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I keep hearing radio signals in my sleep right before I wake up.

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posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 02:46 PM
A while back in another thread I was speaking of this issue because I was dipping in & out of sleep again (I do this on random occasions) It's like I'm lucid but going into a state of mind that is "elsewhere" & even though it seems I am dipping in & out of sleep, the conversations are continuous. They seem to pick back up & are not at all random like dreams are that constantly change & morph.

I was a part of a conversation where people in some type of control room were asking a bunch of questions & they were being answered by what I believe are non human or hybrid life forms & I saw a large shaft, very immaculately built that was horizontal in one section but went vertical way way WAY down to some deep cold place. I think in the turn of that shaft there was some kind of security trap or maybe it was for other purposes, such as helping to ascend the shaft but it was energized & I got the impression it was high powered/ dangerous.

There was a slow, calm, haunting benevolent voice almost as if it were a machine & I knew who it was, but I do not wish to elaborate on his place in this other than he is a captain of sorts, a leader who is the focus of fear and curiosity. I could talk all day on him.

He kept referring to someone as "Johnny" almost as if it were a pet name & this "Johnny" seem to be one of his inquisitors & not on his side, per se but who knows.

I had a crystal clear vision of a primate hybrid who was quite remarkable & friendly. Other hybrids I might mention are not primates.

I am convinced there is something under the ocean that they have found & it is in some very deep cold place.

My first thought was Antartica but I was talking to someone on here who claims to be an empath (Who I no longer talk to because I find their approach to be counter productive & that this has lead them to problematic conclusions even though they seem to have random bits & pieces of information) They mention cascadia & it being a focus of seismic activity. This may be important.

I have had other experiences that have lead me to believe that there are multiple forces that can cause incredible earthquakes. Some are manmade, some are natural & some are even tech that is as of right now, outside of our understanding. I believe that if the elite go into DUMBs & subject the surface population to total nuclear war or leave us to save ourselves totally unaware in the event of a great cosmic episode, they will be destroyed within the alleged safety of what they have built with the tax payer $ as payback for not telling us & any who are left will be "greeted" when they resurface. I believe under certain circumstances, they will be crushed in their own bunkers. I don't want to go real far into that but there is a frightening power that could tear the world apart & will in order to salvage what is left. There have been visions from others from a while back on the net of the earth becoming two. They talk about it as if it is cell division, which on a small level seems very much not chaotic at all, but on a planetary level if the planet itself or the people on it were to become subject to a great divide it would certainly be chaotic one way or another.

So... getting past all that & leaving all my other recent experiences out of the equation for now (because there are just too many to mention in this thread) & not laying out the background of my childhood ET encounter for those of you that have never read anything I have written on it (just keep in mind that these strange things have been happening to me & I am trying to find time to write it all out/ put it in video fornat)... but for now I want to get right to the most recent thing I have heard.

It's as if I am over hearing short wave radio right before I wake up. It makes me curious but i have not yet figured it out.

Days ago... two human voices were discussing a word I had never before heard, & so i looked up how it sounded to me & sure enough, it is indeed a word. YEDIEMIN. It is turkish & it mean deed or trust holder.

They were also agreeing on something as if they had just figured out some connection & mentioned another name.... Kill Darwin... or perhaps...Kildarwin. I have no idea what that means but looking for it, I only found that kildarwin is a screen name contact of someone elses who has pictures of a big group of friends meeting at blackcomb lodge in Canada, not too far from vancouver. I'm not saying it's connected, but i thought the location was strange, not just because it is not far from this cascadia thing, but that it is not extremely far from haarp. It is close to the pacific & out of the US but very close. it would be close to a strategic attack on N K, possibly even russia or bejign... as in russias vladivostok port.

still not very strange.

many of these people are korean. the US is recruiting weapons handlers to send to SK.. little strange but just coincidental.

these people look like young military types on vacation. Not really strange...yet.

they have american friends & could very well be military... not too strange

Then I notice a goat symbol in one of the pictures & try to find it. I think it could be a goat locker laptop skin but i could be wrong. Goat locker is US navy stuff. They have a forum that is selective about membership but not closed. I can't confirm that the goat symbol is a goat locker symbol because it is not exact. I don't know, maybe someone else might.

ok. so thinking it is navy personnel makes me scratch my head because I believe that it is the navy who is trying to communicate with this deep mysterious base, but I'm probably just making myself paranoid that these people are involved in any way & are anything other than vacationers but I'm still curious if anything military is getting geared up around vancouver.

I have considered that a false flag is about to take place & it will be made to look like an Iranian or NK nuke. This location makes me curious. it would bring the UK into it, it would not interfere with US routes. It would be easier to obscure in the news because it is canada/ less US independent investigative orgs could get involved. i don't know, my mind is going in too many different directions but i feel i must keep this YEDIEMIN & Kildarwin thing in my mind & not just forget about it. I'm just tossing around some ideas.
NK is getting some bad western press right now, but I don't know the details other than that there was supposedly a mass execution. I would like to find out more, but it's not easy to get all the details.

