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ISON-The Elephant In The Room

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posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 10:01 AM

50 000 km wide

posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 10:04 AM
reply to post by WhoDat09

That was one of my favorite 80's movie. loved that movie.

posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 10:15 AM

Originally posted by Phage
reply to post by Dustytoad

I would have to look at a more organized OP comparing disease outbreak and disasters to comet arrivals to know what I really think about it.

Good attitude.
Along with "arrivals" it might be good to try to determine if the Earth passed through the dust tail of the comet around the time of the plagues. That would help in figuring out if the correlation may have implied causation.

to me's the space debris that exploded above Russia some months ago, that I worry about....not a single warning from our illustrious space watchers. if that had a ton or two more mass it would have been regionally catastrophic

posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 10:56 AM
reply to post by CONEDESTROYA

I saw a small doco about a meteor fall in India, and the locals claimed that the rain was like blood immediately after the event.

The doco was about a couple of scientists who had a theory that life came to earth via meteors and comets, and were looking for evidence of organic, and especially biological matter in the meteor debris.

So, there is some non superstitious basis for thinking that comets or even meteors may bring plagues.

posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 11:05 AM
call it coincidence..

but it's orbit has a spooky relation to planet x of the annunaki as presented by zacheria stitchin

then it's passing so close to both mars earth and venus

came out around the sun 2 weeks early by last reports. question whether it sped up does that change the distance it will be from earth as originally calculated? nearer or closer? questions i dunno. it's coming soon enough so. just wait it out.

posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 11:12 AM
reply to post by filledcup

look at it.. 0_0
taken in January
15 arc-seconds = 50000 km at that magnitude
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posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 11:31 AM

Originally posted by caitlinfae
reply to post by Phage

It's not what you say, but how you say have a tendency to be very abrupt and issue one or two word replies to specific points...probably what you say would sound fine in a verbal conversation, but on a cold computer screen, it's really harsh.

When people spout BS and believe every youtube nutjob video about this kind of subject harsh words are in order

posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 11:39 AM
reply to post by wmd_2008

You are right about not believing everything on youtube and other bs, however, you must be able to admite that a certain amount of 'official' information is also bs and hence large pinches of salt are required no matter what you read or especially, are told to believe.

posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 11:59 AM
It's an interesting theory and at the end of the day the OP has posted in the Grey area so people need to be a bit more reasonable in their responses. Comets have always had a major impact in history such as at the battle of Hastings. They have changed history, for better or for worse. Thanks for the subject OP has got me thinking

posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 03:56 PM

Originally posted by Helious
As much as is wrong with the world, right now.... Today. If a comet were to come along and hit the reset button on this Earth as we know it, it could be the best chance humanity has to survive.

We are a wicked breed. We cherish power over wisdom, we lust for wealth instead of growth and we accept violence because well, peace is just too hard.

Whatever happens to us, we have it coming.

Yeah, because complete anarchy and unbridled lawlessness without fear of punishment is just what this world needs.

In case you didn't realize it, that is exactly what would happen if some comet were to pop on by and press the 'reset' button.

posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 04:23 PM
reply to post by Phage

But in reviewing my posts I don't see anything particularly mean, except maybe my reply to Helious. But was it really that bad considering what was posted?

I didn't find your post mean but then again, I have pretty thick skin. I wish my post would have been lighter hearted but honestly when I look at the world around me, in 2013, it's very hard to see how we have grown as a species since the dark ages. We continue to kill to each other for petty reasons on epic scales. Dress all the worlds government's in Catholic garb and I'd wager to say, we are just as barbaric, backwards and destructive as we ever were.

posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 04:38 PM
Coincidence or not but I work in the Health Industry here in Iowa & we got an email this morning from the gov't about preparedness:

