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Mblah\'s Yummy Tuna/Veggie Casserole

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posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 11:35 AM

Originally posted by Philippines
This looks interesting, but I read this as an American recipe... and I like to know what I eat Instead of using real ingredients from scratch, ingredients are listed as "1 can" or whatever product.

It is from practically from scratch. If you want 100% from scratch then by all means make it and post it.
The soups are canned and the pasta is all natural. The cheese is bagged but you can use fresh if you prefer.
1 can is about 14.5oz

It's creamed soup, you can use organic if you want. It is my recipe and my recipe requires canned cream of soups.

Well since I live in America it is an American dish.

Can you remake this recipe from scratch, and change the measurements to grams instead of cans? It would make a more consistent product and much easier for people to get the same result, especially in places where you cannot buy the premade processed ingredients.

I'm sorry but it is practically from scratch. I'm sorry it isn't fully from scratch and to your standards.

All the veggies are fresh and if you really feel like it you can make french fried onions from scratch but i have a 3 mth old and that isn't happening any time soon. If you want to make your own pasta go ahead. I make my own pasta a lot but I don't have the machine or attachment to make rotini pasta so I use Barilla because it is all natural pasta and not enriched. It is also a veggie pasta with spinach and zucchini and it adds more flavor instead of the egg noodles which is what I usually use and what is traditionally used in tuna casserole. As for the cheese, get organic or use any other cheese you want and prefer, it doesn't have to be cheddar cheese. I literally have a cheese bin in my fridge. which people tease me about, with about 20 different fresh and pre-shredded cheeses. Believe me if I could make cheese I'd be all over it because cheese is expensive! I

No offense but I can' sit here and make all my recipes the way everyone would like them, then it wouldn't be MY recipe.
I post recipes on here a lot and if you look at my profile you will see that. I make a lot of things from scratch and I make a lot of things that required pr-emade ingredients as well as from scratch ingredients .

Not everyone can cook from scratch nor can they afford it. Sometimes the pr-emade quick and easy way is the way to go for some.. I always tell people they can always alter it to how they would like it and make it their own. I welcome peoples ideas of what they did to it or how they made it. It gives me ideas for later when I make it another time. I post mine to share with others and if you want it a different way then change it how you want it.

Here is a substitute you can make instead of using canned soups:
Cream of soup substitute
I have never made it because honestly I find the canned ones to be a heck of a lot easier. I am all for 100% from scratch but sometimes it't just not convenient or ideal. If you have the time to make it go for it. You can always add to the soup to make it like the creamed mushroom or celery by adding those ingredients and then putting it thru a food processor.

I honestly don't have time to convert measurements with a baby and to be honest in all the years I've posted recipes you are the first person to have a problem with it.. You can very easily go to google and input the amount yourself to get the correct amount. The only thing I do post is the temperature in C and F. There are people from all over the world on here and I'm not the only one who posts recipes on the regular. When someone posts a recipe with measurements that are not what I'm use to I go to google. I follow an Italian chef on FB and everything is in Italian. I can't ask them to change it just for me, that wouldn't be nice and they'd probably laugh at me.

Hope this answers your requests.

posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 05:26 PM


Originally posted by mblahnikluver[/I] I have a can of jalapeño tuna.

I was not even aware that they sold jalapeno tuna, and I love jalapenos on everything. I even put them on my hot dogs. Trader Joe's only, no nitrates or preservatives.

Yea I didnt either til my husband brought it home. He loves jalapenos. They have a few flavored tuna's now. I got the tomato basil tuna I believe, not sure what I'm going to do with it. lol

I would love a Trader Joe's but we don't have those here in FL. Maybe one day! I'd so shop there for sure. I have to go to multiple places to get certain foods that i want. I don't mind but it gets to be annoying at times lol

Another pepper that I have come to appreciate is the habanero. Some people fear them because they are more hot than jalapenos, but if you remove the seeds they are fine. I made some habanero poppers and they were great.