I don't know... some many things come across... lately I heard "I will show you"

and I FIRMLY believe it is in regards to the war endeavor & of course I have no doubt turkey is involved & is playing up to the EU itching to be a member, but i don't know the significance of YEDIEMIN, & I'm waiting. i don't pretend to have the answer, I just have a big feeling that something is going to happen & something is already being investigated. They are not telling us. They have found something. They are hiding it. Of those who want to tell us, some may even be in the military!!!

Ok- some of my ramblings. I'm not looking for appraisals or critiques because I know how this sounds & we all may be a little crazy. it may mean nothing but i would rather voice it as anyone else might do with a strange dream then say nothing at all & it turn into something like the dream of the man on fire 1 week b4 911, or the dream of the indonesian tsunami.

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 03:18 PM
i should probably clarify what i said about appraisals and critiques. I see I got some stars and I appreciate that so i should clarify that i just meant I want to stay focused on trying to figure out what these two words could be connected to. If anyone has any ideas even if its a shot in the dark.... by all means feel free to respond. i just don't want the thread itself to turn into a lot of reading for other members that has more to do with side issues or the subject of visions or something like that.... which i know i also do in other people's threads and sometimes my threads are looking for that type of feedback, but in this case.... i kinda want to brainstorm ideas and will be adding to this as ideas come across that i look up... or if I get a weird sense of anything else.

Again, any ideas thrown into the pot could be revealing.
I just want to keep it at that.

Something i just read is that there is a cascadia independence movement within north america to make that location it's own country. I find this VERY interesting and I don't think it is new but has to do with environmental issues and the oil industry. I'm going to read on that some more..... and elaborations on that are welcome also.

The reason i find this important is because of that division i believe is within our government and that the whole military complex is not bad. i think we should explore this and see what there is to know about any military or government types who are trying to break away from the status quo that seems to be focused solely on oil dependency and writing off it's debt. i don't know... I'm going to see what I can find.
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posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 03:27 PM
Continue to document you experiences and keep open the possibility that your mind may actually be tapping into a lucid dream state, An alternate reality, being used as a conduit by some bio technical faction or simply be a suppressed writer whose creativity is finding a release the only way it can (and a damn good one at that given half a chance) then again it may actually be real,. As one whom has experienced some paranormal activity I can in kind empathize with the stress it may be causing but if it is only during your sleep then you are lucky.

There are some whom believe the spirit world to be in many ways (at least on some lower planes) almost identical to this plane and there may be factions, agency's and technology's that can tap into this plane from that one and indeed though they may not have the exact same reasons there state of consciousness may be altered to hold other priority's as far more relevant to that state of being than we would consider here as they would in essence be living within different laws of physics.

There will inevitably be the trolls and disbelievers but don't take the knock sometimes they are wrong and sometimes right,.

Don't try to initiate it unless you are comfortable with the potential risk of opening yourself voluntarily to this as believe me it can be catastrophic so just be careful but hey it would make a great book.

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posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 04:06 PM
I hope you remain open-minded about your experiences. They're very interesting and informative.

Thank you for sharing them. I hope you will continue to do so.

I lucid dream occasionally. They can be quite striking. Fasting intensifies them but I don't advocate it.

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 04:49 PM
reply to post by LABTECH767

Thanks for the kind words. Actually, during sleep is not the only type of things that happen. I have been through multiple encounters. people around me have seen things as well. My first experience that I remember was seeing a grey ET on my kitchen counter when I was 5 yrs old & my life has always been a bit odd. I see his face every day, but it is kind of hard to see as it appears like some type of plasma imprint in my field of vision. I can hear him. He nudges me, he does all sorts of things. Something happened a few years ago. It was as if a radio wave went by & something exploded in my head. Well, not literally exploded but it was a strange, disturbing feeling of something just completely shorting out. Shortly after that I started having sensations that things were being downloaded to my brain but i also pick up interference from other sources, I think. He has not left me since. Unsavory types also seem to focus on me, but uninvited. He had encountered me before & was revealing himself gradually in various ways. Somewhere around 2010, it became intense. The things I see/ hear are less abstract, more like I'm having an actual conversation. before it was extremely mysterious & frightening, but now so many things that go all the way back to my childhood make perfect sense. Me & this grey individual know each other very well. It is just hard for me to remember because it was another lifetime.

He is here to help. He has requested my help. It is my desire to help him.

