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Economic down turn world wide.

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posted on Nov, 12 2004 @ 08:37 AM
It looks as if the oil crisis problems this year have started to take its toll on jobs and job growth. Once oil prices drop and stabilize the economy should improve.

Slowing Exports Hit German Growth

Germany's economic growth has slowed as export weakness offset a rise in domestic demand.

France's Economic Growth Slowing

France's economy slows by more than expected in the third quarter, the latest data to raise question marks over growth in the eurozone

Japanese Growth Grinds to a Halt

November 12, 2004

Growth in Japan evaporated in the three months to September, sparking renewed concern about an economy not long out of a decade-long trough.

14,000 BBC Staff Face the Axe

November 11, 2004
By Alexa Baracaia
Evening Standard

The BBC is planning to axe as many as 50 per cent of jobs across the board, insiders revealed today.

A raft of cuts is being designed to prove the BBC is giving value for money before a review of its 10-year royal charter in 2006.

UK Manufacturers 'Could Cut 22,000' Jobs

About 22,000 jobs in UK manufacturing could be lost in the next three months as output lags in many areas, the Confederation of British Industry says

posted on Nov, 12 2004 @ 07:44 PM
We seem to be doing pretty well here in Australia right now. Balance of trade improving, stock market up, lowest unemployment rate in 26 years (5.3%) gasoline prices up about 8% since a year ago, and low inflation by historic standards. It was this economic euphoria that kept the government here in power during the Federal election we had a month ago.

The big dramas seem to all be centered on America with its worsening debt problem, the sinking dollar, unpopular wars, and political turmoil. When the economic crash happens, it will certainly effect us here as well, but it will be relatively minor, and we will be able to recover quickly.


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