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Astral projection - can you do it?

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posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 06:56 PM
1 has practiced OP

Some things to consider:

Respect of the location(s) you seek to explore
Acknowledgement that there may be in some locations astral traps made from tech you may not be aware of, which may actually take a peice of YOU if not you in astral form and then what does that mean for the physical body, you?

The feeling that you are accurate or the feeling of doubt,
and intent what do you seek to find what is your goal?

good luck

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 07:34 PM
I've had very strange OBE's since I was a little child. And I think I've never astral traveled to my knowledge.

Although, seven years ago I was on a vacation in Mallorca, Spain and I had the unpleasant experience of seeing blue-neonish (fundamentally) people while I was awake (this happened as I felt a presence in the hotel room where I was staying). So I asked "Who's there?" and closed my eyes and there "he" was.
Just walking around my room I tried to gain his attention by looking straight at him (with my eyes closed).
He suddenly looked straight at me kind of perplexed and did the common hand signal fingers to his eyes and then points them at me. I nodded and his eyes opened wide.

After that he tried to get me to follow him but I was unable to as I would've walked straight off the balcony belonging to my room. It seemed, his "world" was not my world and I was stunned at what I was seeing.
As night fell on I started seeing more of those fellas (strangely, all I saw was men) and most of them were by my judging, quite annoying. Some walked by and did the hand signal i mentioned and shook their heads as if to warn me and walked straight past me.

Now, around 3 am if I remember correctly (this all starting at ca. 23 pm) It was getting overwhelming, I was getting a headache and I was starting to see them with my eyes open and they were getting more and more annoying. Waving their hands at me, asking me to follow them, morphing themselves into very very very (can't stress that enough) vivid colors and peculiar shapes. I tried ignoring this as I went to bed but they were too overwhelming so I went to the public computer section to try to look this up. I found squat.

Anyway, I couldn't get to sleep all night and the headache at the back of my head was getting truly severe. Also the "other world" so to say, was getting more vivid and visible through my open eyes. I was starting to feel very ill and stressed out. Then when I was about to give up I starting crying out of pain and agony and prayed (these beings who were annoying me were all surrounding me at all times, as if the word had spread of me or something) with a real open heart as I am a believer of my God.

Then suddenly, a single man came, and with a whiff of his hand he made them all flee. It was an amazing feeling and sight to see. He looked at me, gave me a hand signal to open my eyes, and every time I closed my eyes he just gave me the signal. I knew I had to put my mind on something else and "forget" this and it would go away, I just suddenly knew. He stayed with me all the way through it and wow! The compassion and love I felt from him was overwhelming. This thing ended in the middle of the next day. I was exhausted afterwards and I have never bottomed this experience to the fullest.

The "bad" ones could morph into whatever shapes they wanted to and they went right through me and as they did I felt and electric jolt (tiny bit). The "good" ones always gave me the hand signal to ask me if I could see them and then they shook their heads or their fingers and walked away.

I could not hear anything from those beings but at around 3 am like I said I had adjusted or whatever I should say to their world as if only by my eyes.

Has anyone ever had this experience or the time I thought I had a nervous breakdown, crazy jetlag or food poisoning or something else...But I've always thought that I was lifting the curtain into another vibratory field.

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 09:50 PM
As someone that has had quite a few astral projections, here's a few of my tips that I always give out to people starting this:

For those that are starting out.

1. Sleep paralysis (or the vibrational state, depending on what you read), really isn't a true requirement for projection. It's useful, because usually it indicates that you are close to projecting, but you can also project without this.

2. Do some research on yourself - For example, I was able to get positive results by falling asleep to music, focusing on my breathing, and attempting projection when I wake up at night. For you, it might be that you need to project while taking a bath, or it could be that you need to read 1 hour before bed to get in the right frame of mind.

Hint: What is the right frame of mind? When your body is relaxed & tired, but you still have just enough brainpower to think about something without falling asleep. Think of the last time you pulled something close to an "all-nighter".