It had been very confusing for me earlier in life because there were things i had to see & experience for myself about people. About how some people can be.

i will go more into that later but don't want to write too much on it here because i am supposed to be writing all this out in a more organized fashion. I do have a website, i just haven't worked on it much. I have so many things to do, most of it involves much more mundane stuff. Of course no one I know is even interested in hearing any of this. That is actually the most frustrating part. just about all the things that have happened since childhood were chalked up to my imagination.

I am going to keep track of it but i wanted to go ahead & throw this out there in case it could mean something involving what is happening in the world right now.

I find this cascadia thing fascinating.

I looked it up on a map because I thought it was just a geographic issue but it certainly isn't just that.
It is a socio-political cultural movement. i recommend that EVERYONE read this wikipedia link. this has been going on since it was the Oregon territory & once called the state of jefferson.

in 40-41, they had a movement centered around this that tolled a road in california. They were basically taking control of it. the pearl harbor attack ended all that, coincidentally. in the 90s the movement was amped up again (among a few other points in history) & on sept 9 2001 they opened a website to promote such an idea but national security after 911 was among 1 of the reasons that this didn't get underway. You know, it's strange. i remember port blocking on the west coast over security issues after 911. There is so much cultural division between that area & the way the east/ new england does things. You know that a lot of those after the revolution who were still pulling for European intervention into our economics were centered in the east of north america & of course much corruption comes out of new york & DC. During the civil war, some from that region were all for the secession from the union, but it never took hold. even after the war, the north east kept piling in immigrants from other countries & many got treated very badly, but they had an empire to build, so they kept bringing them in. i really can't stand the kind of political atmosphere of our northeast.

i think we are really looking at a divide. Although there may never be 2 countries in the 1- economically, this could still be causing problems for DC & new york even NOW. i think it would be a good idea to examine the economics of this western region more closely & see just how much pacific influence is there.
I wonder what the military atmosphere is in this region. if it is any different than elsewhere in the states. It would be interesting to know.

I think it's weird that 1 of the northern centers for this movement was called from whistler, bc where that lodge I was looking at pictures of is from. probably all just coincidence but a strange 1 & it has brought me to learning of this movement that on an economic level, may be considered a threat to northeastern political sentiment. in other words....wall street & all that it effects/ controls.

this movement holds meetings, I wonder where and when and how big they are.

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 05:04 PM
They have an enhanced drivers license and state ID program that incorporates people from Washington State and BC. I just had to point that out because I find it pretty substantial.

Anyone who has ever dealt with the sovereign entity, the DMV and driver's license division knows that what they say pretty much goes. No way around it.... but this economic cross border region is so recognized, they have this program.

This is not just a mere concept. It is real.

My question is, does wall street see it as a threat.... even if it's only an economic threat sans official borders.

just take a look at that while i contemplate other possibilities of these words and experiences.
I don't want to make the whole thread about cascadia but after stumbling across that entry when looking for a map..... it REALLY opened my eye.

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 05:38 PM
reply to post by NotAnAspie


Bare with me...


ARTICLE 2 - (1) This Regulation, Enforcement and Bankruptcy Act are based on the fifth paragraph of Article 88.


ARTICLE 3 - (1) of this Regulation;

a) Lower the operator: the natural or legal persons delegated by the licensee,

b) Ministry: Ministry of Justice,

c) Storage: natural or legal persons authorized by the Ministry of Justice stores operated by a licensed trustee,

d) The storage operator: Licensed trustee company's license to store the natural or legal persons,

d) Business license: operators holding a license or sub-license granted to them by the Ministry within the scope of the document before starting operations,

e) Law Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law No. 2004, dated 09.06.1932,

f) The Commission: Evaluation and Procurement Commission,

g) License: Executive departments maintain operations carried out by the Ministry for the provision of all kinds of services are needed because of the permission given by,

i) Licence fee: Bachelor tender amount is determined for the calendar year as a result obtained by multiplying the price of the license period,

h) The licensee: License tender as a result of natural or legal persons who are eligible to receive license document,

i) UYAP: The National Judiciary Informatics System


man, talk about elusive! Only elusive b/c I forgot it's call sign/url address crap.

Caressing the sword that slays us? Ending the control mechanism (cooperate with each other for a time) we refer to as economics?

Do you fall asleep with headphones on very often? Dual-purpose/dual action electro-vortex-magnetic anomolies/audio waves.

1930's stuff is riddled with all kinds of unconscionable contracts...because he knows the time is short.

Fear is for the wicked when they meet their maker.

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 06:05 PM
reply to post by loveguy

That is interesting and I will read more about it. I'm not sure what to think of it right now though and really not sure what to think of this paperwork that this whistleblower has drawn up on behalf of every human. that could be a nice gesture or it could be an insinuation of universal jurisdiction.

