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these words within

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posted on Sep, 3 2013 @ 04:44 AM

Hello my friend,

I hope that you can spare some time,
In this moment to humor and old being with some random mind garble,
I assure you it is paramount
towards your current moment regardless of how you may react to it.

Perhaps you may need to consume this message a few times to gather its true depth.

I love you all,

Every single being connected to this medium.

These tears I cannot restrain.

Several weeks now I have withheld this vibe,
perhaps now is the time I no longer have any idea.

Are you blind my friends?

Have you forgotten what it means to be the beings you once where?
Are you that distracted by the lunacy that contains you,

are you but naught but the air you expel from your face?

Can you not see how they keep you strapped to this space?

Perhaps it needs to be spoken,
Are you not that oblivious to your surroundings?

Can you not focus in to this moment in time?

I mean this in its totality.

I steal this rudely,

An Eye for an Eye, can only leave this world blind..

You are all human beings it doesn’t matter what color or creed you are or what tribe you grew up in.

please see past this.

That is history, and as history it is also as irrelevant I love you as a brother and as a sister.

Know this profoundly before you react unconsciously or otherwise to the words that fall from my face to paper for what comes next is nothing but what comes from within.

Step back,

from your current realm of insanity,

and see….

See truly what comes from within.

I beg you.

They strive to keep you in shackles,

I strive to open your mind within.


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