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The Obsidian Monolith [AAC] - By Shadellac~

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posted on Sep, 3 2013 @ 09:42 PM

The Obsidian Monolith


Shadellac Zumbrum

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posted on Sep, 3 2013 @ 09:43 PM
The atmosphere was thick and hazy with fog as it usually was on a daily basis. The sun was rising and it was evident that the rays were burning the thickness out of the foggy air. Dr. Tanis Burrfoot was rising from his cot for another day full of adventure and discovery as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes he contemplated the day’s game plan.

You see, Dr. Burrfoot was an archaeologist of 30 years. Throughout his adult life he acquired many scholarly degrees in the areas of archaeology and anthropology and is best known for his discovery of the tombs at Alexandreta, which lead to the finding of the Holy Grail. Tanis was never married, as archaeology was his first and only true love, and it was more than obvious in the passion that he showed in both his work as well as his character. For him, it was not about finding such magnificent artifacts, but rather discovering the cultures that were responsible for the manufacturing of such artifacts.

Tall, thin, and muscular was his stature as he had the build of an athlete. The square jawbone that framed his face was his prominent feature and made him recognizable in a crowd as well as his thick bushy eyebrows. His hair was jet black and naturally molded into a cowlick that took little taming because he always had it cut short. The accent of his brown eyes and gracefully aging facial features, adorned by his tan complexion made him the epitome of Tall Dark and Handsome.

As he emerged from his tent he was met with the burnt umber hilly landscape that he had come to call home these past several months. The hills were smooth and flowing like waves on the ocean and the neutral color scheme was so very calming and inviting. Although the view was a thing of great beauty, the sun had already started to raise the temperature to a level that had perspiration building on his brow.

He looked out over the horizon through the hazy fog and he could see the silhouettes of the hills at great distances. He thought to him self, “this view has all of the makings of a beautiful post card”. Leaving that as his thought of the day, he headed to the food tent to get something to eat.

Trekking across the hot sand he could see that everyone else was already at work. The group had been at this location for nearly 8 months now and they had discovered some interesting artifacts from the previous 2 weeks. One of the artifacts was a set of 3 perfectly shaped gold rings that were intertwined with each other. The rings were situated so that if you grabbed each ring and pull them in separate directions they form a triangle.

Another artifact was made out of some type of material that was not easily identifiable as any metal. It was a rod that was about 12 inches long and had a flat, rectangular appendage that was attached to one end and had a shiny, brushed brass texture to it. Within the rectangular appendage, there was a very interesting pattern of squares that were cut out of the piece and the end of the rod was etched with what appeared to be a circle with a vertical line going through it.

The third object was something that has the shape of a tuning fork and was made of a very light metal material whose surface was very smooth and shiny. If you tapped the end of it with your finger it would ring in the same way as a tuning fork. When the frequency was tested, it measured at 330.1775 Hz. That in itself was quite intriguing and what was so fascinating about that discovery is that when applied to musical tones the frequency is exactly dead between a D# and an F. General reasoning would dictate that the tone the fork emitted was an E. That was not the case as in this instance. An E is a frequency of 329.628 Hz and is nowhere near the 300.1775 Hz that the object produced, which calculated to a difference of .55 Hz, when rounded to the nearest hundredth, and is very noticeable to the ear.

After partaking in a somewhat satisfying breakfast, Tanis collected himself and went to find Dr. Frankenheimer. Dr. Earl Hoffininger Frankenheimer was an expert cartographer and held degrees in cartography, and symbology decryption as well as linguistics. He was the one responsible for decrypting the map that lead to the discovery of the tombs at Alexandreta, and was a true genius by nature as his deciphering capabilities had all the makings of a legend. Discovered to be a mathematical prodigy at an early age, he pursued mathematics until he found that knowing formulas was much less challenging than deciphering and decrypting puzzles. At the age of 18 he enlisted in the army during the last war and became well known for his ability to decipher messages that were encrypted by the Enigma machine just by looking at the patterns.

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posted on Sep, 3 2013 @ 09:44 PM
Earl was a fine figurative of a man with a stocky build and a beard that was clearly distinct in every manner possible. His nose was long and thin and made a perfect perch for the round wire rimmed spectacles that framed his rounded face, which gave him the appearance of someone with a higher intelligence. Although he was 20 years younger than Tanis, he had not aged quite as gracefully as was evident in his eyes and the wrinkles in his high forehead that made for a receding hairline. He was not bald by any stretch but had thin brown hair that tapered down to thick bulbous sideburns. His gentle temperament and sharp wit as well as his easygoing attitude leant to his stereotypical Type B personality.

As Dr. Burrfoot was making his approach he heard “Tanis!, We have to discuss this funding on the project for the other equipment I requisitioned last week” Earl said. “What requisitions are those?” replied Tanis. “Good God man! Didn’t you get the memo?”. “We have got to get the new samples analyzed so we don’t overshoot the equatorial maximum” said Earl in a somewhat authoritative tone. “Yes, of course, get what you need, go see Maxine and she will cut you a check”. “I also wanted to talk about my latest findings regarding the object at the center of the map and how it might relate to the artifacts that we have discovered these past weeks” Earl explained.

“Go on” said Tanis in an inquisitive manner. “ I believe the main object on the map is of a rather large size and from what I have deciphered its dimensions are mathematical in nature, furthermore if my calculation is correct the object is exactly 1 royal cubit thick”. Earl continued, “As we know, the royal cubit is an Ancient Egyptian unit of measure that is equivalent to either 52.5 metric centimeters, or 20.66929 inches, and is a standard that was used for thousands of years”. He also added that “After deciphering the symbols in the inscription next to the object, I have found that the width of said object is exactly 64.074799 inches, which when divided by 2 comes to exactly 32.0373995, and while trying to find any relationship to the objects we had found, discovered that 20.66929 multiplied by 55% is exactly 32.0373995 inches”. “That is fascinating!” exclaimed Tanis, and Earl said “Wait, there’s more”. “After following through with the same method on the cipher I was able to calculate the height at 198.6318769 inches, which just happens to be 55% more than the width doubled”.

Standing in shear amazement Tanis was at a loss for words because he knew that the relevance of the 55 had to be more than just a mere coincidence. “Are you certain of your calculations” asked Tanis to which Earl responded in a confident voice “Most Certainly”. “Well, if your calculations are correct then we are going to need to move allot of sand because as you can see there are no large objects sticking out anywhere around here and my math makes it about 16 feet tall” replied Tanis.

“Earl, I’m going down to the excavation site to check on progress there, go over to see Maxine and get that taken care of, then go get the map and whatever equipment you need and meet me down at the site”. Parting ways Earl said “I’ll be down there in about 20 minutes.