3. If you experience "vibrations", don't be afraid of the sensations. All "vibrations" are is the sensory experiences that you may experience when close to a projection, or in sleep paralysis. For example, I have experienced the following before:
-Rushing/Tingling sensation (feels like electricity flowing through my body).
-Throbbing, the sound of rushing water/high wind.
-Increased heartbeat (felt like heart was pounding out of chest).
-Voices/entities (NOTE: usually, these are not real entities, just hallucinations.).

Usually, when you get these, you have three choices:
-Attempt a projection
-Go with the flow, and see where they lead
-Fight it by focusing on a body part, and willing it to move (breaks the trance). You should then be able to move your body.

4. When you first get out, try to get some distance from the physical body - When you first get out, you are extremely close to the physical world (in essence, someone might mistake you for a ghost, if they can sense spirits). The problem is that when new projectors do this, and they see their body, the first thing that comes to mind is "Oh no, I'm dead!!! I need to get back in there!". Lo and behold, the first experience is over with before it even started. To remedy this, try to put focus on something other than your physical body.

5. Educate yourself - this should have been number 1, as education plays an important role in reducing fear. Part of the reason that it's so difficult for some people to project is that their subconscious assumes astral projection is a "bad" thing - so it makes it harder. If you can convince the subconscious that this is actually a good thing, then projection attempts become easier.

6. If you're having a tough time "focusing" on something during an attempt, try to project with your favorite music on, as this should calm you down.

7. If you would rather not project into some dark, gloomy space, try attempting a projection in the daytime. Helps to reduce fear.

8. Don't associate your bed with astral projection - set up a "projection space", so that your mind associates the space with projection, and not sleep. Make it personal (my space is my bed ironically enough, but I only attempt to project while in bed anyway). I have crystals lining the room, so I always feel protected.

For those that have already projected:

1. What you see in the astral does not reflect what you see in the real world, unless you are lucky. There is a special type of astral projection called an "etheric projection". When one of these occur, you are projecting into a dimension or plane that is extremely close to the physical (where you are now if reading this material). This "plane" acts as a duplicate of what the "real world" is around us, although there may be small differences.

2. Yes, there are negative entities out there, as well as positive ones as well. Here's the thing: Unlike in the real world, the negative entities in the astral are more of bullies - They cannot do any "spiritual damage", nor can they really do anything except scare you. They also are not dumb - if they see that you are going to be a challenge, then they won't waste their time with you; they'll move onto someone else who does fear them.

Hint: To make them leave you alone, laugh at them - give them a hug. To them, love is a poison.

3. Most literature will mention something called a "Silver cord", an item that keeps you "tethered" to your body. In all of my projections, I have never seen this. One theory that makes sense is that because you're in an unknown environment, and you want to find a way back home, the cord is "created" for that purpose.

Hint: To return to your physical body, just think of your body - it really is that easy

I've got more information (it's top secret...kidding), but if there's any questions - feel free to send me a message (if the OP doesn't mind public questions, then I can answer them here as well - Don't want to hijack the OP's post).


posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 11:02 PM
I would encourage everyone to try using a isolation tank (float tank). The tank is completely dark, soundproof, and you float on top of super saline water. The water is heated to the temperature of your skin so that after a while of being in the tank you lose association with your body, and only consciousness remains. Having OBE/Astral travel is 100x easier this way.

posted on Sep, 2 2013 @ 12:22 AM
reply to post by toxicspikes

I got a book called herculobus awhile back. The author is trying to spread his knowledge so he sends books to anybody who wants one free from spain.. He also pays the shipping.. He explains astral projection and how to do it. I tried but was unsuccessful.. If anyone is interested here is the link for the free book.. [ur[/url]

posted on Sep, 2 2013 @ 05:23 AM
Wow keep the posts rolling guys!

If anyone has any questions then I do encourage you to write them down, after all this thread is for everyone!!

posted on Sep, 2 2013 @ 11:11 AM
I do not remember ever having sleep paralysis. My brothers actually sleep walk and I have woken up myself when my body moved too much in my sleep acting out motions in my dreams. Maybe this has something to do with not experiencing sleep paralysis. I have had many lucid dreams and a dream that was odd where I appeared as a ghost to someone in my dream. Could I have had an OBE without realizing it? If I have a lucid dream, do I simply walk through a doorway or into a mirror to turn it into an OBE? I'm kind of doubting that would work for me since I've created and destroyed whole star systems and galaxies in some past lucid dreams.

