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Obama's top objective is now clear-It isn't Socialism,he wants to establish a M.E.Islamic Empire

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posted on Aug, 30 2013 @ 01:41 AM

Originally posted by ForteanOrg

Originally posted by GargIndia
reply to post by ForteanOrg

Obama is spouting typical globalist vision. Remove the national boundaries, and replace political power centers with corporate power.

This is what I would expect of him. He has been put there by the Zionists.

I thought it were the Americans that chose him. Twice.

Statistically you aren't making much sense. There are roughly 16 million jews worldwide, about half of them live in Israel. So, assuming that all Jews are zionists - they are not - and all that do not live in Israel are Americans - they are not - roughly at best 4 million of the 314 million Americans could have voted for Obama because they are Zionists.

See, even in America they still need about half the population to agree on who will be the POTUS. You give those "zionists" way too much power..
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hey, einstein, do you know who owns the american media, who owns wall st., who owns the fed and the american money supply? how many 'dual citizens' led us into iraq? have you ever seen congress jumping up and down like a bunch of trained monkeys when bibi speaks, out of sheer terror of being targeted by aipac? wise up, dude.

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