As Tanis began on his way he thought about how much equipment they were going to need to remove all of that sand because if the object was really that big there was no way they were going to be able to use shovels to get it cleared out. They were also going to need more manpower. When he arrived at the site everyone was busy laying out the new grid in accordance to Earl’s revised calculations.

A voice from the group asked Tanis, “Do you think Dr. Frankenheimer is having us relocate in the correct spot this time Doctor Burrfoot?”.. Tanis thought for a second and replied “Archaeology is a selfless profession my dear boy, it tests the virtue of patience and offers few rewards, furthermore, I hold great faith in Dr. Frankenheimer’s calculations”.

“Do you think we will find anything as great as what was found at Alexandreta?” asked another man. “We can never be sure what we will find, however I can say for certain that the integrity of the map has been authenticated and validated by several universities, which means that there is a very good chance that we will find Something” Tanis said in an optimistic manner.

Just then a shout came from the area where the other 3 artifacts had been found, “Dr. Burrfoot! Come quick we have found something!”. Excited, Tanis busted @$$ through the hot sand to get over there and see what the commotion was all about and as he approached he could see one of the men holding it. “Is that it he asked” as he tried to gather his breath. “Yes, it is” a voice replied. “Absolutely wonderful!” said Tanis as he continued to try and catch his breath.

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posted on Sep, 3 2013 @ 09:46 PM
“Let me see it, I want to check if it has the same tone”. Tanis grabbed the object hastily and examined it closely as he cleaned the rest of the dust and sand off of it. “That is the second tuning fork we have found doctor, what do you make of it?” said Bill. Tanis tapped the end of the tuning fork with his finger and listened closely to the smooth calming sound waves. “Damn!, definitely not” he exclaimed as he tapped the fork again and listened, “it is not the same tone, but it is fairly close”.

“Bill get this over to Janet and have her test the frequency right away! And the rest of you, you are all doing a Great Job! Now let’s get back to it, Chop! Chop!” Tanis directed in a jocular fashion. Now Tanis was getting excited because of this latest discovery and wondered if they would find any more of these tuning forks, or other objects for that matter, and how this one relates to the one they had found a week ago. He looked at his watch and saw that it was time for Earl to meet him at the excavation site so he strolled on his way merrily through the sand.

When he arrived to the excavation site the men had already laid out the grid completely and had started to dig in the center working their way out. “Don’t be shy Dr. Burrfoot, there are plenty of shovels to go around, help yourself and dig in” said the lead supervisor. “I haven’t shoveled sand in ages, I’m not sure I even remember how” responded Tanis in a smart-alecky way. “You are in luck!” said the supervisor “We offer a 30 second remedial training course for beginners who are a hard case”. “If you don’t get back to work, you’re going to find a case of my boot up your @$$” Tanis conveyed with a grin on his face. “Simmer down good doctor, I was only kidding” said the supervisor. “So was I”, acknowledged Tanis while he gave a wink.

“Doctor, can I talk to you alone for a second” asked the supervisor. “Sure” said Tanis as they walked away from the other men to garner some privacy. “Well sir, the men keep talking” the supervisor said giving a sense that he was concerned. “They are?” Tanis returned, having a good idea where this was going, “Do you believe what they are saying”? “I don’t know what to believe to tell you the truth, legends like this are sometimes true” replied the supervisor in a quivering voice. “What are you afraid of”? Tanis responded jokingly. “Are you not afraid”? Questioned the supervisor. “Afraid?, afraid of what, a seriously bad bed time story with all the makings of an E.T., Close Encounters, and Star Wars Horror Movie”? “Of course not” Tanis replied confidently. “Then I wish us both the best doctor” as the supervisor turned around went back to work.

Tanis realized that the work was starting to spook the help and he had to try to find a way that would be acceptable to them all to alleviate the pressures from the fear. After all he needed his men to be in the best shape possible, physically as well as mentally. Just what he was going to do was still yet to be decided, but it was unlike Tanis to not make the needs of his men a high priority.

Just as he was turning around Earl came into view and said “That’s another fine damn specimen they found Tanis, congratulations”. “For what?” replied Tanis “Standing there and watching?”. “They are the ones who get all of the credit”. “Don’t be so modest old man” Earl said as he motioned over to a tent and headed that way, “follow me Doctor Burrfoot, I have something to show you”.

As Tanis stepped inside the tent he could see the map sprawled out on a table that was illuminated by a large bright beam of light that penetrated an opening at the top of the tent. There was a compass, protractor, ruler, and various other tools setting on either side of the map. Sitting beside the table was an easel displaying a colored diagram of the main object, which was the purpose of their current dig.

The map was fairly large as it measured about 40 inches by 30 inches and was dazzling, colorful and laden with some of the most beautiful glyphs ever discovered by mankind. On the left side of the map there was a set of 10 squares designated with the roman numerals numbered 1 through 10 and outlined one edge on each block with 10 tick marks from one side to the other.

At the bottom left corner of the map there appeared to be something that looked like a declination diagram that was distributed over the top of a grid. The north indicator was marked with a symbol that looked like an upside-down Ankh with a scarab on top of it. The bottom right contained and area of about 6 inches by 9 inches that demonstrated something that was similar to a legend. The graphical symbols that filled the area were very detailed and made a striking use of curves. Blocks of glyphs adorned the map throughout its entirety in a sequential deliberate swirling pattern, and the center of the map was bejeweled with a depiction of a long rectangular object that was emitting light rays in a all directions.

posted on Sep, 3 2013 @ 09:47 PM
“Ah, here we are” said Earl in a positive tone, “Looks like was are going to hit the nail on the head this time Tanis, I have defined the geographical symbols in the legend and can mathematically confirm that the latitude and longitude lines are in complete agreement with our current mapping standards”. “How did you figure that out?” Tanis inquired. “After studying each symbol I discovered that they all had one thing in common and that was the fact that each of the curves on each symbol, aligned with the blocks on the left hand side of the map, displayed Roman Numeral grid coordinates that matched perfectly to the latitude and longitude lines” Earl replied.

“How are you certain that we are in the correct spot this time?” responded Tanis in a challenging fashion. “Well, according to the orientation and scale in the legend, the symbols that make up the location contain curves that formulate a mathematical progression that equates to one digit of the 10 digit grid coordinate” Earl insisted “and furthermore, when those grid coordinates were applied to our current maps I found that they pinpointed almost the exact location where we stand”.

Tanis was now speechless as he looked back and forth between the map and Earl while trying to make sense at how this is possible. He studied the symbols in the legend for a second and then looked back at the Roman Numerated blocks on the left. Still with a look of disbelief in his face he asked, “It can’t be that simple, can it Earl?”
With a scratch in his throat and while wiping the sweat from his forehead Earl said, “It is, I calculated it many times over because I was in disbelief myself Tanis and in fact, I would bet my life on it”. “No doubt you would Dr. Frankenheimer, no doubt you would, and I would too as it seems to be a genuine, one of a kind sure thing”.

