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Tornado hits Togichi prefecture

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posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 08:27 AM
9/4/2013 6:48 AM ETA tornado ripped through a two kilometer stretch of Japan's Tochigi prefecture on Wednesday, damaging houses and vehicles.Japanese media reported that four people were injured in the tornado that slammed the prefecture, north of Tokyo, around 1:00 p.m.Fire officials in Yaita city said the winds damaged nearly 40 houses. About 30 vehicles were knocked over and power supply to more than 500 households cut off. In the neighboring town of Shioya, gusts damaged at least five buildings.The tornado ripped roofs off houses and shattered windows of at least a dozen buildings in Kanuma City, about 30 kilometers from Yaita and Shioya. On Monday, a tornado that hit near Tokyo damaged hundreds of buildings and injured dozens of people.Meanwhile, a powerful storm is moving through southwestern Japan, bringing heavy rain and strong winds.
Weather officials warned of mudslides, overflowing rivers and floods in the affected areas.Japan's Meteorological Agency said severe tropical storm Toraji made landfall in Kagoshima prefecture early on Wednesday. It was moving northeast at around 30 kilometers per hour near Miyazaki prefecture.Gusts of more than 54 kilometers per hour are blowing within a radius of 220 kilometers. Winds of over 100 kilometers per hour were observed at around the time the storm hit land.Rain clouds and moist air were bringing rains over a wide area of western Japan.
More than 80 millimeters of rain per hour was observed on the island of Shikoku.Kagoshima prefecture received more than 250 millimeters of rain between Tuesday and Wednesday, which is above average for the whole month of September. The storm is categorized as the 17th typhoon of the season in Japan.

posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 08:32 AM
So that's a day apart from the other unusual tornadoes,completely opposite where those hit..
Hnnn,I'm sure its all quite normal .Everyone keeps saying so...
But it seems the weather ,as per professionals ,seems kind of.....extreme ...

I'm sure its all a coincidence ..

Japan is being battered by natural disasters today ranging from Tropical Storms, Tornadoes and Earthquakes. Tochigi TornadoA Tornado ripped through a Tochigi an area just north of Tokyo along the northern edges of the Kanto plain around 1PM JST. The Tornado caused roofing to blow off, damaged windows and tossed light items. A primary school also took damage. (Video Above) Four injuries have been reported at this time. Given the amount of damage I would put intensity of this storm at a weak F1. Meanwhile Tropical Storm Toraji made landfall in Southern Kyushu this morning bringing heavy rainfall to the island.  In Kochi, Shikoku in the past 24hrs 421mm of rainfall has been recorded while in one location in Kochi 108mm (4.25in) fell in just a one hour period this morning. 7,000 homes and over 20,000 people across Japan today have been issued evacuation advisories due to the continued flooding and landslide threat. The most recent in Gifu city where 40 homes were quickly evacuated when a hill side started to show signs of sliding. This unstable weather across Japan is a combination factor of now Ex-Tropical Storm Toraji and Cool upper atmospheric air brought in by a deep trough over Japan combined with strong southerly warm moisture flow ahead of the tropical system. This difference in temperatures combined with a large amount of vertical wind shear caused by the trough and the upper level jet have resulted in the right conditions for super cell formation across Japan this week. The image below shows the set up that is in place.

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