) are legit. And yes it is fair to be the Devil's, so in the next post or two I'll post an analysis for the rationale as to how McCain ended up in Syria, by Phil Greaves.
What you do with the contents, is your game, as there is a need to cross reference just about everything said.
Where it says in the text, (my emphasis) is by the writer, not me. I dare say the emphasis won't show anyway.

Phil Greaves is a UK based writer/analyst, focusing on UK/US Foreign Policy and conflict analysis in the Middle East post WWII.

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posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 04:44 PM

Originally posted by smurfy

Originally posted by HanzHenry
reply to post by smurfy


that photo legit? sure looks very bad.

people get senile and gullible with age. just saying.

The picture/s, (there are more in the same scenario) are legit.

In the next post or two I'll post an analysis for the rationale as to how McCain ended up in Syria, by Phil Greaves.
What you do with the contents, is your game, as there is a need to cross reference just about everything said.


The recent furore surrounding US senator John McCain’s illegal trip inside Syria, and the supposed ‘rebels’ he was seen posing with alongside Supreme Military Council (SMC) Chief Salim Idriss, have shed further light on what appears to be another corrupt ‘NGO’ enterprise.

After the worldwide publication of the photographs, McCain was quick to try to dispel rumours that the Syrian ‘rebels’ were the very people responsible for the kidnapping of 11 Lebanese pilgrims inside Syria, who still remain in captivity to this day. Contrary to McCain’s – and his media apologists – desperate attempts to refute the claims; many reports suggested it was indeed the kidnappers he was seen posing with. Furthermore, in one report in Lebanon’s Al Akhbar, it is claimed McCain even went so far as to ask the kidnappers to hold some of the captive pilgrims, as they are suspected members of Hezbollah. According to a source who had previously been in contact with the kidnappers, McCain was allegedly there “to obstruct the efforts… to secure the release of the hostages.” Lebanon’s the Daily Star also reported on the “crossing of paths” between McCain, Mohammad Nour and Ammar Al-Dadikhi (a.k.a. Abu Ibrahim), who are members of ‘rebel’ group the Northern Storm; alleged to be holding the 11 Lebanese pilgrims.

In a report by Josh Rogin of the Daily Beast, it is claimed the ‘rebels’ McCain was seen posing with were not those responsible for the kidnapping, stating: (my emphasis)

The man said to be Nour by the Lebanese press never identified himself to McCain or to anyone else and that man was not inside McCain’s meeting with the rebels, two American NGO workers who were there on the scene told The Daily Beast on Thursday.

The first of these American ‘NGO’ workers responsible for setting up the McCain meeting and illegal trip into Syria is one Mouaz Moustafa, who is named as the Executive Director of ‘non-profit’ organisation the ‘Syrian Emergency Task Force.’ (SETF). Moustafa has previously worked as a staffer at the US House of Congress and Senate. He was also an ‘activist’ during the US/NATO- led illegal war in Libya and overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi. Moustafa is listed as an ‘expert’ at the Wasington Institute for Near East Policy, (WINEP), the sub-branch of the huge Israeli lobby: the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee AIPAC; which regularly lobbies for US militarism and ‘intervention’ in the Middle East to uphold Israeli ‘interests’.

Moustafa, in his ‘expert’ role, has also recently addressed a WINEP conference on the Syrian conflict. (since these suspicious links were highlighted by an investigative reporter they have been removed from WINEP’s website.) Anyone with a passing knowledge of Israeli/Syrian relations and the power and influence these lobbying groups hold in Washington and within corporate US media, knows these affiliations are dubious to say the least. In a report by investigative journalist Maidhc Ó Cathail on the Passionate Attachment blog, it is also revealed:
Even more intriguingly, one of the web addresses for Moustafa’s nonprofit is “” The “” URL belongs to the Torah Academy of Boca Raton, Florida whose academic goals notably include “inspiring a love and commitment to Eretz Yisroel.”

The second ‘NGO’ worker quoted in the Daily Beast is one Elizabeth Obagy, named as Political Director of the same ‘NGO’ the SETF. The name Elizabeth Obagy immediately rang alarm bell’s. Obagy is also a “Syria analyst” at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW). The ISW in its mission statement describes itself as: (my emphasis)........

posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 04:52 PM
reply to post by HanzHenry

Part 2.

The Institute for the Study of War advances an informed understanding of military affairs through reliable research, trusted analysis, and innovative education. We are committed to improving the nation’s [the US] ability to execute military operations and respond to emerging threats in order to achieve U.S. strategic objectives. ISW is a non-partisan, non-profit, public policy research organization.

