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The next American Revolution, from the inside?

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posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 06:14 AM
So I've been doing quite a bit of thinking lately about American politics, the flaws, the upsides, and everything between. It has been a pretty growing idea amongst many Americans that we need a "revolution" and unfortunately too many are quick to reference our fore-fathers and the methods used to create this great/once great/still pretty great country. The people taking arms and over-throwing the tyrannical government in charge is too typically the thought of "the only option available", while that would/could be an immediate resolution to the current American government, it would inevitably create future problems, only resulting in turmoil amongst the "new" America, and possibly world wide. We have seen evidence of this time and time again through out history.

The one thing I do still have faith in this country about is democracy, the voices (votes) of the people. I do truly believe our votes matter, and we have been too swayed as a population into our current 2-party system. This unfortunately in not just a current MSM or TPTB conspiracy, and if it is, it stems back way before any of our times. Currently it is a generational issue, and thanks to the new digital age where information and opinions are instant, free, and impacting, that generational misconception is coming to an end. People are exposed to more than what they are supposed to be "brainwashed" to. The MSM still does a good job covering most of that up, but they can't completely anymore. Hell, today I informed two 19 year old kids that work for me about the whole Syrian issue, they had no idea about it and they actually gave a # about it.

Now continuing on to the democratic voting process, and the change from within. This is something I've thought of as quite feasible a lot lately. No big or immediate changes could happen here, it's slow and incremental, but violence free. Politics don't start at the top, just like any job unless you are spoon fed that job. They start small at the local level, city council, state rep, county treasurer, etc...and build from there. There are many people I have met extremely into politics with genius ideas, yet do not pursue it on the belief that they are not a politician. Anyone can be a politician, anyone.

Why do we as a country NOT try this method? Start small, run for city council. Go door to door personally and ask for just a moments time to give a brief overview of the state of the country, your ideas and solutions, and methods to look more into your ideas (obviously make this ready on hand when needed) and EARN your vote. Corporate America has instilled the idea on us to start small and work our way up, so why not pursue this on the political level? I'm sure most would agree they would take more belief from someone running, for say mayor, when that candidate shows up on your doorstep wanting to talk to you, answer your questions, and relate to you as an actual person, rather than their opponent who resorts to slanderous television propaganda.

What are your opinions ATS? Could this happen, why or why not?


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