For Immediate Release Sept. 4, 2013
September is Preparedness Month in Iowa
Iowans urged to tackle preparedness
Des Moines – Governor Terry E. Branstad has proclaimed September as Preparedness Month in Iowa.
“We know disasters can and do happen in our state and that is why I have proclaimed September as Preparedness Month in Iowa,” said Branstad. “I am asking Iowans to take steps now to prepare themselves, their families, their places of business, and their communities for any emergency.”
This year’s Preparedness Month theme is “Let’s Tackle Preparedness.” Oskaloosa native Tyler Sash, former Hawkeye and safety for the New York Giants, is helping to raise awareness of the importance of emergency preparedness.
“To be a winner in football, you have to be ready for the game. For me, that means knowing the game plan, wearing my football gear and always being aware of what’s happening on the field,” said Sash. “For you, that means making an emergency plan, building an emergency kit and being aware of the hazards that can impact you. By taking those three simple steps, you’ll be ready to tackle preparedness.”
Sash is featured in public service announcements highlighting the importance of emergency preparedness. The public service announcements, along with other Preparedness Month materials and information, is available at
Preparedness Month is sponsored by the Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management Department (HSEMD), the Safeguard Iowa Partnership (SIP) and the Iowa Emergency Management Association (IEMA).
During Preparedness Month, HSEMD, SIP and IEMA are urging Iowans to take simple steps to ensure they and their families are prepared. Individuals who take the Tackle Preparedness Pledge will be eligible to win prizes signed by Sash. Businesses statewide are also being encouraged to participate in activities that will increase the preparedness of their employees and their workplace.
Citizens and businesses can take the Tackle Preparedness Pledge and get preparedness information at Preparedness Month information can also be found on Facebook (, Twitter (@tklpreparedness) and Instagram ( Hash tags #IAPM and #tklpreparedness.
“I’m happy to help spread the word about the importance of being prepared for emergencies and disasters,” Sash said. “I urge all Iowans to take this opportunity to tackle preparedness in their homes and places of business.”
Iowa’s Preparedness Month is held in conjunction with National Preparedness Month, which was created by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in response to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in an effort to educate the public on how to prepare for emergencies.
For more information on Preparedness Month sponsors, visit:
Iowa Emergency Management Association,
Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management,
Safeguard Iowa Partnership,

posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 04:40 PM
reply to post by ProfessorChaos

Agreed over the yearson this website I have seen hundreds of people wishing for a reset and for people to go back to the stone age. The idea of millions dying and tinpot dictators forming in every town and city doesnt float my boat to be honest. I would wager a lot of these people would be the first on the spit when the hunger kicked in.

posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 05:00 PM
reply to post by Phage
. I always pay scrupulous heed to threads you comment upon. Your commentary, like a bright torch, pointing to the opposite of your position.

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posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 11:59 PM
This comet is visible now folks, but you need some equipment. I have a legacy Celestron 8, with a NightScape CCD and I can just barely make out a smudge of it. I need at least a 10" and a lot more stability in my mount, but it is there, I just cannot show anyone now because anything I attempt to capture is just crap.

This will not be the case come November into January. I am not an astro-photographer, just a hobbyist, but I will certainly post what I am able to capture. I know that there are so many more amateurs here, with much better equipment, and certainly looking forward to what they have to offer to the rest of ATS. Exciting stuff!

posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 12:31 AM
ison live feed now

posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 12:34 AM
reply to post by HUMBLEONE

Glad to be of service.
So you are currently digging a very deep hole in order to hide from the comet dust I take it?
Because, according to your logic, that is the only reasonable thing to do.

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posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 12:38 AM

Originally posted by CONEDESTROYA
ison live feed now

Very cool. Thanks, (and talk about equipment!)

posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 03:22 AM

Originally posted by purplemonkeydishwasher
reply to post by filledcup

look at it.. 0_0
taken in January
15 arc-seconds = 50000 km at that magnitude
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what can i say. all the scientific information is there.

50000km diameter
13000 year orbit exactly half the 26000 claimed to be of the annunaki planet.
functioning on an eliptical orbit like nibiru is claimed to be
nibiru claimed to house annunaki beings which would hop to earth and back as the planet passed earth
ancient claims of a second sun being a sign and symbol of a new age one year off from 2012
polar shift
weird as weather across the globe
mass fish dying
sky trumpets
sun coronal holes
weakening magnetic field of the sun and extreme changes in environment of the planets across the solar system.

meh i think everyone suspects something is going down. including world governments. we just not too sure how it's going to culminate.

much falls in line with bible prophecy:
1/3rd of sea life dying
world's 3rd largest river turning to blood last year
trumpets from the sky- horsemen of the apocalypse
strange weather in diverse places
wars and rumours of war
and the list goes on

but history records us seeing such signs for centuries. however they are certainly more intense and concentrated now. and this ison fits the description of the planet of the annunaki just a year late from the end of 2012.

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posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 11:44 AM
reply to post by filledcup

Nah...comets leave dust trails and planets do not.

When Comet ISON was discovered (9/21/13), it had a magnitude of +18.8, a magnitude fainter in visibility than the dwarf planet Pluto’s magnitude of +14, which at the time was 32.14 AU from the sun. If Comet ISON was not a comet and actually a planet like Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, or smaller one like Mars, it would have definitely been visible to the naked eye.

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