Did I already astral project alll those times I thought I was already awake and doing things and then I heard my alarm clock wake me up for real? I remember one time I thought I woke up and got out of bed and knew I must still be asleep because when I looked out my window, I was on an alien planet with red light all over the place. The plants in the distance had like a purple glow to them.

posted on Sep, 2 2013 @ 01:37 PM
reply to post by toxicspikes

The strangest thing that ever happen to me,

I was sitting in a chair...
I put my head on the arm of the chair (Needed to rest my neck cos it was hurting). I was looking at the window, next minute I couldnt move my eyes. My eye's were wide open fixed on the window... So I couldnt move my eyes or my body, next minute my vision changed to the door (as if someone had swapped a photograph very fast, like frames). I herd my BF shouting something very loud, but it sounded like slow motion and with a slight echo. I then herd a door slamming. My vision swapped like a picture frame back to the window, there was something red outside (LIKE AN EVIL RED FACE). The thing outside then moved up and down, I tryed to move and I couldnt. Then everything vanished. I could then slowly move my eyes again and I got up
To this day, I still dont know what happend to me but my mate says it could of been an OBE... I sleep walk, have night terrors and had the buzzing in my head feeling while just nodding off to sleep... Anyone had anything like this??? I also Lucid dream most nights and I wake up in the night almost every 2 hours... I have also woke myself up while having stopped breathing in my sleep

posted on Sep, 2 2013 @ 01:49 PM
reply to post by toxicspikes

I have accidentally projected a number of times into the immediate atmosphere of wherever I'm at snoozing. Numerous times I've been attacked by demonic entities during astral projection. I've experienced projection into what seemed like military establishment areas (again, accidental), plus the most recent experience in which I nearly projected whilst in hospital, but an angelic entity placed a hand on my shoulder and I got the sense that he was protecting me from the entities which wait for me to 'go astral'.

I would urge caution in deliberate experiments - there are spiritual beings in the Earthside 'noosphere' that will deliberately mislead or seek to cause harm/establish harmful magical connection with the person practicing the projection experience.

posted on Sep, 2 2013 @ 04:11 PM
Actually I can't ( or rather I didn't completely succeeded yet ).
However, I can tell you the experience of the time it nearly happened : I was relaxing in my bed, preparing for astral travel and at some point I started to feel like I'm whirling, and spinning and getting sucked out of my body. I started coming out of my body and I started to see ( it was night ) everything around me but I started to panic a bit and I dropped back into my body. I guess you must be really calm when you do it

posted on Sep, 2 2013 @ 05:40 PM
perhaps someone could tell me what happened to me as i don't know if it was lucid dreaming or obe but its going to make me sound crazy. about 2 years ago i had an awful experience, it was the afternoon and i lay on the sofa in my white dressing gown, fell asleep, next thing i know i was being led up the stairs by this person dressed in a long white robe and he was amazingly attractive, he had my hand and i was on my hands and knees crawling up the stairs wearing the white dressing gown i had on the sofa, i looked up and i could see myself on the sofa asleep still wearing said dressing gown, same room, furniture the lot, i got to around the 4th stair and that was it i was awake, the terrible part about it was i knew who this person was and i was made to feel fear and feel worthless, like i should be on my hands and knees, i swear on my life it was the devil but he was stunning to look at, i know it was not just a normal dream, i have never had anything like that before and i never want to experience something like that again. it was really real. i have never told anyone about this before either.

posted on Sep, 2 2013 @ 05:47 PM

Originally posted by dollukka

When you leave the body.. how easily you can come back? I have had few experiences but im no sure am i lucid dreaming or having a real astral projection. Tell me the difference...

It is easy to return to the body... the real trick is learning to stay out for an extended period of time.

Simply think of waking up or returning to your body will wake you up. Also, if you become scared or experience any intense fear, you will be slammed back into your body.

