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The Human Soul - (AAC)

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posted on Aug, 26 2013 @ 03:04 PM
The human soul - AAC.

He sat there. All alone in thought. The knowledge he possessed was irrelevant to the way he felt.
The regret of leaving her alone...

It was to much too take. He had orders to return home, but the conflict within his heart and what she called his 'soul' twisted heavily, gnawing at him.

He had an understanding of love. He was taught about it at a young age in school. You would meet someone and then become inseprable.

What he was not taught is how much it hurt.
Beeing seperated. Forced apart. Returning home.

He could not stay and she could not return with him.

The bitterness at what he was told before visiting this planet burned beneath his skin, yet the simple thought of her was enougth to stop his rage from being unleashed at his comorades.

Earth, a violent planet. A planet not worthy of being involved with the council, due to its permanent war like state. The very meaning of peace had been lost and there was apparently no hope for humanity.

The councils decision was final. They stated that the cultures would not blend. War would be the result of intergration. Jealousy would be rife. There would be a huge gap in knowledge between The races of the council and humanity...

His mind trailed of to his final moments of her...

A tear rolled down his cheak. His supprise at it, noticeable across his face. She smiled. Gazing into his eyes. Her calming words leaving her lips. Soothing his burning ears.
His heart ached as she put a hand on his chest.

The beating audiable, blood rushing throughout his body.

He turned from her. Trying to compose himself. Feet striding out as he marched into the desert. Not looking back, for if he did, he would breakdown.

What she said to him. It sturred deepwithin. Etching a space in his mind for eternity.
She told him he was "more human than he really knew".

Perhaps she was right. All the feelings he currently felt. The emotion. The pain. The joy.
These where all apparently human. He was not ment to feel any of this... yet... he could.

It couldn't end like this he thought. He slowly got up from his chair to avoid being seen by his colleages.
Quietly, he walked to the cargo area of the ship. He found his equipment. Glancing around quickly to make sure he was alone he found what he was looking for. The plan forming in his mind.

He set the timer. It had to be split second timing so that there would be no trace.

He made his way to the back of the cargo area. The escape pods where all present.
Slowly, he climbed in. Looking over his shoulder. Nobody had noticed he was missing.

The door sealed itself as he started disengaging the pod from the ship.

An alarm went off.

Someone knew he had activeated the escape pod.

Manicly, he flicked switches and pressed buttons hoping to spead up the process.

The pod rattled. A faint hissing sound could be heard as it was launched into space.

He looked at the ship he had just ejected from.
It burst appart brutally. Millions of fragments shot in diffrent directions.
Eiraely there was no sound. Just the humming of his escapepod. Heading back to Earth.

The pod crash landed into the thick yellow sand of the desert.
He had fallen back to Earth. The feeling of joy spread across his face as he headed back to the city. Where she was.

The sun was settling across the plains surrounding the city. Trees cast their dancing shadows across the land as the wind blew through them, carrying the scent of the desert flowers.

He was at her door. He raised his hand. Took a deep breath and knocked.

Time seemed to stop as the door slowly opened to her beautiful face. The look of shock spread quickly, her love had come back to her.

She cried out his name, "Lucifer!"


posted on Aug, 26 2013 @ 03:48 PM
reply to post by Esrom Escutcheon Esquire

Woah...that was really good

Very good indeed. Thanks a lot for sharing

SnF and good luck

posted on Aug, 26 2013 @ 04:43 PM
reply to post by natalia

Hi there!

And thank you.

I havnt written anything for a while! Nice to have a response.



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