My husband also loves habanero's and says the same thing about the seeds. lol I like spicy/hot foods but they don't like me. They always give me a stomach ache and heartburn so I have to be careful.

You might want to consider some black beans. Maybe even some white lime / cilantro rice, but not too much or it will dry it out. You could top it after it's done with some fresh sliced avocado or tomatoes.

Ok now that is a start. What about corn or maybe some diced tomatoes and chilies? I buy the Rotell canned tomatoes with diced chilies in them or I cut up tomatoes and add chili's to it. Just depends on what i have on hand. I think rice would be a good substitute instead of egg noodles. I will have to add black beans to my grocery list for Sunday. I am not a bean fan but I don't mind them as long as they aren't the main ingredient in a dish.. You won't see me eating a plate of beans lol but in something like this they would work. What do you think about adding enchilada sauce to it? I could use a Mexican cheese blend instead of cheddar cheese. We do have a place that you can get lots of good fresh international cheeses.

LOL! I have done that before too. What is even better is A.1. steak sauce on fried or soft boiled eggs, so good. ~$heopleNation
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Oh yes A1 is good on eggs. I have had steak and eggs for breakfast and dunk my eggs in it. Tasty for sure!

posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 05:34 PM

reply to post by mblahnikluver

Looks good! How many servings does that recipe make? Can I just halve everything? I'm just feeding myself these days and while I'm ok with leftovers, I don't want to see my freezer loaded up with nothing but casserole.

I'd say it serves 4-6 depending on portions per person.
Yea you can halve it for sure.

I have a freezer full of left overs lol I just can't cook for one when it comes to meals like this. I've tried and I always end up making more than i intended.

The one thing I do make a lot for just one is green bean casserole. I love it and it is so easy to make.


And then there is this...

I looked at him and said "you eat this every time we go to Mi Mexico!" He didn't like seeing the ingredients because they weren't purred yet. Oh he had no idea how many times he ate something he didn't like because he didn't see me put it in the dish! HAHA Sneaky I am...

OMG! You put kittens in the mix!?


Maybe you should post a couple of your failed experiments, just so us amatuers can learn from your mistakes.

Hmm never thought of that. Good idea. I usually just toss it and forget I ever made it lol Recently I made a type of shepherds pie that just so didn't turn out how I envisions. I winded up tossing the entire thing lol

Next mess up I'll post.

Keep those recipes coming! And thanks.

You are quite welcome.

I have so many that i don't post. I like to have pics so I want to make them before I post them. Some of my recipes i haven't made in a while or I want to perfect it and change some ingredients which I tend to do. I have changed a couple of my recipes a few times because I found other ways to make it better and tastier.

posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 09:20 PM
reply to post by mblahnikluver
sounds yummy and will give this one a try,.
however i think i will use Wild Caught Salmon instead, less mercury

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posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 10:44 PM
reply to post by mblahnikluver

If you already have jalepenos my friend, there is no need to even bother with anyother chilies. Corn, sweet white (never use canned corn) and tomatoes sound great though. If you don't use fresh tomatoes, look for the canned mexican style stewed tomatoes. They are great, and already contain cilantro & cumin spice. Saves you some $.


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posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 08:14 AM

Originally posted by SheopleNation
reply to post by mblahnikluver

If you already have jalepenos my friend, there is no need to even bother with anyother chilies. Corn, sweet white (never use canned corn) and tomatoes sound great though. If you don't use fresh tomatoes, look for the canned mexican style stewed tomatoes. They are great, and already contain cilantro & cumin spice. Saves you some $.


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Oh awesome. Yea I dont like canned veggies period. I always use fresh veggies.

I think I have some of those tomatoes canned already. I tend to stock up on canned tomatoes like that, my husband loves them and I send them to him overseas a lot so when they are on sale I buy quite a bit so when he asks for them I have them.

Thanks! When I make this I'll post it and link you to it and give credit to you! Since you basically gave me the recipe

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