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"I Want Superpowers!" Make Ditsy Visible!

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posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 08:06 AM
There's a youtube channel named Invisible People. The producer (from what I've seen on youtube) is a guy who interviews the homeless. Each week or so he features one person with their story.

Am sure I don't need to add each story grabs ya in different ways. I just read a thread yesterday of members who have been, or are homeless. I was left speechless in response; the plights some have faced in this world... blessings to all.

Earlier also read a thread on the collective conscious and sending out thoughts of peace and love and all that good stuff.

This short interview is with Ditsy - a homeless 19 year old guy who has taken it upon himself to look to the homeless kids. The kids in the video add to his sincerity, and interrupt the interview in classic kid-like fashion.

Felt a strong calling to share Ditsy's video with you.
His wishes?
1. Everyone's equal... or, more understanding: "so people wouldn't have to go through hard times... kids.. even non-homeless kids are depressed.."
"...we gotta be optimistic

2. To find that special someone and start his own family

3. "Superpowers!"

I hope he gets his 3 wishes.
Did you notice his wishes didn't include money, a house, or employment. He says he is just "giving back to society" because he had a bad childhood.
He's one of many, and his words resonated so heavily with me that I wished to share it with y'all.
Hope it brings a smile and a knowing

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