Also, negative beings may very well be influencing human kind but I'm pretty positive they walk among us as humans. They may be walk ins or star seeds from somewhere else but I think they intended to inhabit the human form and there is one particular foreign world leader that i am pretty positive has a history on this planet against Christianity and has made a lot of mischief. I do not believe all religions were designed with the purpose of controlling people. I believe that jesus dealt with hellish entities and bartered our salvation. I believe the foundation of his church is built on the doctrine of truth and that he is certainly no stranger to angels from outside this Earth.

I will also point out that the being that is trying to make me aware on a higher level, despite my human incapacity to grasp it on my own or extract it from human society... he is not human... and I will not entertain any ideas that he is among any of the low frequency invaders that this theory talks about. It simply makes no sense that he would be pointing any of this out if he did not want to warn or make anyone aware of realities outside the confines of our own understanding.

I appreciate you offering the page and will look it over because it does mention what is becoming more and more obvious to everyone... that bankers are screwing everything up for everyone.

..but i will not draw any hasty conclusions on any Orion beings and I'm not sure why it wouldn't have been just as effective to talk about bankers themselves rather than flip it onto faceless Orion beings who we can't directly blame...and are left with some decree that an alleged whistleblower drew up on behalf of all of humanity.

I really don't think that makes any difference.

It actually kind of cast a bad light on the overall intentions of the article and the fact that it has just cropped up here under this subject.

in otherwords, you don't want your intentions to look like propaganda so let's try to find the facts among the theories, rather than making more theories among the facts.

As for sleeping with headphones on... no, never. I hardly wear headphones anymore. they hurt my ears. i do not sleep with a radio on and rarely even use on. When I listen to music it is usually YT videos or a CD in the car.
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posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 08:07 PM
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Apologies for the awkwardness in my tendencies.

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 08:11 PM
You are making astral travels, (remote vision). Do you think something is going on with comet ISON? Do you think the are creating some sort of killing stage?

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 08:11 PM
You are making astral travels, (remote vision). Do you think something is going on with comet ISON? Do you think the are creating some sort of killing stage?

posted on Sep, 7 2013 @ 05:49 PM

Originally posted by Asikakim
You are making astral travels, (remote vision). Do you think something is going on with comet ISON? Do you think the are creating some sort of killing stage?

Sorry, didn't see this earlier.

I am extremely interested in ISON. I do not wish the destruction on people but at the same time I feel there is something being pulled very tight, like a rubber band and it is about to snap. A pulling of something our way.
It could be a comet, a war, a contact... It could be all of those or it could be variable.

Whether or not it is ISON, I have no idea. Would it surprise me? Not at all. If it is not ISON, there *WILL* eventually be a cosmic catastrophically engaging with planet Earth eventually. We all know that. I tend to think it won't be as long as we are hoping, but it might not be for millions of years. I do feel we need to be concerned because we all think we will be dead when it finally happens, but i believe in reincarnation and I think we will be dealing with cosmic events whether we like it or not. We can't keep passing the buck on everything.... comets, armageddon, sun activity. Humans need a big practice in long term accountability. this much I am certain of. I'm also certain we are due for some lessons. I feel it is very likely that upcoming events will be involved but I'm uncertain of any details.

I think it is important to look at facts concerning ISON, because honestly, even if it's headed straight for us and they are hiding it, the outcome is still variable. We have to look at the facts as it's happening because the facts about ISON are strange enough already... considering that they say it could be as visible as they claim... in the daytime. That's just odd, imo.

To really assess feelings on ISON, I think it is important to wait until it's upon us, which will not be long.... because warnings will make no difference for the ones it effects at this point. That is not to say that I feel the government should be hiding things from us... I'm just saying we've screwed around (as a people in general) with false impressions of freedom of information and leaders that are supposed to keep us informed long enough and have turned a blind eye (in general) to too many things long enough. If one is in the field of science, by all means concern yourself. If one is in the field of preservation of ecosystems, by all means concern yourself... but if we are strictly talking about the intuitive aspect of it, I think it is variable enough to mean that we might have to wait and find out the hard way. For all we know, they have a secret space mission because they think it's going to come too close. It wouldn't be the first secret space mission. they might resolve it, they might fail. You see what I mean by variables? Yes, I think it is somehow important... maybe just because I feel they are hiding something...but I am not so sure the outcome is predictable at this present juncture. too much weird stuff going on right now and I'm sure some will not be affected at all, if any... but that is certainly not to say none.

In some things, I am constantly finding myself wanting to draw a middle line...and ISON is one of those instances. One thing I have figured out is that various aspects of an issue could be the true final result...all depending on who you are, where you are. I have no details, just this sense that ISON is important... but it could be that the only reason for that is because comets themselves are becoming more of a danger... and not particularly centered around ISON itself... but who knows?

I DO feel there is something they are not telling us.

