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Earthly coincidences. Part 2.

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posted on Sep, 2 2013 @ 10:07 PM

Originally posted by VoidHawk

Aliens built things from rocks
Left no evidence and just left us alone.

I see the workings of humanity, definitely not aliens in those structures It comes as no surprise to me that humanity was smarter than we supposed smartest modern humans give them credit for.

Great read and well researched. Very interesting.
Clearly not a coincedence

Those aliens could be where we came from, in which case you'd be right.

yea, except the fake science that we came from nothing, evolution, leaves out many inconvenient facts, like viable T-Rex blood cells found, jim Vieira's research on Giants, and especially, DNA complexity, which proves the complexity has been here since the beginning. Many scientists are coming to the same conclusion, they just leave out God. see Walter Veith and other scientists who talk about this.

Carl Sagan, Darwin, Marx, etc, were NOT atheists, btw.

"aliens" are multi-dimensional "powers and principalities" spoken the BIBLE... just as Giants were spoken of... and dinosaurs. MUFON Joseph Jordan found over 400 cases where calling on Christ ended the abduction phenomenon many suffer from.

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