Upon reading ISW’s Board of Directors and donors from their 2011 annual report, it becomes rather obvious as to what the ISW is designed for and whose ‘objectives’ it is designed to propagate. A quick glance of the ISW’s main donors for 2011 is telling; the list of military (defense) contractor’s donors include:

General Dynamics, (General Dynamics is a market leader in business aviation; land and expeditionary combat vehicles and systems, armaments, and munitions; shipbuilding and marine systems; and mission-critical information systems and technology.) CACI, (CACI provides information solutions and services in support of national security missions and government transformation for Intelligence, Defense, and Federal Civilian clients. A member of the Fortune 1000 Largest Companies and the Russell 2000 Index, CACI provides dynamic careers for approximately 15,000 employees working in over 120 offices worldwide.)

DynCorp International, (DynCorp International is a global government services provider in support of U.S. national security and foreign policy objectives, delivering support solutions for defense, diplomacy, and international development.)

Palantir,(Our products are built for real analysis with a focus on security, scalability, ease of use and collaboration. They are broadly deployed in the intelligence, defense, law enforcement and financial communities.)

Northrop Grumman, (Northrop Grumman is a leading global security company providing innovative systems, products and solutions in unmanned systems, cybersecurity, C4ISR, and logistics and modernization to government and commercial customers worldwide.)

These companies represent just a few of the huge US corporate military contractors, ranging from hardware and logistics, to telecommunications and intelligence software that are primary donors of the ISW. The ISW describes its Corporate affiliations as a “Corporate Council”: (my emphasis)

Many of America’s top corporations are members of ISW’s Corporate Council. Corporate Council members believe that an advanced understanding of military issues results in significantly better national security policy. They recognize the relevance, accuracy, and impact of ISW’s research and analysis. Corporate Council members receive a number of benefits, including exclusive briefings with ISW’s leadership, advance publications, access to our network, tailored analysis, increased corporate visibility, and invitations to exclusive events and discussions with national security leaders.

So the ISW is providing “tailored analysis” for its Corporate clients, and also provides “exclusive briefings with ISW leadership”. Does this sound like a ‘non-profit’ organisation? Does providing “tailored analysis” for military contractors include raising the ‘need’ for such equipment and contracts? And do military contractors make money in any other way than profiting from war? One would find it difficult to put these things together and not see a conflict of interest from this alleged ‘objective’ research NGO.

The board of Directors at the ISW is also somewhat telling as to its political and corporate affiliations, some of the distinguished board members include such humanitarian adherents as founder of ISW Kimberly Kagan (Supported US ‘surge in Iraq, husband is resident scholar at Neo-Con ‘think-tank’ the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), brother is the husband to State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland) Liz Cheney, (daughter of war-criminal Dick) and leading Neo-Con mouthpiece and US militarist William Krystol, who all sit alongside many fellow US-militarism proponents, retired US Army Generals, and policy planners.

It seems that at least one of the organisers for McCains trip: Elizabeth Obagy, named as a “Political Director” of the Syrian Emergency Task Force, is also a “Syria specialist” at what appears to be a Neo-Con led US ‘NGO’ that propagates US militarism on behalf of huge military contractors and ‘defense’ corporations. So why would Liz Obagy be organising illegal trips for US Senator John McCain into Syria in her role as “political director” at the SETF, whilst also claiming to offer ‘balanced’, ‘neutral’ and ‘objective analysis’ on the Syrian conflict? One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to realise there is a massive conflict of interest here. When approached on Twitter, Moustafa of the SETF, which is based in Washington DC, claimed their funding comes from American Syrian doctors and expatriate donors. The mission statement of the SETF is as follows: (my emphasis)

To organize, mobilize and empower the Syrian American community, and our partners in order to play a positive role in public policy regarding Syria and the Middle East, supporting the democratic aspirations of the Syrian people, improving the lives of average Syrian people, strengthening the rule of law, and helping in transitioning Syria into a viable, inclusive, diverse, democratic state.

Without delving too far into Moustafa’s ties to the US Government through his previous work experience and former ‘activist’ work; it becomes clear that his current duties are at the behest of the US State Department. In a recent press release the SETF personally thanked the State Department: (my emphasis)

Washington, DC–The Syrian Emergency Task Force would like to thank all those involved in making Senator McCain’s trip to Gaziantep and to Syria a success, particularly the U.S. Department of State….It was a pleasure working with the Department of State in ensuring that the Senator’s visit went safely and flawlessly,” said SETF Executive Director Mouaz Moustafa.

Employing “political Directors”, that are affiliated with Neo-Con, and military contractor funded ‘NGO’ the Institute for the Study of War, seems somewhat contradictory to “improving the lives of average Syrian people”, and “supporting democratic aspirations” in the Middle East. Has it occurred to Moustafa and Obagy, that the vast majority of Syrian people want nothing to do with war criminals and pushers of all things US/Israeli militarism under the guise of “freedom and democracy”? One thinks this is out of the equation, and Moustafa’s ‘Syrian Emergency Task Force’ outfit is nothing more than a State Department/Neo-Con/Israel lobby initiated, propaganda outfit.

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