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When a soul cries

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posted on Aug, 25 2013 @ 01:55 PM

it's silence in Heaven

slowly flowing moments

illuminated wings

tears of angels

comforting the crying soul

I trusted in your eyes

my morning dream

was shattered easily

just like has never been

looking in a distance far away

what more I can say

I loved a burning fire

unquenchable desire

a game

never the same

When a soul cries

love never dies

she remain just one

when shadows are gone

your face smiling to me

like a ghost from afar

I'll be with you

where ever I'll be

Your voice whispered strain

in my mind

by frantically wracked serenity of a glance

the entrance to Heaven is closed

it disturbs me

it intimidates me

it touches me

it makes me thrill

of so much passion and will

deep penetrating eyes

of delight

they enslave me

like in a spell

enslaving touches

to oblivion

looking around ,and I am not my self

only the shadow of a being deprived of all

and which preserves nothing for it

not a pennyworth

someone who does not hesitate to grant you all

to sacrifice his life in a blink of an eye

and your smile full of charm

who easily disarms me

lives inside of my heart

like I choose to smile for you

to live inside your heart

even to suffer until the agony

like suffering in ecstasy

to cry incessantly

to drawn the tears inside of me

only to see your eyes smiling

because you are my sunshine

that shines in polished diamond glimmers


whenever my love tries to go

my souls cries...

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