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Sound Of Higher Energy Being Sent To Earth

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posted on Sep, 3 2013 @ 06:24 PM
There have been periods in my life which I can only describe as being times of extreme high consciousness. To try to very briefly summarize, very much oversimplifying it, everything that would happen would correspond with what was going on in my mind. Reality would constantly correspond to my thoughts and feelings, often in extremely intense and almost absurd/ridiculous ways. Even large scale events, weather, etc would correspond.

This thread isn't about that though. In these times, there were certain sounds I would hear. At first I thought it was may be some mundane thing happening, but since it constantly persisted, no matter where I went, I concluded it must be more. These sounds were...intense...they seemed to in a way be the sounds of higher consciousness itself. I wasn't sure if these sounds corresponded to higher levels of consciousness, within the mind itself, or if it were external.

I had this idea, without clearly defining the specifics, that Earth was being sent higher level energies, and they were everywhere, but most didn't consciously perceive them. These energies corresponded to the sounds I heard. Now these sounded intense, and this intensity could easily be interpreted as darkness/negativity/evil. Really this energy was for the purpose of transendence, but the 'negativity/evil' must be integrated for this transcendence to occur. I felt this explained much of what was going on in the world, high level energies were being 'sent' or just beginning to manifest, and most who weren't prepared for that level of energy interpreted it negatively, and this was the cause of the paranoia, cynicism, etc. that has become so rampant.

Anyways, though I do not hear the sounds now, also not being in that level of consciousness, it has stuck in my my mind. There is one video which was made, by Timothy Leary, which has a section that has sounds very similar to what I heard. I found this very interesting when I heard it. The only difference is that the video sounds are more on and off, with gaps, whereas this was more constant, though still did have the 'polarity' which could be sensed. So, I just wanted to share the video, since there actually exists an external source which nearly replicates it, and specify when the sound starts. It would be highly interesting if anyone could relate to what I'm saying. Perhaps noone will, which is ok, but I just thought of this and thought it worth sharing. It begins at 13:28.

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posted on Sep, 3 2013 @ 10:23 PM
Hello not being picky but the video link doesn't seem to be working for me.

I am interested in your idea, as for the last two nights, just as I am trying to get to sleep, I have been hearing a new sound for me.
I described it to my kids and the youngest says it could be what she hears.
My youngest hears 'this' sound every night and she has to have the fan on, even in winter, to cover the sound.
For me it sounds like a high pitched whistle/hum. It does seem to have an energy to it too.

As a family we are very clairaudient. But this 'sound' seems different to what we have heard clairaudiently.

posted on Sep, 3 2013 @ 10:51 PM
That sound would be different from the one I describe in OP, to be 'found' in the video, but it may correspond to the other main sound I heard, which I don't know of an external source that has it. That sound also hasn't remained in my mind as prominently.

As for the youtube video. Weird, is working on my end. Here is a link.

If that doesn't work, you can look it up on youtube. It is 'Timothy Leary - How to operate your brain' by 'TheRugDoctor' and is 28:56 long,

posted on Sep, 14 2013 @ 10:23 PM
reply to post by TheJourney

I'm kind of interested in the first part of your post as for the past three years I was on and off going through a similar experience in what seems like a scripted reality where something targets certain people and forces thought to go along with the surroundings. A recent example of this was ealier I was sitting at the park and thoughts were forced/drifted to a certain person I met and attributes of their seemingly scripted life. As in someone mapped out constellations to the design of city streets here. She lives at a specific address, has a certain phone number, and even 2 dogs that coorespond roughly to the location of coma berenices and the 2 puppies constellation. Anyways my sister was born 10/1 and nicknamed the bear as a child. There is a radio station here numbered 101.5 which recently changed it's name to EZ rock the womans initials.

So in this thought domino effect my thoughts were forced and triggered a sequence of others that concluded with BEAR who likes horror movies and I was sitting where the statue looks like a kitchen knife. So anyways as I thought that the woman and 2 children behind me said Lets go to the bear. Shortly after I got up and went to the bench behind me to sit where, and this rarely happens, people approached and sat beside me with... 2 puppies.

There is something seemingly scripting a lot of humanity then playing this annoying mind control game with certain peoples minds it appears. It's not funny because in this place there are a TON of coincidences in the duration of my miserable boring life that seem to link to certain words. Like growing up the only acquaintance I had was named Aaron then later in life met Erin. Kindergarden teacher was named Miss Foote and later in life I Miss my Foot that was mangled in a fashion that cooresponds to how the symbols 87, erins birthyear, appears upside down as a foot going between rollers. Just how around my July(Leo) 28,76 birthdate the planets Jupiter and Mars align with the foot of Gemini as if crushing its foot how mine was. The streets here are even roughtly in a cluster as Mars, Jupiter, Gemini, Leo...

O ___Jupiter___________

From what I can tell, something is guiding out humanity to build a demented evil game based on the idea of the language REFLECTING
VPGUF etc...
As in things that seem almost the same. Like Horror / Whore, To/two. sound the same look slightly different.

It's not funny and weird to try and explain as by design in my scripted life I seem to be cursed with limited education and a mind constantly being interrupted.

You notice anything like forced thoughts interrupting what you're doing as if something puppeting your life?

posted on Sep, 29 2013 @ 06:39 PM
I don`t know if I would call it a transmission but there is something loud and high pitched in the air for the last week. I t is almost getting to the unbearable stage but seems to have leveled off. I think that some of us are more susceptible or receptive to certain frequencies. Whatever in the hell it is, I wish it would stop!Reminds me of old sci-fi movies.

posted on Sep, 29 2013 @ 08:43 PM
reply to post by TheJourney

The doctors have always told me it was tinnitus, and I believe I have that but the sound is different. It is like a wave link or a brain wave if that makes sense. I always thought it was strange.

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