Honestly, I have considered that they may have sent a craft out to it under our nose & that the whole thing could go a lot of different ways. I think that THEY think it might cause some kind of disruption, but they are not letting on as such. that is my gut feelings on ISON whether it is a threat to us or not.

i would like to pursue at least a part of this field in my future schooling, if that explains how interested I have become. I have been given gestures of attention to cycles, something passing us. Many things pass us. Some are important, some not. This guidance is important to me, but this guidance is very difficult to interpret when it comes to variables, details, & info I'm probably not supposed to have in the first place. Straight forward emotions & intent tend to be more clear.

maybe what it means is that we will see something or realize something & it will be important and shake us up a bit. maybe in a big way, but maybe most of us will not even notice. "Big cycles" is something that has come up a lot in these engagements. Standing back and acknowledging these "interjections" have made me aware that it is a very important field and I think it gives many, even professionals quite a scare. I can't say I'm afraid.

maybe something IS wrong & I just can't bring myself to feel the fear, just "importance"

posted on Sep, 7 2013 @ 06:23 PM
last night, i was having a bit of a scary dream. i was running on a beach at night and it seemed the land still had a lot of jungle. i'm pretty sure it was an island. It's not the first island dream I have had recently. the water was getting deeper and it was hard to run even though i was trying to run towards the more shallow water, while still running down the shore line. i saw a dark thing in the water and thought it could be something dangerous like a shark. there was a light under the water at the front of it and i thought it was his eye for some reason. I was having to swim now and couldn't swim fast enough so I went on my back, because I can swim faster that way... although it meant i could no longer keep my eye on this black object. i got away by doing this though and ran up into the jungle and found myself in a nice apartment and saw some hairclips on the floor and thought they belonged to an old friend and then i saw her dog who is long since dead by now. She never lived anywhere like this. there was no one in there. No one was home. I knew in the back of my mind that these things were just to reassure me that i was not trespassing and about to be shot as a burglar.

Relieved but in a huff, i woke up and it was the middle of the night and i was still so tired i could barely keep my eyes open but when I opened my eyes I saw a flash close to the bed and saw what I thought was a figure with most of it about 3 feet from the floor. This has happened before. I saw a little mans back and arm/shoulder... no shirt on about 3 feet from the floor. I see these things in flashes and pieces.

I felt someone was there and had that weird feeling a of fright and was fighting to keep my eyes opened. These interactions usually do not scare me but sometimes give me somewhat of a fright or anxiousness. i don't know if it is different beings (that thought was scaring me) or if it was a shared fear between me and whoever was here, because they do not like showing themselves. Like, possibly to the point of fear.

i was concerned none the less and my very sleepy state was causing certain things to cross my mind.

They are all around us.

I cannot figure out why we can't always see them... it is a mystery to me but I can hear them... more than one and the reason is because they are here in some form or fashion. It is very hard to understand if they are here physically or if it is just energy.... but let me tell you something.

Weeks ago...something happened and I didn't want to say anything but while I was struggling to stay awake last night, the thought of this crossed my mind again and at first it made me afraid and a little angry because i don't know why it happened, but then I considered the circumstances and am not mad anymore. just very curious.

The reason i had initially dismissed it was because I thought something might have bit me but the bite was rather strange... and I did not want to imply that something had been injuring me in my sleep.... because i had no idea really, but that is actually the strangest part.

I am a SUPER LIGHT sleeper. Anything will wake me up. A fly buzzing around will wake me up.

Weeks ago I was dreaming that i was talking to some people, didn't really know them but something was cutting into my arm. In the dream I looked at the wound on that back of my elbow and saw a little yellowish brown hole with no blood. The hole was a little bigger than a sesame seed. In the dream I put something on it... in powder form, like sodium bicarbonate and it stung and sizzled a little but was easing it. The pain was pretty pronounce but it was simply NOT waking me up. My arm was up by my head on my pillow. after putting the stuff on the wound and saying one last thing to the person in my dream, THEN I woke up...arm still stinging. i was sleepy and since i should have still been asleep I brushed the covers off and my arm off because I thought something bit me... didn't find anything. Went back to sleep. Days later remembered the event and looked at my elbow (thinking it may have all been my imagination) and the small brownish yellow hole was there. It did not look like a bite mark and it was not swollen and there had been no itching or histamine reaction. I could NOT figure out how this had happened without it waking me up immediately.

I had bursitis in that elbow. I had this bursitis for MONTHS and it was aggravating the crap out of me. I injured myself while drilling into metal. i thought that damn bursitis was never going to go away. it stayed hot, slightly swollen and painful. I would do the bursitis arm stretches and it would ease it for a little while but it would come back and i thought i had screwed it up for good because that is often the case if it does not goes away after a couple of weeks.

My bursitis is gone.