One aspect of abruptly returning to your body is a strong jarring sensation. Almost all experiencers report a sensation that's best described as being slammed into your body. It feels just like you fell onto your body from 5ft above - 20X more intense than when you are falling asleep, but, for some reason, you have a full-body jerk.

posted on Sep, 2 2013 @ 08:22 PM

Originally posted by orionthehunter
I do not remember ever having sleep paralysis. My brothers actually sleep walk and I have woken up myself when my body moved too much in my sleep acting out motions in my dreams. Maybe this has something to do with not experiencing sleep paralysis. I have had many lucid dreams and a dream that was odd where I appeared as a ghost to someone in my dream. Could I have had an OBE without realizing it? If I have a lucid dream, do I simply walk through a doorway or into a mirror to turn it into an OBE? I'm kind of doubting that would work for me since I've created and destroyed whole star systems and galaxies in some past lucid dreams.

Did I already astral project alll those times I thought I was already awake and doing things and then I heard my alarm clock wake me up for real? I remember one time I thought I woke up and got out of bed and knew I must still be asleep because when I looked out my window, I was on an alien planet with red light all over the place. The plants in the distance had like a purple glow to them.

It's entirely possible that this was an OBE, as not all of them are conscious. Depending on which astral theory camp you come from (I come from the group that believes in conscious projections), it's possible that you just forgot about where you went.

Walking through a mirror or doorway may work, but only if you tell yourself that when you walk through either item, you will now be in the astral (basically, if you believe it will work, then it will). The problem in this case would be remembering to try.

There is a phenomenon associated with OBEs (out-of-body-experiences) and astral projections known as a "false awakening". This is basically where it seems like you have woken up, and then at somepoint you realize that you are still asleep or projecting. I'm still on the hedge with this, as I have experienced something like it in the past, although for me, it was a little too "lifelike" (to the point where not only was I worried that this place was my "real" world, and that the real world I remembered was just a dream).

One thing about these projections is that with every attempt, you'll learn something new in the process. The area that I'd love to experiment with more is interactions with the physical world, but alas, those types of projections are short, hard to concentrate on, and require a lot of practice time to work with.


posted on Sep, 2 2013 @ 11:02 PM
reply to post by fossilera

Thanks for the response. I forgot to mention the one dream where I dreamed I was like a ghost and exploring, I wandered into someone's house thinking everyone was asleep. One woman in the house acted like she saw a ghost, me, that is, and screamed a terrible scream. I immediately woke up in bed. I thought that was a weird dream. Seems to resemble some of the descriptions here except I do not remember trying very hard to wander out so I was wondering if it was just a dream.

As far as interaction with the physical, I thought it was really weird one morning when I dreamed I was at work and accidentally started a fire. I went to work and heard there was a fire. They were trying to figure out how it started. It was in the same location as where I accidentally started it in my dream. I hadn't heard that you could possibly move things in the physical world. I'm not even sure if I had anything to do with that fire or if it was just a weird coincidence. A really weird coincidence.

In the last dream, I thought I was awake but I must have been asleep because my alarm clock woke me up. I had thought I woke up and then went to work in my dream. It was just so odd about hearing about a real fire started in the same location as my dream. It happened on the same morning too.
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posted on Sep, 3 2013 @ 09:36 PM
reply to post by orionthehunter

At least on the first part (with wandering around someone's house, and the person saw you), that indicates to me an etheric projection. Technically, you were probably projecting into this person's home - and while the lady did not see you "physically", either her projected self (she probably was asleep, and astral projecting unconsciously), or her subconscious caught on that you were there.

I'd bet if you asked her in the morning, she'd either not remember, or remember it as a bad dream. When you get a chance, if you haven't already, read some of the journal entries in Robert Monroe's books - I think you'll find a couple that seem to meet your description of events.

As for the dream involving the fire, it's more likely that you had a prophetic dream rather than started the fire. I've heard of moving small object while in the astral (small as in paperclips, match sticks, etc), but never of starting a fire from there.


posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 12:59 PM
reply to post by fossilera

Since you mentioned Bob Monroe I decided to send you a U2U as you said we could in a previous post.
His writing didn't keep me on the edge of my seat, but from all else that I have read on the OBE subject, I believe that he provided me the best explanations of the other side and I must pursue this also.
My one partial OBE has left me with quite a desire to proceed further.

Thanks for the info you have posted so far.

posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 02:32 AM
Hi- I used to Study OBE & Astral Projection all the time. Not so much these days- mainly due to more physical discomfort from pysical problems making it nearly impossible to get into deep trance properly. Haven't really tried for awhile though.