As he was finishing his sentence, Tanis could hear the thick European accent and sweet melodic voice of Janet saying “Doctor Burrfoot, where are you?, I have the results of your test”. Through the doorway of the tent Janet emerged carrying a transparent bag that contained the Tuning Fork in one hand and a clipboard in the other. She walked over and placed the bag and its contents on the table as well as the clipboard.

Janet Von Leeuwenhoek was in her mid 30’s and a magnificent specimen of a female. She stood just under 6 feet tall, and had a nice curvy athletic physique that complimented her beautifully tanned facial features. Her long, thick, wavy brunette hair cascaded on to her shoulders and down her back like a marvelous waterfall. She had a smile so bright that you could swear that she had false teeth and brighter than her teeth were those piecing electric blue eyes that cut through a man like a chainsaw through wet paper.

In addition to her beauty she was well endowed in the brains department. She was a direct descendant of the late Anton Von Leeuwenhoek who just so happens to be the inventor of the microscope. She was educated in universities throughout Europe and England obtaining degrees in Biological Sciences, Psychology, Sociology, Chemistry and Physics. Janet gained notoriety when she was 14 after she developed a technique to graft cloned body parts on to accident victims.

“Are you boys in shock or are you just happy to see me?” she asked in a cheerful voice. As there was a dead silence for what seemed to be an awkward several seconds, Janet uttered, “do you need a rag to clean up with or what?” Both Earl and Tanis gathered their composure and Earl said “It is always such a pleasure to see you Janet, are you doing well today?” “I am doing wonderful today Dr. Frankenheimer and after examining the artifact I have come to personally deliver some compelling news”. Tanis, recovering from the shock and awe campaign that Janet had just delivered as she walked through the door, said “So, you have good news for us my dear?”

“Tanis, hold on to your hat”, as Janet readied Tanis for her report, “The Tuning Fork’s frequency tested to be 329.628 Hz, which of course is a tonal frequency of E, and the analysis, on the other tuning fork found last week, just came in this morning and as it turns out the material is unknown to man”. She went on to add, “Also, when both forks are used at the same time, and tested, the wave that was generated is a highly unusual pattern that we have never experienced before”.

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posted on Sep, 3 2013 @ 09:48 PM
“Though there is nothing similar in the database, the output wave is somewhat indicative of a radio transmission and spans across several different frequency ranges”. “Gentlemen I think we have found a key!” Janet announced with a great deal of enthusiasm. “A key!, how in the hell did you extrapolate that conclusion?” Tanis sharply replied. “Doctor, please, deny ignorance, only human arrogance would cause one to assume that tonal frequencies were meant only for human ears wouldn’t you agree?”. “I submit that, because we are unable to reproduce the difference in those frequencies, or combinations for that matter, that the output was intelligently designed for a specific purpose”.

For a few moments Tanis pondered Janet’s thought-provoking analysis conjuring up hasty theories of his own and responded “Janet, you are a sheer genius!, though I am curious, this “key” that you speak of, do you think it was created to open a door, or initiate a process?”. “It could be either Doctor Burrfoot, incidentally, our current technologies do not come close to what is being suggested here, and to speculate on that matter would like shooting at something in the dark”.

Tanis, considering that the project was materializing quite nicely, decided it was time to make that call to bring in the heavy equipment and the reinforcements. As he formulated a list in his head, he examined the map to try to get an idea of the area that would be needing cleared and what equipment would be required. Having completed the list in his head, Tanis issued his orders, “Earl, get over to Maxine and have her requisition 10 dump trucks, 4 front-end loaders, 2 back-hoes and include 40 men with good, strong backs. Tell her to have them here sometime this morning, preferable before noon and while you are on your way, drop off the tuning artifact and the clipboard at the lab”. Earl responded with an agreeable nod and said, “I most certainly will doctor”.

Collecting the items, Earl headed towards the door of the tent as he was passing through the doorway Tanis said “Hurry back Frankenhoover and meet us down at the dig”. Earl waved as he continued on his way.

“Doctor Janet, would you care to accompany me down to the dig” Tanis said while looking Janet directly into her eyes. “Why doctor, are you asking me for a date?” Janet remarked with a sheepish grin. “Not really a date, just thought you might like to come down and watch the crew dig some sand, after all we are fairly close to a discovery, I can feel it” Tanis answered with an optimistic timbre in his voice. “In that case I shall tag along to watch the crew dig sand, although I do not find the idea very appealing” said Janet in a disappointing tone. “Just trying to maintain a certain level of professionalism my dear” replied Tanis as he smiled.

Exiting the tent they made their way into the blinding sunlight, and the thickness that was in the air from the fog had all but been burned off by the sun’s rays. The area around the site was bustling with activity, as workers were busy clearing the marked grids of sand at the main dig as well as the satellite digs, they all were scurrying around like worker ants in organized ranks carrying out their chores. There were water carriers making their rounds ensuring that everyone had enough water to drink to maintain their hydration.

The digging continued as men swung pick axes, scooped with shovels and pushed wheelbarrows excavating all of the sand away from what had become Ground Zero. As Janet was busy helping to distribute water, Tanis was surveying the excavated perimeter for signs of anything out of the ordinary. As he glanced at his watch he noticed that it was nearly 10:00 o’clock and Earl had not yet returned, so wondering what no good he might be up to, Tanis sent one of the workers to hunt Earl down.

The Sun’s heat was cooking the sand to an uncomfortable level and the day was soon to be at its peek temperature. While the shoveling continued Tanis could see that they had made a great deal of progress over the last hour and there was still no sign of the artifact for which they had been searching. Looking towards the other side of the compound he could see Earl making his way back as he strolled along and tugged on a cigar spitting after each draw.

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posted on Sep, 3 2013 @ 09:49 PM
When Earl arrived, Tanis asked “What took you so long?”. “I had to make sure everyone was getting it in gear and making commitments to be here before noon”, and after a short pause Earl said, “um, well, plus I wanted to give you some time with the little lady”. “Little lady?, what the hell are you talking about, there is nothing going on, besides, it could never happen, I am married to my work” Tanis asserted. “Too bad, you two would make a great couple” Earl answered while he giggled under his breath. “Listen buddy, your match making abilities could easily be defined as a serious act of negligence” Tanis returned. “Negligence!, Impossible!, I change my underwear daily” Earl proclaimed as he began to laugh.

“What is so funny?” Janet asked, surprising the two, as she walked up from behind them. “Oh, Doctor Burrfoot was just humoring me of a tail about two rabbits and an act of negligence, it was quite funny if I might add”. As Janet looked over at Tanis, he quickly raised his hand and responded, “I’ll tell you later”. “Good, because we don’t have time, the equipment is here and they are coming into the compound now” Janet said as she anxiously awaited a response. Tanis was ready and began immediately to issue directions “Get the trucks lined up in 2 horizontal columns on the south side of the dig and park them about 20 feet apart, and have the back-hoes and loaders on the west side with everyone on standby, I’ll be one my way shortly”.

