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Yossef Bodansky vs. Obama Mafia/TPTB

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posted on Sep, 3 2013 @ 07:41 PM
All of the Obama Administration lies, propaganda regarding Assad just got trumped by this man Israeli-American scholar, US military analyst named Yossef Bodansky:

Today, his article (published yesterday) was mentioned on Rush Limbaugh's radio program and within 4 hours spread on all the alternative media site and blogs. The article first appeared here:
Global Research

The issue of his "sources" was mentioned by Rush too...there are none provided by him. Yossef mentions is sentence one: "a growing volume of new evidence from numerous sources".

However, this man's credibility is very solid and why this is spreading worldwide like a Santa Ana blown wildfire. A bio is included in the "Shobat" link below so I will not include anything in the OP.

An ATS search on "Yossef Bodansky" finds two threads in 911 forum.

Please read these links from a portion of today's activity:
Walid Shobat Blog
Ben Swann Blog

One explanation for his not revealing any sources is they request to remain anonymous at this stage since Obama eats whistle blowers for lunch lately.

If this becomes truth, Obama is an accessory to war crimes...time will tell.
His Wiki

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