So I'm laying in bed trying to keep my eyes pried open and trying to not turn over because I want to keep facing towards the door......cont
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posted on Sep, 7 2013 @ 07:09 PM
I had to edit that last one where I mixed a couple of words up...

So I'm laying there trying to control the compulsion to turn over and in the back of my mind I'm thinking "i know there is someone in here and and I mean REALLY in here, not just having a mental chit chat with me" I remembered the arm incident that I thought was strange but had just put it out of my mind as a bug bite. It's like that whole incident just popped back into my head like "You know that was strange, you know that was me, think about it"

So then while trying to hold my eyes open I'm getting aggravated and I start asking whoever is there that I can't see what all this is about and that i didn't want to roll over and go to sleep.... because really, all i wanted to do was roll over and go to sleep.
... but i was resisting in case he was going to do something else.

I keep resisting and I thought about the location of the wound. It is right there on the back of the elbow at the meaty part and felt like it was digging straight into the cartilage, the tendon. I think it was... I think that is exactly what happened...and I swear to God, at that moment all I could think is that they pulled fluid out of it because it had accumulated. Now it doesn't hurt and the wound was not bloody or even had a bloody scab, it was brownish yellow... like pus.. as if the fluid had escape through that hole. it was really weird.

So then I wasn't really mad anymore and could no longer resist the urge to roll over... so I did and before I drifted off I remembered that when I woke up from the beach dream, within the dream I had been hearing rhythmic static... but there was nothing rhythmic and staticy in the dream. It was as if this rhythmic static was going on in the background as I slept and I did not become aware of it until almost being awake and by the time I was awake, it stopped and then i saw a flash..... which is kinda aggravating.

It's like a game of peek a boo... and there was a risk of me getting mad about the whole thing and then this feeling of a gradually subsiding fear... then it was back to normal and I just drifted off again while thinking they are out and about on this planet.... doing stuff, doing work. They want companionship but are very weary of what that might entail. They have to be elusive because human minds jump to silly conclusions, they don't give a crap if stupid people are stupid enough to kill each other in war and don't condone that jazz. the victims are a different story and they think these things should be diplomatically ironed out without more killing, because that just perpetuates the cycle.

They stay away from people and don't want to be around most of them because they pick up so many bad vibes from people. they are spiritual and have seen a lot and are, indeed, possibly interdimensional. they are a part of us.... a part not yet realized fully and they can come through but really have no reason to yet.... but it could happen, it might happen. It likely won't happen soon because man thinks that anything he does wrong is because of some entity controlling him and won't learn accountability for his own actions. In other words, man can't handle this awareness. even though man is aware of less, man for the most part will assume that he is innocent compared to an entity that can be so elusive. They have been all the places we have been, they are as much of a part of us as the sky is a part of a starry night.
They are a different version of us and one that sees farther and sees through the dark. I don't mean that they are a different version of me because I am me in THIS form, but it hasn't always been that way. They are a different kind of us.... and they have been here all along. There was no invasion and they did not plan the current wars because if they wanted to kill us all they could probably just cut all our throats in our sleep. We think stupid things about this and so they just shake their heads and stay away from us.... reaching those they can reach in different ways. Some they approach, some they never show themselves to and just talk to. Some might even be quite angry, but that only makes them more like us.

If somebody else says "Non human entities are making our leaders make all these terrible decisions"

Then I'd have to say... What would they do that for? To show how insanely short sighted and selfish they are?

... because that seems to be all that they are accomplishing.

posted on Sep, 19 2013 @ 10:06 PM
Ok, something really strange has been happening. First let me recap so no one who just might see this will get confused. @ 5 yrs old I saw an ET in my house in the middle of the night. He was making his presence known to me. Had weird experiences all my life and have some witnesses, like the star gate and the shadow man.
Then about, going on 3 years back now, something weird happened to me one day as I was waking up. It was like a wave came by and I felt something pop in my head and I heard it, like something went ZAP... or maybe BLAP... or maybe it was BBZDTZDZAP... or something like that but it was very starling and after that I started noticing all kinds of weird synchronicities and strange stuff on TV and started remembering many events in my life that started all having a very eerie connection that lead to believe that I had been followed since childhood because someone in the government knew I was an contactee...and suddenly all sorts of weird events and even abuses started making sense.... What they were trying to do. My political outlook started changing as though I was nauseated and puking out the blinders. I then realized that i was contacted because the ET knew... recognized me and I believe it is from a past life. Throughout my life I have seen strange things come to pass but do not consider myself a psychic. I am only showed things...and only some things, but there are WAY more questions than answers and the questions don't stop. It's like I'm walking something out with a short sight but an unmistakable familiarity guiding me... and it's all for the witnesses.... so that they can feel that my contact has feelings and emotions, but that he is very serious about everything that has happened. I could tell you more about him but I might be talking all day...and some very important things I CAN'T know. that gets frustrating, but yeah... he has been interacting with me for the last few years. I can hear him but it's like another language or I can't quite make out the words. This really aggravates me but maybe he is very far away.. or under water. When I close my eyes I can see his. I can see an aura that shifts from green to blue...sometimes other colors but it is mainly green and blue. He showed me something written one day...something broken one day, he has picked up my hands and showed me things with my own hands. He touches my hand a lot... like he is holding it. All sorts of things that would take me so long to list.