Tanis issued the orders like he knew what he was doing and gave some additional directives then Janet turned around and moved out like she was a man on a mission. He turned to Earl and said, “Earl, I need you to do me a favor if you would”. “Anything” Earl answered. “The men have worked like dogs and I think it is time for them to get some R and R, so, go see Maxine and have her do whatever she does to requisition a couple of cases of liquor plus 2 nice kegs of beer”. “Have a tent set up on the far end of the compound with plenty of chairs and ice, add some games like dice, darts, and cards, because tonight we are going to let the help cut loose!” Tanis declared.

“You do realize that they are not going to be worth a hill of beans tomorrow, don’t you?” Earl said while he was turning around in preparation for departure. “Yes, yes, and I am also betting on them not having to dig tomorrow”, responded Tanis, “Oh, and by the way, grab a couple of men to give you a hand setting everything up, and swear everyone to secrecy as I want this to be a surprise for all”. Earl turned around and confirmed the orders with a singular wink then carried on about his way. Continuing to give himself progress reports, Tanis was pleased with the progress that had been made thus far.

He commenced on his hike through the hot sand towards the dig as the sun mercilessly pounded down on the planet and cooked everything within its rays. He began to think about what the supervisor mentioned and wondered if there was really any truth to that old tale.

As the story goes, in an ancient time, gods ruled this land and the surrounding areas to include nearly 50 square miles, to be precise. They offered safety and security to every man, woman, and child to which, the only stipend was to pick 2 sacrifices for each moon phase. The gods provided a monumental alter for which these sacrifices were to be preformed and they were said to radiate light energy during the process. No one knows for certain how the sacrifices were carried out, as there are no further details to the legend, and no records were kept of the routine. What is said from the legend is that the gods will come out of the sky and swallow the sacrifice and carry them off to the heavens.

After studying the map, researchers were able to determine from carbon-14 dating that the map was penned sometime around 3000 years ago using techniques that were a millennia ahead of its time. Fortunately, Dr. Frankenheimer was able to surmise from the symbology, that artifacts were to be used during the sacrificial process. We do not know exactly what artifacts, or what roles the artifacts played, however, Earl, did in fact discover a riddle hidden in the symbology that was interpreted to read “Entangled and pure connected through posts”.

Mulling over the challenge, Tanis speculated that the riddle must somehow describe the 3 interlocked gold rings that were found some 2 weeks ago, but figuring out how they integrated into the process was still a mystery. Arriving at the dig it was obvious that Janet had taken control of the situation and fulfilled his orders as well as issuing directives to have some of the fresh workers relieve those who had already been working these past hours.

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posted on Sep, 3 2013 @ 09:51 PM
Canvassing the area that had already been excavated, Tanis spotted what appeared to be a protrusion sticking up on the north side of ground zero. It looked like a small hill of sand, but it seemed to have definition on one edge. “What is that!”? Tanis questioned, as he swiftly dredged through the sand to make its acquaintance. His heart raced with excitement and he could clearly see on approaching that it was definitely more than just a hill of sand.

Tanis dropped to his knees and laid his hand on the somewhat defined edge while thinking to himself, “How did no one see this”, as he lightly slid his hand along the edge clearing the sand away. His hearted pounded and he could feel the blood pumping through his veins during which time he began rapidly removing the sand with both hands. The surface was slowly revealing itself as he continued to clear away the sand and now had cleared the entire top of the object to show a rough dimension of about 5 feet by about 2 feet.

Charged with excitement and possibly shock, it was all he could do to muster the thought to scream out “Dear God, We have found it!”. Losing himself in the moment Tanis now rapidly removed the sand with both hands acting like they were shovels that had been attached directly to his body. Immediately the other men joined in and started to remove the sand in an expeditious and deliberate fashion with nearly as much enthusiasm as Tanis had displayed.

Janet, seeing a need for intervention said “Doctor, you should take a moment to regain your bearings”. Looking up at her with his eyes stretched as wide as silver dollars Tanis replied, “Do you see what we have found?” as drool began to slide out the corner of his mouth. “Yes, but I can also see that in your present condition, and in this heat, you could easily cause yourself a stroke with irreparable consequences” Janet assured him. “Let the men do their jobs and get up from there” she said in a calming voice.

Tanis, peppered with a great deal of enthusiasm picked himself up off of the sandy bed and requested a drink of water. A water carrier materialized almost immediately offering a cup of water to quench his thirst. Finishing his drink Tanis directed the supervisors to start clearing out the areas that were located at the outer perimeter of the grid giving specific instruction to make way of about 50 feet in each direction of the object as well as 20 feet deep. He further instructed the men to build retaining walls to hold back the sand leaving an incline on the west side to act and an entrance to and from the object.

Waving to the water carrier, Tanis motioned for a cup of water and without hesitation the carrier presented a cup of water that was full to the brim. Taking the water, he walked over to the large object and poured the cups entire volume on the top edge rubbing the top and the side washing away the sand and dust. His motions slowly revealed the objects sheer glassy surface all the while the suns rays were penetrating it to show off the layers of opacity containing the deepest, darkest black imaginable to man. “That’s magnificent” Janet said out loud to herself, mesmerized by the deep layers of blackness.

“It’s Obsidian” Janet blurted out as though she were in a trance. “That, it is” replied Tanis as he proceeded to get more water to pour in it. He lifted the bucket over the top of the object and let the water rain down as he moved the bucket from side to side ensuring an even distribution of water throughout. Janet rubbed the water in circles as though she was waxing a car and she noticed that the surface was perfectly smooth and that she could not feel a blemish. “Tanis” she said, “how can something be buried in sand for a thousand or more years and emerge with a finish that is as smooth as glass?”. “There is not one blemish anywhere on the surface”

Tanis crouched down to examine the objects surface at an angle from the sun’s light, looking through the beading water that acted as a sort of magnification, he could see that the surface did not contain even as much as a scratch. Closing his eyes, he slid his hand across the top of the object feeling for any minor imperfection or variance in the surface. “You are right Janet, it is simply perfect” Tanis said as he continued to feel the object’s smooth surface in search of any dent, ding, or pit.

