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Ireland's first legal abortion carried out in Dublin

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posted on Aug, 23 2013 @ 06:46 AM
The first legal abortion in an Irish hospital has been carried out in Dublin.

The termination was carried out on a woman who had an unviable 18-week pregnancy and whose life was risk at the National Maternity hospital.
It is the first legal abortion to be carried out since the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act was passed by both houses of the Irish parliament last month.
The National Maternity hospital is one of 25 hospitals in Ireland authorised to carry out terminations under the provisions of the act.
It was performed under section 7, which deals with the risk of loss of life of a woman from physical illness.
Under the new legislation, the hospital is required to provide the health minister with the registration number assigned by Ireland's Medical Council to the doctors who carried out the procedure and were involved in certification.

At the risk of being lambasted by the anti abortion people on here I am going to go ahead and say that in my opinion I think this is a good thing. There was the very tragic case back in April of the Indian Dentist Savita Halappanavar, she died from sepsis after suffering a miscarriage after being denied an emergency abortion in an Irish hospital, now that just made me ashamed to be Irish.

There has been abortions in Ireland before this, its just that the doctors were not working under a clear legal framework.



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