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posted on Aug, 23 2013 @ 09:26 AM

"There is no sacrifice greater than the one made from a heart and a love,and if that sacrifice has brought happiness to a soul then,it worth do it,even if that sacrifice meant my life and my love."

Before we go to sleep

before everything will be one

before you will see

before I will be gone

I will love you once more

like never before

you,lying in my arms

I,lost in your charms

a pair of souls

which never met

and never forget

that one day

somewhere far away

a magic spirit has touched your mind

a beauty,one of a kind


when I will die looking at the sky

you will see the kisses of two butterflies

there will be no eternity

to find

my light to guide you again

to see the fields of eternal flowers from Heaven

white diamonds to cover the sky

streets bathed in gold

in beautiful sounds of the strings

caressed by my wings


there is no sacrifice,greater

than the one made from a love...

....from above.


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