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Is it worth it? from a Gambler

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posted on Sep, 2 2013 @ 10:02 AM
I grew up watching westerns and thought how cool it was. Ride your trusty steed over to the saloon. Strut through those swinging half doors, cowboy hat and 45 peacemaker on the leg. Order a whiskey and a beer, sit down and have a 'rootin-tootin' time.

I spent my life hitting casinos at every convenience. Some good card games also happen late night at OTB centers. An uncle-in-law of mine who happened to be a genius with computer patents who lives in Estes Park, taught me a lot about Vegas. He was a cabbie there so he could have something to do in the winter. It subsidized his living expenses so he could live there and gamble. Plus, he could make $1,000 a night. Good cabbies in vegas are better than a Manhattan maitre' D. He was someone with an interesting life, mob ties growing up, he was an illegitmate but cared for child of a made guy. His mom was my wife's Grandma's sister's kid.

11 years ago, he taught me how to excel at gambling. It isn't how you think and NEVER what you expect.

"Sharks and Whales. every fish in the sea can spot them, else they become dinner. That's step one"..
"Crabs, now you find THEM. crabs are SHILLS. they pinch, take a pinch from the house and a pinch from YOU".."DO you think the house gets money when its only ante'?"..

Point being.. he HAD been a shill, paid very well when offduty as a cabbie. He got to GAMBLE with HOUSE MONEY! and keep part of any winnings and return the 'stack' at the end of his shift.

Shills will NEVER, EVER, EVER admit it. Even if on caught on camera, in front of reporters, proof.
When people at the table are "working over" a dealer, a shill will throw a wrench into it at a costly place.
BANG.. tides turn, everyone looks at the shill and offers 'guidance' because they are mad the 'greenhorn' blew it all up! "WTF dude" that was a 12to1 payout!

rant-... I SEE YOU SHILLS....AND can spot YOU a MILE away

posted on Sep, 2 2013 @ 10:07 AM
For the right price..

I would be a shill.. anyone would

just don't think anyone would pay

perhaps $5,000/day USD... yeah for that I would..

just saying!

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