Tanis arose and walked around the object that had been revealed thus far and discovered symbols starting to peek out from where the sand had been cleared. He reached down and wiped away the wet sand to expose several beautiful glyphic characters that appeared in similarity to those that were on the map. “Well, well, Dr. Frankenheimer has his work cut out for him” Tanis announced as he turned to look at Janis. “What do you think it says?” Janet asked. “It’s hard to tell, but, I am pretty damn certain that Earl can figure it out as he has a pretty keep eye for these things” Tanis replied.
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posted on Sep, 3 2013 @ 09:52 PM
Tanis crouched down to examine the objects surface at an angle from the sun’s light, looking through the beading water that acted as a sort of magnification, he could see that the surface did not contain even as much as a scratch. Closing his eyes, he slid his hand across the top of the object feeling for any minor imperfection or variance in the surface. “You are right Janet, it is simply perfect” Tanis said as he continued to feel the object’s smooth surface in search of any dent, ding, or pit.

Tanis arose and walked around the object that had been revealed thus far and discovered symbols starting to peek out from where the sand had been cleared. He reached down and wiped away the wet sand to expose several beautiful glyphic characters that appeared in similarity to those that were on the map. “Well, well, Dr. Frankenheimer has his work cut out for him” Tanis announced as he turned to look at Janis. “What do you think it says?” Janet asked. “It’s hard to tell, but, I am pretty damn certain that Earl can figure it out as he has a pretty keep eye for these things” Tanis replied.

Before long everyone was engaged in clearing sand on a massive level as shovels scooped harder, loaders loaded more, and haulers hauled faster. Dump trucks hauled the sand to the south of the dig some 500 yards away making a new home for those rolling hills forever changing the landscape of the area. The movement of the activity was very rhythmic and calculated as everyone worked towards the common goal of divulging the secret hidden beneath the sand.

It was now just passed 2:00 as the sun had reached its solar maximum and was now on its way down, though relief from the heat of its rays was many hours away. The group had made much progress and the object was now projecting out 8 feet over the top of the sand. Tanis stood in front of the structure examining the ornamental hieroglyphs that
adorned it’s face in columns and rows, and even though they looked nearly identical to those markings found on the map, there were inherent differences in the curves that made up the elegant symbols.

“Those are read from top to bottom and left to right” he could hear Earl say from a distance. “What does it say?” Tanis asked. “How the hell should I know” Earl said as he walked up and laid his hand on the face of the object feeling the grooves and contours that made up the engraved characters. “Absolutely wonderful, It looks like Obsidian”! Earl exclaimed. “That is what we believe” Tanis interjected. “The characters are somewhat different, however those 2 right there, translated, mean Moon Phase”. That much I can make out” said Earl as he looked at the other characters.

“Earl, how long will it take to decipher it”? Tanis asked. “Considering that I have only been able to decipher a handful of characters on the map over the course of the last 2 months, I would say that you shouldn’t hold your breath”. “Besides, these characters differ in allot of ways from those on the map”. “Doctor, assemble a team to assist you in cataloguing this, this Monolith” Tanis directed and then asked, “Did you get that favor taken care of Earl”? “It is all done and ready to go at your call” Earl replied. “That’s great” Tanis said as he gave Earl a thumbs up.

Earl began immediately by gathering his notes and assembling his team. A mobile make shift-table was set up from which to work while cataloguing the structure and Janet helped to measure the stones dimensions finding that the length and width were exactly as Earl had determined from deciphering a portion of the map. As instructed, a group of interns were copying the symbols verbatim on to 8X10 cards so that Earl could better examine the symbols side by side. Earl started his workflow by selecting the first symbol that was on the top and to the right as this would have been the first word in the series.

While everyone worked diligently on their tasks, Tanis was busy issuing orders and seeing to it that everything was progressing as planned. They had uncovered over 12 feet of the Monolith making headway excavating the sand at a rapid rate and in just a few hours or less, they will finally see this monstrosity in all it glory. As he stood admiring the structure, he again wondered who was responsible for such a grandiose piece of work and again he thought about the legend surrounding it. Though Tanis was not afraid of the monolith or the legend that it brought, he did agree with others that it looked spooky and quite creepy.

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Analyzing all of the data in his head, Tanis concocted several outlandish theories about the monolith and the artifacts they had found, one which included the use of those artifacts to initiate a sequence that might even open a secret door beneath the surface. As his mind ran wild with visions of grandeur he lost himself into a sea of emptiness when he suddenly realized that he was transfixed on the monolith. He was getting a strange feeling of anxiousness and his thoughts were becoming somewhat blurry. He raised his hand to his forehead and could feel the heat emanating from his head as he began to sweat profusely.

His body started to shake when he noticed that Janet had placed her hand on his shoulder and was asking him if he was ok. “Doctor, you look pale, are you alright”? Janet asked in a concerned tone. Tanis just stood there looking like he was in a daze and unable to react. Janet shook him again and asked “Tanis, you don’t look well, how do you feel”? Tanis blinked a few times then shook his head. Janet could see that his pupils were dilated and that he was becoming drenched with sweat. “Let’s get out of this dig” she said as she grabbed his hand and walked him up the sandy ramp. She motioned for the water carrier who presented a cold cup of water. “Here drink this” Janet said as she handed him a cup of water.

Tanis reached for the cup, brought it to his mouth and began to drink noticing that his mind seemed somewhat void of nearly any thought. “Do you need to sit down doctor?” Janet said as she went on to evaluate him. “No” Tanis replied, “I am fine, I just needed some water, thanks”. Tanis took another drink and as he tilted his head back, his eyes meeting with the sandy hills in horizon, he could see what appeared to be a floating object that was dances in between the hills. He pointed to the object and asked Janet, “Do you see that”? “See what”? Janet responded as she looked for what he was pointing at. “Out there among the hills” Tanis said.

Janet tried desperately to see what it was that Tanis was seeing. “I don’t see anything doctor, and I am not sure you do either” Janet assured him. “You are right Janet, It is more than likely the heat, maybe I should take a break for a while” Tanis acknowledged as he found a place in the sand to sit down. He rested for about 15 minutes taking in water and watching as the excavation made a great deal of progress. “How do you feel”? Janet asked as she noticed his skin color had changed back from that paleness. “I feel a lot better now that I have drank some water and rested for a bit” Tanis answered.

The Monolith was nearly all uncovered now and men had started working to build the retaining walls that were to hold the sand back. In the meantime, Earl forged on meticulously deciphering those calligraphic characters, which ornamented the stone structure, into something that could be translated to an understandable language. Even though he was still working on the first character, Earl began to notice that with certain curves and line enhancements removed from the glyphs, the main body of the characters was nearly identical to some of those displayed on the map.

“Dr. Burrfoot, come down and have a look at this” a voice announced from the front of the Monolith. Tanis walked down the ramp to the stone mammoth and seen that the man was pointing into the sand. He didn’t see anything at first, but after looking again was able to identify 3 shiny posts sticking up from the ground that formed a triangle. “What do you suppose those are”? Tanis asked the man. “You are the expert, but my guess would be 3 posts sticking up out of the ground” the man replied. “Your powers of observation never cease to amaze me” Tanis replied as he reached down to brush more of the sand away.

