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Hear ye , hear ye. Group together now, form a circle. Listen up. And here we go.

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posted on Sep, 2 2013 @ 11:03 AM
I feel really appreciated from you guys here on ATS. I am proud to see you ladies and gents having a larger objective view when it comes down to conspiracies. I nor anyone else can figure all of this # out without each other. We all hold some piece of information or some form of ability that allows us to see straight through the lies and propaganda. Some of us are really good at creating and holding conversations and getting down to the bottom line. Others are even better at bringing us together. I personally have the ability to critical think through problems rather efficiently(That's about all I am good at, and it pays the bills too). A few years ago I have started prepping because the way things were going I was sure the 'end' was sooner rather then later. But over the years I have been watching the world awaken. And man I am starting to really get excited here. Even today the majority of us haven't a clue whats really going on. BUT, slowly and surely this is changing. The power of the 'educated' minority such as us here on ATS and other similar webpages are starting to have a real influence on our world. Just look at Syria. For example, .00001% of us stood up and told Obama to sit down and I swear he almost # himself. There is no America abroad that is going to come and save us, we are it people. Not only must we fight to save our country we must fight to save the world. If we sit by and watch the world will continue to suffer because of our non action, and it sure as hell will end here, the last fight, on our soil. I propose we do this with out the bullets. If we all just had it in us to go out group up and sing in harmony that would go much further then any bullet ever would. With all of this said I believe there is hope. I thank you guys for all of your hard work. We are winning the information war and it is starting to show politically. SIT DOWN OBAMA

On a side note here is an recent ATS post of mine I find people really enjoy reading this one. Once again thank you for being an "extremest" patriot like myself. Together we can literally create the world we all have dreams of.
And here is my recent post


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