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ScanEagle UAV reaches 1,000 hours

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posted on Nov, 11 2004 @ 11:43 PM
The Boeing ScanEagle UAV has surpassed 1,000 hours of flight while in Iraq.

ScanEagle gets 1,000hrs

“Reaching 1,000 hours in such a short period of time is the result of ScanEagle's long-endurance capability, as well as the Marine's heavy reliance on the system due to its unique ISR value,” said Dave Martin, ScanEagle program manager. “Another plus is that ScanEagle has been able to operate in a harsh weather environment, including high winds, which have kept other UAVs on the ground.”

This is one of my favorite UAV's because of its agility, its small and yet can remain in the air for over 15 hours (a few months back it set an endurance record of 16 hours 45 mins), and it can take off or land with a small footprint, which makes it able to be launched anywhere land or sea. Which is done by its pneumatic wedge catapult launcher which is a good system because you dont need rockets like other UAV's, and its plucked from the sky by a 50 ft high pole.

They (Boeing) are also planning on a future version that will be a little bigger but will have an endurance of 30 hours.

It can have a pre-programmed flight or can be flown by a person on the ground by using GPS, it provides crucial real time intel of the enemy while flying safely and quitly at 17,000 ft.

High Res Image

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