As he brushed the sand away he was met with a hard surface that the posts terminated into. “I think this is the bottom” Tanis said. “Get some more men over here and get this all cleared out” he directed. Immediately men swarmed the area like bees swarming a queen as they worked to remove the last of the sand from the base of the structure. The base that the Monolith was mounted on looked like a type of granite that had been carved with steps leading up to the front of the architectural wonder.

Tanis looked up to the top of the Monolith and was overwhelmed by its vast majesty. Taken in by the moment Tanis thought to himself out loud “What are you, really”? The familiar voice of Earl responded in a jovial fashion “Oh, that?, that is where they used to slaughter all of the women and children as payment for all of the good fortune they received from the gods”. “I don’t suspect it was slaughter” Tanis said as he pointed the steps and the base of the posts. “Look, there are no blood stains” he added. “Maybe it has rained since then” Earl responded.

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The Monolith and its base had been completely revealed now and the men finished clearing the sand and making the ground level in all directions up to the walls. Examining the top of the steps Tanis observed what appeared to be a slot that was about 5 inches wide by roughly an inch in thickness. He walked up the steps and inserted his finger into the slot feeling around for what was inside the slot. He could feel little square rods sticking down from the top of the interior. All at once it dawned on him that this was possibly a slotted receptacle specifically for the bar that had the rectangle appendage on it. “It’s a good possibility,” he said to himself as he kept poking around in the hole.

Leaving the slot for future investigation, Tanis ordered the men to shift directions and help finishing up the retaining walls as well as having the trucks dump the last loads from the pit. Men with sand rakes smoothed out the entire floor of the pit making it level ground for walking on. Tanis walked over to Earl and said “Are you about ready to call it a day, doctor”? “Ready to call it a day?” Earl snapped in a quick response. “Yes”, Tanis said, “We did have plans, or did you forget”. Looking as though he had been blindsided Earl thought for a second and replied, “Yes, I did nearly forget, thanks for the reminder old man”.

“Janet, assemble all of the men topside, as I want to give them a good talking to” Tanis said as he pointed in the direction out of the dig. Eager to accommodate, Janet rounded the men up and organized them in to ranks with their backs to the sun. Complying with the orders, Earl and his team packed away the tools and equipment as well as the table and carried everything out of the dig. “Everyone is assembled doctor Burrfoot and ready to go” as Janet notified Tanis. “Thank you dear” Tanis replied.

Tanis walked out into the front of the large formation of men and could see that they all appeared to be worn out from the day’s laborious events and he began to speak. “Today, we have made a serious discovery to which our efforts have been rewarded”. “I owe a huge thank you to each and everyone of you who has taken part in this rather large excavation”. “As you can see, we have unearthed yet another historical artifact to which this would have never been possible without everyone’s help”.

While Tanis gave his talk something caught the corner of his eye as he looked out over the plains and into the distant hills to find that same object dancing about back and forth between the hilly dunes. Not knowing what to make of it, he marched on with his speech of praise to the men congratulating them and all of their hard work. He paused for only a second, but that was long enough to catch Janet’s attention as she looked out over those plains to try and see what he was being distracted by. Again, she could not see anything as she strained her eyes to catch a glimpse of the elusive object.

“For everyone’s hard work and devotion, I have decided it is time to reward those monumental efforts with hard drink and games this evening”. “After the dinner meal we shall rendezvous at the beer tent that was made possible by Doctor Frankenheimer”. Everyone let out a loud cheer as they clapped and became somewhat disorderly. Without trying to be too obvious, Tanis followed the object as it moved between the hills in an erratic flight path and then as quickly as it appeared, it was gone. After the cheering had subsided, Tanis dismissed the group and sent them to the food tent.

Janet walked over to Tanis and inquired, “Do you still see something out there doctor”? “It’s nothing, probably just some birds” Tanis responded trying to divert her attention “Are you ready to get something to eat Janet”. “Yes, I am starved” Janet said. “Good, let’s find Doctor Frankenheimer and be on our way”. As they walked to the food tent they found Earl and invited him to come and eat with them. When they arrived, the trio found themselves mixed into the group of men as they sat and ate and reminisced about the long hard day.

As dinner came to a close the men filtered out of the food tent and worked their way down to the beer tent. Tanis, Janet and Earl remained at the food tent reviewing Earl’s newest findings regarding the ornate symbols on the monolith. He explained that by removing the characters ornate flair, the resulting character matches those symbols on the map. “Maybe it is a matter of dialect” Janet said as she tried to analyze the information. “Damn good eye on ya’ Janet!” Earl declared, “That is a very good possibility and quite possibly the most reasonable explanation I could think of myself”.

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“Wait a minute” Tanis interrupted, “dialect suggests a particular form of language for a specific region or social group”. “Right you are” Earl expressed “there are no records that show any other race within this realm, which would indicate a division of two classes, a high class on one hand and everyone else on the other and would lead one to believe that the high class group was not selected to participate in the sacrificial pageant”.

“Have you figured out anything about how the sacrificial process worked”? Tanis asked curiously. “No, but we do know that this riddle, “Entangled and pure connected through posts”, would indicate that those 3 gold rings that we found would somehow slide down the 3 posts that are emerging from the base of the Monolith” Earl expounded, “In addition, there is a damn good likelihood that the long bar with the appendage on it fits perfectly into the slot on the face of the top step, and before you ask, up to this point, I have absolutely no clue as to how those damn tuning forks work”.

“Doctor, I am quite impressed with your findings, but I am curious, if you manage to figure out how to use whatever items to initialize a process, what do you think is going to happen”? Janet asked as though she knew the answer. “Well, the local men will lead you to believe that the legend says the sky will open up and gods will swoop down and take you away”, Earl replied and went on to say, “But, when was the last time you seen a god swoop out of the heavens and take someone away”? “Never”, Janet responded. “My point, exactly” Earl stated.

“So what do you think will really happen”? Janet repeated. “At this point it would only be a scientific wild @$$ guess my dear, for all we know a huge door could open and lead us straight to a sacrificial chamber and that would be the best guess” Earl declared. “You don’t really believe what you are shoveling, do you doctor”? Janet queried. “It is all best guess” Earl conveyed in a persuasive manner. “Hey, let’s go get a drink” Tanis suggested, “We need to celebrate our wondrous find”. “I’m in” replied Janet, “Me too” countered Earl.

When the three doctors emerged from the tent they could see that the sun was going to set soon and the air was much cooler than it had been throughout the day. The fire engine red sky lit the landscape and converted the burnt umber color scheme into a bright collage of abstract shades and tones. They could hear party sounds radiating from the beer tent, which was an obvious sign that everyone was having the good time that was more than well deserved.

