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All acts of war are a complete orchastration

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posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 09:15 AM
I am getting so sick of seeing all this Obama and Syria bullsh*t. I understand this is a conspiracy site, but NObody evaluates the conspiracy, just dance with the media, and its sickening to read and avoid EVERYday.

There is a GLOBAL-conspiracy that exists on this planet regarding the President of the USA, and his PTB. All wars have always been an orchastration by those with the dollar$. That is no secret; there is a rich group or family bloodline I should say, that fund the guns, the ammo, the tanks, the planes and the soldiers - who are Souls + Die when you break the word down.

Why is everyone following the media? Didnt we learn from Edward Snowden (snow = white, den = house)? That the media plays the fiddle, and the sheople dance in entertainment? There is a media organization ran by the same people funding WARS FFS.

Why is it we have Presidents being INTERVIEWED on tv, instead of doing his JOB? How is it, we have reporters and journalists in Syria, interviewing Assad? Why does the MEDIA tell YOU and everyone else, when Obama is going to strike, when this is going to happen, and how this all started?

No honest, and true person is in the middle east to witness anything - except the FUNDED media - the ONE tool that controls information on the planet. The one global speaker that lies to people in terms of global events taking place.

Im sick of the ignorance! People making all these threads, sourcing the SAME damn media outlets! The war is an orchastration PERIOD. The people are taking this war nonsense like entertainment! Like its some Hollywood feed or something

People wonder what is wrong with this planet; its people who can listening to the TV and radio! The same news outlets that are interconnected, government funded. The war is funded by the same tyrants. Obama does not get to sasy what happens, and what action the US military take in the middle east (they shouldnt even be there in the first place).

The ones with the power and money BEHIND THE CURTAIN, puling the strings, tell Obama what to say and do. Your dear 'Mr. President', the great actor he his, has ADVISORS. Who tell him how things are going to play out. Im sure it goes the same with Putin in Russia, Assad in Syria and the chinese Xi guy playing president over there.

Those with the money, the GOLD, the real value currency, the QUEEN. . Those are the bloodlines who have ruled throughout the ages, they are the ones pulling EVERY string, having little puppets do the dirty work.

Turn your TV OFF, your RADIO OFF, and stop looking at MSM - and guess what is happening in Syria or Iran or Isreal or Iraq? Nothing. Because when no one listens, their deceptive games and tools are no use. World DOMINATION is the game the bloodlines have been playing for centuries - do your research in history and you will see that.

This age, is controlled by the same villans, different names. The media is the distraction and lies that keep people misinformed. Its the slight of hand the controllers use to play tricks behind the MASSES. You and I are the mass. They, those with the money, those who fund wars, media outlets, and political agendas, are the controllers.

So please, for the sake of humanity, stop eye humping your screens everytime you read or hear "Obama +Syria".. Or Isreal or Iran.. Its all an orchastration to hypnotise you. Once they understand the masses are hypnotised via media/entertainment - they wil push the 'button' so to speak.

If you were in Syria, witnessing what is REALLY happening, you wouldnt want that button pushed. EVERYTHING YOU KNOW, about ANYHTING in th middle east - comes from second hand sources. You have never been down there, you do not understand who is funding what, and who is really in power. Its all second hand knowledge.

But the FACT you can rely on - you are being played, sitting on the couch, at work in a cubical or on your little computer desk. While rich sons of Queens and Kings (lol, I want to say the other thing..) are out starting wars.

Follow the river of money, to the source of deception. There you will find a palace filled with villans and liars, in seats of power over the world.

THAT is the real global conspiracy. Families of bloodlines, interconnected, who have waged war throughout the ages, which is why we have "people in power" in the first place. Those in power, never loose power. Because to loose power, is not by warring with the offspring of your bloodline - its to hypnotise the human beings who occupy the space on this planet - when they are numb and dumb, you have no real competition.

The truth runs deep. By the lies are all on the surface - just check out CNN

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posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 10:50 AM
reply to post by covertpanther

Not a bad theory.

But some details might help understand.

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 11:06 AM
reply to post by xuenchen

Theories are for people who cant make their minds up.. And understand what REALLY is going on.

Why is there Royal families? What makes them Royal? How far back does these family bloodlines go? How did they get there, what did they do?

Who set up governments and banks in this era? Government = Govern + Ment, which means mental, which means mind. So who set up the system of governing the minds of the masses?

Who felt it neccesary to fund and invent media outlets? Who makes the weapons, tanks, warships, and fighter jets? Who funds the manufacturers? Who distrubutes these weapons throughout the global nations?

Do presidents and prime ministers really get elected by those whos mind's they govern? Or are presidents and prime ministers already known before elections even begin? (Like movies with black presidents, before Obama was even known).

Why is there no elected Queen or King if there are royal families? If you follow his-story, you find the Royal families; the kings and queens, have all the power, wealth and knowledge - why would that of changed in this day-and-age?

So back to the OP's point; does the president really have say? Im sure if Obama took things to far, he owuld just be another JFK. Again, JFK is an example that presidents are just puppets - dont follow the gameplan (world domination, and control of the masses) and lose your life in front of the nation.

Media, again, is just the tool by the funders, to occupy mind space of the viewer. If that viewer takes everything said by the talking heads as fact in terms of the reality (reality of the middle east), then the hypnotic state is evident.

People follow and listen to a talking head; they do not know these people, have never met them, nor really know what they are about - but "tune in" everyday to listen to them garble bs

Theories are ridiculous. Its evident.


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