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The Meeting

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posted on Nov, 12 2004 @ 02:17 PM
The man lit a cigarette. His name was Larry Hammond. He was a high-ranking member of the FBI. His hair was thin and grey and his back was arched from years of leaning over desks writing letters. Standing around him were three other people.

The first was a junior agent called Ray Blunt, who Larry had brought to get some field experience, He had previously worked in Air Force One as an engineer and his voice was hoarse from some years of engine fumes.

The second was a woman who was with MI6. Her name was Julia Simons and she was directing a classified project on Extra-terrestrial beings. Her bright blonde hair seemed to illuminate the cold, dark night.

The third was a Russian. He was an ace hacker and was known only by the codename Syntax. He was old but not as old as Larry who was now shivering as the wind seemed to blow over their faces like sandpaper.

Their location was classified. Their assignment was a meeting with the Grays to discuss an issue that had been going on since 1947: technology sharing.

“Where are they?” muttered Ray. “Its not time yet” Larry said flatly “They’ll be here. And sure enough about a minute later a large disc appeared from behind the clouds and landed without a sound a couple of feet away from them. The Grays had arrived.

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posted on Nov, 12 2004 @ 02:22 PM
Thats cool. *claps* i like it. Alas i cannot write as well but i still continue.:shk: writeing.

posted on Nov, 12 2004 @ 03:35 PM
The disc was huge and easily concealable in the remote area they were in. It was silver in colour and decorated with what looked like Runic symbols along the side. There was no door or compartment to enter or exit the craft but the four agents knew what would happen as they had gone through a training exercise in order to have the necessary skills for this assignment. After a moment a small area of the craft started to literally melt away to reveal an opening. The agents stepped inside and watched as the opening covered itself once more with the silver material. There was no going back now.

A door slid open in front of them and each one of the agents saw a large room with a long table. At the end of the table sat four Grays. Julia wrinkled her nose at the sight of them but said nothing. The agents took a seat. A small screen was in front of each of them that was so thin it could have been made of paper and a small microphone was connected to them. Text flashed across the screen. OUR SUPERIORS HAVE INSPECTED THE SUBJECTS OFFERED AND HAVE PROPOSED THE FOLLOWING ITEMS.

In case your wondering the “subjects” are what the sceptics call “alien abduction” these people are not abducted but offered by our own government.

A large screen came down from the roof and showed the different items. The first was a small box. On the small screens it told the agents that it was a power supply box. Syntax did a calculation in his head and realized this box had enough power to supply America for the next ten years or so. The second item was an incredibly advanced thermal imager, with this we could see a detailed map of under the ice in Antarctica instead of just swirls of colour. The last item was a virus. An incredibly contagious virus that could if not controlled properly wipe out the Human race. Ray wondered why they were offering us this.

Larry swore. “Is that it?” he said angrily in the microphone. The Gray said something and YES flahed on the screen. “That’s not enough” Larry complained. “We need more!” Once more the Gray spoke and the reply this time was DO NOT AGGITATE US, HUMAN. Larry could have exploded with rage. “We need more!” he repeated. This time the Gray didn’t say anything. He simply pressed a button and the room started to fill with the virus they had offered.

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posted on Nov, 12 2004 @ 04:14 PM
In that second they knew they would all die. There was nothing they could do, nowhere they could run. There were no windows, just walls and the door they had come through but they couldn’t walk through a solid door could they?.

The Grays just sat there. Larry supposed thee virus had no effect on them.

Julia was thinking about her fiancée. She would be getting married next month. No. She was supposed to be getting married next month.

Ray was thinking about his family. With all the stuff he had heard about government secrecy he guessed they would never know what really happened to him.

Larry was thinking of his wife, kids and grandchildren, he also knew they would never be told.

Syntax however was calm. He knew his friends in the underground would avenge him. They regularly hacked into government servers and stole files and he was confident they would find the report of this mission.

Slowly they died in that room, one by one. Larry first, then Syntax , Ray and finally Julia.

Larry and Ray were right. The families were never told. Julia’s fiancée was told she died in a boat accident. Syntax’s friends were caught and arrested when they hacked into the files. Larry’s family were told he had suffered a heart attack while crossing a bridge and had fallen into the rushing water. Rays girlfriend was told he had been killed in action.

What really happened to these people is in a government computer. In a file marked classified.

3 months later diplomatic relationships between the Humans and Grays were good once more. And standing on a pier in a classified location were four agents and a large craft that had just emerged from beyond the clouds……..

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posted on Nov, 14 2004 @ 02:41 PM
I think you should do a second one.

posted on Nov, 15 2004 @ 10:53 AM
Yeah I probably will when I think of something. Do yuo mean a sequel to this story or a completely new story?

posted on Nov, 15 2004 @ 01:45 PM
Sequal to this story, well thats what id like to see.

posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 06:54 AM
Then I'll do it! But just to see the look on your face!

posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 08:44 AM
Cold. That was how Julia felt as she lay on the hard metal. It took her a while to remember where she was. She stood up and looked around. The room was small and made completely of metal. She looked at her reflection in the wall and saw how wrecked she looked. Her hair which was usually straight was messy and untidy and stuck up at the back and there was also a small cut just above her eyebrow. She heard a groan and looked down.

“Ohhh” whimpered Ray.

“Let me help you up” offered Julia, stretching a hand down.

The others started to awake now.

“Where are we?” asked Syntax.

“Looks like some sort of detainment cell” answered Larry, who stood up looking at his watch. “My watch is out, anyone have the time?”.

Ray took out his pocket organiser and flicked it on.
“Holy #!” He gasped. “Its September! We’re here three months!?!

Julia checked her watch.
“That’s impossible! We couldn’t have survived so long without food or water” she said panicky.

