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Dissociative Identity (Multiple Personality) Disorder and Past Lives

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posted on Nov, 6 2013 @ 10:41 AM
reply to post by Vviena1606

I'm sorry, but you're belief that you're "honest" is what is causing this all. The part of you who is honest is what isn't compartmentalized. The parts that are hardcore liars are.

You must own the fact that all these personas are different aspects of your own psyche. This won't happen until you accept you're a liar just like everyone else.
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posted on Nov, 6 2013 @ 10:47 AM
reply to post by zyrktec

After reading your comment on this thread you seem like you might have some knowledge on the subject. I have posted my own experience on here and I know with some certainty that I do not change into a completely different person ie: different name or nationality, but my character most definitely does alter massively. If you do have any insight into the topic Id appreciate your opinion on my situ please. Much thanks

posted on Nov, 6 2013 @ 11:24 AM
reply to post by webedoomed

Now now, you seem to be splitting hairs regarding lying. I may off course be lying to myself on some level but I can say I do not lie. If you ask me then you should be prepared for the truthful answer & in alot of cases I dont need asking! In my moral code I do not see the white lies that get you out of work when hungover, or telling a telesales caller that im sitting down to dinner to cut them off or not mentioning if tesco has undercharged me or making an excuse to the gas board for an extra few days to pay the bill as proper lying . I do however class fabricating tall tales as lying. I am not an idiot, it is only now that I reach the possible conclusion that I may have some sort of multiple personality issue going on. I always just presumed I was a possible manic depressive, rolled with the punches and yes it still could be just that.
Please do not judge me by what you perceive about this DID bit, I would simply like some genuine feedback about the subject as im quite concerned about the whole thing. My friendships with people ive known my whole life are falling apart and I'm sure that people have noticed the diff personalities. People often say I go into a trance quite often but my mum says ive done that all my life. I have never met or known anybody with these disorders and so any info on it is greatly received.
P.s No need for character assassinations please

posted on Nov, 6 2013 @ 11:43 AM
reply to post by Vviena1606

I read your original post. Doesn't sound severe enough to be classified as DID. I don't think you have bipolar, either. Ultra rapid cycling is still measured in days, not hours. What you're describing may be something more like borderline personality disorder.

I have many different personas which can pop out at any moment. I accept they are all aspects of who I am, and anyone who can't put up with me doesn't stick around. The few friends I have are all pretty messed up in their own way.

I lie to myself as well, and this means I'm unwittingly lying to those around me. The reality is that my (our) sense of self is simply not set in stone. We are adaptable. Many would say this roots in an attachment disorder, and subsequent failure to establish a solidified ego in early childhood.

I can describe myself with confidence in two totally different ways, depending on the given moment. They are both lie, and truth. I feel the ultimate truth is that I am all of these, and beyond any one description concurrently.

The truth becomes silence, and the lie becomes known as the thought that one can verbalize the experience adequately.

Anyhoo, sorry for the rash judgments. Proly just projecting my own issues.

posted on Nov, 6 2013 @ 12:41 PM
reply to post by webedoomed

Thank you for the last msg, Ive always been a chameleon as they say as are many others. That, I always thought was my saving grace but the last few months have been an awakening (cliche's oozing from every pore it seems) so much clarity & thirst for knowledge in all manner of subjects, hence stumbling upon this site a lil while ago. From the spiritual to time travel, politics to conspiracy theories & pyramids. I have always been a knowing person or so I thought but i have been seeing things from a diff angle, no angle just taking it in like a sponge. cant get enough at the moment. This is why it has dawned on me that I had been living in this way of altering my personality especially lately as im starting to fall out with alot of ppl (if it is a conscious effort then it has been cloaked in the guise of unconsciousness) I have also gained a huge amount of weight in the last 6 years due to many factors, all of which involve eating way too much. My mum made me aware that I am using the fat as a shield from ppl. I have in effect force fed myself to alter my shape with the intention of protecting myself from the pain of bad relationships & I feel that the teenage bit may also be some survival instinct that has kicked in to keep love at arms reach. Seems I have alot of sh*t to get off of my chest so may have to give up the ghost & go to therapy. Thanks for that webedoomed lol

posted on Nov, 6 2013 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by webedoomed

Seems I cant PM you. And I made a whole speech about how too kind of you . Maybe if we are friends I may be able to. Just to mention I havent written anything on here that I wouldnt openly discuss if the topic arose. It never has though.

posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 12:05 AM
Well, you asked, so: I believe this is a legitimate and problematic situation, and I think that the part of a person that is concerned about it is innocent, or at least has learned better which is good enough, and does not deserve to be at the mercy of the other part/s; effort should be made to resolve that.

It IS a form of compartmentalization, but I think I feel that it is not always something developed as a result of dishonesty in people who should have more integrity -- this can be developed in children as a survival instinct.

I have known (and had the misfortune to live with) a pathological liar and they are terrifying; and they can indeed eventually get to the point of having what amounts to whole templates-of-personality they slide in and out of for their convenience, and they can blithely, utterly destroy the lives of people around them. People like that are like snakes. Get away from them or shoot them. Since the latter is not acceptable... get away from them.

