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(New to tarot) Want a reading? Tell me why I should!

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posted on Sep, 19 2013 @ 08:23 PM

Is everything ok in the land of OP?

Just curious.

Yes, it is, just busy. Sorry I'm so slow

The good news is, I have yours written down somewhere and as soon as everyone goes to bed I'll post it

posted on Sep, 19 2013 @ 10:01 PM
reply to post by Billie828

Good to hear on both fronts.

Thank you

posted on Sep, 20 2013 @ 10:48 AM
reply to post by Billie828

Hiya Billie,

My sincerest apologies for not having answered you any earlier but i have been away from my keyboard for the last couple of days and in the area where i was i did not have access to wifi...

Many many thanks for your reading for which i will take time to read into in more detail later on this evening as have i need to unpack my bags and chill out with the loved ones...

Kindest respects


posted on Sep, 23 2013 @ 09:35 PM
I can feel it in my bones. Tonight is the night of revelation.

posted on Sep, 24 2013 @ 06:54 PM
reply to post by TheOneElectric

Quite right, too. One evening turned into an unexpected weekend trip, and then.. well, you know how things go. It's probably a good time to mention that I have ADD

For starters, you have a lot of wands, which means there are a lot of changes set to take place.

Cover: 9 of Swords - Your situation right now isn't all that great, with disappointment, despair, delay, and maybe even death. (hehe, those all started with D!)

Obstacle: 6 of Wands Reversed - This card has two meanings. On one hand it's apprehension and fear, and on the other it's treachery and disloyalty. You mustn't let past failures and those around you affect the dream you chase. It's too important for that.

Above: Temperance - Economy, moderation, frugality, and management. The best case scenario is a balanced budget, maybe even some profit, while still chasing your dream (as if we didn't already know that).

Below: Knight of Pentacles - Utility, interest, rectitude, and responsibility are all things you have in your power. Perhaps this is to say that you'd be good at meeting deadlines?

Behind: Page of Wands - Dark young man, envoy, favorable testimony.

Before: Page of Swords Reversed - Evil in authority; spying and vigilance. Be careful to guard your manuscripts closely. Also a state of unpreparedness and the unforeseen, such as sudden sickness or due to lack of intelligence on the other party.

Your Attitude in the Matter: 9 of Wands - Strength in opposition, especially delay. Hang in there.

Your House/Peers: The Emperor Reversed - Benevolence, compassion, credit. Also confusion to enemies, obstruction, and immaturity.

Your Fears: Ace of Cups Reversed - False heart, mutation, instability, revolution.

Outcome: Queen of Wands Reversed - Good, economical, obliging, serviceable. Also opposition, jealousy, deceit, infidelity.

So the answer is this: Your outcome is a good one, but with it will come people who hate you, as success always does. I wish you luck and hope you decide to pursue that writing career

posted on Sep, 24 2013 @ 08:02 PM
Hi Billy.

Ithink this is a great idea and I would love to be a part of it.

My hair is a medium ash brown and my eyes are blue.

My number woul;d be 7

Should I stay in my current situation or leave, where would I be safest?

I would love any advice or help. I think you should choose me because there is a lot going on in my life and I believe I am at a crossroad in life and that the cards would be very interesting. I cannot work out where the biggest dangers in life are. I know there is danger but I don't know what to do and any help would be really very much appreciated.

My friends would describe me as deep, clumsy, generous, worried, forgetful.

I look forward to your possible reply.
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posted on Sep, 25 2013 @ 01:43 PM
reply to post by Billie828

Haha, I will definitely comment on this laterter tonight. That was pretty good.
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posted on Sep, 26 2013 @ 09:45 AM
reply to post by Billie828

2.I require four things to know about you:
A) Hair and eye color. Hazel eyes, light brown/blond
B) A number to cut the deck at, between 1 and 78. 51 please
C) A question (e.g. should I marry my current lover?). Will best friend and I ever move towards a real relationship? (strong attraction, have taken care of each others needs but more like a friends with benefits situation right now due to distance)

D) A reason why I should. I have reached a point in my life where I am starting a new chapter! I am currently a single Mom of three wonderful children. Almost divorced. It took so much courage to end things with my husband. I had to get a protection order and have him evicted from the house. It has been a year and so far life seems to be on an upswing for me! Looking back on my marriage, I don't think it ever fulfilled the traditional sense of marriage. I was a co-dependent who took care of her spouse. I worked fulltime (still do), held his hand, made life easier for him yet I never once put myself first. I wish my spouse the best in life. He has NOT seen the kids in over a year. He did not show up for the custody hearing but I structured it anyway so in the future we can reintroduce him to them. He is on probation currently for violated the protection order and entering my house. He also has addictions.

My current best friend (known for 14 years)well he has been amazing. . I know at this point, I need to heal from past emotional abuse and feel secure in myself before I date again. It has been over a year that my husband and I have been with no contact except in front of a judge. I guess I want to move forward in my life. I am happy! I hope the bumps in the road are few and far between. So yes I would appreciate it if you could take the time out of your day for me

posted on Oct, 13 2013 @ 07:31 PM

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posted on Oct, 13 2013 @ 07:36 PM
reply to post by Billie828

If you have time and are still doing readings, I'm fascinated by them and would love one.

1)Red hair and blue eyes
2)Cut at 11
3)Will my unborn child be special in some way because I and the child (already) has so many associations with the number 11? Also, if I can ask a related question, is it a boy or girl?
4)There is no reason a person should do anything for another person unless it benefits themself in a social, physical, or emotional way, biologically and theoretically speaking. So, if doing a reading for me helps you, then move forward. If not, then I wish you all the best anyway for making the offer.
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