“Its Grays we’re talking about here” Ray argued. “They have a lot more technology than us, they must have done something with our digestive system or something”.

“Yes but the human body cannot survive for that long without energy!” Julia said hotly.

“Look it doesn’t matter!” Larry said calmly, trying to stop the argument.

“Lets just find a way out of here” Syntax added.

It took an hour before the wall started to melt away and three Grays stepped inside. Julia caught a glimpse of four other humans in a cell like theirs. The Grays had a small screen with them like the one from the meeting and tossed it to Syntax. Ray felt glad that Larry hadn’t got it again, he wasn’t in the mood for another three months of deep sleep. The screen sprung to life.


The agents couldn’t believe their eyes. They were going to be probed like all the other Humans given up over the years. Had it been a set up? Had their own government given them up? No. It was Larry who had started the argument and this was what happened. Ray who usually looked up to Larry as a father figure felt somehow distant to him now.

“No I’m afraid that’s not possible” Syntax said into the microphone. “We need to get back to our planet”.

YOU HAVE NO CHOICE was the reply.

And slowly the Grays came nearer to them.

“Screw this!” Larry shouted. “Shoot them!”

The agents took their guns out of their holsters. Syntax got one in the eye, brain and torso and it crumpled to the ground. One jumped on Julia but she shoved the gun right up to its head and fired as its skull broke open and sticky blue blood flowed over her. Ray shot the last ones head just as it was about to punch Larry.

“Lets go!” Larry announced and they ran out of the wall as it was still open.

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posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 09:05 AM
watcha mean just to see the look on my face?

Respect your elders!

posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 09:45 AM
The interior of the ship was a mass of wires along the wall in every direction and each one of them black because the Grays have highly advanced eyesight to humans and it doesn’t seem so dark to them. But to the agents they could barely see. They kept tripping over each other until Ray discovered he had a flash light on his pocket organiser.

“ Thank you HP!” he shouted and Syntax nudged him to be quiet.

Almost an hour after they escaped from the cell they found a small empty room with a control panel at it.

“ A TRITON receiver” Ray mumbled remembering the device from numerous training exercises.

“Hmmm…” Syntax thought for a minute. “ I could modify it so we could send a message to Earth but it’ll take a couple of hours”.

“Get moving then, we don’t have much time!” Larry ordered.

Julia and Ray guarded the door while Larry and Syntax worked on the receiver. What seemed like hours later Syntax stood up.

“Okay I think that’s it, lets do it” Syntax proclaimed looking pleased with himself. “It’ll have to be in binary code”.

Syntax typed the message and after pressing some buttons on a silver panel on the receiver he got up again.

“Did it work?” Julia asked.

“We can only hope” Syntax said.

Julia walked over to the Gray control panel. She had been trained on something like this and suddenly went into a rampage of pressing buttons.

“What are you doing?” Larry asked.

“I’m trying to get a map of this place” she explained. “Almost… it!” she exclaimed with a satisfied smile as a light green image of the ship came into view on the screen.

“We’re here” Julia explained, pointing to a small square on the west of the ship. “If we can get here to the escape pods we may be able to get out”.

“We’ll need to put a self-destruct on the ship” Larry said. “We can’t just leave it here”.

“We’ll need to get here then “ she said grumpily, she wasn’t so sure she agreed with Larry’s decisions.

Julia pointed to a large rectangular room in the middle of the craft.
“Lets go then” Larry ordered.

It took about half an hour to get to the main control room. The agents stood at the door. Each of them pulled out a mini uzi that they had been supplied with.

“Lets go” Syntax said as he pushed the illuminated button beside the door.

They all jumped into the room as the door once more melted away. About fifty Grays stood there perplexed by the fact that four humans covered in the blood of their species stood in there ship.

“In E.T. they we’re not so big” Ray joked as he shot them down one by one.

Julia let out a smile as she let out a hail of bullets on six Grays standing next to the door.

“Not so tough are they?” Syntax said when the last one crumpled to the ground.

Julia jumped into a seat and started initiating a self-destruct.

“How long do we need?” Julia asked.

“Give us six minutes if we put on too much time more will come and stop it” Larry said.

Julia put six minutes on and it once more into the twisting tunnels of the ship. They ran as fast as they could to the escape pod bay.

“How long left?” Syntax asked Julia nervously.

She looked at her watch. “Less than a minute” she said trying not to sound scared.

As the pods came into view they ran even faster.

“Get in!” Larry shouted.

Julia and Ray jumped in one and Larry and Syntax in the other. The pods were a standard vehicle in the military although they were top secret and to fly one you needed highest level clearance. It was lucky for the agents that training for these missions got you the clearance so they all sprung into action.

About four seconds after they launched the pods the ship blew up. They weren’t caught in the explosion because the speed of the pods was so fast that by the time the ship blew up the agents were already 1000km from it.

Using the on-board computer the found Earth easily. They landed on the runway of Area-51. When the emerged they were greeted by four government officials.

“Right this way” one of them said, leading the four agents into the base.
They were showed into a small room with a table and eight chairs. They took their seats.

“We received your message” an official said. “But we need you to tell us the full story”.

So the agents told them. Starting with how they had gassed them and thrown them in a cell to how they had killed the Grays, blown up the ship and stolen the pods. When they finished there was a silence until an official started to talk.

“Well, very impressive!” he said. “ Can you guys wait here for just a minute?”.

The officials walked out of the room. They we’re not going to let the agents go because they knew too much and it would be hard to explain how they had all just come back. would have a field day if they discovered this. The agents had to die.

“I’m definitely retiring now” Larry said.

Julia was about to answer but she stopped. A small pink cloud had just entered the room and more was coming. The room was being gassed . The agents died . This time they didn’t wake up.

posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 09:46 AM
Done and done. Well now to sell it for millions.

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