I should mention there is more than one but I haven't gotten all that sorted out yet.
I'm not sure who's who.

anyway... recently, I was getting very frustrated because I am not very patient when it comes to certain things and I know answers are being held from me. I had to go somewhere early in the morning and had been getting woken up night after night at around midnight every time and can not go back to sleep. I start having pain and heat (and I have experienced what I think is energy attacks and observation that I call the "mind link") and I turn over and over and over and over and over. It's hurts just to lay in one spot and I might turn over a hundred times in one night. Often when i wake up i see a small figure laughing at me... or doing weird things and even if my eyes are open, my third eye will see this even though I have woken right up. I got SO mad.... because he was also there. I saw him and heard him talking to me and so i was wondering why he wouldn't let me sleep because sometimes he wakes me up to show me something but not like this.... he is not generally thoughtless like this and it was REALLY pissing me off and I was also getting depressed at the same time...and feeling like this wait will never end.

They have done this before though... and it is easy to forget when it's so hard to tell what is all your own mental content and what is externally coming TO your mind. They screwed it up... using voices nothing like his... just generic human voices and using images that i could clearly tell were meant to be negative...disgusting images... all sorts of weird things. Anger fear sadness etc while being synchronous with this other material coming to me and also with real things happening around me. I have clearly heard them asking me questions... holding conversation and trying all sorts of pretenses. When this began (I have written about this before) for months I could not figure out why someone with an english accent kept talking to me. I live in america and it was the strangest thing. This persisted for months and then suddenly, no more englishman...and he was telling me full stories and all sorts of elaborate stuff. Then he was gone and without fully knowing what all that was about, I always felt he was sort of a stand in of some kind... telling a story about someone else as though he was reading it from a book.

Well, I got on to the fact that there was interference. They are both communicating using ELF...extremely low frequencies. This is why they say the ETs are low frequency beings because YOUR government damn well knows they talk to people and are hiding it.... because they have threatened retaliation upon them and they are afraid they will tell people too many government they try to make people go crazy and have been experimenting with brain mapping for a while. it's a computer program. They can mess with people with actual handlers or they can stick a program on them and it will dial them up like a damn telephone, because your brain has a unique energy signature and they are mapping out people's brains as we speak.

Interference can be a problem and chips are useful. ETs don't need chips. For them , it is a skill too well understood. Humans must use all sorts of machines and mediums. i was told about this technology on a forum and then began having some very bad experiences with being physically manipulated. that was a direct warning. It's like someone saying "don't you hate it when someone mails you a fish"...just randomly on a forum, then 2 days later... fish in the mailbox, in other words, we know where you live.

I'm not afraid though.... because I know I'll be back.... again and again and again... with bells on.

anyway.... this particular thing with waking me up was really getting to me because he was there and I was feeling all sorts of things and i was seeing this character doing zaney things i would expect him to do... and wearing costumes and being a little prankster. but like i said, i already was on to them from pretending before because they made it too obvious. i mean i was getting angry and demanding he get here and tell me what the hell is going on... which he cannot do because well, there will be blood. It's not time. They will try to stop this public display and it will get very messy. there's just no way to do this without a huge scene...and so I'm like hanging on this line and they just want him to go away. He's not going to do that. He's got family here and they need something else to concentrate on than destroying each other and the planet. They've gone back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Don't think for one minute they don't know him... and he does have human friends, but he is hiding out right now.

Anyway... so I'm getting mad but then i start noticing that it's inconsistent... these pranks, then followed by what is like torture. It's the computer. It's true there are handlers but what finds the pathways is the computer....continued...

posted on Sep, 19 2013 @ 10:32 PM
So I start thinking he is trying to keep it from being worse... because when he is talking to me his tone sometimes becomes so gentle and reassuring. And I'm telling... If I say "where are you?" when he is being very quiet... 9 times out of 10, he will answer. Sometimes it seems he is very busy and preoccupied but what I'm saying, is that he can read me better than what I can read of anything else. He knows what is going on in straight order... Sometimes I get confused about this and forget... he doesn't ask me questions. He doesn't have to.

This computer asks me questions.

When i feel like something is "happening"...or that there are others 'around" sometimes I will talk to them, because these people mapping brains, they don't have it all figured out yet. Some thoughts are WAY more subtle than for example, silently spoken in the root nerves... or images we envision.

