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Britain says response to Syria chemical attack possible without unanimous UN backing

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posted on Aug, 26 2013 @ 05:37 AM

Originally posted by Senduko
Snowden is a distraction, nothing more, let me ask you this.. Snowden did state hr had enough information to cripple the US government beyond repair. Then why didn't he release it.

He made a deal with Russia, however Putin said he could stay if he stopped spreading bad stuff about America.

He claims he's genuine, and he does it because the people need to be made aware, then sorry ***off then I couldn't care what happens to me, and I would release the info and not use it as a bluff.

He could have posted all his leaks on Pastebin and not a single soul could have stopped him. Heck he could have send thousands of e-mails with the files. One is bound to release the info.

He did Whistle, but no way in hell are his intentions noble and for the people.
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IMHO because crippling the US govt beyond repair was never his intent or objective.

He intended to start a debate on the extent to which the US surveillance state is all pervasive and what that means for freedom.

He didn't wake up one morning and think "i'll hate america this week". I think he miscalculated and thought whistleblowers can still serve a purpose in america and be welcomed for it (like Ellsberg). He was wrong, its too far gone for that and he's the one up the creek without a paddle.

posted on Aug, 26 2013 @ 05:41 AM
On this issue the UK government is taking action directly in opposition to the desires of the electorate. From yougov polling:

"77% of the British public support sending “food, medicine and other humanitarian supplies” to Syria. However, only 9% support sending British troops, while 74% oppose the action. Support is equally minor (10%) for sending full-scale military supplies or even small arms (16%) to the Anti-Assad troops."

The public are not falling for it this time. That they will do it anyway makes a mockery of our system.
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