But that is not the only way of that psychology coming about. Sometimes more extreme cases in much younger people occur.

Although I have not had this particular problem (all of my other-identities are not embodied in this reality, not even in mine thankfully ROFL!) I did have an issue when I was younger where I was pretty much a mild and growing sociopath. Clearly not fully, or I'm not sure I could have resolved it.

I realized what was going on when I was 17. I read an article about a study on sociopaths in prison that talked about brain chemicals and their experiences and I realized my situation. It explained a lot, holy cats, it was like everything fell into place for me. I saw what was coming. I was seriously worried that I would not make it to 18 without murdering my stepmother (a paranoid schizophrenic who was the last straw in getting me into that state), given how horrifically violent I was in my head (for someone even looking at me wrong), while I had this unbelievable self-control that made me the most gentle, harmless seeming sort on the surface. (Really, in retrospect, that is pretty frightening.)

What I needed, I knew, was more therapy than I could ever afford or had time for, but clearly something needed doing. It wasn't that I cared a lot; I couldn't feel anything. It felt like there were emotions but they were a million miles away and I couldn't even quite hear the whispers. But I believed that this had been generated by my life experiences, and I believed that I deserved better than to be the monster events had made me. It seemed like the ultimate unfairness that I should spend my age 9-17 period in such misery, only to result in then spending my adulthood in misery or prison from it as opposed to "finally being free" of it at 18.

I pursued self-hypnosis very intensely for years, and when I was in my early 20s I finally "broke through" as I thought of it. It was a movie, of all things, that finally broke me (Peggy Sue Got Married when it made me cry), and I laughed and cried maniacally in turn, interspersed with totally exhausted sleep, for a couple days.

I was very fragile for a couple years after that, and I discovered that when all my emotions abruptly shut off (trauma overload, finally) the day after my 15th birthday, well when I kind of got my 'self' back at 24, I was still emotionally 15. It took years to try and kind of mature that part of me up to where the rest of me was. (Whether or not I am emotionally mature now is probably still up for debate, heh.)

There were some interesting (from the armchair after the fact) symptoms that came with that, and went away not long after it did. Like a nearly staggering level of intelligence, learning at great speed and memory although those latter two had always been very strong in me but they were kind of out of this world during that era, and multi-track "observation" of the world around me as if multiple 'aspects of me' narrated every possible danger, subtleties, vulnerabilities, details and inconsistencies in people around me, etc.

Not until it went away (abruptly) did I understand, as a sort of sudden insight, that it was a truly profound degree of paranoia, and that it required an enormous amount of energy to hold -- and once I didn't need it anymore, I let go of it. I understood at the time that I was literally losing a pretty big block of my intelligence, but it seemed ok. Like it was only there for my protection and I understood then that I didn't need it.

This was an experience that I seriously thought I was alone in the world with, until I saw the movie "The Zero Effect" many years later. Clearly, Jake Kasdan, the guy who wrote that movie, has met someone with the kind of experience and situation that I had. It's too close. His character was incredibly like I had been during that era of my life. Well, I hope that I was a better songwriter for sure, and I'm not nearly as good looking as Bill Pullman heh, but the whole thing of this guy's personality -- incredibly adept when in 'defense' mode socially, uncannily good at perceiving about people, completely inept alone and socially aside from that, paranoid beyond belief, with nearly impossible speed learning and memory skills -- but really, really seriously F'd up.

I woke up the morning after I turned 15 and my first thought was: "Everything is different now." And it was. The character even described exactly that experience! It really blew me away. So I guess I am not nearly as unique in the experience as I thought, since I think that script just had to have been written about someone with the same kind of personality profile. If there's two of us, there are probably a lot more.

I am glad to have finally healed from it, though it took years of pretty intense self-hypnosis work. And I can't say I was perfect after that, just that I was no longer a sociopath -- when the utter-repression of emotions stopped, the brain chemicals changed, and my instant visual desire to horrifically murder people went away... which was good. Untamed rage and need for emo-brain-stimulation is bad.

(I actually met a genuine sociopath at 18. He wanted to kill me and I was stuck alone with him for 6 hours when we had axes (we were in the CCC), that was not fun, the most incredibly careful survival behavior of my life. And almost like in media, he was beautiful in that angelic way, gah. The guy probably had corpses all over. It made me more determined I was going to get better, that I would not become like that, that I deserved better. So maybe in a way he helped me. That was sure a long day...)

Anyway, what I am getting around to is, anybody can have a serious psychological disorder, and sometimes they are caused by events and longer-term situations beyond our control when we are too young to be held responsible for the causation.

Yet, we are responsible for ourselves as adults. If one has the objectivity to see this, and the concern to worry about it, then they become responsible to themselves for dealing with it.

How, or why, or when, it came about, is not really important. At this point, you are where you are. You could be in the situation where you had all these problems; but worse, you're in the situation where you have all these problems, but you also have a projective denial that segments them off into their own person like you aren't responsible. You are, though, now.

There are psych majors who truly could be helpful to you with this. Many insurances cover counseling.
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