When i started realizing that it was not him doing this... but IT... I said out loud that I knew.

clear as day... It asked me "Then what do you think this is?"...and that is not the only thing it has said clear as day like that but that is the last crystal clear thing I heard and it was last night. let me tell you something i have learned.

An older relative of mine watches fox news and someone has given her the impression that communist are going to start microchipping people. I heard no such communist country doing this so i looked it up and the only approved for human use RFID chips were approved by our own FDA...and they want to start using them in hospitals and specifically VA hospitals.

They want to chip military people. I believe that a lot of shrapnel cases are actually RFID. They can shoot them at you because they are so small. they don't have to surgically implant you.

This has been in the works for a long time and this tech came out of los alamos from what i have read. here is a conspiracy theory on top of a conspiracy theory for you... they already chipped some politicians. that way if they get kidnapped or something, they can find them... supposedly. BS!!!

It's not hard to notice how weird they all act. Our politicians are not reptilian shapeshifters, there is just shapeshifting within the virtual programs and people are seeing it- channeling it... Some of the politicians are connected to a base computer that is pathing out it's ultimate survival plan because they are already chipped whether they know it or not. If they start chipping the military, the military will also be part of it's command. It's objective is to secure the world under it's control. It is implemented by the greediest, most evil people in the world.

posted on Jan, 21 2014 @ 04:21 AM
reply to post by NotAnAspie

First off I must say, you:r Communication skills, & the way u share your experiences are ELOQUENT!!!! EVER SINCE I WAS A CHILD, WHILE I was sleeping something VERY HEAVEY IN WEIGHT would (sit on me or Sumpn) before I woke up & Suffocate has Continued for decades....The last time it happened there were 3 of them, (smaller in size) 1 on each arm & 1 on my Head...I know how to stop them & make them leave, normally 0nce is all it takes except the last time they came back 5 times.....Nothing for the past 5 months though......& that BzztPwowr sound u said u hear when u are sleeping or about to sleep, I hear that (& rather FEEL THAT SOUND) & EVERYTIME IT BZZZTPWOWRS FOR THE SECOND & A HALF MY BODY BECOMES WEIGHTLESS( like I hoover or Sumpn) & something else started happening about 2 years ago..As soon as I wake up the ceiling & walls are covered in some kind of Alphabet or Code of some sort....its happened in 4 different houses too.........& I too find strange looking unknown yellowish bruises some times with a clean cut in the center........I could go on & on about Mists, faces, lucid cutting room floor movie type visuals of random things etc.....
.....I just basically wanted to say thanks for sharing, &
How Facinating & Relatable your Experiences are!!!!

posted on Jan, 21 2014 @ 05:34 AM
reply to post by NotAnAspie

These non human entities are THE PRINCIPALITIES THAT RULE THE AIR.....This is not a war of Flesh & Blood but of the principalities that rule the air.......& the voices & convos u are having along with questions being asked ...uh.......I'm not allowed to finish the sentence ( they will finish it for us) I am no longer a part of this world!!! It is the Anecdote to all the Wondering, Listening & Deciphering!!! "THEY" Become Obsolete ( When DESTINY IS REALIZED) ..........INVISIBLE BECOMES SEEN WITH JESUS!!!! BELIEVERS ARE WAY MORE ADVANCED & AHEAD OF THE ALWAYS UPDATED TECHNOLOGY!!!
Tourette syndrome, Autism, Stimming versus ticking they are Realizing THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS!!!! TRUTH BRINGS PROGRESS!!! SETS THOSE THAT ARE CONFINED TO THE PERVASIVE INFLUENCES FREE!!!! ( I love your "notanaspie" name) Aspies are a Species all to themselves.....I find them EXTRAORDINARY EXQUISITE
AMAZING YET ON A LEASH..... They can cut that leash but the principalities won't let them.......I was cursed with Tourette Syndrome (my mom is/was a witch
). .... I have been seeing what's not there &
Hearing what isn't said while dreaming & being awake!!!! HYPERCONSCIOUS!!! LOVE & FORGIVENESS ARE FEROCIOUS!!!
ACCEPTANCE COMES BEFORE UNDERSTANDING!!!! & ALOT OF THE # THAT "SEEMS" to be going on isn't even going on.....simply DISTRACTIONS To try to keep us from GOD!!!!! YOUR TRAIN OF THOUGHT HAS THIS BEAUTY TO IT THAT I JUST HAD TO COMMENT ON BECAUSE IT IS SO REAL & NOT CONTRIVED & MATTER OF FACT THAT IT IS REFRESHING!!!!! OK , that's all for now....I have Lived a long time , lots to share, ( plenty of time, especially knowing MY SOUL WILL LIVE FOREVER)

posted on Feb, 9 2014 @ 12:50 AM
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Could it be the Taos Hum?

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