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They say "The Truth Shall Set You Free" - but does religion (following a holy book) give you freed

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posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 11:36 AM
When most people think of God, they think of a "Lord" (master) or they think of "Worship". They also think of "Obedience" (following strict rules of the religion/holy book).

How is this giving anyone freedom? If anything, adding more rules to the rules that we already have to follow in society , would be making them less free.

People say "Love" sets you free. Does it give the freedom to be honest with Hatred and Anger? No, it just suppresses it telling people not to focus on it. Does "Love" give freedom to release the anger, to argue? No, it says to forgive and turn the other cheek. Do not release your angry through arguing.

Does "Peace" give freedom? No, it just makes a person numb. It lets them be able to suffer through whatever is happening without being against it, and sometimes "Peace" can be a code-word for "Control". When everyone is controlled and living in conformity then the world will be "Peaceful", but that doesn't mean that it will be "happy".

It seems that Truth and Honesty is interchangeable and Honesty is what truly makes a person free. But in this world, people do not like "Honesty" so much, so if you try to be truthful there may be consequences.

If you admit that you are a racist or hold whatever beliefs that the majority "don't like" , then they will all be against you - so in this world "honesty" is looked down upon unless it is something everyone agrees with.

There are no rules with freedom, but if there must be a rule to protect freedom - that would be to respect everyone's free-will/choice instead of trying to force them to do thing against their will or control them.

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 11:53 AM

They say "The Truth Shall Set You Free" - but does religion (following a holy book) give you freed,

Excellent question.

My thought ..

PARTS of CHRISTIANITY (or the bible) can set you free and parts of Christianity (or the bible) make you a slave. Things in the bible that can set you free ... like telling you not to be tied to material goods. Things in the bible that can enslave you ... things like Onanism.

BUDDHISM .... freeing. The things that Buddhism say cause bad Karma and should be dumped really will free you if you dump them. And if you don't dump the bad karma things, no one is going to come chop off your head because you aren't following Buddhism 'correctly'. It's all what you make of it.

ISLAM .... complete slavery by what is written in the book and by those who profess to be it's leaders (Imams) as well as by the followers themselves. The JIHADIs doing their thing .. Muslims killing other Muslims because they aren't correctly Muslim ... that is proof.

HINDUISM .... it varies so much and encompasses so much that it's hard to nail down one way or the other. I think it's probably much like the Buddhists in regards to freeing you or making you a slave of the religion. You get out of it what you put into it. No 'hindu police' ....

WICCAN ... can be freeing. It's live and let live.

SATANISM .... can enslave you. Indulging in the mundane ties you down. It may feel 'freeing'
for a while, but in reality it ties you down.

ATHEISM ... some say this is a religion ... others say the opposite. I can't speak to this.

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 11:53 AM
the truth is not a belief, an idea, or a philosophy (slogan) to live your life. the truth is the very way you experience life, to see reality the way it is. when your system can handle this you will be freed from the bondage of your mind. you can sit in shackles freer than any man

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 12:16 PM
My mind says NO. Religion cant give you freedom because its based upon truth and then covered with lies. Only you can set yourself free by looking for truth. God and truth lies within us

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 12:29 PM
The simple answer is no, the only way too true freedom of thought is to question everything you know and do.

Religious texts contain rules that limit knowledge and freedom to the masses and only allow said knowledge to be shared amongst there priesthoods.

Essentially all organised religions are control constructs designed to keep in place the powers that be and limit knowledge amongst the people.

If anything religion retards truth, freedom and new ideas.

Knowledge after all gives one the ability to both free and enslave.

"Do as thy will shall be the whole of the law" said Crowley. I believe this, but also think it should be tempered by knowing right from wrong.

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posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 02:53 PM
First "the truth will set you free" is a cherry picked quote and not what it means at all.Yahoshua was addressing some religious Jews that "believed" in him.The discourse ending up him saying they were not of Abraham but of their father who is the father of lies!

The crux of the cherry picked quote is
"If you abide in my word, you are TRULY my disciples, and you will KNOW the truth, and ...the truth will set you free.

Yahoshua said his words were spirit and life.Many believed when he spoke but he differentiated those that only believe and those that would eventually know.Many believed in him then as many believe in him now but very few know Yahoshua..God is salvation/deliverance from death..not just physical death..

and that leads to your 2nd statement.You are correct following a religion by any method is not knowing God in the least nor can it set anyone free.It is literally "antichrist"... a very misunderstood word and concept.It is NOT a person.....anti means "in place of" ..christ means the anointing (the life/power of God)..religion is "in place of the anointing"...antichrist.

Everything is religion.It is "in place of" that which is real....the Kingdom of God.Religion is the wide road (it is like a vascular system ) every path converges on and everyone is walking down to the wide gate of destruction (the heart). That is where belief will eventually be destroyed then that leads to the narrow straight path to the narrow gate that opens into the infinite green pasture field...the heavens.The Kingdom of God within your midst.

Of course those are metaphors shadows of reality that can't be understood while in the valley of the shadow of death realm(the physical realm).My point is.....yes religion is the great disease of mankind.No one can cure themselves of it.The vast majority don't even know they have it and believe it is the cure for another disease!

Only known Truth is freedom.When it is The Truth the whole Truth and nothing but The Truth.It has nothing to do with "do what thy will".The Truth is is a state of being not a dead noun.

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posted on Sep, 2 2013 @ 06:32 AM
reply to post by arpgme

To understand what Jesus had really meant by this quote, you have to dig deeper and look at the entire scripture to see what "The Truth" means. For ex. the truth = The Word. John17v17

Jesus said many times he came to "bear witness of the truth," not what people had wanted to hear but what God wanted to teach to mankind. That truth was the word on God since that was Jesus's mission, he even said the words he brings is not his but the Father that had sent him but he came to bear witness of that truth, even though few would believe him.

Just as you have to look closer at what Jesus's spiritual message was, it is just like natural Gold in that you have to search diligently and deep for it. It's no wonder that Gold symbolizes the truth, because the spiritual message of God is only seen by those that diligently seek him. As it is written the Gold streets have to be transparent because the truth needs to be be made clear and understandable to be able to walk and follow it. And that is what Jesus and his ministry did. He had simplified the 10 Commandments within 2 commands so it would be crystal clear and followable to the teachings of God. He also revealed many other mysteries regarding the Old Testament with his incredible parables and teachings such as Genesis and the Parable of the Sower.

In real life you can't always tell the natural truth and be honest. Especially when people who seek to do harm to you can use that information against you. What about if the truth did more damage than good? It is something we need to use our discretion that comes from wisdom and experience. Jesus even said to not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. Or "A wise man has a still tongue." Knowing when to speak and when not to is what we call spiritual diplomacy. The freedom Jesus was promising that the Word of God would bring is spiritual freedom from worldly, fleshly, carnal thinking.
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