I first started exploring it when I was about 15 years old (I'm now 37). I had read Journeys out of the Body- This book changed everything for me, & the techniques within it worked very well.

The main thing is to learn deep, deep, DEEP, DEEP relaxation. Learn to keep your mind focused while in this state. Learn to silence your inner-chatter- try to just be. This feeling of "I AM" can be a kind of doorway. Strive for non-reaction in this state. Just to "go with the flow", with maximum awareness, yet with minimum expectation. Learning not to delve into emotionalism & expectation can be a key to ETHERIC projection. The creative mind is incredibly powerful in the non-physical state. In physical existence, the creative flow takes time- you must take each step one at a time to take something from creative idea, to physical reality. Whereas, in the non-physical state, the creative mind is king- you have an idea, & almost before you can even complete the thought, your idea is willed into existence. Lose your mental focus for a second, & you can be off somewhere else, whether you really wanted to or not. This is where you can find extreme stability in your experiences- they are never dream like & ever shifting, but continuous & real as physical life (even MORE real, if you can believe that). This is one of the keys to stable etheric projection.

Moreover, where you exit from your physical body can be a key to whether you have an astral projection, or an etheric projection:

We seem to have these nerve-centers in us - some call them chakras-adopting the Hindu term, although the vast majority of people who use this term don't even know what they are. The "new-age" garbage really did a disservice to the knowledge. Each center can be like part of an engine for non-physical existence, & they can also be a perceptual doorway- an exit point. The solar plexus center, if used as an exit point, can lead to an etheric projection. The brow center , if used as an exit-point, can lead to more of an "astral projection".

Also keep in mind that the experience is much closer to being a mental copy of the true self that actually exits. Part of what you currently know as "you" always stays behind- this is why not all projections are remembered, or remembered properly. You never really leave your body like an empty shell- therefore nothing can take it over while you are away. You may find yourself in the extraordinarily weird mental state of being in two places at once. This is yet another instance in which severe mental focus can be very helpful- you can choose or, the other, both, or utter confusion, which invariably leads to the ending of the experience.

I have always found that the body contains safeguards, & every single time I have EVER felt out of control during the experience, I either am automatically brought back to normal awareness, or can focus on something simple- a thumb, a big toe. It provides a safe way to bring yourself back.

I experienced OBEs like a building-up of focus, energy, & sheer willpower, followed by what I'd describe as a "Multi-dimensional earthquake" within myself- I touched some part of myself that is "not here", with aftershocks of increasingly higher & higher vibrational frequency for many many years.

Sorry I can't describe it any better than that though.

The experience can be absolutely terrifying at first. My first experience I felt like every single atom in my body was being shook to pieces, combined with a zillion-volt electric shock.

Exhilarating, yet terrifying. Followed by many years of etheric & astral projections, some willed, some spontaneous.

posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 12:18 PM
Thanks for all the replys to the OP guys, they are helping others too! I always get to the sleep paralysis part and then freak out and almost feel like something is enveloping me and that I cannot breathe :/

posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 11:20 PM

Originally posted by bananamamma
Thanks for all the replys to the OP guys, they are helping others too! I always get to the sleep paralysis part and then freak out and almost feel like something is enveloping me and that I cannot breathe :/

This is usually the hardest part to overcome - Unfortunately, there isn't really a "cure all" to prevent fear from getting to you. The best advice I have is treat the paralysis like a riptide; you can either fight it (and put stress on yourself), or go with the flow & ride it out (In my case, riding the riptide is better for me, as I can't swim). If you want to break the sleep paralysis, try focusing on moving one of your fingers just a little bit - the paralysis should subside.

If you can get over the fear barrier, then nothing is holding you from a projection - If you feel fear, then you can also try mentally counting down from 10 to 1, and when you hit one, attempt to project somewhere (anywhere that comes to mind). Who knows, you just might be projecting. After separation occurs, I noticed that the vibrations tend to cease after a couple moments - after that, its very weird to describe "how" you might feel. For me, the best description of the feeling was that I was in a room that was just the right temperature (neither too hot nor cold).


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