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what would americans do ( scenario )

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posted on Nov, 13 2004 @ 07:41 PM
You have no clue how many civilians have been killed. None at all.

I think you would do well to ask yourself why so many other people in similar situations to the Palestinians are not resorting to similar tactics, and in that sense my post was 100% on topic.

posted on Nov, 14 2004 @ 02:39 AM
Ok, I know... the segway... but I just cannot say nothing as a retort.

Well amusing as the last set of posts were I have to say that I think both sides are being deplorable... Both commit atrocities some sides are just more publicly emphasized in my opinion, both are now in the wrong. So I see we're down to, This country isn't big enough for the both of us, mentality. Plus, stop subjugating all of Islam as stupid suicide bombers... If that was all you were fed as a child... die for you country be a hero... oh wait that sounds familiar didn't I hear that on a recruiting commercial... must be my imagination. You would do the same thing. I have read interviews with some of these children... they are asked what do you want to be when you grow up... you know how they answer... martyr so they were asked and if you couldn't do that? The reply? A dentist. or some thing of the like. Are they evil? no. Ignorant? most likely One does not imply the other.

Ok back to the original topic... see I came back full circle...

If America were invaded...
You would have one hell of alot of Pissed off people... who are armed... know the area... etc... If these invaders weren't pushed back quickly and we were forced to live under anothers rule I would have to say that people would A. Do stupid kamakazi acts against the enemy. Some people would strike in anyway they could... B. Most of the population, if beaten into submission would ADAPT. We would adapt and begin a silent war. Not all of us "red necks" are stupid. Can't beat'um, join'um and beat them at their own game. People, everyday people... people with children and families... would fight... see that if they continued an open resistance they threaten the lives of their family, thier children... So they lay in wait... An underground forms ... uprising etc... you get the picture... We would keep fighting, and adapting until we found a way to bring down these "invaders." So thats my take on that... I mean anyone would fight for what is theirs... Their family... Their Home... Their lives... Their Country... Their Govt... Regardless of who you are, if threatened people will fight for what is theirs.

A more interesting question in my opinion is if blah, blah, blah were to happen how would you adapt... Thinking of you children and all the people you love how your actions would affect them... but these are all general philisophical questions i.e. how much are you willing to sacrifice for war, your life the lives of those you love? I mean I'm willing to die for it... But am I willing to sacrifice those I love for the same cause? A wife, a husband, a brother, a child... think about it... go deeper then I would fight and I would die. (just a thought)

plus who has the reasourse to invade? (except us, lol (sarcasm: just incase you took me to seriously)) thats expensive it is more cost effective to just disable the country... take them out of the picture and then just leave them to fight amongst them selves.

But either way you would have massive retailation as soon as their feet touched american soil... nothing left to go home to... is not very fun.

posted on Nov, 14 2004 @ 03:05 AM

Originally posted by Ibn Iblis
Actually I've heard very little of "foreigners".

Although there was a jounalist who was captured by Iraqis. He was set free and said the Iraqis told him he was lucky the "foreigners" didn't capture him, else he'd be dead.

But the majority of the insurgents are Iraqis, former Ba'athists and Sunnis who have been in power for 80 years and aren't happy about the prospect of being under the thumb of the Shi'a majority.

And again I ask: Do you think Americans TARGET civilians?

The majority of civilian deaths in Iraq, by the hands of the insurgents, are not due to them being directly targeted, but due to poor planning, bad aim, poor equipment, or perhaps they think of it as collateral damage. SOUNDS A LITTLE LIKE THE US FORCES

You hear "3 americans and 30 Iraqi's killed" and you think "they must of being aiming for the Iraqi's and accidently killed some american soldiers"
wake up and smell the truth

Despite what you might think, I believe that the West should fight against Jihad, and I have no sympathy of the extremists, especially after seeing the beheadings of innocent civilians. BUT I do disagree with the points you are making; you seem to believe that when Muslims resist occupation it is somehow illegitimate. By the way, you will find that the "demographics" of the insurgents are mostly young Iraqi's, who are not fighting for a Sunni dictatorship, or indeed anything, but are mostly fighting AGAINST foreign occupation.

The most worrying aspect is the underlying motives of the older Iraqi clique who are leading the resistance, i doubt their motives are as "idealistic" as their younger majority. Perhaps we agree on this point

posted on Nov, 14 2004 @ 03:27 AM
If the U.S. is ever invaded Canada will send their army in and save us. I just hope there are imbedded journalists so I can watch it on TV.

Seriously though, we would have to take and hold our bases. Find the nearest military base to you and plan accordingly. We are sitting ducks in our homes and I doubt an invasion force is going to worry about the Y2Kers that are in the Ozarks of Arkansas growing hemp for clothes. They will be trying to take over the middle of cities and the military bases. The order would be obvious. D.C., New York, LA, Chicogo...etc.

To answer the question proposed, I would haul major buttocks to the nearest base (50 miles) bring my birth certificate, D.L. and S.S. card. Then I'll grab an M1 abrams and meet up with my crew at McDs for a quick Big Mac Attack. Then head out to battle.

[edit on 11-14-2004 by ShadowHasNoSource]

posted on Nov, 14 2004 @ 04:05 AM

Originally posted by bodrul
101 one views and only 3 replys

thought i would get a bigger reaction from US members

Gracious you know how to get attention.
First of all we as americans know that in the event that this issue should arise we would as rebels group together kicking some serious booty.
You know how protective mothers..the good ones are of thier children. Well lets just say to americans, america is our child. There are no boundries to what extent we won't go to protect the land we love, our homes, family, and life as we know it.
And never under estimate what weapons we as citizens may have, or have access to. Alot more people here in the states are aware of all the surrounding possibilities of most any type of threat. And our plans, will remain secrete nomatter how many smartees try to trick us into letting the cat out of the holding cell. Do you really think people here are stupid?
Why would anyone give you any serious answer to what would we do??? This would give away our future plans of in the event of....not happening. We trust nobody, outside of each other, and only half of those...

This is above top secrete, we discuss things, not give out all the answers. We are prepared!

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