The doctors entered the beer tent to find that everyone was partying and having an extremely good time as the darts were flying, the dice were rolling, and the cards were doubled down. Just as soon as everyone noticed their presence, they all began to cheer loudly. Tanis smiled and bowed and allowed Janet to lead the way to the improvised bar so that they could get a drink. “What are you having”? Janet asked Tanis and Earl as she awaited a response. The 2 looked at one another and simultaneously said “Vodka”. “Vodka it is” Janet replied as she bellied up to the bar to place the request for 3 double shots of the Russian firewater.

Janet passed the drinks around as Tanis and Earl eagerly grabbed for the glasses nearly spilling the liquid refreshments out onto the ground. “Easy there fellas!” Janet said as she moved to prevent the drinks demise. They each had a drink in hand and Tanis felt that it was appropriate to issue a toast and congratulations to everyone for their hard work these passed months. With no ado Tanis yelled out to gain everyone’s attention as the silence became overwhelming in just a matter of seconds and all eyes were on him.

“I want to make a toast to everyone for their hard work, dedication and most importantly to those that have made this find possible, so, to you I raise my glass and say, here’s to you, toss ‘er down, and don’t let ‘er burn your guts up!, Cheers!”. The audible clank of beer mugs, and shot glasses could be heard through out the tent as everyone responded “Cheers” as they sent the liquids down to a happy ending.

“Janet, how about another round” Earl asked. Janet turned back to the bar and ordered up 3 more of the same. She passed the drinks out as if they were presents on Christmas Day. “One for you Tanis, and one for you Earl” she said as she obtained another for herself. The trio made a special toast between themselves for good times and good friends and like the other drink sent the liquid into the depths of their innards. “That was good” Tanis said while he was sitting his glass down on the bar “I’ll be back later” as he turned and made for the exit of the tent. “Where are you going”? Janet asked as she followed him along the way. “Wait for me you two” Earl said as he was on their trail.

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Coming out of the tent Janet asked again “Where are you going Tanis”? “Yes, dear man, where?, the party is just getting started” Earl added. “I am going to investigate because the curiosity has nearly killed this cat” Tanis replied. “Investigate what” Janet asked as she was still in tow. “You’re not going down there, are you”? Earl blurted out. “Earl, surely you can understand the need for me to fill my curiosity” Tanis said. “Yes, curiosity, it’s what killed the cat” Janet responded.

Tanis walked to the lab to retrieve the artifacts as well as some battery operated Halogen lights for illuminating the area. “We need 4 of those lights if you two want to lend a hand, they are 1 million candle power each, so that should be enough to shed any light on what we want to see” Tanis instructed. They each now had an armload of goods as they headed down to the Monolith. Darkness was settling in and the cool night air was a welcomed change compared to what they had experienced through the day.

The moon was not full, but it was bright enough to cast the sandy landscape ablaze making the silhouettes of the hills stand out like a painted backdrop. Looking out over the horizon, as they dredged through the sand, a faint red light appeared and began to move about in between the hills. “Do you see that light”? Earl requested as he tried to keep up. “Is that what you were seeing earlier”? Janet asked as she watched the light dance back and forth. “I am not sure if that is the same object, but it certainly is the same area” Tanis replied.

Arriving at the dig they set up the lights so that there were two on each side of the monolith and brightly illuminated everything that was within the pit they had spent the day digging. “That she do nicely” Tanis said as he approached the Monolith. Standing at the bottom step of the base the three looked to the top of the massive structure in awe at the shear size of what laid before them. Without saying a word they knew that there was no way that this engineering feat was in anyway man-made.

“Let’s see what doors we can open, shall we” Tanis said with a high level of optimism in his voice. “Maybe we should wait until tomorrow” Janet nervously said as she took a step back. “Let’s do it” Earl announced as he handed Tanis the artifacts. Tanis first grabbed the 3 interlocked rings and walked up the steps placing them on the 3 posts that were protruding from the base. It was a faultless fit and formed a perfect triangle as he seated the set flush against the stone.

The excitement was rampant as adrenaline flooded their veins in anticipation of what was to come. Janet was nervous as she shook with a strange combination of fear and curiosity and all the while she could feel the sweat pouring out form her armpits. At this point there was no activity from the Monolith after placing the rings so Earl offered the rod with the unusual appendage to Tanis and said, “Here, give this a go, old man”. Tanis reached for the rod and he could feel is hand shaking with anticipation as he wrapped his hand around the polished shaft.

He turned around and walked up the steps to the slot in the top step proceeding to bend down and clean out any debris that may have impede the insertion. He had one hand on the rod, and one on the appendage as he slowly fitted the piece into the slot hearing a series of very loud clicks as he pushed the appendage in all of the way. The piece was now completely inserted and Tanis walked back down the steps to await any sort of activity or reaction.

After several minutes of silence and no apparent activity, Earl walked up the steps to check that the appendage and see if it was inserted all of the way, which it in fact was. “What now”? Earl asked Tanis as he descended down from the steps. “The only thing left to try are the tuning forks”, Tanis said as he extended his hand to Janet reaching for one “Give me either one, we will try one at time”. Janet hesitantly handed Tanis the first tuning fork they had found and said “Tanis, we should wait until tomorrow”. Taking the fork Tanis replied, “We have come to far now my dear Janet, everything will be O.K., I promise”.

Tanis held the tuning fork by the handle, with the tines pointing upward, and flicked the fork with his finger allowing the tone to ring out. As the sound subsided he flicked the fork again, this time a little harder in hopes that there would be some sort of effect. The fork rang out once again and subsided ever so slowly. “That’s apparently not working” Tanis stated disappointingly. “Here, try this one” Janet replied as she handed him the other tuning fork. Just as before, grabbing the handle, Tanis flicked the end of the tines with his finger and the tone rang out and subsided as before with no results. He tapped the end again and waited for any type of reaction from the Monolith.

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“Maybe you have to tap them both at the same time” Janet said reminding him of her earlier findings about the tones and frequencies. Tanis looked directly into Janet’s eye and replied, “Here goes nothing my dear, stand back”. Holding both tuning forks by their handles, Tanis swung back and struck the sets of tines together smartly in one swift motioned.

The forks rang out with a musical tone that was unfamiliar to their ears as the sounded began to get louder and louder. Tanis could feel the vibrations in his hands getting stronger as held on to the forks tighter. “Look at the Monolith!” Earl spouted as he could hardly contain himself. The obsidian stone started to glow dimly as the forks continued to ring out. “Earl, turn out the lights!” Tanis said as he held the tuning forks in an even tighter grip. The lights immediately extinguished making way for the light being projected by the Monolith.

At a loss for words, Janet starred into the glow as she observed the engraved glyphs becoming brightly lit by the stones radiance. All eyes were now fixed onto the Monolith as they witnessed the brightness increase even further. The light from the stone was now nearly as bright as what the halogen lamps were producing and the ringing tone filled the air penetrating the ears. Looking for some form of comfort, Janet reached out and grabbed Earl hand and put it into a tight squeeze. Earl responded likewise and returned the squeeze in acknowledgement and said, “It’s going to be O.K.”.

Tanis looked up into the sky spied a red light that was glowing dimly and increasing with intensity as the Monolith shined on. “Up There!” he shouted as their eyes now turned to the heavens. “What it is”? Janet asked in a panicky voice as she tightened her grip on Earl’s hand. Falling into a trance Earl could only respond, “I don’t know” as they watched the light start to move from side to side. Tanis could feel his grip loosen as the forks fell from his hands.

The vibrations could now be felt through the ground in their feet and the power of the sound waves continued to bombard their ears. The light in the sky looked as though it was coming closer to them as they watch the events unfold before their very eyes. The once dim red light was now burning almost as bright as the Monolith as it dropped out of the sky and circled that pit that they were standing in.

Fascinated by all of the light and commotion, the three followed the red light as it continued to circle them. It now became obvious that the light was actually a large round craft of a sort that was slowing its circular path. “It looks like it is going to land” Earl said as his grip on Janet’s had became ever tighter. The craft had stopped circling, fixing itself into a stationary position as 4 legs extended from the bottom and sitting at a stand still for what seemed to be an eternity, the craft floated over to the ledge of the pit and slowly and gracefully landed. All three stepped back so that they could see around the Monolith at what was happening.

Suddenly a figure appeared at the top of the ledge and looked down at them as they began stood quietly and watched. There was a bright flash from where the figure had been standing and now appeared face to face directly in front of Tanis. The being looked over in the direction of Janet and Earl, waived his hand and they immediately became paralyzed. Although they could see everything, they could not move no matter how hard they tried. Terrified, Janet tried to scream as loud as she could only to find that she could not. Earl garnered every effort possible to break the paralysis that had controlled his body to no avail.

The being was bluish gray in color, tall and thin with a large disproportionate head and big round black eyes that seemed to match the black depths of the Monolith. His skin was wet with moisture and Tanis could see that the creature had exceptionally long fingers. The being examined Tanis from head to toe and reached out to feel his hair as he looked with a chilling stare into his eyes.

The being waved his hand again, this time directly in front of Tanis as his gaze passed through into the back of his head. He could hear swishing sounds fluttering about inside his head and a voice that said “Are you ready”? “Ready for what”? Tanis asked as he tried to break free of the gaze. As the swishing sounds went on the voice sounded in his head again “You belong to us now”.

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“What do you mean, I belong to you now”? Tanis responded in a tone filled with worry and fear. “You are the one who opened the gate, you are the Sacrifice” the voice continued. “I am no Sacrifice! And you are no god” Tanis shouted in a heated demeanor. The being lifted his gaze as he raised his hand to Tanis’ shoulder and there was a bright flash of light. In an instant, both Tanis and the being were on the top edge of the pit looking down at Earl and Janet. The being waved his hand once again and released them from their paralysis and they both fell to the ground unconscious.

“I can not go with you!” Tanis cried out expecting that the being was going to let him go. He turned to run and was immediately paralyzed and Unable to move though he desperately tried. He saw the bright flash once again and found himself in the beings craft surrounded by thick glass walls though he was no longer paralyzed. He screamed and pounded on the thick glass walls but it was no use. He shouted to the being again “I can not leave, I have to stay here, everything is here”. “My life, my love, everything”.

Knowing he was beaten, Tanis began to cry as he thought about his past, his life as it was, and his love for archaeology. Just then he could feel an extremely deep pain as his heart shattered into a million pieces and he fell to the ground crying out loud, screaming at the top of his lungs “NO!, HELP!, ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE!”.

Janet was awakened by Tanis’s blood curdling screams as she looked up and watched as the craft ascended into the heavens carrying Tanis away.

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What a deeply rich story! Excellent. SnF.

I would recommend to place conversations on single lines, for example, this paragraph:

“Doctor, can I talk to you alone for a second” asked the supervisor. “Sure” said Tanis as they walked away from the other men to garner some privacy. “Well sir, the men keep talking” the supervisor said giving a sense that he was concerned. “They are?” Tanis returned, having a good idea where this was going, “Do you believe what they are saying”? “I don’t know what to believe to tell you the truth, legends like this are sometimes true” replied the supervisor in a quivering voice. “What are you afraid of”? Tanis responded jokingly. “Are you not afraid”? Questioned the supervisor. “Afraid?, afraid of what, a seriously bad bed time story with all the makings of an E.T., Close Encounters, and Star Wars Horror Movie”? “Of course not” Tanis replied confidently. “Then I wish us both the best doctor” as the supervisor turned around went back to work.

“Doctor, can I talk to you alone for a second?” asked the supervisor.

“Sure.” They walked away from the other men to garner some privacy.

“Well sir, the men keep talking....” the supervisor said, giving a sense that he was concerned.

“They are?” Tanis returned, having a good idea where this was going, “Do you believe what they are saying”?

“I don’t know what to believe to tell you the truth, legends like this are sometimes true,” replied the supervisor in a quivering voice.

“What are you afraid of?" Tanis responded jokingly.

“Are you not afraid?" questioned the supervisor.

“Afraid? Afraid of what, a seriously bad bed time story with all the makings of an E.T., Close Encounters, and Star Wars Horror Movie?", Tanis replied confidently, "Of course not."

“Then I wish us both the best doctor.” said the supervisor as he turned around went back to work.

Space it out more. Give your story room to breath. There's no reason to bunch it all up.

Aside of that, what a chilling entry. You need to get stories like this in earlier, though, so they can get the flags they actually deserve!

posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 01:18 AM
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OMG, That poor man.

That was horrifying. I don't even know what to say.

That was very good. Can you write a sequel?

Thanks for posting this.

posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 06:46 AM
Dude you totally put my entry to shame with this....

i really feel for the guy

i agree with Eva, you must do a sequel


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posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 10:37 AM
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Thank you for the input. I am glad you liked it.

It took me nearly a month of working on it everyday to get that completed.

I didn't realize how much planning was involved to writing a story as I had never really written one before.

Though I did look at a couple of books to get an idea of how to format the paragraphs, I did not pay attention to the dialogue. I should have gotten a clue when I was reading several of the other entries and had seen the dialogue separated.

In any event I learned a great deal from this experience and now I know just enough to be dangerous. I can only hope that any future works are received well.

posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 10:45 AM
reply to post by EvaMarie

I am glad you found it "Horrifying" Eva. That means I accomplished what I was trying to convey.

I am not sure that I will do a sequel because I hadn't thought about it until you mentioned it.

However, if it draws enough attention I might.

Thanks for taking the time to read it.

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